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From shoving exes off cliffs to quickie weddings, some people do anything to keep their secrets and fantasies. Sasha worked her body to protect her Zende fantasy, and to save his own rear, Julius butted out of the Nicole/Zende/Sasha triangle. When a video revealed clues about Liam's last day in L.A., Wyatt pressed for Steffy's eloping vow to forsake all others. Get the scoop on why they know they are wrong for what they do this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.
Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta to do. Machiavelli theorized that the end justifies the means and even further, concluded that you must see to the details because God won't do it all Himself. Our Los Angeles faves are certainly bold enough to pick up where God left off -- even if they've been playing God all along.

Wyatt witnessed Quinn on video, driving off with an unconscious Liam, but chose to push for a quickie wedding instead of telling the worried Steffy that Liam had hit his head again before his nemesis drove off with his unconscious body. Will Steffy excuse her groom's oversight because she's married to the man she chose when Liam disappeared on her -- or will Wyatt wind up having to force Steffy into a six-month waiting period for a divorce?

For Quinn, a few weeks of heaven with Liam is totally worth an eternity in hell for Deacon, even if she has to move to the North Pole or outer space with Liam to get it. In Quinn's mind, Liam might actually love her even after he remembers how much he hates her. Stranger things have happened on The Bold and the Beautiful. Sheila eventually won the love of James Warrick, her one-time captive -- although Sheila did have to serve some prison time first, and James protested her parole. I highly doubt Quinn will go from pretty-in-pink to orange-is-the-new-black to redeem herself in Liam's eyes.

Then there's Sasha, who thinks Nicole having daddy in the household and getting Sasha fired justifies Sasha's hookery with Nicole's ex-boyfriend. Hookery is when a woman shows up at your bedroom door and pops out of her blouse to sex you without so much as a candle-lit kitchen date. "Love-making" like that usually results in an out-of-wedlock baby with a devious social climber. It's free sex upfront, but Zende will pay for a lifetime -- just ask Julius. And once Sasha is snuggly burrowed into the Forrester family like the tick she is, she'll definitely believe the ends justified her means.

Speaking of burrowing ticks, one that has gone from manipulator to victim in two nanoseconds is Thomas. The writers have all but swaddled him in a blanket with baby Douglas to hammer home what a mean old man Ridge is for stealing his son's son. Ridge has no doubt that his means justify his ends. He just needs to convince the waffling mother of it each time she gets syrupy about Thomas and the baby.

My eyes have eye concussions from all the rolling they did at Thomas this week. As big as that house is -- and Thomas is supposed be living in the guesthouse, mind you -- why is he always coming in the main house or lurking in the hallway in the vicinity of Caroline and Douglas with his incessant nosiness? He was all, "What are you guys doing? What's the baby's name? Can I talk to him? Hold him? Teach him tennis?"

If Thomas is so in tune with his supposed baby, why didn't his seed radar signal to him that Douglas was alone in the house with a nanny for an hour? Maybe nanny isn't hot like Brooke's former "nanny," Amber, or maybe his seed radar only goes off for Caroline. I have to give it to Thomas for not getting it on with Patty the nanny while Caroline and Ridge were out to lunch.

Yes, yes! I hear you, writers. Thomas is reformed. He doesn't play strip poker sex games in the mansion in the middle of the afternoon anymore. That's Zende's job now. Thomas is strictly a father's son and brother's brother now. His words flow from his mouth like a Psalm about how magnificent his father is, and he wants so much to mimic Ridge and have all the things his father has.

Are the writers trying to convey that Ridge has all the things that should belong to Thomas? Things like a wife and family -- or specifically Caroline and Douglas? It's hard to read from day to day how Caroline feels about Thomas. Sometimes, she manifests guilt for the secret. Sometimes, she projects fear of his presence threatening her happiness. Other times, she's wrapped up in cooing over the baby with him.

It's not hard to figure out how Ridge feels. He can't even go to the office for a Champagne toast and bitter banter with Rick without coming home and finding Thomas all up in Caroline and Douglas' faces. While Ridge has Caroline brainwashed that telling Thomas about the paternity issue will destroy the very foundations of the earth, Rick is hot on the trail of any secret Ridge might be hiding. If Ridge so much as dings a car in the parking lot, Rick's gonna see that Ridge loses the CEO seat over it.

Rick stroked the CEO's desk like a mistress, and he and Maya pounced on Ridge's files like flies on a dirty diaper, looking for plagiarized designs or forged invoices. To my eye-rolling agony, Thomas popped his head in like Johnny from The Shining, acting like he'd caught them doing wrong. Rick had no shame in telling Thomas exactly what he and Maya were doing -- looking for dirt on Ridge. What did Thomas expect them to be doing? Working?

No one works around there. Ridge keeps asking Thomas every five minutes why he's at the mansion instead of at work. Ridge claims he needs to be at work, protecting his title -- but he must mean after professional family pictures and interviews with Jarrett and lunch at Il Giardino, of course. Maya hasn't modeled as much as a bra in months. Zende sees plenty of Brooke's Bedroom bras these days, only it's in his bedroom and not on set for a photo shoot.

Rick left Maya and Thomas alone together to put Charlie on the case of who dinged up Rick's Roadster. Rick believes Ridge did it. I'm assuming Rick has a Tesla Roadster, not a Mini Cooper Roadster, but I still can't see why Ridge would purposely ding the door of a possibly four-hundred-thousand-dollar Ferrari on any vehicle just to spite Rick.

Rick returned to Maya and Thomas in time to hear Thomas singing his father's praises, and Thomas picked up the chorus again back at home when he walked in on another of Caroline's private conversations with Douglas. This time, she was in her bedroom after her lunch date with Ridge. Thomas was upstairs for no reason at all because, as stated before, he lives in the guesthouse. The kitchen is downstairs, not upstairs, so he couldn't use food as an excuse as he had the other time he walked in on Caroline and Douglas this week.

Even though Thomas lives on the grounds, wandering into his stepmother's bedroom is just creepy, especially after the sex incident between them. With Thomas patrolling the halls so much, I'm surprised he didn't pop his head in on Zende and Sasha's afterglow scene to say, "Love-making. I remember making girls think that, but I'm all about family now. And work...Being a good brother...Oh, sorry, am I interrupting something? You two seem to be in the middle of something."

Like clockwork, Ridge walked in once again and found Thomas nestled up with Ridge's new family, and once again, Ridge asked why Thomas wasn't at work. Thomas left. Ridge should have locked the door behind him, but Ridge had other things on his mind -- like the audacity of the wooly Dr. Wolin.

No matter what one thinks about Ridge and how he ought to know he's wrong for stealing Thomas' child (supposedly), we all can agree that Dr. Wolin knows he was wrong for harassing Ridge about his sperm count and accusing Ridge's wife of being with another man. The arrogant doctor probably hit the bull's-eye about Ridge's sperm and Caroline's sex life, but he was highly unethical in his accusations.

Through lunch with Caroline, Ridge noted a man with a beard glaring at him. She took off, in the car they'd driven there together in, I assume, and left Ridge to pay the bill. The bearded man approached, and Ridge finally recognized him as his fertility specialist, Dr. Wolin. Dr. Wolin was having scotch, and we all know from Katie that a little scotch makes you quite brazen.

Dr. Wolin was certain that Caroline hadn't given birth to any baby of Ridge's. Confident about his tests and Ridge's azospermia, Dr. Wolin figured Ridge had gotten a donor, and if Ridge hadn't gotten a donor, then Ridge needed to get a paternity test.

I had to pick my gum up off my lap and put it back in my mouth after I heard Dr. Wolin say that. Oh, no, you didn't, Dr. Wolin. Ridge told the doctor that he'd gotten no such donor. What he'd gotten, he said, was a second opinion from someone who'd known what they were talking about, and the baby was his. Ridge didn't appreciate what Dr. Wolin was saying and warned him not to make the mistake of saying it to anyone else.

Wouldn't you be mortified if your doctor came up to you in public and told you that your baby isn't yours, and you'd better get a paternity test? Wow. What if Ridge hadn't known about Caroline and Thomas and actually believed he had a miracle baby? Would the doctor have an ethical right or responsibility to make these assertions to Ridge? Dr. Wolin's lucky Ridge didn't punch him in the face for accusing Caroline of stepping out on him.

I wish Ridge had truly gone to a doctor who actually knew what he was talking about, because as I said in past scoops, it doesn't matter how many times Wolin ran the same test on the same sample. Protocol calls for a new sample to be tested days later to get an accurate result. Wolin should have done that before ever telling Ridge a final diagnosis.

It's fiction, and the writers are going to do what they are going to do. I'm just glad someone, even it was the middle-of-the-day-drinking Dr. Wolin, finally mentioned the phrase "paternity test." I pray for a repeating flashback of the words, "Paternity test...Paternity test...Get yourself a paternity test..."

If Ridge would just get a paternity test instead of putting his confidence in Dr. Wolin's tests, then we could put this mystery to bed and move on to figuring out who in the hell dinged the Roadster! My bet's on Super Saiyan Zende, who can't stand that his girlfriend is pregnant with his uncle's baby.

The B&B stylists know they are wrong for that Dragon Ball Z hairdo they mounted on Zende's head this week. And Thomas' hair didn't look any better by week's end. Somebody needs to figure out what to do with that tidal wave bang on Thomas' head or take a lawnmower to it like someone did around the sides of Rick's head.

Yeah, Thomas looks crazed these days. Maybe it's because his part is back on the wrong side of his head. Maybe it's the pencil pants, pencil tie, or too-tight work shirts. A pair of socks at work couldn't hurt, but Thomas isn't the only fashion victim of the week. So many fashion citations, so little time.

Anyone know who told wardrobe to put Maya in that too-little ruffle blouse? Whoever it was gets a "You Know You're Wrong for That" fashion citation. Viewers noted the strange looks Maya was giving out this week, and I believe the looks might be the result of Karla Mosley struggling to breathe in that thing.

Nicole looked mature in her white maternity dress. I'm dropping the citation down to a warning for wearing all white before Memorial Day because the look was a far cry from those drawstring shorts she was sporting in her flashback of dancing on stage with Zende. Sasha, on the other hand, gets several infractions for that eighties, denim, three-quarters, shoulders-out blouse thing she had on all week. It was too tight, too. I was so glad she popped out of it in Zende's bedroom that I almost forgot to vomit over their make-out session. Almost.

Pam was completely transformed, looking tanned and well rested in her springy green. Amazingly, she had no blue lemon bars for Douglas. In fact, she hasn't even been by the house to see Stephanie on the wall or see her great-nephew in person yet. Kudos to Pam for getting a life and staying far, far out of the business of these hormone-ridden young'uns.

Another wise elder staying out of the young folks' business is Julius Avant. I can't say he's wrong for that, even though Nicole raged that he is. Julius knows when to butt in and when to butt out. He butted all up in Nicole's business when he told her that the baby would come between her and Zende. Now that it's come to pass, Julius' name is Bennett, and he ain't in it. He's not wrong for staying out of it, but he knows he's wrong for his motives behind not stepping in.

Sasha was sashaying around, proud to be Zende's secret, but rising up like a viper to strike the Avant family with Julius' secret. Julius didn't appreciate her threats, and I was glad when he dared her to expose him as her father. She acts like Julius forced her mother to live near their family in shameful silence. For all we know, her mother was grinning and cashing checks every week. And how do we know Julius didn't have dinner with the Avants and dessert with Sasha's mother every night?

Sasha claims she suffered while watching Julius be a father to her "sisters." Funny, I don't recall Myron being a "sister." I recall Myron being forced to be a boy. When Maya showed back up after running away, Julius told her to never come back. What did a childhood Sasha know about her "sisters" when Nicole didn't even know what happened to Myron or who Maya was when Maya picked Nicole up from school when she was eight?

Let Maya and Nicole tell it: Julius was an unfeeling, rigid father. Let Vivienne tell it: he forced her to live his way. I'm shocked that Sasha's mother didn't convey any of it to Sasha. I'm surprised Sasha claimed to spend so much time at their house but didn't pick up on the tension. I'm dumbfounded that, as much as Sasha likes to run her mouth, she didn't tell the secret herself as a child. It leaves me wondering what age she was when she became aware of her paternity.

Before Zende confessed to Nicole about Sasha, Sasha had some nerve to console Nicole and pretend to still be besties. Sasha was so wrong for listening to Nicole go on about her first love one minute and then running over to pop her buttons for Zende the next minute. The end justifies the means for Sasha, and as long as she's getting her way, everyone is supposed to forget how she set out to seduce Zende because she wanted revenge on Nicole for the firing. We're supposed to forget how the women have competed for guys since high school, and we're supposed to now believe that Sasha is in love.

Please don't get me started on Zende's fifty shades of wrong. Zende is completely disgusting and as wrong as sin to blame the pregnancy for him hooking up with Nicole's so-called best friend. He claimed he didn't want it, and he wanted to be with Nicole. He just can't deal with the pregnancy.

Zende can't get past Nicole carrying the implanted baby of his non-DNA-related uncle but wants her to understand him having sex with a woman who is like a sister to her. If Zende had consulted Carter before doing it, Carter would have advised Zende to pick any woman with legs who wasn't Nicole's bestie. He might have advised Zende not to mention "making love" to the hook-up girl. Zende knows he was wrong for the unenthusiastic smile he gave when Sasha asked if he felt like they'd made love.

To me, it's career suicide for Zende and Sasha. Why in the world wouldn't Rick take back his decision to employ them as a photographer and model? The stress of seeing those two together every day will not be good for Nicole or the baby. And what does Rick think Nicole will do with her empty life once she's given birth? Two dollars says Nicole will be popping in on Maya and the baby just like Thomas does to Caroline. If Rick wants to keep his happy home, he'd better break up Zende and Sasha -- if Nicole can even stomach to be with Zende after he slept with her best friend/sister.

Here's what some of our Soap Central message board members think about Zende and Sasha:

I have no use for Zende or Sasha....they aren't even interesting. Just a waste of airtime. -- Harley

I'm glad they changed his hair. He went from gentleman dream boat to swagger horn dog in a day. I can't stand to look at him and the hair helps. What kind of man does that? I'm fine with him breaking up if he can't deal, but to jump to her friend, blame her and act like it's not a big thing is heartless/clueless. After the baby comes, Nicole could hook up with his friend. That is, if he had any. -- Ekek
Excellent idea, Ekek. Yes, Nicole should hook up with Carter, but we can guess what will happen if she does. Sasha will go sashaying around Carter and offering him free special deliveries because, for her, it's all about competing with Nicole.

The competition is gaining on another woman, and she doesn't even know it yet. Quinn's tossing her ex, her career, and her family off a cliff to be with Liam, but time and flashbacks are not on her side. Liam squinted so hard this week that a memory of the mountain wedding sparked in his brain, and it's just a matter of time before he realizes he's sleeping with his enemy.

Remember the legs in the motorcycle photo that Liam claimed were too long for Quinn? Those legs flashed though his mind, wearing boots as his bride marched through his memory. He didn't recall the face behind the bridal lace, but Quinn had better hope she and Liam are in an igloo at the North Pole with no Internet or phone service by the time he does recall. Otherwise, Liam's taking the first Uber-Sled back to Los Angeles, and Quinn's going straight to jail.

Just like Ridge, Quinn might have made the mistake of taking bad information from a doctor. It's her fault for consulting one who'd never seen Liam, and she compounded the mistake by shoving the wrong man off a cliff. For her sake, Deacon better be alive and clinging to an ocean boulder. If he returns to the land of the living, will he excuse his beloved's attempted murder of him? Hopefully, Deacon will send Quinn to hot yoga classes in hell before that happens.

On a side note, did anyone notice Deacon went face-first over the cliff, but when he fell, he was facing the sky, not the water? It was a very Ridge-like death plunge, but this time with sound effects.

For such a cunning villainess, Quinn is a terrible liar. Wyatt is either the dumbest man on the planet, or he has Quinn-nesia. Wyatt isn't dumb, and he doesn't have amnesia concerning his mother. When Charlie showed Wyatt video footage of Quinn stuffing Liam into his car and driving off with him on the day he disappeared, Wyatt knew that Quinn had to have done something with Liam. Wyatt just doesn't want to admit it to himself.

Liam's off "doing yoga," Quinn? That's the best you can come up with? Liam got a big break on buying the Adam and Eve thing because he's mentally impaired. But what's Wyatt's excuse for buying Quinn's story that she lifted a finger to drive her enemy to the hospital, but the responsible Liam preferred to disappear to Yogaville instead of getting his second head trauma checked out at the hospital?

Many viewers were probably hoping Wyatt wouldn't revert back to his ostrich ways of burying his head in the sand and reaping the benefits of his mother's madness. It appears he did just that when he asked Charlie not to tell anyone about the video footage and then talked Steffy into a hasty beach wedding. Wyatt can't really believe it will turn out any differently than his hasty marriage to Hope in Liam's absence.

If Wyatt is confident that Steffy will stay with him despite Liam's return, Wyatt should care enough about his brother to investigate what really happened after Quinn drove off with Liam. It's too easy for him to piece together Quinn's absence from work and a new man suddenly preoccupying her time. He was actually at her cabin, and he'd seen how she'd reacted to him going into the bedroom to meet the new man. He can't be shocked later when it's finally revealed that Liam had been in that bedroom. The only thing about this to shock Wyatt will be that Quinn is in love with his brother.

Maybe once this is over, the end will justify the means for Quinn and Wyatt. Steffy will be Wyatt's wife because Liam will need to take time out for real to undergo therapy to come to grips with sleeping with Quinn. If Wyatt can convince Steffy and Bill that he had no idea of what Quinn had done, maybe Wyatt can keep his new job and wife. After all, the revelations of Quinn's machinations against Ivy and Liam in Paris didn't make Hope divorce Wyatt -- even though everyone knows Wyatt was wrong for rushing Hope into a wedding in her emotional state.

Here's what our posters think about this latest mess Wyatt and Quinn find themselves in:

Yeah I thought it was crappy that when Wyatt went back to join Steffy on the beach, he failed to mention the video of Liam collapsing in the parking lot or Quinn's nonsensical explanation of what happened to Liam. Wyatt is either being REALLY dumbed down as to what his mother is up to or he's afraid to tell Steffy anything. He's so afraid that she won't marry him if she thinks Liam might be sick somewhere. He is however stupid enough to think that if she marries him, she won't leave him. I've lost all use for Wyatt, he's on past delusional. Guess he inherited some of Quinn's crazy genes, and having Bill's genes makes for a bad mix. -- Immkokay

I am very fond of Wyatt...but in the back of his mind he has to know that Quinn is involved in Liam's disappearance. He knows Quinn's MO... No way is Wyatt this gullible and naive. This is the same woman that has attempted to murder Liam on more than one occasion. -- RigbySoap
Wyatt might think he's helping Quinn by asking Charlie to keep quiet about the footage, but in telling Quinn about it, Wyatt might have sealed Charlie's fate. Charlie and Quinn have tangoed more than once over incriminating footage. Can Charlie outwit, outplay, and outlast the murderous Quinn again?

Will Liam's next memory be of Steffy's smile or Quinn's cold stare before she tried to stab him at the cliff house? Will Steffy and Wyatt request "Adam's" presence at the wedding?

We'd love to hear your opinions on whether the ends will justify the means for our L.A. residents and who you think was just plain wrong for their behavior. Until we dish again, watch your back around so-called friends, exes, and well-meaning relatives. One false step can land you in Single City or swimming with the fishes. However you handle a sticky situation, be bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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