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It has been a roller coaster of a week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Quinn almost made good on her threat toward Liam. Ridge is starting to fill in the missing pieces of his memory. Bill is turning into a male version of Brooke, trying to plan a quickie wedding, and viewers met the newest addition to the Forrester family, Ivy. Get your dishes ready; it's time for another hearty helping of B&B Two Scoops.

Hello, Scoopers! I hope everyone had a bold and beautiful week. Let's get to it. I have a question. Is Rena Sofer leaving? Please, say it ain't so. That woman has brought more life to this show that there's been since the glory days with Sheila and Queen Stephanie going at it. It would be a tremendous loss if she were to depart the show.

Rena Sofer, Darrin Brooks, and Scott Clifton (Quinn, Wyatt, and Liam) had a phenomenal week this week, addressing Quinn's mental state. We viewers knew that she had a couple of screws loose, but we didn't know the depth of her illness until Wyatt came storming in, saving his brother's life, unleashing years of pent-up hostility toward his mother.

Apparently, Quinn has always had mental issues. Poor Wyatt had to live on eggshells as a boy, not knowing when his mother would snap into a psychotic rage. I like the fact that Liam kept his mouth shut and actually listened to Wyatt pouring his heart out to his ill mother. Wyatt finally took a stand and told her that she was out of control, and he was tired of being associated with her. In my heart of hearts, I think Quinn only tormented Liam because she saw him as a threat to her son. Never, ever question the lengths a mother (or father, for that matter) would go through to protect their child.

Anyway, after the confrontation, Quinn ran off like a thief in the night and checked herself into a mental hospital. To me, I think the writers dropped the ball on this one. I would've liked to see Quinn go back to the warehouse, grab a few things, and go on the run or something. Don't get me wrong, the fact that she realizes that she has an issue and needs help is fantastic, but I think the story could've been stretched out a little more. I guess I'm being a bit selfish because I enjoyed immensely seeing Quinn torment Liam. That was my comic relief.

Instead of the messages via text, why couldn't the viewers actually see Quinn check herself into the mental hospital? I wanted to see Quinn go through the emotions when she realized what she'd done. I also wanted her and Wyatt to come to some sort of closure on a good note. I do have to ask myself if Quinn was sincere with her self check-in? Does she really feel that she needs help? Or did she use the hospital as a safe haven from jail?

The next day, Bill and Hope made it over to Liam's. Wyatt and Liam were filling them in on the events. Bill, being the obnoxious man that he is, called Quinn every name in the book in front of his son. What is up with Bill and disrespecting the mother of his children? He didn't have to use the words "loony bin." Yes, it made me chuckle, but he didn't have to go there.

Wyatt invited Deacon over to offer his sincere thanks for giving him the heads-up on Quinn's evil deeds. Of course, Bill couldn't return the favor. Instead he slurred insults around like "felon," "convict," and the like. Bill's treatment of Deacon is laughable, considering how much these two men are alike. I was proud of Deacon when he stepped to Bill and told him to watch his tone.

Nothing would make me happier than to see Bill and Deacon get into a fight, mixed martial arts-style. Bill needs to be knocked down a couple of notches. I don't understand why Deacon is treated like the plague when Bill was the one who broke him out of jail to do his dirty work to begin with.

To continue the theme of brotherly love, Liam decided to pull a Hope and ask Wyatt to be his best man for his wedding. I know, you're probably saying, "What do you mean by 'pull a Hope'?" I'll tell you. Remember when Liam and Steffy's first marriage ended, and Hope and Liam planned their wedding to Italy? Who did Hope ask to be a bridesmaid at her wedding? That's right, she asked Steffy. Just like Liam is asking Wyatt (who still loves Hope, by the way) to be his best man.

I understand that Liam wants to build his relationship with Wyatt. However, I think the bow tie in a gift box gesture was a little bit too much, too fast. Rome wasn't built in a day, Liam. Give it a rest. Why not start out with a game of one-on-one, billiards, heck, even go-kart racing. Best man at your wedding?

Wyatt, trying to be a stand-up guy, masking his heartache with a smile, agreed to wear the bow tie to Hope and Liam's fourth or fifth (I lost count) wedding. When did Liam propose to Hope again? Did he get her another ring? Did this happen off-camera? I digress.

My heart broke for Wyatt a little. He lost his mom and his girl. But his luck soon turned around. It turns out that the Mexican jeweler that owned the blue diamond died. Since he had no family, he decided to give it to Wyatt. What will Wyatt do with the "Hope" diamond? Is this a sign that it's not over for him and the blue-eyed beauty?

Did anyone else laugh when Hope blamed Bill for unleashing Quinn into the family? When those words came out of her mouth, I had to rewind my DVR. I couldn't believe it. Hope, the same girl who interfered in Quinn's personal business. The same girl who discovered Wyatt's spencer sword. The same girl who set it up that Bill would see Quinn at the restaurant, hoping to get a reaction of some sort. The same girl who hired Quinn Artisan Jewelers to design jewelry for her teeny-bopper fashion line, blamed Bill for Quinn's presence in their lives. I was so glad when Bill shut Hope's behind down and reminded her of some of these facts.

Before I go off on Brooke, I need to give her props for telling Hope that she has every right to feel the way she does about Bill. Then, she turned right around and asked Hope to coexist with Bill? I know I probably sound like a skipped CD, but this is ridiculous.

Bill has tortured this girl for years. Brooke wants Hope to coexist with Bill but have nothing to do with her father, Deacon -- a man that she was denied having any sort of relationship because Brooke thought he was bad news. Deacon didn't even have a chance to screw things up with his daughter, but Brooke wants him to stay away and for Hope to be all buddy-buddy with Bill. Yeah, that makes sense. **rolls eyes**

Anyway, now that the Quinn drama was finally over, everyone went back to work. Bill was back in his chair at Spencer, trying to erase everything positive that "Hurricane Katie" did for the company. Even Bill's minions were in support of some of Katie's changes. Alison, Bill's trusty assistant, loved the fact that she worked 8-5. She said she felt like she had a life. Justin enjoyed the free lunch and gym membership.

A random employee tried to drop her child off at the daycare center. Bill had it closed. He gave her $2000 and told her to enroll the child (who happens to be 9 months old) in preschool. Who does that? Dollar Bill Spencer does, I guess.

In typical soap fashion, Justin and Bill were speaking freely about the shenanigans that took place in Dubai. Where is Taylor, the eavesdropping queen, when you need her? Bill repeatedly said that he wasn't trying to harm the dressmaker; he just wanted to teach him a lesson. Justin was thankful that Ridge's memory hadn't come back. These fools actually think that they're in the clear.

Speaking of the dressmaker, Ridge was trying to get himself together for his big return to Forrester. The poor man's memory was so hazy, he couldn't remember doing simple things like tying a necktie. Thank goodness he had Katie to remind him every ten seconds that his memory will return in due time.

Eric and the rest of the Forrester gang waited with anticipation for the crown prince to return to Forrester. They met the dressmaker and his lovely fiancÚ at the outside of the main building with a homemade welcome home banner and lots of love and support. Such a touching moment. (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

Of course, Ridge gave his thank you speech and demanded (playfully) that everyone get back to work. Ridge seemed very excited to be back on his home turf. If he couldn't remember how to do anything, he would definitely know how to design, right? Wrong. Poor Ridge, couldn't remember if he was a lefty or a righty! That's got to be frustrating, right, Scoopers? Can you imagine not remembering how to do simple tasks such as tying your shoe?

While Ridge was trying to decide which hand he uses to sketch, Katie and Brooke were having a heart-to-heart about Ridge and their relationship. Katie said that Ridge was making progress, but it was very frustrating to him. Anyway, the conversation shifted to Brooke and Katie's relationship and how Ridge's accident made Brooke realize that life is too short, blah, blah, blah. The Logan sisters hugged it out. Both women are determined to move forward with each other's spouses.

Ridge's frustration hit its breaking point, and he left the office. He returned home, hoping to find some kind of solace, but nothing happened. The memory loss had taken control of Ridge's livelihood, and he was not too pleased. Katie helped calm him down and told him to try a relaxation technique.

Ridge closed his eyes. Memories of the fateful day started coming back in fragments. Ridge remembered seeing the Spencer emblem on the pilot's jacket. Of course, Ridge didn't know that Justin was the pilot. Which means that Ridge will remember by next week. Ooh, this is getting good.

Back at Forrester, Rick, Eric, Brooke, and Hope are meeting over HFTF and jewelry. Hope gave Rick and Eric the cliff notes version of the events that took place with Quinn. Eric was thrilled that Quinn was out of the company, especially after her being "responsible" for Ridge's accident. **Double eye roll**

I am so sick and tired of people blaming Quinn for Ridge's stupid actions. To me, the people who need to be blamed are Justin, Bill, and Ridge himself. No one told Ridge to charter the Forrester jet and travel to the other side of the world just to show Brooke a selfie. Newsflash, Ridge, they have email and picture messaging. Quinn didn't tell Bill to tell his henchman to make Ridge fall out of a helicopter. Apparently, Justin doesn't have a mind of his own to know what's right and what's wrong. I digress.

Eric and Rick suggested that they use jewelry from the Sydney boutique. Ivy Forrester, Eric's niece, designed it. Brooke was on board and suggested that they fly Ivy in from Sydney. Rick was already a step ahead. Enter Ivy. They shared a quick family reunion. Hope introduced herself. Ivy was very impressed with the marriage of Quinn Artisan and HFTF. The family fell in love with Ivy's jewelry samples.

While Ivy was off getting the grand tour of the Los Angeles office, Hope, Rick, and Eric talked about the jewelry. Rick and Eric were all for offering Ivy the position as head jeweler of the line. Of course, they didn't want to make a decision until they ran it by Hope, because she has great instincts and is such a great judge of character. LOL.

Yes, Scoopers, this is the President and CEO of Forrester, and they can't make a decision until they clear it with Hope. Are you kidding me? Hope fans might get upset with me with what I'm about to say, but I can't help it. Since when does Hope have a final say about anything? Is she an executive? Is she a designer?

Hope says, "Even though she's (Ivy) inexperienced, she does great work!" I'm sorry. Exactly, what is Hope experienced in? Juggling brothers? Planning weddings? What? Eric is CEO. Why can't he just lay down the law and say Quinn's out, Ivy's in. Make it work! She's family. Done. That's not very hard to do, is it?

Anyway, I'm assuming Hope will give the green light on Ivy's presence in the company. Perhaps Ivy and Wyatt will be working together at Forrester. Maybe Hope will convince Eric that Wyatt had nothing to do with Quinn's behavior and will decide to give him another chance to work with the company. Maybe this could be Hope's way of showing gratitude for saving Liam's life. Or maybe it could be a way to be close to Wyatt. My question is, how will Hope react when Wyatt and Ivy hit it off? You know they will!

Back at Spencer, Brooke and Bill were kissing, as usual, talking about stuff that I really don't care about. I don't know. It seems to me that Brooke kind of checked out of this relationship. I could be wrong. Everything seems forced between them. Bill is doing everything he can to convince Brooke to have a quick wedding in Catalina or the courthouse. Brooke claims she wants the entire family there to let the healing process begin. To me, it seems like Brooke is stalling.

I wish that Brooke and Deacon had more screen time together. Back in the day, those two were hot together. I didn't support the relationship back then, but you couldn't deny that heat. Anyone remember the soft porn scene in Brooke's office on the prop bed?

It would be nice to see if Brooke and Deacon had any chemistry between them again. They've only spent a whole five minutes together since Deacon's portrayer, Sean Kanan, returned to the role he created. I wish the writers would test it out. Think about it. A Breacon/Brill triangle. That could be very interesting.

With all this talk about Deacon, I forgot to wrap up about Ridge and flashes of memory. More memories came flooding back when Justin stopped by Forrester, looking to pick up some documents from Rick. Justin and Ridge made eye contact. "Hey, you!" Ridge called out. Justin froze for a moment then walked away. Why would Ridge say, "Hey, you"? Couldn't he have played it cool and said, "Hey, Justin, fly any helicopters lately?" The whole "Hey, you" thing was unnecessary, if you ask me.

In my last column, I called out Maya on being thirsty. Well, this week she proved that she's still thirsty. This time, she was walking around with a sour look on her face like she just chugged a glass of fresh lemonade.

Oliver called Maya out about recording their conversation. Her response: "Sisters before the mister." Give me a break. This girl expects everyone to believe that she's looking out for Aly. She couldn't care less about Aly. Was she looking out for Aly when she found herself in the steam room with a very happily married Rick? Would Aly even be on Maya's radar if Maya was Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr.? I think not.

Then she started spewing more venom on how Oliver was trying to sabotage her by taking bad pictures of her. Maybe she forgot that Hope and Rick both addressed her photo shoots being mediocre. Just the other week, Maya walked out on a photo shoot because she was too busy hating on the fact that Rick was with Caroline, Ollie was with Aly, and she's didn't have a Forrester, only the adoptive brother of the adoptive Forrester.

She really shouldn't be hating. What she needs to do is stop stringing Carter along and let the man be with someone who could appreciate him for him. The man has a great job. He's good-looking, and he treats her like a queen. Dear soap gods, please let Carter find out about this girl so he can drop her ungrateful, thirsty behind once and for all.

Wouldn't it be something if Thomas were to return to town? I bet Maya would be all up on him like white on rice. Why not? He's a Forrester. He's handsome. All of the things Maya wants in life.

If I were Oliver, I would be honest with Aly. I would have Rick play the entire conversation. That should show her that, yes, initially he befriended her to secure his place in the company, but their relationship quickly grew into something else. Something good.

What are your thoughts about Ivy? Will she be another key player in the Liam/Hope/Wyatt saga? Will Ridge remember every little detail of his accident? Should Justin hire an attorney? Does Brooke really want to marry Bill? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• Liam's arrogance is annoying. I hope he gets taken down a peg or two and for that matter. I hope Hope does too. They should have Wyatt start to like Ivy and take her out for some dates. It would be nice for Wyatt to move on with his life. -- Lisa Thorson

• How sickening!! People call Wyatt a backstabber when his brother Liam is the Champion BACKSTABBER of all time? Wyatt shouldn't even go to the wedding. He should be off in Acapulco or Hawaii with a new girl!! Although maybe Wyatt will pull a Katie and faint during the wedding? -- Penny B.

• I think Ivy is going to be the cross of Steffy & Hope but with more of the exciting Steffy but not willing to go too far in the scheming and danger. Smart, sassy, not prudish or looking for an excuse to maintain an image, yet pretty pleasant and easy to get along with and not too preachy at all because she is more mature and experienced in life and business. She is certainly the young, independent spirit that we have been missing and won't be worshiping or propping someone either because she has her own identity and success. Welcome Ivy. I liked you from hello! -- sspsoap

• If Ridge remembers and accuses Bill/Justin, Bill could twist Ridge's words and make it seem as if it is the ravings of a brain-injured man. Ridge could retreat from his accusations and try to get back at Bill in a different way like blackmail or corporate maneuverings or planting doubts in Brooke's brain. -- BonnieJean

Thanks for flooding the message boards with your comments, scoopers! It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

**In other news**

Ivy is supposed to be John Forrester's daughter. John Forrester had another daughter named Jessica. Jessica (played by Maitland Ward) came to live with Eric and Stephanie years ago. Jessica and Ivy's mom was Maggie (played by Barbara Crampton), who was married to James Warrick. When Ivy arrived, she said she wanted to video the Los Angeles office to show her mom. If Maggie is her mother, wouldn't she already know what the Los Angeles offices look like?

I loved Hope's side eye looks at Bill this week. Bill is trying to convince Brooke and himself that he cares for Hope. I loved the fact that she told him to keep it real.

Mike will be back next week to cover the latest trials and tribulations of the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families. Until next time, keep watching, keep reading, but most of all Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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