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In Beverly Hills, residents ran hot and cold and flipped from young to old. Ridge's secret was finally laid to rest, but a new secret cropped up in Eric's empty nest. When Katie's manipulative magic failed on Bill, on Liam, and on Brooke, Katie cast a guilt spell. Marriages weakened, and many learned that love is a game that only the lonely can play this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.
They say money can't buy love. It seems that marriage can't buy it, either. Wyatt is lonely and missing his mommy. Steffy pretends not to be lonely as she attacks a punching bag. Katie's so lonely that she's arguing with the drunken voices in the bar inside her head. Ridge made a lonely exit when he became the third wheel in his marriage, and Bill decided to accept loneliness in exchange for one last kiss from Brooke.

Loneliness isn't just game for the married. Singles can play, too. Liam wants to drown his loneliness in charity work. Thomas fantasizes about making a family out of spare parts from Ridge's family. Eric battled loneliness by reaching out to everyone but his old standbys, Brooke and Rick. Fortunately for Eric, Quinn believes in actively combating the unfriendly emotion.

Quinn and Eric in bed. My sympathies go out to anyone who went into geriatric shock at the sight of Eric's oiled-up, naked legs this week. Surprisingly to me, John McCook has baby-smooth legs like Heather Tom. I couldn't figure out who was in Quinn's bed when she arrived home from another berating Steffy was happy to serve after Quinn showed up at the beach house again. My first thought was, "You finally giving Deacon some again?" Wrong. Quinn is boinking Eric, the man who declared that "charges will be pressed" for what she did to Liam.

In soap years, Eric is old. I'm sorry. He just is. We don't know how old, but gauging by Ridge's approximate age at the start of the show, Rick's age, and the age of Thomas, born when Rick was a teenager, I gotta say Eric's pushing ninety or one hundred. Ridge is probably like seventy-five.

Eric likes his women young, and Quinn seems to be Donna's age. While in bed with Quinn, Eric listed Donna as one of his "bad girls," along with Sheila, Jackie, and Sally. He conveniently forgot his other two bad girls, Stephanie and Brooke. Gun-toting, knife wielding, blackmailing, rape-coordinating Stephanie might have been the baddest of them all.

Donna and Quinn tangled over Eric for a short time at the end of 2013. Back then, Quinn had only been coming on to Eric to get her company under contract with Forrester. Donna was suspicious of Quinn on behalf of Liam and Hope, too, but Quinn told Donna, "I'm a fact of your life. Deal with it."

Where's that Quinn to administer Steffy some temper tantrum medication? Steffy has been hot and cold this week. Hot on the caviar, Champagne, and Wyatt's campaign to promote his wife, but cold on Quinn's frequent unwelcomed visits.

The Spencers' last argument cost Steffy some makeup-sex coupons when Wyatt cashed in after she went off on Wyatt about keeping his mother away from her and the family. Steffy clicked off the argument like a wrong number when Wyatt suggested makeup sex, but once it was over, her thoughts went directly back to Liam. At least she knows how to make her man think she's in love with him.

Eric felt a little cold and fickle, too, about Quinn. Apparently, their fling has been going on for a long time. In B&B time, a week or less must be a long time. According to the wardrobe selection, only two or three days have passed in two real-time weeks. In fact, Liam pitched his charity idea again Friday and decided to go it alone. Bill remarked that he'd told Liam to do just that two hours earlier. "Two hours earlier" was June twenty-third and twenty-fourth because the conversation took two episodes. That's about a week ago in real time.

Fortunately for us, that day ended on June thirtieth, and our fashion gurus finally got to put on new clothes. It wasn't a moment too soon because Steffy's white dress was turning beige. Maybe it's the makeup coming off Jacqueline MacInnes Woods' tattoo on her back. Anyone notice how it appeared through the back slit of the dress but disappeared when Steffy was working out?

I suspect Quinn hasn't been out of jail for more than a few days because she was released the night of Liam's break-in. So when could the trysts with Eric have begun? How could Eric come and go at will when Deacon has been at Quinn's place almost every time she has arrived home?

More importantly, why is Quinn living in that dump of a place? I thought it was supposed to be just a hideout? She remarked to Eric that her wine glasses were still packed. What happened to her loft and warehouse? She is still working at her business. In fact, the trysts started, according to them, when she lured -- I mean invited -- Eric over to review some new designs of hers. Instead of Wyatt and Quinn debating about Steffy every minute, they need to let us know what's going on with Quinn Artisan Jewelers.

Another important question would be why Eric turned to Quinn. Quinn's reasons for the association are apparent. Eric is the next closest thing to Liam, even if the men are polar opposites in age. Eric's lonely, but what of the bond he was re-forming with Brooke or the new babies just born into his life? Eric's time would be better spent with the kids instead of waxing his legs and his back for Quinn.

Is this the start of a bad romance for Eric and Quinn? Or will it fizzle like it did the first time? Back then, Quinn had been enamored by the Forrester name and Eric's power. It's different today. Ridge runs the company, and Quinn has to sneak into a guesthouse to see Eric instead of the mansion. It might be a good thing, though, because Stephanie's portrait fell off the wall when Eric kissed Quinn in front of it.

Steffy will hulk out when she hears about this. I can envision the troubled look on Wyatt's face as Wyatt realizes that his mother, who once had a dangerous affair with his father and was married to his ex-father-in-law, just went from shagging his brother to shagging his grandfather-in-law. Quinn takes embarrassing her kid to new levels.

Wyatt is curious -- and fearful -- about what's caused the newest change in his mother, but he ought to worry more about what Liam is up to with this charity thing.

Bill loved Wyatt's very unoriginal idea of making Steffy the face of Spencer. It was exactly Brooke's job before Katie canned her, except Katie wanted to capitalize on Brooke's fashion experience, not her hotness, like Wyatt with Steffy. Wyatt's idea is so vague that it's stealable, and Liam just might find a way to get Bill to move Steffy onto Liam's project in exchange for Liam's silence about Brooke.

Wyatt should also be concerned that Steffy's family keeps pressuring her about her feelings for Liam. Thomas, the boundary-issue king, is incessant about it, probably because if goody-goody Liam breaks up his brother's marriage, it will give Thomas a demented right to do the same to Thomas' father.

It's interesting that Liam and Thomas each have daddy issues and fathers with bad track records in fidelity; however, Liam manages to respect his father's wishes and Steffy's marriage. Thomas, on the other hand, completely disrespects his father and goes after his father's lover-turned-wife -- again.

Steffy told Thomas that Bill convinced Liam to back down. Thomas was surprised that Liam wasn't "fighting" for Steffy. This is just one of the many sick problems with Thomas. He thinks people's marriages are fightable instead of honorable.

Is it surprising? Not really. Thomas can't even respect regular relationship commitments, as he evidenced with Ivy and Wyatt. I don't know how many times Ivy turned Thomas down, but lonely Thomas made a game of it, betting on it even. Maybe if Ivy had been on some anxiety pills, he might have gotten another "misunderstanding" of unconscious consent and bragging rights on a bet won. Oh, but I forgot, Thomas said he'd had enough of that kind of thing back in Paris...which was why he was still doing it in he arrived in Los Angeles. As Brooke said similarly Ridge and Steffy to Wyatt this week, "Yeah, whatever, Thomas."

Thomas would never take advantage of a woman, according to Thomas -- except there was that time that he plied Hope with so many drinks on the beach that she couldn't walk straight. Then there was the time that Thomas made Brooke think that they'd had drugged-berry sex, and poor Thomas never got his stock payout for it.

This is who I know Thomas to be. This is why I reject Caroline's new proclamation that Thomas didn't take advantage of her, and Ridge would never listen no matter how many times she said so. If you check our recaps, you'll find that Caroline only said it to Ridge in the initial conversation about it. In at least four subsequent conversations, Ridge said Thomas had taken advantage, and Caroline did not correct Ridge. Instead, she hugged him at least once for feeling like a failure of a father.

Caroline has decided that she'd needed comforting the night that Douglas was allegedly conceived. I have a few questions for Caroline. Did Thomas' "Caroline senses" decide she needed it? Because she didn't call Thomas and didn't invite him there. How exactly did Thomas revealing his feelings for her comfort her that night as she sobbed her love for his father?

Further, what had Thomas repeatedly apologized for? He lamented the night as recently as the cabin visit. Why did Thomas tell Caroline that the night in question hadn't been all bad because they'd created Douglas? What is bad about "making love," as Thomas calls it?

What is the "misunderstanding" that Caroline claims exists, and who has the misunderstanding? She says it had "felt" like Thomas had taken advantage of her at first. What is the new information she remembers that caused her to conclude he hadn't?

Since -- to this day -- Caroline does not have an independent recollection of that night, I need her to kindly have several seats and listen to some information about a recent victim in the news.

The courageous woman who was victimized at Vanderbilt in 2013 was told by the gang-rape ringleader that she got drunk, passed out, and imposed on him by throwing up all night in his room. She had no memory beyond having a blue drink at the bar. She defended him to police until she saw a video of him carrying her, unconscious, up to his room to rape her.

That fiend told the woman he'd helped her all night, but he'd really just helped himself and his friends to her. She knew him and was dating him. She had reason to trust him. So shut up, Caroline. You have no idea except for what Thomas told you, and you said yourself that you can't accept that Thomas would do it to you -- just as this victim had a hard time accepting that her assailant had been someone she'd put a level of trust into.

Now that Thomas has convinced Caroline that she wanted it, he's using pretty phrases like "when we made love that night." He's reduced Caroline and Ridge's love story down to, "You were vulnerable and fell for an older man." Thomas has gone from only wanting to be Douglas' father to wanting to be Caroline's husband in the span of days!

Caroline declined Thomas, so here he is, wondering if Liam will fight a marriage for Steffy, thereby giving Thomas the right to wear Caroline down -- just like Bill is trying to do to Brooke, as well.

Why do these men have to wear these women down? Why can't these women stand up for what they feel and what they want? They act like they are watching their lives on TV rather than living and directing their own destinies.

Steffy thinks she is like her grandma. Stephanie knew how to do two things well -- get her man back and put a bitch in her place. What's Steffy doing? Whining to Wyatt about Quinn, hitting a punching bag, and grunt-curling three-pound weights instead of pestering Quinn until she falls down a flight of stairs.

Steffy acts like she's a victim to Liam's desire to obey Bill's command to respect her marriage. She knows where to file divorce papers if she wants out of her marriage. Until she gets that six-month waiting period started, I really don't want to hear from her anymore, and I sure as hell don't want to see her antiquated flashbacks of happy times when she was Liam's default girl. I also don't want to see her experiencing Liam's cabin flashbacks! The two are not that in tune for her to be flashing back on his life experiences when she wasn't even present.

The same rule applies to Brooke. If she's determined to leave Bill alone, then like Ridge said, she should remove herself as an option. Brooke has legs. They work. Walk away, Brooke. Do not pass Bill's love lair; do not collect one last, pressured kiss. Here is one more Man-Monopoly Game rule for lonely Brooke -- do not seek comfort from Ridge! Especially if you are not going to freaking listen, but instead, make him look like the Rescue Ranger Liam in front of Bill.

Brooke is so proud that she resisted Bill, and Brooke wishes she could proclaim to Stephanie that Brooke isn't the slut from the Valley. "You're the idiot from the village -- that's what you are! Blackmailing you for sex so he'll stay married? Oh,'re as dumb as the day I tricked you with the fake letter from Eric," would be Stephanie's eye-rolling response to Brooke.

Continuing down the line of indecisive women, I need Katie to pick an illness and stick with it. Is she bipolar? Is she an alcoholic? A paranoid sociopath or what? Why is she hearing voices? Why do the voices want her to drink and castrate Bill and Brooke? Jamie Foxx sings a song called Blame it on the Alcohol, but he meant blame the sex on it, not psychosis, Katie. Katie's hunch about her husband might be correct, but her reactions about it need to get her committed. Just get a divorce, Katie. Stop waiting for Bill to walk out on you, and stop degrading yourself by giving him permission to be with your sister.

Then there's Caroline. Her messages are so mixed up that when she flashes the Bat signal, the Joker shows up shirtless and rubbing himself with a towel. I bet two dollars that she probably felt all guilty about straightening Thomas out about his fantasy of her leaving Ridge, and feeling sorry for him, offered to move into his room with him to make up for the two minutes he missed in Douglas' life. Yes, I said his room. I've given up on the idea that the writers will remember he lives in a guesthouse.

Ridge was very gracious to take the blame for the supposed misunderstanding and to let Thomas have time alone with his stepmother -- though Ridge listened on the stairs to avoid further "misunderstandings." Ridge didn't balk when Caroline called Douglas "her" son and Ridge the stepfather. He accepted Thomas deeming him the grandfather. Ridge accepted the new reality of things much more easily than the kidnapping Thomas. Ridge should start throwing that "stepmother" term around, though. Now that she's a mother, maybe the term will remind Caroline of her role with Thomas.

Just like the night of the incident, Thomas busily pushed his agenda on Caroline after Ridge had exited the living room. Thomas begged her to let him replace Ridge in her life and used Douglas like pawn to guilt her about the time he's missed out on with a baby who turns four months old on July 4th.

Thomas was so wrapped up in his fantasy that he didn't even notice that Caroline retracted her hand from him and crossed her arms over her chest as he professed his feelings. It was body language she might have used that night had she not be drugged up. This time, the pills and booze were absent, and Caroline said to him what she probably would have said that incoherent night. Caroline declared that her love for Ridge hadn't changed, and she and Thomas couldn't be the family he wanted.

Ridge had walked out prior to hearing Caroline set Thomas straight, and viewers have no idea what happened from there. Ridge spent the rest of the day running interference between Brooke and Bill and regretting not being there to support Brooke for a while.

What I liked about Ridge and Brooke's scenes this week is that, even though Ridge was hurt, he did what a friend would do for a female friend in need of comfort. He was there for her without alcohol, without sex or emotional appeals. Thomas could have learned from Ridge the proper and respectful way to treat a dear friend.

What I didn't like was that Ridge was there for her after she'd just blackmailed him with the very family secret that wound up harming his family. She was ready to further damage him by telling Rick the secret if he didn't give Rick more work. Now what, though? The secret's out anyway? Is Ridge still losing the company to Rick? Will there be a tidal wave scandal? Or will people just go on with their lives, asking themselves, "Who is she? Another Kardashian?" when they see Caroline on the cover of Scandal Weekly?

I'd like to know if Ridge went home and if Caroline informed him about Thomas' proposal. Did they all sleep in the same house that night? All viewers know is that Thomas showed up shirtless at the sky lounge the next morning, feeling it in his bones that Liam would "fight" for Steffy.

Another person preparing for relationship battle is Katie. As in her usual pattern, Katie blew up at Brooke and/or Bill, apologized, and then did it again -- several times in one day. At first, Katie started off bragging to Brooke about Bill's commitment to her. Katie moved right along to Rick's tip about Brooke's new man, which Rick must have tweeted out the moment he left Brooke's room.

Katie guessed the new man was Ridge. I don't know of any reason Katie would disparage Ridge as a husband that way -- especially after the things he said to Katie about protecting his family. All I can think of is that it was a trap to mention a married man. If it was, Katie caught Brooke, who was probably supposed to say, "Katie, don't be silly. Ridge is married." Or maybe Katie truly believes the voices are right about Thomas and Caroline sparking off.

Instead, Brooke asserted that it was over with her and Ridge, no mention of Caroline. Katie promptly moved on to her real suspect, Bill, and dared Brooke to lie about even a kiss or a glance between Katie's sister and husband. Brooke would have confessed to every kiss had Bill not walked in.

Katie pretended to be insecure and apologetic and left to check on Will. Brooke told Bill to hell with him because she wasn't having Storm coming back to haunt her over giving Katie heartburn. Even though Brooke refused Bill, those legs of hers walked her straight into his office -- twice more in one day!

Instead of planting bugs or spy cameras around Bill's office, Katie got herself the most honest and reliable spy around -- Liam. Katie cast her paranoia spell on Liam, which wasn't hard because he already wasn't buying the idea that a grown man needs a nap suite in his office. Katie manipulated Liam into thinking he'd be an honest friend to her if he helped her out with her trust issues by letting her know if he saw anything between Brooke and Bill.

Liam saw something, all right. He pushed open the unlocked door of the love lair and got an eyeful of "one final kiss." For some reason, it's always Liam whose eyes get burned out by Bill's love life.

The Soap Central message board members debated this week about Bill's "no means yes" approach with Brooke. Even if it is Brooke, "no means no," and Bill needs to stop trying to wear her down, sneaking in her bedroom, and caveman-handling her when she tries to leave.

Here's what our Bold and Beautiful message board members think about the Brill revival:

• But how long will it be before Liam figures out what is really going on....Lol... -- JJ1

• LMAO! Dense Liam might think Bill is just moving a mannequin around. -- Sierra

• In the real world, married rich dudes who cheat do it more discreetly than having sex rooms in their offices. Usually, they would buy a house or apartment someplace where people they don't know would go,

and conduct their extramarital affairs there. And they also make sure to lock doors! -- Catmommy9

Catmommy9, you mean like Rick and Maya, right? As for the unlocked door, to be fair, Bill locked the love lair door, but Brooke unlocked it when she tried to leave. Brooke was trying to tell the dummy that they had to stay away from each other, especially since Katie threatened to sue for custody and control of all of Spencer. It's the last weapon in Katie's arsenal, so we know she's desperate. Can Katie actually get either away from Bill? And what will Wyatt ever tell his kids about how their grandfather lost the whole fortune over one last kiss with Brooke?

For one, Karen owns fifty percent of the business. Forget whatever Wyatt was talking about regarding "shareholders" that day. He's new there and says whatever sounds good and contrary to Liam. For another, it's like George W. Bush said, "Fool me once, shame on -- shame on you -- fool can't get fooled again."

Bill's created a love lair, so I would be surprised if he hasn't already protected the business from the emotional maelstrom Katie. I won't be at all surprised if he winds up living in that room by the time it's all over.

As for Will, Child Protective Services wouldn't like hearing that Brooke caught Katie pulling vodka bottles out of granola boxes in the kitchen where Katie and Will bake. So Bill might just be keeping Will, the company, and the diamond tiara that Katie never wears. Will Brooke be with Bill after all this heartache and destruction, or will Liam stop being Mr. Nicey Pants and use Bill's secret to his advantage in winning Steffy?

It's the Fourth of July weekend. Be safe and have fun. Get ready for Monday because the fireworks at Spencer are going to be bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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