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The suspects in a potential who killed Bill mystery
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The list of people who'd want to kill Bill just keeps getting longer. Bill desires to become Steffy's groom-to-be, but he is turning himself into a cadaver-to-be with each seething insult. Who will go for the golden gun and actually shoot Bill next week on B&B?

People usually make New Year's resolutions to be better, but Bill Spencer's resolution had to be to see just how bad he can get. Bill can be bad to the balls, and it takes a hell of a lot of balls to get every person in the city mad at you except your lawyer and executive assistant. Bill went for bonus points when he had the gall to call Wyatt and Katie sick one day and then propose to his pregnant daughter-in-law the next. If a golden bullet can't stop Bill, what -- or who -- can?

When Bill told Katie and Wyatt that Bill had a busy schedule, Bill wasn't kidding. In under two days soap time, Bill reneged on his deal to help rebuild Spectra, wrote Wyatt and Liam out of his will, initiated action to take Will from Katie, fought with Quinn, fired Jarrett, deemed Brooke the pinball machine of relationships, called Wyatt sick for hooking up with his ex-stepmom, and proposed to his daughter-in-law. I doubt he even paused for a scotch break in between.

No one torches bridges like Bill Spencer, but while Bill threatens to cut out Liam and Wyatt, should Bill worry about getting cut up by the sword-forging Quinn? Bill might live by the sword, but he could die by the pen if the newly fired Jarrett becomes unable to access mental health care to deal with his sudden firing. Bill thinks he can trust Justin, but if you ask me, Justin has asked for one too many reassurances that he is next in line to run Bill's empire.

The last person Bill thinks he should be concerned about is Steffy's brother, which makes Thomas the first person Bill won't see coming if Thomas exacts a deadly revenge for the Caroline wrench Bill tossed into Thomas' life. Another person under Bill's radar is Pam, who vocalized that she'd do anything for Stephanie's namesake. Sheila would do anything to be in good with the Forresters, and Ridge suggested to her that killing Bill might get her there.

We did a who'd kill Bill Scoops a while back, and it's time to refresh the list. Let's get two scoops deep into who's got Bill on their "to do in" list, and who just might get done in for going up against Bill this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

In case you missed it

Everyone in Los Angeles hates Bill, but not every person has murder on their minds -- yet. Take Hope, for example. She can only wrap her brain around one Spencer man at a time, and that man is Liam. Hope has all but forgotten that she dumped Liam to marry Wyatt and miscarried her child with him. While worrying so much about Liam's baby, Hope seems to have forgotten Liam's quickie suggestion on how to solve her previous "baby problem" with Wyatt.

What Hope hasn't forgotten are her memories with Liam, and surprisingly, the soap did something it rarely, if ever, has done before. It gave Old Hope's memories to New Hope. While Hope flashed back on her time with Liam, the montage contained old-reel footage of Kim Matula's Hope with Liam in Cabo, Aspen, and Italy. The soap pulled it off by using distance shots, shots that featured the back of Matula's head, and shots of Matula skiing in a helmet.

I was pleasantly surprised that the writers experimented with bonding New Hope to Old Hope's storyline through flashbacks containing the Old Hope. Let us know what you think about giving a character with new actor flashbacks containing the former actor. Did it help connect the new Hope to your old memories or throw you off entirely?

If the writers are bold enough to give New Hope the happy flashbacks, I wish they'd give her the sad ones, too, so she can remember why it really was that she and Liam didn't work out. It wasn't Bill, Steffy, or a temporary gondola prison that Liam and Hope blamed it on this week.

As Liam waffled closer to Hope, he told her that he should have walked out on Steffy and Bill at the time of the gondola incident. Do the writers get that they just had Liam crap all over his and Steffy's epic mountain wedding with that lament? If wishes were DeLoreans, I'd be the chauffeur more than happy to take Liam back in time to Ajax Mountain if doing so would erase the lace-faced bride and leather-jacket-clad groom from the eerie wedding photo that never goes away, even though Steffy and Liam have had two more weddings since then.

Hope claims she supports Steffy and the baby, but Hope sure isn't acting like it if you ask Steffy, who had to find out from Liam that her new BFF let him join the HFTF team. Ridge didn't even know about it, and it caused Brooke, Ridge, and Steffy to wonder if Hope would make a play for Liam. Hope was wondering the same thing herself as she and Liam laughed over paperwork and said that they loved each other -- as friends, of course.

Hope is good for Liam. She's the only one who can get him of the hotel. He was so excited about HFTF that he asked to meet her at Il Giardino to talk about it. When he stopped by Forrester to drop off something for Hope, Steffy asked Liam outright if he was catching feelings for Hope. In a player-play-on moment, Liam asked why the question even mattered.

I'd call that a non-denial affirmation at the least and an attempt at gaslighting Steffy at the most. What's up with Liam even going to Steffy's office to look for Hope anyway? Is he dropping passive aggressive bait, hoping to get the women scrapping over him again like the old days?

Steffy invited Liam to dinner at the cliff house. Liam was noncommittal, but Steffy was full of hope as she set the dinner table later. By full of hope, I mean worried the whole time that Liam might leave her for Hope. Steffy soon found bigger things to worry about, though, like how to get the proposing Bill off his bended knee and out of her house before Liam shows up!

Now we know why Bill was so adamant that Katie get Wyatt's ring off her finger. Bill apparently needed one to put on his daughter-in-law's finger. Speaking of that gorgeous ring, did you see how Quinn rolled her eyes at it as if she resented that it wasn't one of hers even though there was no way in hell she'd make a ring for Katie anyway?

Bill called Wyatt and Katie fifty different versions of disgusting, sickening, and embarrassing for wanting to be together, but it shot right by him like a bullet through "Sky" that his infatuation with Steffy is that exact type of relationship. In fact, it's worse because Steffy is still married to Bill's son, and Wyatt at least avoided thinking of Katie that way until she was single.

Bill claims a judge wouldn't give Will to Katie because of her disgusting choice to bed Will's half-brother. A judge who worries about Will's family environment will become equally concerned by Bill's disgusting relationships with Katie's sister and his daughter-in-law -- unless it happens to be a judge that serves in the court of Bill's pocket.

No Spencer argument is complete without a necklace-ripping moment, and despite how reprehensibly Bill treated Wyatt and Katie, Wyatt managed to say something worthy of having his sword snatched right off him. Wyatt wished Sally had actually shot Bill. "What did you just say? You wish Sally shot me?" Bill roared in response and yanked the choker right off Wyatt.

Wyatt vowed that taking Will from the only decent parent he had left would be the last thing Bill would do. Ridge threatened to hurt Bill and even told Sheila that she'd do it if she really wanted to help the Forrester family. Quinn dressed Bill down and warned him that she'd do anything for Wyatt. Katie and Eric muttered about their hate for Bill, and Jarrett said Bill would rue the day that he fired Jarrett.

With nowhere else to turn, Bill clings to Steffy and the bullet-scarred "Sky." Steffy is bound to let Bill down again, and from the way she was staring at him while he proposed, he'll be lucky if she doesn't take out a restraining order against him. Once Bill figures out that he is utterly alone, he could become more dangerous than all of his enemies combined. As much as the question of who might do Bill in is on everyone's minds, viewers might also wonder who will suffer the most damage from Bill once he has nothing to lose.

To kill or to be destroyed? Has it come down to that question?

In the movie Young Guns, Billy the Kid was the most wanted man this side of the Mexico border. Almost a century and a half later, another Bill has become the most wanted man this side of the San Andreas fault -- Dollar Bill Spencer, the golden gun slinger who runs the poisoned pen crew that will make or break one's fashion career.

The West wasn't big enough for law-abiding citizens and Billy the Kid, and it's not big enough for Dollar Bill and his haters, either. There is only so much Bill can get away with before someone strikes back. Sally shot "Sky" as a warning to Bill, but who in Los Angeles has the real balls to say goodnight to the bad guy?

Many tried to take down Billy the Kid only to die themselves once they cornered him. Dollar Bill won't go down without a fight if he goes down at all. Let's review who might try to take Bill down in a blaze of glory, and who might turn into one more casualty while trying.

Sally and Thomas: I would "Sky" for you
"You bitch! You shot my beautiful Sky! You shot my baby!"

Shirley raised Sally and Coco to be independent women who can fend for themselves. Sally knows how to shoot a gun, and she proved that she can blow Bill's black heart out of his chest if she wants to. Instead of shooting Bill, she shot "Sky." Does Sally lack the guts to shoot Bill or the desire? Will Bill make her sorry she hadn't done it when she had the chance?

Bill was almost faster than a speeding bullet when attempting to save his precious "Sky" from the golden bullet of the fiery redheaded assailant. Sally fired upon the skyscraper model, which symbolizes everything Bill had destroyed in her life. The bullet went straight through the model, as evidenced by the hole in the back of it, and amazingly, it did not shatter Bill's office window.

Equally incredible, Bill actually dove over, knocked the model down, and shielded it with his own body. Who knew Bill would die for a model building? Bill ordered Justin to "gently" take "her" for repair. Unable to bear being without the model, Bill brought it back into the office before Justin could even get it fixed. Bill claimed that the place felt naked without "Sky."

I'm not even going to go there to imagine what Bill does with that thing once the office closes. It's enough to say that Quinn is wrong about her kinky former bedroom partner being alone.

Maybe Sally merely wanted to scare Bill, but Bill told her that a bazooka wouldn't even make him flinch. She vowed that he'd pay for the things he'd done. Will Sally go after Bill again, or did we just see the ending to the Bill Spencer and Sally Spectra feud?

Instead of shooting at "Sky," maybe Sally should have blackmailed Bill with the arson charge. So many people dislike Bill right now that she would have plenty of backup in court. Maybe Sally is biding her time, and the shot to "Sky" was her way of hinting to the real damage she could do once "Sky" is erected. A building for a building? Could that be Sally's plan?

Thomas just showed up in town, and without even contacting a single Forrester, he called to make an appointment with Bill. Weird. Usually, people just barge into Bill's office. Maybe Thomas couldn't get upstairs without an appointment because Justin beefed up security a bit after Sally and Quinn's rampages.

What was the urgency for Thomas to see Bill? Thomas might know what Bill put Caroline up to doing. The charade Bill concocted took Thomas away from Sally and Spectra, making both vulnerable to Bill's demolition. Maybe Thomas feels responsible and teams up with Sally to force Bill to make good on his promise to resurrect Spectra.

The stellar Pierson Fodé signed on with B&B short-term, which might be just long enough for Thomas to exact some revenge upon Bill for himself, Sally, or maybe even Steffy. If you watched Friday, during Bill's proposal scene, the camera point of view changed as if someone were watching the proposal from outside. Could it have been Thomas, a fed-up Forrester who will not stand to see another woman he loves destroyed by Bill?

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Katie and Wyatt: It's disgusting. You know it. You have your shame to show it.
"Do you understand how embarrassing and sick this is? You are sleeping with our son's half-brother."

What is more sick than a son marrying his ex-stepmom? Probably a father marrying his current daughter-in-law. What is more embarrassing than a father who keeps proposing to his daughter-in-law while she is pregnant with his son's child? It's apparently not being turned down because Bill keeps doing it no matter how many times Steffy shuts him down.

I have said for months that Katie and Wyatt should have told Bill while he was too preoccupied with staying on everyone's good sides to make a fuss about the two of them. The couple got what they might deserve for telling Bill about their involvement right after he'd had a near-death experience. The minute Bill said Sally shot "Sky," Wyatt should have excused himself and gone into the hallway to tell Katie that he'd penciled them in to tell Bill on the Tuesday after never because that would be when Bill would be in a good place to hear their news.

Even though they knew Bill was mad enough to eat his own lion cubs, Katie and Wyatt persisted, and that's exactly what happened -- Bill ate his own cub, and in the process, degraded Katie worse than I ever have.

Bill went full "Ridge" on them and called Katie a "that." Bill also called Wyatt a Judas for pointing out that Bill had slept with Steffy. Only Bill can reprimand someone for doing exactly as he has done and then call them a traitor for bringing up that he did indeed do the exact same thing.

Wyatt told Quinn that it made him want to go to his dark place, but we all know Wyatt never has had to actually go there as long as he has a mother willing to slay his dragons for him. As long as Quinn is around, Wyatt never has to anything but hold the blood diamond or sit in the vacant CEO seat.

That leaves the temper-tantrum throwing Katie. Bill had better be glad he put the gun away because Katie is known to shake a gun in someone's face when things do not go her way. Katie could be a killer in the heat of the moment, but she has too much going for her in her life right now to purposely throw it away on plotting to kill Bill Spencer. Wyatt's sex might be good, but it can't be good enough for Katie to risk her freedom, career, and life with Will.

Because Wyatt and Katie just aren't cold-blooded killers, they will probably continue to be Bill's victims until someone else makes Bill's life flash before his eyes.

Ridge Forrester: Promises, promises

"Billy, I'm going to hurt you like you've never been hurt before. Do you understand me?"

Ever since Ridge learned about Bill and Steffy sleeping together, Ridge has been completely unreasonable in assigning blame for the matter. Ridge doesn't listen to Steffy about it being consensual any more than Bill listens to her about it being a mistake, and the two men are on a collision course for disaster -- as usual.

Ridge and Bill are dangerous enemies, and Ridge still owes Bill a legitimate attempt to murder him from the time Bill almost killed Ridge with that helicopter dunk. Bill might get paid back for recklessly ordering Justin to drop Ridge because Ridge just recklessly suggested to Sheila that she should kill Bill before Ridge does.

At Il Giardino, Sheila overheard Justin and Bill discussing the sickness that is Katie and Wyatt, and she witnessed a confrontation between Bill and Ridge over Steffy. When the men got into a nose-to-nose standoff, Sheila said one of them had to go. Bill took off, and that was when Ridge said that if Sheila wanted to do something to help the Forresters, she'd kill Bill before Ridge did.

Maybe Ridge was just angry and blowing off steam, but you can't put the murder genie back in the bottle once you give her your wish. Sheila's mind was calculating through the entire incident, and to push her over the edge, all she needs is for Eric to show up at the restaurant, griping about Bill. If that happens, Bill might be as good as dead -- or at least critically wounded.

If Sheila became embroiled in the storyline, it could be a chance for a romance between Bill and Sheila. Bill and Sheila have a lot in common. They each have abandonment issues and value loyalty. Sheila is a psychopath, and Bill is attracted to crazy women. Sheila is so maniacal that Bill might turn out to be the reasonable one in the relationship. Could the pairing work, or should the writers leave evil enough alone?

If Ridge or Sheila aren't the ones to do Bill in, my last candidate might be young enough and innocent enough to get away with it. Rick got away with it, so why not Will?

Will Spencer: Out of the guns of babes

Bill refuses to have Will raised in a home where his half-brother is his stepfather but is fine putting him in a home where his father is his stepsister's grandfather. What about raising Will in a home with a golden gun? Did he think of Will getting his hands on the firearm like he did the rare coin he almost choked on as a toddler?

Bill is fighting wars on many fronts. He isn't thinking clearly after battling with Sally, Katie, Wyatt, Ridge, and Quinn. Bill certainly didn't seem to think it through when he revenge-fired Jarrett and then hightailed it to Steffy's house to propose marriage to her out of the blue. It makes me think Bill didn't think through what to do with his gun, either.

The other week, Bill said he'd been meaning to take the gun home. What if he did just that and carelessly left it somewhere that a curious Will could reach? Could it be possible that Will accidentally shoots Bill, and Bill blames it on Katie to get custody of Will? Or maybe Bill blames it on Ridge to eliminate an obstacle between Bill and Steffy?

Maybe it isn't Bill's gun that falls into Will's hands. Instead, it could be a gun left in the open by a true assailant who has to hide upon hearing Bill and Will arrive home. Will could find the gun and accidentally shoot Bill with it. Bill could decide to blame Ridge as Grant did when Rick shot him. Maybe Bill doesn't see Will shoot him and has to figure out who pulled the trigger.

Let's hear your predictions. Who do you think might go after Bill, and what do you think the repercussions might be? Is Thomas back in town to pick up where he left off with Sally or to help Sally finish off Bill? Will Sheila become immersed in the plot in some way, or is she destined to eavesdrop and take lunch orders for the rest of her days?

In a look ahead

According to Soap Centralspoilers, Steffy rejects Bill's marriage proposal, and Ridge spars with Bill. Bill has an incident at his house, and Katie frantically texts a hungover Wyatt about it. Maybe my prediction about Wyatt and Katie is wrong, and they actually do have the cojones to rub out Bill.

One more thing. Will a scooper find a way to help Thorne, the most unlucky in love Forrester man? Every woman he kisses winds up immediately engaged to another man. Is it his breath, or has he just not found the right woman yet? Until we scoop again, make sure your advice for Thorne is minty fresh and bold and beautiful, baby!

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