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What's the old saying? Curiosity killed the cat? Well in this case, the cat might be Charlie, and the killer might be Quinn. Thanks to his great detective skills, the rent-a-cop exposed Quinn's secret. How did Hope, Liam, and Wyatt react? What does this mean for the new Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Spencer? Will Ivy press criminal charges? Get your dishes ready; it's time for another hearty helping of B&B Two Scoops.

Hello Scoopers! I hope everyone had a bold and beautiful week. Let me start off by saying that Rena Sofer (Quinn) is the best thing to happen to this show in a long time. This woman brings drama and comedy all in one take. This woman brings the right amount of spice and laughs the show was lacking.

I think that Ivy's reaction to Quinn's crime was warranted. After all, Quinn didn't know if the girl could swim or not. Maybe she should consider pressing criminal charges. As much as I love Quinn, I can't condone what she did to this girl. Ivy was an innocent in this whole mess. Even though I still maintain she had no business going to Paris in the first place, she still didn't deserved to be pushed.

Did anyone else bend over laughing when Pam bluntly told Ivy that according to Quinn, Ivy was just an obstacle? (I know that the situation is not funny, it's just the way Pam delivered the harsh blow) She's right. Quinn shows absolutely no mercy when it comes to the happiness of her baby boy.

Ivy looked like she got her feelings hurt a little when she realized that Liam is motivated now more than ever to get his relationship with Hope back. Advice to Ivy: you're not missing much. Liam doesn't know how to stay in a committed relationship with anyone. Hope will always be an obstacle.

I don't understand why Liam thinks that this new information changes anything. Bottom line is, Hope chose to marry Wyatt because she thought Liam stood her up. Yes, she could've waited, but she chose not to. Liam could've prevented this whole mess if he had just got on the plane with Hope when she asked him to accompany her to Paris in the first place. When will someone let Hope know that Liam had to be convinced by the nosey Forrester cousins to go to Paris in the first place?

Anyway, I really don't know what to say about Liam and his cockiness about his relationship with Hope. Quinn is right. How many times have these two tried to get married and someone or something interfered with the relationship? Things are easy with Hope and Wyatt. Honestly, Liam seemed happier with Steffy. Seeing how Steffy is a non-factor, maybe he should start seeing where things might lead with Ivy.

Why is everyone on Quinn's case for destroying Hope's life? Why is everyone so concerned with whom Hope marries? Do any of these characters have a life of their own? Why Is Hope blaming Quinn for her own actions? Quinn is right. What if she didn't interfere? What if Liam's flight was delayed? What if he was stuck in traffic? The point of it all is that Hope made a hasty decision, and now she has to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Who else loved it when Quinn told Hope off? Who does Hope think she is, trying to say that Wyatt will have nothing to do with his mother again? I don't care how crazy the woman is. She is his mother. I know I wouldn't have a flip-flopping woman trying to tell me to stay away from my son. I think Hope has made an enemy in Quinn. My question is, why did it take so long?

Hope has been playing this tug-of-war game with the Spencer brothers for a while now. Why would anyone want his or her son involved with such an indecisive person? I'm not trying to bash Hope. I'm really not. She just irritates me. It just seems to me that she's not trying hold herself accountable for any of her actions. Same thing goes for Liam.

Liam is also irritating me with his whining to Bill for support all the time. Bill is right. Hope and Wyatt are married. Stop the foolishness. Respect his brother's marriage and let it go. Bill's comment about Hope being a fool for staying with Wyatt this time kind of threw me. Whose side are you really on, Dollar Bill?

If Hope leaves Wyatt to give it another try with Liam, she will be the dumbest person ever. Wyatt has always been true to her. She's never had to worry about another woman with him. Things are very easy with him. I think that Liam and Hope are tired. It needs to end. If the writers are trying to revive the Brooke, Ridge, Taylor triangle, it's not working. At least with Bridge/Tridge, the storylines were interesting. I digress.

Why is Hope kissing Liam and telling him that he is the love of her life when she is a very married woman? Why can't this girl get it together and stop blaming others for her own decisions? Yes, Quinn pushed Poison Ivy (LOL) into the river. Yes, that delayed Liam's meet time with Hope. But in reality, if Hope had waited, things would've been different.

This whole storyline just reminds me of Aspen and the gondola. Liam makes a hasty decision and marries Steffy five minutes after his breakup with Hope. Had he attempted to contact her to see what happened, he would've known that Hope saw his and Steffy's impromptu makeout session. I guess my point is, these people make hasty decisions and like to blame others for their actions. The madness needs to stop.

I don't like the way Hope is treating Wyatt. She's giving him one-word answers, and she has this dumb bewildered look on her face like Wyatt has something to do with this whole mess. He doesn't deserve that.

So now Hope is faced with the decision of leaving her husband for another try at Liam. This really shouldn't even be a decision. She already made her choice. Hopefully Hope will be wearing her big girl panties, and she will follow through with her marriage. I believe she loves Wyatt; otherwise she wouldn't have married him.

Wouldn't it be something if Hope wound up pregnant and didn't know who the daddy was? Wouldn't it be something if the baby wound up being Liam's and Quinn pulled a Sheila Carter and switched the DNA results?

Off topic, whatever happened to the whole Ricardo case? Talk about a waste of a storyline.

Let's switch gears and talk about Ridge and his impairment. Why is Ridge keeping it a secret that he can't draw? All he has to do is to tell Rick about his issue. As many of you scoopers can already see, Ridge and Caroline make a very good design team. I hope the powers that be don't turn this great working relationship into something else.

What is going on with Maya? Can she just go away? I don't like the person she's become. I would've never pegged her to be a gold-digger. I felt sorry for the girl, actually. Losing a child that she never got to meet, spending time in jail, etc. She really did bring out a softer, human side to Rick. However, Maya, just like Hope, made a hasty decision and chose to break up with Rick and accept a marriage proposal from Carter.

Rick decided to move on with his life and reunite with Caroline. (I think Rick and Caroline is better match anyway.) All of a sudden, Maya is starting to sound like the 80s pop ballad "Foolish Beat" by Debbie Gibson. Crying that she'll never love anyone like she loves Rick. Here's my thought. Does she love Rick? Or does she love the Forrester name and all the finer things in life?

My vote is that Maya is all about the Forrester name. If that's the case, Maya should go and throw herself at Thomas. He's hot, he's available, and he's a Forrester. What more could she ask for?

Scheming to get Rick back is very beneath her. I don't like how this character is being portrayed. It would be nice if she held a purpose.

Late last week, I saw that Maya walked into Eric's office and started asking Caroline questions about sketches. My first thought was why in the world would Maya just walk up in the CEO's office? Exactly why is an HFTF (or as Quinn would call it Hope for the ever-changing future) spokesmodel asking a designer about the couture line? Caroline should've checked her. Doesn't she have an episode of Room 8 to go film?

Rumors are circulating that Maya is going to drop a bug in Katie's ear about the chemistry between Ridge and Caroline. If Katie even engages in a conversation with this troll, I will scream. Caroline is Ridge's sister-in-law. They are coworkers. If anything, Ridge sees Caroline as a daughter figure more than a lover. Katie, please don't be that na´ve and fall for Maya's manipulations.

It was nice seeing Pam, Donna, Brooke, Deacon, and Charlie on-screen this week. What would've been great was if they weren't so involved in Hope's love life. I swear, this has become The Hope Logan Show. I miss my old school The Bold and the Beautiful. I miss the multiple storylines. I miss my old school characters. I miss Queen Stephanie, Eric, Mustang Sally, Jackie, Massimo, Bridget, Nick, Thorne, and Macy. Heck, I even miss Taylor.

Please understand, Scoopers. I'm really trying hard not to bash Hope. I'm just very utterly annoyed with her character as well as Liam and Wyatt's. I think I'm just seeing too much of them on-screen.

I know that usually during the summertime, the teens or the young adults are front and center because that's when their age demographic is out of school and those viewers can tune in. Luckily, we're rolling into the fall season. I would love to see the older generations have a great storyline.

I'm dying to see how this whole storyline turns out. I think that Hope and Liam are very dysfunctional together. Hope is either always crying or trying to convince Liam that she loves him, or Liam is always trying to please Hope and her high standards.

Even though Wyatt can be a little sneaky, he's always been true to Hope. With Wyatt, Hope would never have to worry about another woman. Unlike Liam and Hope, who will always have the Steffy cloud having over their heads. I think Hope thinks that she's invested so many years in her relationship with Liam that she has to give it a shot.

Random thought. Where is Justin? Did Ridge ever decide whether he was going to file charges against him for his part in Ridge's accident? Basically, Ridge only wanted to expose Bill so that Brooke would call off her engagement. Am I right?

How do you all feel about Deacon and Brooke hooking up again? I must admit, I enjoy watching them co-parent. If the writers were to go that route again, I would really like to see Bridget Forrester return. How would Bridget feel if Brooke hooked up with Deacon again? Do you think it would matter, since the affair happened years ago and Bridget has moved on with her life? Or are wounds still fresh?

I was all for a Quinn and Deacon pairing. I'm not too sure if I want them to go that route anymore. Even though I think that they would be completely hot together, I don't think Deacon appreciates Quinn interfering in his daughter's life the way that she has.

Will Hope stay with her husband or return to her true love? Will Quinn catch a case of Poison Ivy? Can Maya turn Caroline and Ridge's work relationship into something more? Who should be the man in Brooke's life? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• Hope married Wyatt. He didn't put a gun to her head, didn't force her, knew she still cared for Liam, but gave her a choice. He didn't give her an ultimatum. She decided to marry him. Hope whines about someone taking her choices away. Liam is the same way. Free Wyatt!! He's not the so-called good guy, but he sure isn't a wimp or a whiner. I feel for Wyatt in this story. Liam is a whiner, Hope is pathetic, Quinn is crazy, but funny. Wyatt deserves better. I feel no sympathy for Hope. Like mother like daughter. They make their own beds, but want to blame everyone else. No sympathy for Hope at all! -- AMCfan30

• Hope is already cheating on her husband with his brother! Was it really necessary for Hope to go to Liam, profess her undying love and kiss him? Can she just let him go graciously!! Clearly she will NOT be leaving Wyatt, why not just be honest rather than playing these mind games? -- Ellie

• I was truly amazed that Hope was spewing such pity for Wyatt because he has been saddled with this crazy mother all his life. Wyatt is just like his mother. He is smug, mean, controlling, manipulative and self-serving. Hope just doesn't choose to see it because he kisses her butt so much. Wyatt is about 28 years old and still letting his crazy mother in his life after all she has pulled. He loves his mother being his scapegoat and champion and will never disown her as long as she can manipulate to get him what he wants. It is absurd that there was never a DNA test to prove Wyatt is Bill's son and yet there he is reaping all of the rewards of being a Spencer. From what I saw the writing is on the wall: Hope stays with Wyatt. It's the only way for the triangle to continue, which I hate. My hope is that Quinn will hate Hope for keeping her son away from her and that she will seek revenge against the princess. -- Mbemery

Thanks for flooding the message boards with your comments, scoopers! It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

**In the news**

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) has signed on to do the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars. Read our article to get all the info on Lang's departure.

Look for Ivy's dad, John Forrester, to make an appearance in the next couple of weeks. The extremely talented Fred Willard is slated to play John. It is said that Ivy and her dad have a great relationship. I'm not too sure about Eric and John's relationship. I guess we'll just have to wait and see on that.

Mike will be back next week to cover the latest trials and tribulations of the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families. Until next time, Keep Watching, Keep Reading, but most of all Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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