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The rain was falling, falling in Los Angeles, and a few residents stepped into relationship-changing puddles. One couple took the engagement plunge, and two people blamed it on the rain when they hopped into the not-so-familial gene pool together. Which pair will be singing in the rain and which winds up soaked with mud on their faces? Thomas and Ivy give new meaning to the phrase “kissing cousins” this week on the Bold and the Beautiful!
L.A. might be having a drought, but Thomas sure isn't. It's raining women wherever he goes. From interns, to models, to designers, Thomas is doing it all in twos. Two interns, Charlotte and Nicole. Two models, Sarah and Michelle. And now, two designers, Caroline and Ivy. Time and time again, Steffy has warned her brother to stop crapping where he lives, but he took a big dump right on Forrester's lawn by seducing Ivy this week. Why he did it is no mystery. It's nothing but the dog in him. But what's Ivy's excuse? Just like Milli Vanilli says, you've got to blame it on something, and after Friday's sex cliffhanger, I can't think of anything to blame but the rain for how Ivy turned Thomas' advances down all week only to give him the tip of a lifetime for merely ordering dinner. He didn't even go pick the food up. The deliveryman did the hard work, traversing that long driveway.

Ivy's not that kind of girl; she said so herself, remember? I had to get to the bottom of how the self-proclaimed good girl went bad. Can we blame it on Pam's pills? No, those are still in Caroline's purse. Can we blame the million-dollar wine? No, Liam's using that on Steffy. Was it wine shots? No, Thomas and Ivy weren't tossing back wine like he and Caroline did at the hotel. Could it be the mind-melting pollution in the Los Angeles rain that made Ivy do it with Thomas?

Whatever it was, it made thirsty Ivy prance herself through the mansion in her itty-bitty nightie for a drink of water, and it made the predator Thomas stalk her down there to pressure-sex her in hopes of winning a bet Steffy never made with him that he'd snag and bag Ivy. Steffy wouldn't bet him, but she was certain that their loyal cousin wouldn't play Flowers in the Attic with him. Steffy was wrong.

Quinn, on the other hand, was dead to rights when she warned Wyatt not to trust Ivy being alone with Thomas at the mansion overnight. Who would have thought that little Miss "I-don't-do-this-lightly" would fall into bed with a man she knows is against her boyfriend and who is a natural-born player? And for the price of a dress, crab cakes, and risotto, no less! My goodness, she gave it up even without sampling the red velvet cake! Is she crazy?

Ivy's been having sex with men a little bit quicker since she took half a year to bed Liam, but damn, Thomas hasn't even taken her for a cup of coffee. Have they even had the sky lounge to themselves yet? He did perform the required saving routine when the light fixture fell, though. I'll give him that. But, really, who thought Ivy would be so easy-like-Sunday-morning? Certainly not Wyatt, who managed to worry and worry about Thomas encroaching on the relationship but mysteriously wasn't worried -- at all -- about Ivy being in the same house with Thomas overnight.

Ivy did a complete one-eighty from setting Thomas straight when he kissed her at the office. It was puzzling that, standing by her relationship with Wyatt, she allowed Thomas to order her dinner and come into her room when he'd just propositioned her in the kitchen. You knew exactly what he wanted, Ivy, and you still said, "Come in." Shame, shame. You aren't what you claim.

Looking back, it's no wonder Ridge charged over to the Forrester mansion to confront Thomas about Charlotte. As it turns out, Ridge is completely correct about his son's predatory behavior with women. After all the pressure Thomas put on Ivy this rainy night, I'm actually starting to think Thomas knew exactly what he was going to accomplish in the hotel room with Caroline.

Steffy's right, too, but she actually understated it when she said Thomas was being immature and was reverting back to high school antics with this Ivy infatuation. What Thomas did reminds me exactly of what young, wet-behind-the-ears boys who don't know how to control their hormones do. It's what I call pressure sex. You know, that "baby, baby, please. Come on. Please? Just a kiss, please? Just one touch, please?" They basically pressure the poor girl into giving it up -- also known as date rape.

Don't get me wrong. Ivy's grown. Ivy knows how to say no. We know she does because she already turned Thomas down about a dozen times this week. He just kept on and kept on until he got her to break down. If she hadn't succumbed this night, he would have started right back up on her the next day, sexually harassing her at work. This is the very thing Ridge and Steffy warned Thomas that they could get lawsuits over.

Thomas keeps promising Ridge that he'll change, but I don't think Ridge expects the change to be playing strip chess with his cousin instead of playing strip poker with an intern! There are those who'll say that Ivy and Thomas aren't really cousins. It's so easy to be related when it's convenient, such as when working at "our" family company and living in "our" family's mansion. The Forrester ties go flying with the bras when it comes to being young and wild and free, don't they?

Poor Wyatt. I'd say it's karma, karma, karma chameleon for him after how he invaded Liam and Hope's relationship in the same way, but strangely, I feel sorry for him. He has only second-place ribbons to show for almost every aspect of his life. Plus, I don't think he deserves this from Ivy.

Wyatt's been an awesome boyfriend, but after he hears about this, I bet he'll regret pumping up Ivy's confidence to pump gas in lingerie. Just like with Hope, Wyatt took an emotionally broken girl and made her into a sassy woman, and just like with Hope, Ivy betrays him with someone else. Hope's betrayal was emotional; Ivy's is lustful. I feel queasy even thinking about it.

When Thomas was leering at Ivy from the threshold of her bedroom, all I could see were two horny, teenaged cousins deciding to experiment while the family was out. After I recovered from the shock that Rick actually unbubble-wrapped Nicole for a family trip to Laguna beach, I tried to go along with the idea that Ivy, who'd just fended off Thomas in a sexual-harassment fitting, would choose to spend the night at the mansion -- where the predator lives -- rather than remaining at the pressure-free beach house alone. Maybe she thought he'd be out on a date. Did you see how quickly he ditched his plans with Michelle the model when fresh meat that he didn't have to leave the house to get walked in?

What is Ivy afraid of at the beach house? Isn't this the same girl that videotaped a killing on the side of a highway that is foggier than Jack the Ripper's hunting grounds? Speaking of videotaping, she'd better be glad Steffy didn't take the bet and book it over to the mansion with a video recorder for blackmail and posterity. I can't wait to see how Steffy's going to react to Ivy's betrayal. I hope she hounds the hell out of Ivy to come clean to Wyatt and that she makes Ivy afraid of her own shadow, just like Ivy did to Steffy over the video.

I know I used to say Steffy should bury the hatchet. Now, I'll telling you where -- in Ivy's back! After weeks and weeks of Ivy whining about family, cousins, loyalty, and justice -- and about Steffy getting away with murder -- I don't want Ivy getting away with cheating. Ivy's betrayal of Wyatt far surpasses Caroline's of Rick last year, and Ivy deserves the same humiliation Caroline got.

At least Caroline didn't lie to herself about her Ridge attraction. At least she fought it more than two days. I will give Ivy credit for speaking her mind, even if she is doubly-minded. She said no to Thomas with her body language, placing the kitchen island between them for space. She also turned him down with her mouth -- right before it was all over him. She was not vague or coy about it. "I told you-- I'm not interested in this. I'm not interested in you," she asserted -- and then fell into bed with him.

It was almost as if Ivy finally gave in due to exasperation. What a Casanova, Thomas. I just hope you remembered to pack condoms in your sexual-harassment kit. I can imagine Caroline's eyes finally popping out of their sockets when she hears that Thomas has bedded his second woman since their night together.

In the morning, I hope Ivy rolls over, saying, "Wyatt... Whoa...Thomas? No! No! No! I'd never, ever do this with you! I love Wyatt! I told you that!" I wonder if Ivy will join the models and interns at the water cooler to compare notes or if a mysterious Forrester employee will post an article quoting Thomas on how happy he is to be single and banging everything that moves.

How will this affect office relationships? Ridge and Steffy already warned Thomas to cool down and work together as a family -- and the Forrester Creations' family includes the Spencers. Something tells me that Ivy and Thomas' incestuously un-incestuous tryst will lead to personal problems for Steffy and Liam.

For some reason, Steffy is feeling awfully empathetic toward Wyatt. Could it be because she knows deep inside that what Thomas is doing to Wyatt and Ivy is the same thing she did to Liam and Hope and to Liam and Ivy? And Bill and Katie, for that matter?

Steffy is the queen of self-insinuation into other people's relationships. Could seeing a good man like Wyatt suffer finally make Steffy see how she hurt people and destroyed relationships to get what she wanted? Somehow, I doubt it, but maybe it'll move her to at least research what Wyatt's job title is.

On a serious note, I suspect Steffy's empathy for Wyatt might turn into some feelings, and those feelings might turn into some engagement doubt. The engagement doubt might just sprout into a yearning for Wyatt, who, unlike Liam, isn't content sitting at home with Hope between them -- Bob Hope, that is.

Here's what Soap Central viewers have been saying:

I feel sorry for [Wyatt], too. He has had his karma by losing his wife and son. And his wife blaming him for his son's death. How much karma does one person need?? -- Safara

I feel sorry for Wyatt. Ivy is a thousand shades of wrong. She knows how Wyatt feels about her, and instead of letting him know that she truly is not ready for a committed relationship, she tells him she loves him and cheats... Ivy knows Wyatt is out of town for only one night and yet she cannot keep her legs closed. Ivy sucks. -- Nykarenb

Plenty of bedrooms now, but Rick just had to make Aly give her room to Nicole. -- Dorothy12102

At the very end it looks like Ivy had a little smirk on her face, but I think Ivy was both flustered and shocked. Seriously, how is Thomas being a ladies' man when he forcefully imposes his will onto any woman he wants? Ivy better keep her glass of wine far away from Thomas... -- joncharmed93

In all seriousness, Steffy was worrying so much about what Thomas was going to do to Ivy and Wyatt's relationship that she was almost oblivious to being in the middle Liam's marriage proposal. So much for reading each other's minds and being on the same page, guys. At least Liam's Spencer senses spiked when Steffy absent-mindedly said he could pick the Bob Hope movie.

For weeks, Steffy's been not-so-subtly hinting that she wanted a romantic night. However, she arrives home to flowers, candles, and a ridiculously priced bottle of wine, and all she can do is worry about Thomas hurting Wyatt. Liam kept dropping hints like the word "celebrate" and insinuating it was a special night. When she wasn't biting, he asked if there was something he should know.

Steffy started to tell Liam, but she didn't know how much she should say. I understand it. She's stuck between hiding things from Liam and keeping her brother's confidence. She was trying to handle it herself by telling Thomas to back off and by hinting to Wyatt that he'd better check on his girl.

Steffy's worried about her brother, and with good reason. I finally see how mature Steffy's become in comparison to her puberty-regressed brother. She is talking marriage and kids with someone. Thomas might possibly be a father, but his mind is on the next score and sex bets. I see why Steffy would worry about him, but why is she so worried about Wyatt? And why are people restarting conversations about what might have been with Wyatt and Steffy?

Fee-fi-fo-fangle, I smell another triangle.

Just when Steffy finally gets her first legitimate proposal from Liam, one that comes without Hope or other baggage, would she leave him at the altar for Wyatt? I don't know where the writers are heading with this one, but Quinn thinks Steffy's wasted on Liam. Wyatt called Liam boring. Bill tried to send Liam and Steffy to Greece to break up the monotony. And with Liam's grandest proposal being the "will you marry me?" runway posters, you'd think he'd want to outdo himself by taking Steffy to Greece. Nope, all he could muster for Steffy was another coach-side engagement.

Steffy was half-paying attention. "What? Honeymoon?" she finally chimed in. Of course she was all ears and tears when she realized he was proposing. Liam managed to give another speech in which he made grandiose statements that contradicted those made to other women while Steffy was off-screen in Paris. The words were nice and would have been meaningful if we didn't know he'd say them again to the next girl.

Liam thinks it's gonna be all work, kids, and Bob Hope movies from there on out, but I think Quinn might have a few surprises in store for him if Wyatt decides to cry on Steffy's shoulder. While Quinn was all geeked up on energy drinks, chips, and mini bottle liquor from Wyatt's hotel fridge, she murmured that Steffy was too dangerous and sexy to be with the idiot Liam. The comment didn't slip by Wyatt, who quickly performed a sobriety test for craziness on her. She swore she wasn't thinking about getting up to anything, but I sure wish she would jostle up Liam a bit. He barely has a pulse lately.

Here's how you scoopers reviewed the proposal this week on our message boards:

It was so wonderful. I had tears in my eyes. The chemistry between JMW and SC is so extraordinary. I am Team Steam 200% --jukeboxbri

Considering this is the Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and Steffy are not going to get married just like that. There will be some obstacle to come. I do believe they will get through it and come out better on the other side and very married. -- Camsey P

Liam is taking a gazillion years to propose. Today was a letdown. I certainly didn't tune in to watch Thomas and Ivy cavorting. I am a very disappointed Steam fan. --RigbySoap

This next one from LMSG tickled me:

Liam's brain: Crickets chirping.......I am supposed to propose.......Steffy seems distracted. I wonder why........She's asking a lot of questions about Ivy and Wyatt tonight......Crickets chirping.......This wine sure is good.......I remember Ivy in her wedding gown in this very room.......I am supposed to propose......But marriage is supposed to be forever...Forever is a really long time.......Crickets chirping.......I wonder what Hope is doing right now..... Hope and Ivy were so cute getting all possessive over me......Ok I have to stop that......I wonder if I should have pushed back that meeting tomorrow......Wyatt and Quinn are having a meeting in San Francisco right now.......Quinn stood over me with a sword in this very room......I wonder what it would be like if......OH my gosh, too much wine! I can't believe I just thought about that......I was supposed to be doing something important right now.....Oh, man. What was it...?

In other tidbits, it was really odd that entire mansion emptied out for a night while Maya's brood went to a Laguna charity event. Laguna is two hours away, and Quinn and Wyatt had the jet. Dare I say the caviar-loving Rick road-tripped it to Laguna? Wonder if Nicole was making them pull over so she could throw up every two seconds.

Speaking of the jet, why did Quinn and Wyatt need to get to San Francisco for an early morning meeting, but they arrived around dinnertime? The flight is only an hour and fifteen minutes. Why was there a minimum of twelve hours before the meeting, and why couldn't Ivy have gone in Quinn's place?

Next week, the Forresters will gear up for the holiday, but it looks like Thorne might not be coming home for Thanksgiving anytime soon. This week, Soap Central reported that Winsor Harmon seems to have fallen out of the opening credits. The good news is the credits got spruced up! Nicole, Thomas, and Zende are now in the opening.

With Rick and Zende doting over Nicole, Thomas and Ivy exchanging guilty glances, and the Spencers coming to the party, how to you imagine things will unfold on Thanksgiving Day? Can Ridge keep the Thomas disdain at bay, or will Caroline finally have a nervous breakdown if he can't?

Have safe travels and step away from the turkey lemon bars! Until next time, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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