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It was a week of realizations, demands, and forgiveness on The Bold and the Beautiful. Hope realized that Liam has moved on. Wyatt demanded that his wife cut the puppy dogs eyes at Liam and focus on their family. Eric told Rick to 'man up' or go home. Bill demanded that Ridge stay away from his precious Caroline. Get your dishes ready. It's time for another hearty helping of Two Scoops.

Since I last wrote this column, The Bold and the Beautiful went back to its roots with the preview of Ridge and Caroline's couture line. It was nice to see couture fashion back on the Forrester runway instead of the HFTF line. I know that Queen Stephanie would be proud.

Ridge and Caroline's line brought a host of people from across the globe to Forrester Creations. Eric even had a visit from his friend Gloria Abbott Bardwell (played by the talented Judith Chapman) from Genoa City. Apparently, Gloria was there as a buyer for Lauren's boutique. I think Gloria was eyeing more than just the clothing. I think she and Eric would make a cute couple. I would really like to see Gloria go at it with Pam or Donna in regards to Eric's affection. In my honest opinion, Gloria would be a better match for Eric than Taylor.

Speaking of Taylor, I'm a bit confused. I thought that Thorne and Taylor were a couple. All of a sudden, she breezes back into town to check on Aly and then makes time for sweet talk with Eric? So that would mean she went from the father, to the son, back to the father again? And she has the nerve to say something about Brooke going through the whole line of Forrester men? Pot, meet kettle. I digress.

Much to Rick's dismay, the fashion show was a huge success. His plan of changing lineups, and overpricing the garments, blew up in his smug face. Junior was upset, yet proud of his wife's success. Maya was pleased, too, since the sales of the overpriced garments were a hit, which meant that she, I mean, Rick, would make a huge profit off of it. Thank God Eric got an earful of Rick and Maya's conversation about the foiled plan to sabotage the line.

When Eric told Maya to clear the room, I gave the man a standing ovation. It's about time someone put that twit model in her place. She is too involved with things that have nothing to do with her. The father/son confrontation was very entertaining.

For the past few weeks, Eric has sat by and watched his youngest son treat his wife like crap and flaunt a gold-digging piece of eye candy on his married arm. He even had the nerve to get a little slick at the mouth. When Eric initially tried to talk some sense into Rick in regards to his marriage, Rick responded with "I can't keep my ex-lovers on the payroll." Yes, Sand I made an escoopers, that's what the fool said. I had to stop and take a moment to let that sink in.

Rick used to be in a relationship with Maya. After they broke up, she was still employed as an HFTF model. Isn't that keeping an ex on the payroll? And exactly who is Rick implying that Eric kept on payroll? His mother, Brooke, or his aunt Donna?

Finally, Eric grew a spine and called Rick out on his shenanigans. I'm glad that he told him that putting the company in jeopardy because his feelings were hurt is ludicrous. I like the advice that he gave Rick about working out his marriage. I don't like the fact that he gave the fool an ultimatum. Go back to Caroline or lose your job? What? Now, if and when he goes back to Caroline, begging for forgiveness, how is anyone supposed to know if he's being genuine or if he just wants to solidify his position in the company?

Personally, if I were Caroline, I'd divorce Rick. Yes, kissing Ridge was wrong. It shouldn't have happened. However, Rick's behavior is unacceptable. He slept with another woman and continues to throw it in his wife's face. I mean, I could understand if Caroline and Ridge actually slept together, but they didn't. Isn't Rick's betrayal much worse than Caroline's? Yes. She kissed Ridge. However, Rick moved a skank into his mother's house. And this fool has the nerve to get all upset with Caroline? If Caroline continues to beg for forgiveness without calling Rick out on his crap, I'll scream.

Caroline needs to get her spunk back. I'm sick and tired of Maya and her stupid little digs. Maya is trying to make herself relevant. Ridge and Carter have tried to tell her, but she's so far up Rick's derriere, she refuses to see the truth that lies ahead for her. I mean, really? She is telling Carter that she wants him to annul Rick and Caroline's marriage? Is she for real?

Speaking of Carter, did anyone else laugh when Carter laughed at Maya when the press treated her like the non-factor that she is? Gee Maya, first Eric puts you in your place, and then the media dismisses you. Your future looks so bright, doesn't it?

So, did anyone else think that Bill was being a total hypocrite in regards to Ridge and Caroline's budding relationship? Bill was completely disgusted when his ex-wife filled him in on the latest dealings with the dressmaker and his precious niece. Bill was carrying on and on that Ridge was supposed to be engaged and committed to Katie and how Caroline is the same age as his daughter. I'm sorry, but did Bill forget about his sinful fling with Steffy?

While Bill was married to Katie, he had a fling with Steffy Forrester, Ridge's daughter. When Ridge found out about the affair, he and Bill got into a scuffle, and Ridge punched Bill in the face. Now that the tables are turned, Bill is seeing red. Why was it okay for Bill to frolic with Steffy, but Ridge can't do the same with Caroline? Is it because Bill is still a little ticked that Ridge ruined his wedding in Abu Dhabi with Brooke?

Bill claims that he's sick of seeing Ridge treat the women that he loves like crap. He loves Katie and Caroline and feels that Ridge is ruining their lives. I think Katie set the fight in motion. She knew exactly how Bill would react when he found out about Ridge and his niece. Katie told Bill that Ridge basically used Caroline to secure his place in Forrester.

I think Katie knows that she and Ridge aren't going to work. I mean, seriously. She still has that stupid red string on her finger. I think that deep down, she is hoping that she and Bill will reconcile, especially since Brooke is out of the picture for now. My question is why doesn't she just end it? It's obvious that Ridge cares for her, but I don't think he loves her. He doesn't have the passion that he has for Brooke. He doesn't look at Katie the way he looks at Caroline.

Anyway, the fight between Ridge and Bill was actually pretty entertaining. Both men got a few good hits in. However, I think that chump change Bill came out with less battle wounds. That fight was long overdue. I'm waiting for Bill to beat the crap out of Rick. He's the one that really needs his behind beaten for cheating on his wife the way that he did.

So, Scoopers, do you think that Rick and Caroline will reunite? If they reunite, will it last? My guess is yes. They will reunite, but their relationship is strained, and it will take a lot of work on both ends. Caroline hurt Rick by kissing Ridge. Rick retaliated by actually sleeping with and throwing Myrna, a.k.a. Maya, in Caroline's face. This couple has a long way to go.

I guess my prediction was wrong. I knew Rick was evil, but staying with his wife just to keep a job is awful. How in the world would Rick want to be with Maya, knowing how money hungry she is? Does he really think that she loves him? Yes, she fell in love with him before knowing that he was a Forrester. However, now that she realized exactly who Rick Forrester is, she's all over him like a cheap suit.

Rick claims that Maya is loyal. Maya is loyal to herself. She is determined to live the glamorous life. Look at her. Shacked up in Brooke's house while Rick plays the role of dutiful husband. Seriously? Who does that? What woman in their right mind agrees to be the sidepiece? A money hungry gold-digger does something like that. That's who.

I need Caroline to find out about this and divorce Rick. He's a jerk. Yes, Caroline made a mistake, but he's done worse. Uncle Bill needs to beat the crap out of Rick like he did with Ridge. I have a feeling Carter will find out about Rick and Maya's plan because Maya won't be able to keep her mouth shut. Carter will then tell Caroline. Caroline will divorce Rick, stripping him of his CEO position. Maya won't be by his side anymore. He'll be left all alone. Caroline and Ridge can start their own fashion line, leaving Forrester in a bind. Let's see how well Rick does with a greedy lead model and no head designer.

I have got to admit, I enjoy having Hope, Liam, Wyatt, and Ivy on the backburner for a while. This quadrilateral annoys me to no end. It's very hard to sit and watch Hope pine away for Liam when she's the one who chose to be with Wyatt. Baby or no baby, she could've chosen to annul her marriage with Wyatt and be with Liam.

I'm proud of Wyatt for taking a stand and telling his wife that she needed to cut the puppy dog eyes and the jealousy in regards to Liam and Ivy. He is absolutely correct. Hope chose to marry Wyatt. They are now expecting a child. She chose the life that she is living, and now she needs to accept the fact that Liam seems to have found happiness with Ivy.

This whole situation feels like the time where Hope and Liam finally found their way back to each other and Steffy showed up to the ceremony to tell Liam that she was pregnant. Liam eventually chose to be with Steffy and their unborn child. Yes, he still had feelings for Hope, but he wasn't as pathetic as Hope is acting now.

I'm sorry, Hope fans, I really am. Hope's character has just gone down the tubes for me. I can't take the whining anymore. Wyatt is a decent guy who loves her and only her. With Wyatt, she never had to worry about another woman fighting for his attention, with the exception of his meddling mother, Quinn.

Hope and Liam had their run. To me, their relationship was over when Liam cheated on Hope the first time when she saw him and Steffy making out in his car and then he placed Hope's engagement ring on Steffy's finger mere hours later. If I were Hope, I wouldn't have given Liam a second look.

Now, instead of dealing with Steffy, Hope is dealing with the fact that Liam has moved on with Steffy's cousin, Ivy. To me, Ivy is just as obnoxious as Steffy was. Every other word out of Ivy's mouth is "you Logan women" or "you Logans." Every time this girl utters those words, I hit the mute button. She's a Steffy 2.0. Please, come up with a new line, Ivy.

Honestly, I think I would rather see Liam with Steffy than Ivy. I don't think Liam and Ivy have much chemistry. Their courtship seems forced, where it was an instant attraction between Liam and Steffy. I wonder how Ivy would react if Steffy returned and made a play for Liam? Ivy wouldn't be able to say her favorite line, " you Logans," would she?

Anyway, Ivy does have a point. Hope made a decision. She needs to stick with it. Ivy and Liam are exploring a new relationship. Hope needs to focus on her own relationship with her husband, and not her ex-fiancÚ.

Hope cut her trip to Amsterdam short when she found that Wyatt had secretly arranged a romantic boat ride for Liam and Ivy. Of course, Hope overreacted and told Wyatt that he was acting like his mother. I'm happy that Wyatt shut Hope's neurotic self down. After their argument, Hope decided to get some air. As she stepped out onto the terrace, she witnessed Ivy and Liam on the boat, sharing another annoying kiss.

On the plane ride home, Hope admitted to seeing Liam and Ivy on their boat ride. She was clearly sad, and Wyatt was very sympathetic to her needs. Deep in her thoughts, Hope reminisced on her past with Liam. After shedding a few final tears, Hope realized that she had a decent man and an unborn child on the way to look forward to. I think she might be through with living in the past and finally looking forward toward the future.

During the Thanksgiving episode, Hope makes this speech about families coming together, forgiveness, etc. If that's the case, why didn't she let her mother-in-law at the table? Yes, Quinn is a menace. But exactly what has Quinn done? Quinn didn't hold a gun up to Hope's head, forcing her to marry Wyatt. Hope made that decision all on her own. I felt bad for Quinn. She just wants to be accepted.

I find it interesting that Bill was allowed at the table, especially after all the crap that he put Hope through for his own gain.

Why was Hope sitting at the other end of the family table? Shouldn't that spot be reserved for someone like Brooke, Pam, or Aly? In my opinion, Hope isn't matriarch material. I just can't see that at all. I wish that Felicia or Kristen had returned with their families. It would have been nice to see one of Stephanie's daughters or a granddaughter take her seat at the table.

Well, by now, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful found out that Kim Matula (Hope) has decided not to renew her contract. Rumors are spreading that Hope will decide to join her mother in Milan for a while to get away from her meddling mother in- law, Quinn.

Other rumors are saying that Hope couldn't deal with the fact that Liam has moved on, and she turned to pills again to deal with the pain. How do you think Hope's character will be written out? Please be sure to express your thoughts in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I love Eric. He put Rick in his place fast. He loves his son and does not want to see him make knee jerk decisions that can take a lifetime to heal. He used his own history as a reason NOT to be weak or stupid. That was good advice and good parenting. He didn't sugar coat the messy marriage he had, didn't bring up how awful Stephanie was until the last year or so as an excuse for his choices. But he wanted his son to not make those decisions that he and Stephanie made in haste. And I loved how Rick showed vulnerability and his hurt. -- Lynn11

• I find it wickedly, wonderfully, deliciously ironic that Rick wanted to turn down the CEO position but greedy, morally bankrupt Maya talked him into it so she could enjoy the power and the money. And now, letting himself be talked into it. Rick wants to keep it and in doing so will dump greedy Maya. I hope with everything there is that Carolyn makes firing Maya a condition if she agrees to take slimy, baby boy Rick back. -- Debra

• I've always thought Wyatt was creepy for a while but with his recent meddling and's just too much for me. When Hope said she wanted to go home and he said the jet was unavailable without calling first...he really creeps me out and although I have always disliked Hope. I kind of feel sorry for her for having such a creepy husband and crazy mother in law. I mean, karma really caught up to her but Wyatt is a bit much. After KM leaves I really hope he does as well because there isn't anyone else on this show I would want to see him with. -- Indailey

It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

I agree. I loved the interaction between Rick and Eric. That conversation was long overdue.

I wonder what Brooke would think if she were still in town? Would she allow Maya to prance around her house in her robe? Would she allow Caroline to flirt with Ridge?

Is it me, or does it seem like Bill and Katie still have feelings for each other? How will these feelings change once Brooke comes back into town? I'm kind of on the fence about BATIE 2.0. Too much has happened between these two for them to have the magic they once shared. On the other hand, it would be nice to see a couple come full circle and find their way back to each other. I'll have to wait and see.

Do any of you Scoopers happen to watch The Young and The Restless? If you do, you probably saw the beautiful Jennifer Gareis assume the role of Grace Turner. I wish the writers of B&B would portray Donna as a clever, sexy woman instead of a flighty secretary pining away for her ex-husband. I thought it was cool to see Jennifer bring Grace to life again.

Well, that's it for me. Please join us next time to read up on the latest trials and tribulations of the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families. Until next time, Keep Watching, Keep Reading, but most of all Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful

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