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It seems the ladies of Los Angeles are having some conflicted emotions. Hope is torn between Liam and Wyatt, Brooke is torn between betrayal, and Aly is torn about the extent of her hatred for Taylor. Get your dishes ready; it's time for a hearty serving of Two Scoops!

It seems the ladies of Los Angeles are having some conflicted emotions this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Hope is torn between her feelings for Liam and Wyatt. Brooke is torn on whether or not to betray her sister again by handing Spencer Publications to her current boo. Maya is torn about whether or not to leak information to a very impressionable Aly. Aly is torn about the extent of her hatred for Taylor. Get your dishes ready; it's time for a hearty serving of Two Scoops!

I have a question for all of my bold and beautiful Scoopers. What exactly is wrong with Hope? For the past three years, we've had to listen to her whine about being robbed of a relationship with Liam. We've had to watch her cry about how Liam is a flip-flopper and how he loves two women and how he completely disrespects her. She's claimed on more than one occasion that she would never treat anyone the way that Liam has treated her. I really wish that she would stop lying to herself. She needs to accept the fact that she has become the female version of Liam.

This girl is really working my nerves. She whines and complains that Liam is never fully committed to her. There's always someone else in the way. With Wyatt, there's no one. He's completely devoted to her. Isn't that what she's always wanted? Now that she has it, she wants to throw it away? And for whom? Liam?

This past week, Hope had a pregnancy scare. Apparently, the pregnancy scare was a wake-up call for the blonde beauty. She is now realizing that if she had gotten pregnant with Wyatt, that would mean Liam would be out of her life, romantically. Wyatt was all for it, but neither Hope nor Liam could fathom the idea. I'm wondering why she is even with Wyatt? Is Wyatt aware that she's only "having fun"? Because a few weeks ago, when Aly was having her meltdown, Hope informed her that she and Wyatt were in a committed relationship. What changed?

What's up with Liam demanding shared time with Hope? This reminds me of the time Taylor returned from her second dirt nap, and she came home to a very happily married Ridge and Brooke. I don't remember who asked for shared time with Ridge, but both women agreed, like Ridge was some kind of child that they had joint custody of. I digress.

I feel bad for Wyatt. It's clear that he's totally head over heels in love with Hope. He goes out of his way to make her feel special. Their relationship is fun and carefree, unlike Hope's relationship with Liam, which is like a Ferris wheel. If I were Wyatt, I wouldn't accept Hope telling me she doesn't know what she's going to do about Liam. That statement alone proves that she is not over him and probably never will be. I'd dump her. Get out while you can, Wyatt.

Some viewers might say that karma slapped Wyatt in the face. When he came on the scene, Hope was very involved much involved with his half-brother, Liam. Wyatt interfered a great deal in that relationship. So did his faithful sidekick, Mama Bear Quinn. I don't think Wyatt likes playing Liam's role in this triangle.

I wonder if Quinn will turn on Hope, since Hope will eventually hurt her little boy? I don't understand how everything that is going wrong for Hope and Wyatt is Liam's fault to begin with. Yes, he does have some blame in the matter, but the majority of the blame lies on Hope. She needs to be firm and put Liam in his place. She needs to really break it down to him that they are through. No more do-overs. The damage is done. Of course, she won't do that because Hope seems to be a glutton for punishment.

Hope confides in Brooke about being torn between the dueling brothers. She claims that she cares for them both, but she doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps and date brothers at the same time. Brooke has dated brothers -- and fathers actually -- but she's never dated them at the same time. The only time when a brother came into the picture was when she was involved with Nick, and Ridge was sniffing around.

Liam put Hope in a very similar position. Remember when Steffy was around? Hope kept pining away, crying that she had been robbed and how she and Liam deserved a life together. Isn't Liam doing the same thing? Now she wants Liam to back off and give her time? Come on. She never gave Liam time.

Speaking of glutton for punishment, let's talk about Carter. Why is he still with Maya? Why hasn't he noticed that Maya is jealous that Oliver is kissing Aly and not kissing her? Why hasn't he demanded that she set a wedding date? Someone please tell Maya that her Nancy Drew detective skills are not needed.

Maya is getting on my nerves. To me, her character isn't serving much of a purpose these days. It's a shame. I really love Karla Mosley as an actress. She's very talented. Lately, Maya has been running around recording conversations without the knowledge of the other party for what reason? To protect Aly?

Since when are Aly and Maya besties? She claims that she wants to protect Aly from Oliver? Really? Yes, it does look a little sketchy that Oliver is all over Aly now, but he's flirted with her before the whole firing and rehiring thing. I think he really likes her, and the fact that she's a Forrester is a plus.

I'm glad Eric finally put Wyatt and Quinn in their place in regards to who attends a meeting and who doesn't. The meeting was about finding a new lead model for Brooke's Bedroom line. Why were Quinn and Wyatt even present? Don't they design jewelry for HFTF? Their comments about Aly were inappropriate and totally uncalled for.

Yes, Aly is high-strung. She is, however, Eric Forrester's granddaughter. She will always be Alexandria Forrester. Quinn and Wyatt need to remember that they are replaceable. Instead of worrying who is attending what meeting, Quinn needs to design killer jewelry, and Wyatt should be worried about his girl and her wandering eye.

I think Aly conducted herself gracefully at the meeting. Oliver pitched that Aly should be the new lingerie model. Why shouldn't she? She's young and gorgeous and has legs for days. I think she'll be a good model, but not for lingerie. Maybe for the HFTF line, but not a spin-off of Brooke's Bedroom.

Scratch that, I don't even want Aly modeling for the HFTF line. She should have her own line. I remember when she first came on the scene; she wanted to work on a shoe line. Why not? Steffy has Intimates, Hope has HFTF, and Brooke has Brooke's Bedroom. Why not Shoes by Aly? Again, I digress.

It would be a shame to see all of Aly's progress go down the drain when she finally comes face-to-face with Taylor Hayes, the woman who killed her mother. I think that Aly's aggression towards Wyatt and Quinn will be nothing compared to the rage she has toward the psychiatrist. (For the new viewers, Taylor struck and killed Aly's mother, Darla, with her car when Aly was four years old.)

I really loved the mystery couple scene this week. At first, I thought for sure that Liam and Hope were going to consummate their new "relationship" again. Then I thought that Aly had been referring to Taylor a lot. Cue up the sexy French music in the background, and what do you have? Thorne and Taylor going at like rabbits.

This is a confrontation that has been years in the making. I can't wait. I'm so happy that the powers that be decided to address this issue. I wonder how Taylor will react when she finally comes face-to-face with the young Forrester beauty? Aly has made if perfectly clear that she doesn't want her father involved with Taylor in any way, shape, or form.

What will happen when Taylor comes back to town with news that she and Thorne are engaged yet again? Taylor better be careful. Aly just might finish the job that Sheila started over a decade ago. This time, her dirt nap might stick.

Over the years, Taylor has crucified Brooke on her choices of men. I find it funny how both Brooke and Taylor have both been romantically linked to Eric, Ridge, Thorne, and Nick. I don't want to hear the words "You slept your way through the whole family" from Taylor's mouth ever again.

Brooke is really a piece of work. I don't know who I'm more annoyed with at this point. Both Brooke and Hope are running neck and neck. Why is she all of a sudden campaigning that Bill be reinstated at Spencer Publications? Did she forget how hurt she was when Bill tricked her, saying that their "relationship" was over and he was returning to Katie? What happened to "nobody treats me or my sister this way and gets away with it?"

I'm not surprised Brooke kept the documents. She claims that Katie is on a power trip and needs to be stopped. To me, Brooke is the one who loves to be in control and can't stand the fact that Ridge chose to be with someone else. I think Katie made a stupid choice trusting Brooke. When the whole switch of the documents happened, Katie should have made Brooke give her the documents so she could either burn them or shred them. Either way, she should have never entrusted her or anyone else with those papers.

Do I think that Bill should have joint custody of his child? Yes. Unless Bill is a danger to him, I don't think that he should be kept away from his son. Bill has 49% of Spencer Publications. I also think that he should get back to work. Should he be working as CEO? I don't know. I'm leaning toward yes.

Katie has Ridge. She has a beautiful son that she claims that she doesn't get to spend as much time with as she wants to. Why not just let Bill go back to the company so that he can move on with his life with Brooke, until the next dude comes along, and let Katie and be happy with Ridge and her son? Katie will still have a sliver of the company. She's got a mansion and a pretty hefty bank account. I'm sure she'll survive if she steps down.

My question is when will Quinn start to pose a problem for Bill and Brooke. It's only a matter of time before she starts to hold her and Bill's private romp over his head. Of course they already struck a deal about making Wyatt an official Spencer. I have a feeling Quinn will want something more. Knowing her, it'll probably have something to do with Bill telling Liam to back off Hope and let Wyatt have a shot with the young beauty.

I know I've said this earlier and in my previous columns, but I really can't get over the fact that Hope is even entertaining the thought of taking up with Liam again. She has really lost her mind. Why would she disrespect Wyatt like this? Why would Wyatt even want to stay with her? If she's supposed to be in a committed relationship with Wyatt, no communication is needed with Liam and vice versa.

I'm just really disgusted with her character right now. Seriously, Hope. Why don't you walk in Wyatt's shoes? That's right! You did, for over three years. I can't believe that she would inflict the same pain and heartache onto someone else that Liam dished out to her. Shame on you.

What are your thoughts on Hope's little game of monkey in the middle? Do you think that Maya should be arrested for recording a conversation without the knowledge of the other party? Is Katie really on a power trip? Is it Brooke's place to involve herself in Spencer Publications, and the same goes for Katie in regards to Forrester Creations? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I know Aly had trouble after the accident. She did not approve of Thorne's plan to marry Taylor. It was dealt with back then, about 15 years ago, never heard of it again. In fact just a little while ago, Eric (Aly's Grandfather) was seriously involved with Taylor, and all of a sudden we are to believe Aly has been in therapy for years, she hates Taylor for killing her Mom, but in all this time there was not any mentioning of it? Yes, I can see a young girl resenting the person responsible, but it was determined that it was an accident. Darla shared part of the blame, but therapists and family were unable to help Aly accept? Not going to be a SL I will enjoy. -- Rike

• Well, I'm buying it in wholesale. Of course she's going to hate the woman that left her motherless. And to be fair, we barely saw Thorne. Only recently been introduced to Aly. But if her therapy involved her mother's death and how she was handling it, then it makes absolute sense she would hate the drunk driver who ran down her mom. -- SoapFiction

• Hope has nothing to complain about anymore. Liam was a jerk, he had feelings for two woman and dated them both, got one pregnant and married her, and tried to marry the other one a billion times. Hope is dating Wyatt but realized she doesn't want Liam to have a life either and to be in her life forever. As far as I'm concerned, she can't complain about Steffy anymore. She's dating two brothers because she wants her cake and to eat it too. And that's exactly what the Spencer brothers are giving her. ... And when Liam said no more sex with Wyatt as long as they're dating she looked upset...but She doesn't want Liam to date anyone else while she's shacking up with the both of them? Hilarious -- CrystalBlue

• I am mad at Hope for even telling Wyatt about Liam's ultimatum. Hope should have told Liam to just move on. For Hope to even be thinking about this is not good. Dating both of them? Please. If Hope decides to date both I hope Wyatt tells her goodbye. Liam didn't even care when he got Steffy pregnant & chose to marry her. What was Hope suppose to do, NOT Move on? Liam is such a joke. I can't stand him anymore. Hope needs a SLAP back into reality. Seeing Steffy again with Liam is the medicine she needs to cure her illness. -- Linda

Keep the comments coming, Scoopers! You can probably tell that I'm just as fed up as some of you are with this Wyatt/Hope/Liam mess. I can see why Aly is still angry at Taylor. Yes, the accident was ruled an accident. I don't think that she should just get over it and move on. She lost her mother at a very early age. In Aly's eyes, accident or not, Taylor is the woman who robbed her of precious time and memories of her mother. Aly will never be able to have her mom help her get ready on her wedding day, be there for the birth of her first child, and other important milestones any daughter would want to share with her mother.

I absolutely loved the interaction between Aly and Caroline this week. I thought that Caroline was doing a great job being an aunt/big sister-type sounding board for Aly. I thought the advice she gave her was spot-on. "Don't turn your life around for a man. Make sure you have love for yourself." Bravo, Caroline 2.0. Marriage is starting to look really good on you.

I also thought that Brooke's advice to Hope was on-target as well. I also believe that she should dump Wyatt. This boy is in love with her. It's not fair that she's stringing him along when we all know who will come out smelling like roses. I can't wait to see how Quinn will retaliate. She should really focus on getting revenge on Hope. Hope is the one who is disrespecting her son. But knowing Quinn, she'll blame Liam. She won't get on Hope's bad side because she doesn't want to screw up her job at Forrester.

Oh, I just had a brainstorm, Scoopers. Wouldn't be great if Quinn and Liam had a night of hot, steamy, angry sex? The chemistry between Rena Sofer and Scott Clifton is incredible. They would be super sexy together.

By the way, where is Thorsten Kaye? He's been missing off my screen for way too long. I hope to see his handsome face again, very soon.

Well, that's all for she wrote for now, Scoopers. I'll be back with you next week to cover the latest break-ups, make-ups, and shake-ups, since Mike is off working on a fantastic production. I'm sure he'll fill all of you in when he returns. Until next time, Keep calm and stay bold and beautiful.

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