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We often hear stories about the lengths mothers go to to make their children happy. Do you know a mother who would lie, steal, stalk, and possibly commit murder for their child? I do. Her name is Quinn Fuller. She is back to her old tricks again. Get your dishes ready; it's time for another hearty helping of B&B Two Scoops.

Hello, Scoopers! I hope everyone had a bold and beautiful week. Let me start off by saying that Rena Sofer (Quinn) is a sight for sore eyes. I was extremely happy to see her on my television screen this week. This woman brings the right amount of spice and laughs the show was lacking.

To me, the whole press conference presenting Hope with the diamond and Liam's temper tantrum were totally uncalled for. What happened to Wyatt respecting Hope and Liam's relationship? What happened to the Spencer siblings' newfound bond? Gee, that lasted a whole five minutes.

Wyatt's quest in winning Hope's heart is kind of cute and nauseating at the same time. I think he's trying too hard. He already bowed out of the race gracefully, thanks to Quinn's antics. He needs to step aside and let Liam and Hope self-destruct. Everyone knows that it will happen. How many times have they tried to get married?

As I was watching Hope cry her pretty blue eyes out to Aly about how she's scared that she lost Liam because she accepted the diamond, I had to laugh. In my opinion, Hope lost Liam years ago. It was over when she caught Liam and Steffy making out like two teenagers in heat. It was over when she took off her engagement ring and Liam put that same engagement on Steffy's finger. Hope's sweat was still on the ring. Liam didn't even try to find out what was wrong. He just gave the next random chick the girl's engagement ring. Hope is a fool. I digress.

Back to Hope and her crocodile tears and Liam with his temper tantrums. If I were Hope, I wouldn't be crying. All she had to do was tell Liam that she had to accept the diamond because it would be great publicity for Forrester. She loves him. She's committed to him. She should also tell him to go to work. You'd think that Liam worked at Forrester with all the time he spends there.

Will someone please pour Ivy a drink to quench her thirst? This Aussie hottie just came into town, and she's already giving her unsolicited opinion on things that have nothing to do with her. I knew from day one she was after Liam. I saw her face when she found out that Hope and Liam were back together. She looked like she'd been punched in the gut. It's obvious Ivy has hate for Hope with all the little digs she makes about Hope being just like her mother, Hope loves the attention, blah blah blah. Yep, Ivy needs a tall glass of haterade.

I guess Ivy is really playing the role of her cousin, Steffy. She's talking a lot of trash about about a person she really doesn't know. She's also flirting with a very unavailable Liam and stroking his huge ego on top of it. The difference with Steffy is that Steffy was up-front with her dirt. Ivy is just shady.

Speaking of shady people, I think Quinn had something to do with Ricardo's death. I had to play back Ricardo's video blog to Wyatt. There were a few key words in his message. He made the comment that the diamond was a "quintessential" piece of jewelry. Then, out of the blue, Wyatt got a call from the Mexican police wanting to speak with him about Ricardo's death. Wyatt immediately looked at Quinn. Deep down, he knows she had something to do with him inheriting the diamond. Follow your instincts, Wyatt. We all know what Quinn is capable of. There are too many clues that this diamond didn't just fall into Wyatt's lap. Too many people on several occasions made the comment that Ricardo and Wyatt weren't family. They weren't even all that close. Why would someone you barely know bequeath you an extravagant piece of jewelry? If it turns out that the diamond was stolen or that foul play was involved and it's connected to Quinn, it could spell disaster for Wyatt and Forrester Creations.

After the successful press conference, Ridge suggested that the HFTF team capitalize on great buzz of the diamond. Wyatt suggested that a photo shoot in Paris was in order with Hope, the diamond, and the Eiffel Tower. The photo shoot would be incredible.

Okay, can someone please explain to me what is the big deal about the HFTF diamond? How can a diamond help boost a clothing line? I don't understand. I thought that really great designs, and maybe a catchy promotional ad displaying the clothes, would help boost sales of a clothing line. How is a piece of jewelry supposed to boost sales? Are they modeling a line from Forrester Creations, or is it a promotional ad for Jared's Jewelers?

Of course, everyone was on board for the Paris photo shoot, but Hope had reservations because of Liam. (Tell me, Scoopers, did you roll your eyes at this moment? I know I did.) Hope needs to stop letting her personal life interfere with her business. Who cares if Liam is upset? He should have faith in Hope and their relationship. What more does this fool want?

Hope told Liam that she was going to Paris, but she wanted him to go along with her. Liam initially rebuffed her invitation because he claimed, and I quote, " I have responsibilities! I can't just drop everything on a dime and go flying to Paris." Yes, Scoopers, let me give you a minute to let that marinate. Are you wondering the same thing I'm wondering? Exactly what responsibilities does Liam have? It can't be responsibilities at Spencer Publications because he's never there!

I don't understand Liam. He's whining that Wyatt is always disrespecting his relationship with Hope. Hope has told Liam repeatedly that she's in love with him. She wants to marry him in Paris. If Liam hadn't let his big ego get in the way, he would've been aboard on the Forrester jet along with Rick, Hope, and Wyatt. He would've proven to Wyatt just how serious he was about his relationship with Hope and how he wasn't going to allow Wyatt to undermine it.

So now we have Wyatt, Hope, and Rick on the Forrester Jet heading to Paris. Guess where Liam wound up? Yep, at Forrester Creations! Aly and Ivy were surprised to see him there, and actually, so was I. Didn't he just tell Hope that he had responsibilities to take of? Gee, Liam, are those responsibilities at Forrester?

Liam informed the Forrester cousins of Hope's proposal. Aly, the lovesick teenager, thought it was a romantic gesture and that Liam was a fool for not going. Ivy followed Aly, but deep down inside, she was happy he didn't go. Eventually, the girls convinced Liam to get on the plane and go get his girl. All of a sudden, Pam walked in and gave Ivy her work permit and informed her that she'd be able to attend the Paris photo shoot. My question is why does Ivy need to go to Paris? I understand that she's the new point person for accessories, but Wyatt is there already. To me, Ivy wants to cozy up to Liam.

I like Aly, but I think it's time for her character to grow up a little. I don't understand why she's so involved with Hope and Liam's love life when she has a man of her own. It's time for Aly to give her room a makeover, butt out of Hope's personal life, and pay attention to her man. Ollie needs to check her on that.

Oh yeah, why is Aly hating on Wyatt and not Maya? Wyatt has done nothing to harm Aly, unlike Maya who tried to destroy Aly's relationship with Oliver because she's a hater. Yes, I said it. Maya is a thirsty hater. Aly should be giving Maya dirty looks. Better yet, she should team up with her Aunt Caroline and convince her Uncle Rick to fire Maya for trying to destroy their relationship.

Speaking of Maya, did anyone see how she was trying to get some attention from Rick? I know Oliver saw it and laughed at her. Maya said she'd be more than willing to fly to Paris and fill in for Hope if necessary. After all, she is supposed to be the HFTF spokesmodel.

I've yet to see her model anything. All she's doing is giving Rick and even Eric those big brown doe eyes. I hope Rick doesn't fall for her crap. He even made the comment that he's glad he sent Caroline home to pack for him. If Caroline had seen how Myrna, I mean, Maya, was coming on to Rick, she would've flipped out. (Caroline, played by Linsey Godfrey, is currently on maternity leave.) Rick needs to keep a close eye on Maya.

I just thought about something. Maya should've gone to Paris. That way, she could transfer to Forrester International and hook up with Thomas Forrester. Thomas is very handsome and very single. He's also a Forrester. All the qualities Maya desires in a man.

Anyway, Wyatt told Quinn that he was going to Paris with Hope to promote the diamond. Of course, Quinn was excited to see her son happy. Wyatt ordered his mother to stay clear of Liam and to be on her best behavior. She promised to be a good girl. We all know what that means. Quinn was back to her old tricks again. Oh, how I've missed this woman!

Quinn managed to sit behind Liam and Ivy on the way to Paris, donning the disguise of a scarf and oversized sunglasses -- or what I like to call them, hater blockers. Liam discussed his entire plan with Ivy on the plane. Of course, he was not using an inside voice, so Quinn heard all the juicy details on how Liam was supposed to meet Hope at their special spot after the photo shoot so they could start their lives together. Not if Quinn could help it.

Felicia Forrester (played by Emmy winner Lesli Kay) graced us with her beautiful presence this week. She was in charge of Forrester International, since Thorne was away on vacation with Taylor. I would've liked to see more brother/sister bonding with Rick and Felicia. I would also like to find out exactly where she's been. What has she been doing? Is her cancer still in remission? Where is her son, Dominic? Why can't she return to Los Angeles and work at the L.A. office?

It would've been nice to see Thomas and Steffy Forrester as well. It would be great to see Thomas because he's a hottie, and I like looking at him. I'm not a Steffy fan at all. I thought it would be cool if Steffy ran into Liam and Ivy in Paris. I wonder how Liam would react if he saw his ex-wife again? Would there still be chemistry? How would Ivy feel? Would she have nasty things to say about Steffy like she did with Hope?

Liam wanted to surprise Hope, so she had no idea that he was even in the country. This was music to Quinn's ears. Liam and Ivy got off the plane and into a car waiting to take them to Liam and Hope's meeting place. Of course, Quinn wasn't too behind, following along on a stolen moped.

How is it that Quinn could follow Liam all the way from Los Angeles, sit behind him in a plane, and follow him throughout France, and Liam didn't notice? Is Liam that unaware of his surroundings? I'm not saying he should be paranoid and look behind him every five seconds, but come on. I find it hard to believe that he didn't get that feeling that you get in your gut that someone is watching -- or should I say stalking you?

Now we have Liam rushing the driver to get through Parisian traffic. Quinn just followed along on the moped like nothing. Liam and Ivy decided to get out in the middle of the road and make a run for it. Quinn abandoned her moped in the middle of road and followed behind on foot as well. Liam and Ivy still had no idea they were being followed.

Liam was sprinting through the streets like Usain Bolt. I giggled to myself how well he was running considering he had a boot on his left leg the previous day. I mean, this boy didn't have a wobble or a grimace on his face. Nothing. He was determined to get to his girl. This whole scene reminded me of Hope running through the streets of Colorado only to get trapped in the gondola.

Quinn had a pretty decent stride in her heels. I guess a mother can run on stilts if it means she has to protect her child's happiness and to secure his or her future. Liam finally got to his destination. He spotted Hope across the way, and he screamed her name, but of course she didn't hear. He also didn't see Wyatt standing in the background, looking on like a stalker. Instead of calling her on her cell phone, Liam still stood there, waving his arms. Ivy told him to run along and go to Hope, and she'd capture the magical moment of video. As Ivy propped herself up on a ledge, Quinn walked up and nonchalantly pushed Ivy off the ledge and into the water. Splash!

Scoopers, I have never laughed out loud so hard before in my life. It wasn't the fact that Ivy fell over in the water. That really could've been tragic. What if she couldn't swim? I laughed at the fact that Quinn had the biggest smile on her face as she pushed Ivy over. Quinn knows that Liam couldn't resist a woman in distress.

Liam heard a scream then a splash; he turned to Ivy and looked on in horror. Ivy resurfaced and claimed she was fine. She could swim to the side. So, of course, Liam just stood there, looking torn, wondering what he should do. Cue up the cliffhanger Friday music, please! I wonder what Liam will do? Of course we know what he'll do. He'll choose to save Ivy.

All Liam had to do was to call Hope on the phone, tell her what happened, and have her meet him over on the other side. Or, run to Hope, tell her that Ivy fell in the lake, and go help her.

So, I'm predicting that Liam will be late meeting Hope. Hope will feel let down by Liam again. Wyatt will be there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, like he always does. Hope and Wyatt will run off and get together again. Basically, Hope will pull a Liam. Liam did something very similar in Puglia, Italy, a few years back. Remember when Deacon (along with Bill's assistance) made Hope late for her wedding day and hid her cell phone so she couldn't call him? Instead of waiting for Hope or going to look for her, Liam pouted, whined and cried, and immediately took Steffy to bed. They didn't do the hokey pokey, but they were definitely close.

I really would like to see how this whole storyline turns out. I think that Hope and Liam are very dysfunctional together. Hope is either always crying or trying to convince Liam that she loves him, or Liam is always trying to please Hope and her high standards.

Even though Wyatt can be a little sneaky, he's always been true to Hope. With Wyatt, Hope would never have to worry about another woman -- unlike Liam, who will always have the Steffy cloud having over his head. I think Hope thinks that she's invested so many years in her relationship with Liam that she has to give it a shot. I believe deep down, she knows that their relationship was over the moment Liam slipped her engagement ring of Steffy's finger. Maybe Hope should pull a Queen Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen and just "Let It Go!"

Scoopers, how come Ridge didn't want Bill or Justin prosecuted for their part in his accident? Basically, Ridge only wanted to expose Bill so that Brooke would call off her engagement.

I don't know how I feel about Deacon and Brooke hooking up again. I did enjoy seeing them acting civil as they spoke about their daughter. If the writers were to go that route again, I would really like to see Bridget Forrester return. How would Bridget feel if Brooke hooked up with Deacon again? Do you think it would matter, since the affair happened years ago and Bridget has moved on with her life? Or are wounds still fresh? Mr. Bell, if you're in need of a writer, I'd be happy to join the team.

Personally, I'd love to see Deacon and Quinn hook up romantically. They're both very conniving and witty. I think Deacon could really keep Quinn on her toes and vice versa.

Will Liam and Hope make it to the altar? Will Quinn be discovered in Paris? Will Wyatt finally get the girl of his dreams, thanks to his mama's meddling ways? Will Brooke and Deacon reignite the flame that sparked years ago? Will Bill finally give up his quest on being with Brooke? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I watched the photo shoot and "press conference" in FF, as the whole thing is just so ludicrous. How does a multi-million dollar diamond and expensive formal wear photographed on an expensive trip to a foreign country translate to a message for teen and early-twenty girls? Those were not clothes a young woman would wear...and that isn't a trip to which most teens would aspire. So exactly, what is the message? -- Cattyfan

• This is the same old story. A wedding is planned, someone is running to be on time, someone interferes with somebody else's plans, everything gets all screwed up, someone jumps immediately to the wrong conclusion, etc. Haven't we seen this countless of times before? This is a 20 minutes show, why do they re-write the same stories over and over again and why do they always make bad people like Quinn have everything at her disposal and worst always win?! -- Mariette

• This is the life of Hope and Liam. It is always the chase and interference but it makes young Hope look bad as being the youngest soap character at the alter for the 5th or 6th time. And then of course when things don't work out, Hope or Liam says "I do" to the closest person standing next to them and w/o taking time to reach out to the other party to find out what happened. Any way for this ole familiar song and dance for this young couple, the writers want to play out and finish Hope and Wyatt as well as test to see what could be with Liam and Ivy. As a result, we the viewers have to be subjected to another chase across the world. But in the end I think that the final chase will be Hope and Liam by next Summer. -- ssSoap

Thanks for flooding the message boards with your comments, Scoopers! It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

**Just a thought**

During the Paris press conference, Hope mentioned that she started her line to create eco-friendly fashion for young women. What exactly does she mean by eco-friendly? Are the clothes made from some recycled fabric or something? What does a clothing line have to do with social awareness and environmental responsibility? Okay, maybe the social awareness part was to show that young girls could still be sexy without showing tons of cleavage. I'm just lost about the environmental responsibility part.

I loved Brooke's hair and wardrobe this week. The spiral curls gave her hair lots of volume. Loved it.

Kelly Kruger (ex-Mackenzie, The Young and the Restless) played a Forrester International correspondent. Kelly also happens to be the fiancée of Darrin Brooks (Wyatt). I think Kelly should return to daytime. Maybe she could have a role on The Bold and the Beautiful as a friend of Hope or Aly. Lord knows these girls need to have some girlfriends.

Mike will be back next week to cover the latest twist and turns of the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families. Until next time, Keep Watching, Keep Reading, but most of all Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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