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This week, the threat radar went haywire for everyone but Steffy and Quinn. Katie barked up the Alison tree, but Brooke's bush is the real danger. Wyatt thought Quinn was trampling his love garden, but she really sought to weed out the poison Ivy. Liam wanted Ivy to uproot herself in peace, but Steffy wanted to rip out the vine personally. Find out how the ghosts of relationships past led to big falls on the Bold and the Beautiful.

After a Christmas Day haul, I usually have stacks of boxes filled with new things, and I have to make room for them in the house. The last week of the year is usually all about "out with the old and in with the new." The hard part is letting go of the old things I know I don't want or need. I mean, when am I going to use this VCR again, really? And why are my ex's Rollerblades still in the basement, seriously?

The ghosts of relationships past are the hardest to exorcise for Ivy and Brooke. But how can they, Liam, or Wyatt build a new love garden when the soil is covered in yesteryear's relationship mold? They all seemed to be stuck in the same rocky places as they till their gardens in life, hoping to build, grow, and transform relationships.

To grow a garden of healthy relationships, it's mandatory to clean house first. After all, why are you worried about the outside when the inside is covered in cobwebs and littered with skeletons? Wyatt and Liam seem to think it's perfectly fine to plant marriages without checking the soil for stony deceptions and the slippery slopes of past lovers. Katie had the right idea when she told Eric that she'd already cleaned house and was ready to nurture the relationship with her sister; however, she didn't check first for the skeletons Brooke is still having tea with in that big old empty house of hers.

Brooke's had a bad year -- or so everyone keeps telling us. We don't really know too much about it because Brooke's hardly on screen these days. As usual, Katie starts out feeling sorry for Brooke for some reason or another and decides to improve life for Brooke. Bill will soon wish he got Katie that project she asked for in the fall because, now that Katie has made Brooke the project, Bill's happy home might fall apart.

If Katie wanted to reach out to a sister, perhaps Donna might have been a wiser option. The first step might be to find out if Donna is even alive. If Katie had thought of her other sister, she might have realized that Donna, the former supermodel, could probably use a job besides sharing a tiny desk with Pam. Katie could have killed two birds with one stone by employing Donna and unseating Alison.

Apparently, the off-screen strife between Katie and Alison persists. The only reason I can think of for it is Alison's unwavering loyalty to Bill. If Katie wants to be the only woman in Bill's life, she's making a huge mistake by planting his ex-fiancée in their lives.

Katie thinks that Spencer Publications needs a new editor for Eye on Fashion because Liam spends the majority of his time at Forrester, meddling in relationships. I hadn't realized that, while being vice-president at two companies, Liam is also still the editor of the magazine. In Katie's view, the editor's job involves important things like seeing her sister every day and lunching together. Brooke took the job, and not a moment too soon, since Liam might hop a plane to Australia without requesting time off.

Brooke didn't take the job without first conferring with the two loves of her life. After Katie and Bill offered the job to Brooke, she went home to talk it over with Beater Vodka. Remember him? He used to get delivered to her house by the case-full.

Brooke seemed surprised to see him, sitting all pretty in a red bow on her bar at home with that "come hither look," just begging her to undress him. And undress him, she did. Brooke ripped off the bow and note from a well-meaning overseas colleague and grasped the Beater bottle as if inside it contained life's antidote for pushy sisters.

Brooke didn't open it. She set it back on the bar and opened instead a mental can of worms. She flashed back on her romance with Bill until Bill, the second love of her life, showed up on her doorstep. Bill instantly zeroed in on his competition. He snapped up the vodka bottle for inspection, but she readily explained that it was a gift, not the restart of the vodka romance. Bill believed she had to get out of that house, and he couldn't understand why she wouldn't work with him and Katie.

What Brooke couldn't understand is how Bill couldn't figure out that she was trying to avoid the start of another bad romance between the two of them. "Isn't it obvious? Do you really have to ask? You honestly have no clue?" Brooke asked him. Her mouth dropped as if she was offended that he didn't get it.

Brooke spelled it out for Bill. She was haunted, much like we are, by flashbacks of gorgeous location shoots -- places we might never see again like Aspen, Monte Carlo, and Abu Dhabi. She didn't think it was a good idea for her, for him, for Katie, or for the viewers to have to sit through the flashbacks again and again. To Brooke, Bill and Beater were addictions that she had to remove herself from.

"And you will. Just like I have," Bill asserted. Oh, snap and slap in the face. Bill is over Brooke. The only thing that hurts worse than being haunted by a ghost of relationships past is when that ghost isn't haunted and wants to help you move on.

Brooke's ghost doesn't comprehend that it can't be there to help her over it. When Bill asked Brooke if she'd trash the Beater vodka because it wasn't the answer, he didn't get that being around him wasn't the answer for Brooke, either.

Brooke resisted opening the vodka, but she didn't resist kissing Bill. Maybe she was trying give him the ghost, but it didn't seem to work. He seemed stunned by it. She asked him not to tell Katie about the vodka or what she'd said there that day. He assured her that he wouldn't because he was married. So far, Bill's on the right track, but how long before he's haunted, too?

Katie waltzed right in during the scene and didn't notice the vodka or the stench of cheating flesh on Bill's lips. Maybe if she'd tried eavesdropping at the front door, the viewers could have been saved from the resurrection of this triangle. But as usual, before Katie winds up without a man, Katie decides what's best for everyone, and she persists until she gets her way.

Brooke joined the Spencer team, and here's what some Soap Central members think about it:

• Shaking my head at Katie -- She may as well tape a "Kick Me" sign to her back. -- nykarenb

• Why is Bill entertaining this? Why is Bill risking his relationship and the trust of his wife by playing with fire? -- thecourt99

• Like her or not, Brooke is a legend for Forrester even if her time now has passed due to a new age direction. Yet she still is very experienced and is still a good voice in fashion so why not use that reputation and talent in writing? -- sspsoap

• I'm just happy she took the job! I think it will be fun to watch as long as it isn't all about her lingering love for Bill. I say she meets someone new or gets back with Eric. We can then proceed to enjoy the humorous Spencer atmosphere. -- singandsigns

What's your opinion of the sweet or poisoned fruits that could come out of the Spencers' decision to add Brooke to their garden? Will it be the rekindling of a sisterly bond or of the treacherous Brill relationship? In my view, it was Katie's fault the last time it happened. Is it her fault if it happens again, or should Bill take some blame this time around?

Another Los Angeles resident who isn't bothering to give up the ghost is Ivy. Thanks to a perpetually cracked doorway, Quinn discovered just how swampy and haunted her son's love garden really is. Ivy soon found herself in quicksand when Quinn busted up her engagement and forced her to admit that she'd settle for door number two if Liam locked door number one permanently.

The nonsense in Ivy Land continues. Just when you thought too far was too far enough with our love quadrangle, it pushes itself one step further -- right down a flight of stairs. As Ivy lay knocked out at the bottom and Liam stares accusingly at Steffy, we'll review how Ivy wound up hurt yet again.

One would think that after almost being electrocuted to death, Ivy would toss her ex's door key in the trash -- along with his toothbrush gift -- and thank God for a man who only has eyes for her and who forgave her for having eyes for her cousin. What Ivy threw away instead was the resolve she'd had when Liam left her for Steffy in the first place. What happened to the girl who said she had too much pride to chase after Liam? Or the girl who loved Wyatt for standing by her and trying to form a company for her?

Maybe I should give Ivy a break. Liam was her first love -- according to her. Yeah. That's what she said -- as if she never had a romance in Australia or as if her heart never beat until Liam pumped life into it. Liam seemed surprised to hear that revelation from her. Perhaps if he'd known it, he wouldn't have crashed through her life like a wrecking ball or salted the fertile ground of her heart so that nothing could ever blossom there again.

I always assumed that she'd dated men before arriving in town, but maybe not. It would certainly explain how she fell for Liam and Thomas so effortlessly. Experience would have told Ivy that Thomas' juvenile house seduction was unworthy of anyone over twenty-one. Case in point -- Zende's juvenile seduction attempt of Nicole in his room.

Ivy is smitten with Liam and the Amsterdam romance. Did anyone ever clue Ivy in that Wyatt set up that romantic boat ride? Was Ivy enamored by Liam saving her from the Seine? Doesn't she recall that Quinn set up that romantic dip, and Liam was on his way to a rendezvous with Hope at the time?

"I don't even know what's going on right now," Wyatt and Steffy each said when Quinn burst into Wyatt's house like the big, bad wolf to blow his happy home down. The two silent people in the room knew exactly what was going on, and Quinn yelled at them to come clean.

Quinn declared that Ivy wanted Liam more than Wyatt. Well, Quinn, you need to clean out your eavesdropping ears. Ivy didn't say she wanted Liam more than Wyatt. She said she wanted him instead of Wyatt, but Wyatt would do if Liam wouldn't have her. In other words, Ivy's heart isn't torn. She's not confused. She's got her relationship ghosts lined up. Liam is ghost one, and Wyatt is on the way to being ghost two.

Liam wasted no time in cleaning out his dirty closet. Just like George Washington, he proclaimed that he could not tell a lie, and he'd chopped down Ivy's cherry tree -- in every way. "I almost died, Wyatt!" she exclaimed in her own defense.

"Oh, my God -- who cares?" Wyatt rasped. Almost dying was Ivy's excuse for lusting after Thomas, who'd saved her from perishing under a backstage lamp. Wyatt wasn't falling for it again. He wanted to know one thing -- would she have taken his first-choice ring and made him her second-choice destiny?

Ivy nodded, and Wyatt told her to get out. In a clearly Jodi Arias move, Ivy somehow tracked Liam down at work to tell him she was leaving town because she loved him too much to stay in L.A. The trick didn't work on Arias' victim, and it didn't work on Liam, either. "Well, okay. I'll miss you..." Liam responded.

Steffy finally figured out if she was going to find out what was really going on, she'd best get herself to that crack in the doorway of the CEO's office. There she heard Ivy manipulating Liam into saying he did love her. Steffy wasn't mad about it -- just sickened that Liam still had a soft spot in his garden for the ragweed who flagrantly used his brother. Liam wanted Steffy to just stay out of it and let Ivy slink on back to Australia, but Steffy knows how hardy Ivy can be. You have to rip it up by the root to get rid of it.

Liam was right, though. Steffy should have left well enough alone. He was also wise enough to know that she wouldn't listen, so he went to Ivy's house. He burst in just five seconds too late, though, and witnessed Ivy at the bottom of the staircase and a frazzled Steffy at the top of it.

Is the fall Steffy's fault? I actually thought Steffy would be the one sailing down the stairs, so that Ivy, who's after Steffy's man, would be the one in trouble for once. It didn't happen that way. After Steffy demanded that Ivy leave town and cut off all contact with Liam, Ivy tumbled into accident number three. For the third time, Steffy happened to have a ringside seat to the incident.

Liam will blame Steffy for not listening to him, no doubt. I'm blaming Eric. He knew better than to leave the two women in the house alone. He acted so concerned about his niece when she'd almost been fried at Forrester. What was so pressing that he couldn't stay until Ivy was out of the house? Wouldn't this be the last time he saw her for a long time?

It's too much to hope for that this accident finally does Ivy in. Steffy should know from experience that when the ex gets hurt, Liam sticks to her side like glue. It happened twice in Steffy's favor: once when Steffy fell off the ATV and again when a pill-dazed Hope plowed into Steffy on the slopes. But Steffy couldn't possibly anticipate the lengths Liam will go to next week when he consoles his ex.

Here's what some of you had to say about the quadrangle this week:

• Wyatt is a true-blue kinda guy. When he loves someone, they are the only person in the world to him. He is faithful, caring, nurturing and present. Then you have Liam who can never make up his mind, is faithless, has one set of morals for his partner and one set for himself. Where's the choice??? Good guys finish last? I certainly hope in the new year, Wyatt gets a deserving girl and Liam is left alone to figure out what is wrong with himself! -- MeWriter

• If Steffy had only stayed in Paris, none of it would have happened. So, it's all Steffy's fault ... that and world hunger. -- Dorothy12102

• Ivy told Steffy she was leaving, steff should have been happy with that, turn around and went back home, end of story. But no matter who's at fault Steffy needs to control her anger. But she wants the last word, her way or no way for her. So that makes Steffy wrong. -- nikkihart62

Steffy probably should have just let Ivy get on the plane without a confrontation, but her name isn't Stephanie Forrester for nothing. Time and time again, Stephanie was unable to resist sticking it to her enemy one last time. So Steffy gets it honestly.

What do you think? Will this latest trip of Ivy's derail Steffy's walk down the aisle? Will Ivy call the police again, or has this fall jostled her brain back onto the Wyatt track?

This week, I also noticed a few oddities and tidbits that I wanted to share with you.

Did you notice that Bill knocked back a shot of scotch before heading off and lecturing Brooke about the vodka? If Katie wants a new project, how about she figures out how much water she can put in Bill's scotch before he notices?

Quinn mentioned that Deacon flew to see Hope for the holiday. Could this be why Hope email-canceled seeing her mother for Christmas? Who email-cancels Christmas? Really, Hope! Brooke doesn't appear to know Deacon went. Quinn successfully killed the ghost of Breacon past, didn't she?

Rick and his crew are still in Hawaii. They better come back tanned. As promised, Eric put that monstrosity of a portrait back on the wall. If everyone is so concerned about lonely Brooke, Eric should hang his hat and Stephanie's portrait at Brooke's house. Let Bill pretend that it doesn't bother him as he kicks back more scotch.

Caroline appeared this week -- bigger than ever. She was all giggles and baby-voice-toned as she consoled Wyatt over his almost engagement. No sign of Ridge, who we haven't seen for weeks. I wonder how good his friendship with Brooke really is. She's always concerned about him, but he's been noticeably absent from her life. She could have hung herself from the Christmas tree, and he wouldn't have known or cared this year.

Did Thomas give up on Ivy? Where is he and his high-water pants?

The week ended with the classic episode in which Bob Barker socked Wyatt in the face. We saw Hope, who'd just moved into the beach house, and Wyatt dumped Bu off with Liam. Ivy probably wishes she could travel back to that day because it was when she and Liam first kissed, I believe.

During the classic episode, Bill checked Brooke's finger and noticed she was still wearing her ring. He might want to take a gander at that finger now -- just to make sure it's not still there.

From next week's promo, we see that Liam takes off for Australia. Why doesn't Liam always fly commercial with Ivy? When is Ivy going to get it? Liam has two jets at his disposal, but he takes Ivy home on a commercial flight? There had better be a good reason for it because Bill had no problem giving Wyatt the jet and the yacht last-minute during Wyatt's wedding caper.

Steffy can't believe Liam left with Ivy. Fortunately for her, Wyatt's shoulder just got an opening in its appointment book. Will this finally be the straw that breaks Steam's back, or will Steffy and Liam make it to the altar in 2016?

Tune in next week to see if Ivy keeps on ticking after yet another licking. Until then, stay Bold and Beautiful, baby!

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