Clash of the Titans: Flo and Thomas refuse to bow to Sally and Brooke
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Whoa! Someone get that bully a diaper change! Thomas is back and more pissy than ever. Brooke and Thomas clashed over family values like sluttiness and sociopathy. Quinn attempted to use Flo as a crowbar to pry Wyatt out of his engagement to Sally. As Katie's life hangs in the balance, this scooper wonders if viewers can live through any more predictable-storyline-itis.

Get a load of Thomas. He can terrorize a five-year-old, but he can't take Brooke being "mean" to him. In this week's clashiest clash of the titans, Thomas and Brooke battled each other just as Vinny heard gossip about Shauna and Ridge. Will Thomas use Shauna like a Medusa's head to turn Brooke's marriage to stone? Probably.

Across town, the battle of the exes waged as Sally loved breaking it to Flo that Wyatt had proposed to Sally. Quinn took it worse than Flo did and ordered Wyatt to check himself before he wrecked himself. If any criminal deserves to be Quinn's daughter-in-law, baby-napping isn't as bad as intellectual property theft in Quinn's book.

Although it's a switch to have Quinn scheming against Wyatt's lover rather than to get him a lover, we've been there, done that with the evil motherly influence over Wyatt's love life. We've also been there, done that with Sally being hurt by love-torn men. At least with Caroline, we got it. But do we really want to watch Sally lose again to a loser like Flo? Probably not.

In other retread news, Katie needs new kidneys. Flo will most likely be the donor, solidifying her spot to the left of Wyatt at Thanksgiving dinner. Shauna reminded me of a young Brooke Logan zeroing in on Ridge in the society pages. In the new age, Shauna has a tablet instead of a newspaper. Is the show launching a new Cinderella story for a blonde and Ridge? Maybe, but instead of a fairytale ending, Shauna will get a never-ending triangle.

The week's episodes had this scooper puzzled. Why is Thomas still bullying Douglas? Who thought it was wise for Taylor Hayes, Ph.Dummy, to counsel her own son? Doesn't Thomas understand that Brooke can't work-block him without Eric, Ridge, and Steffy?

And that brings me to the most puzzling of things: Why is Thomas worrying Brooke about forgiveness when he should be trying to mend fences with the sister who never plans to speak to him again? Ridge and Brooke aren't on the same page about Thomas, but neither are Ridge and Steffy. Has Ridge even spoken to Steffy about her feelings toward her brother?

Let's get two scoops deep into the drama of the week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Delusional titan versus mama-bear titan

This week, Thomas showed up at Brooke's house, and his scenes provided the answer to where the storyline might take him next. In one word -- nowhere. Thomas is still just as delusional, obsessed, angry, mean, selfish, and bratty as before his fall. Oh, and did I say just as crazy?

Even though Thomas told Brooke that Liam can have Hope, Thomas won't accept the news from Douglas that Hope is happy without him. Thomas pointed out to Brooke that he is still Hope's husband. Hope's detractors might call her an adultress, but I would love to know why Thomas hasn't signed the annulment papers yet if he is so beyond it all.

Thomas perpetuated his grudge against Brooke for stealing Ridge from Taylor -- something that never happened during Taylor's marriage to Ridge and something that Taylor, as a so-called therapist, ought to be counseling her son about. But then again, how can Dr. Dum-Dum make Thomas see something she has yet to see for herself?

Thomas still claims that he did what he did out of love for Hope and for the sake of Steffy, who stood to lose her family. It begs the question of why Thomas is so hellbent on getting Brooke's forgiveness and permission to return to the family business when his sister feels the same way about him that Brooke does.

Did Thomas forget that Steffy ostracized him from her life? Surely, Taylor knows this by talking to Steffy herself. Maybe Taylor is counseling the siblings. I doubt it because Thomas is asking Ridge and Brooke, not Steffy, if he can return to Forrester. It seems like Ridge isn't even talking to Steffy about the matter.

It's very strange that the storyline has taken a turn down the road of Thomas versus Brooke, leaving viewers to wonder when we'll ever see the victims, Hope and Liam, grapple with Thomas themselves. Steffy washed her hands of Thomas, and I'm perplexed about why Thomas is in Brooke's face instead of intimidating his sister into forgiving him and letting him back into the family and the company. Maybe he's scared of Steffy.

Thomas claims that Taylor got him to see that he put his grief for Caroline into a relationship with Hope. He must not have told his mother that he didn't have a romantic involvement with Caroline, rendering Taylor's theory bogus. Thomas probably hasn't discussed his anger toward Douglas with Taylor, either. I'll bet Thomas is giving Taylor the same fake act that he gives Ridge.

How much can Taylor really help Thomas if he isn't telling her the truth? Thomas is lying about his feelings for Douglas, lying about his feelings for Hope, and honing in on Brooke because...? As entertaining as Thomas' psychosis might be, it's unclear where it stems from and why he chooses the path of self-entitled rage instead of humility when seeking to return to the family fold.

Mama Bear Brooke is determined to protect her family, one slap at a time. After Thomas' breakdown at the hospital with Ridge and heart-to-heart with Douglas, I wondered if Brooke could be overreacting to Thomas, who might be truly sorry. Nope. She's not overreacting. Thomas isn't sorry. Thomas hasn't changed. According to Vinny, Thomas is at his place, climbing the walls with anger because others won't coddle him the way Ridge and Taylor do.

Thomas is waging a war against Brooke and "the Logans" over a misguided belief that his parents should have corrected years back. Ridge wasn't with Taylor because Taylor was "dead," not because of Brooke. Thomas is a grown man and has thrown this tantrum before -- several times. When is he going to outgrow using Brooke and Ridge as an excuse for his actions?

The worst part of the storyline is Thomas' relentless disdain for the innocent Douglas. Thomas bullies that child for pleasure. It has to be tremendously confusing for the child to be hailed a hero one day and destroyed by his father the next. Thomas told Douglas that they were okay and that Douglas was his best friend. How despicable to return and chide the child, put the best friendship in question, and make the boy feel guilty for doing the right thing.

Redheaded Titan versus the titan blonde

Sally's resolve to go slow with Wyatt lasted about five minutes once he proposed marriage to her. Even the toughest girls can melt when happening upon their fairytale endings. And an ending it will certainly be if Quinn, Shauna, and Flo have their say.

I mean -- if Quinn and Shauna have their say. Flo is just whining and playing innocent on the sidelines while the mothers do all the conspiring, kind of like what Wyatt did while Quinn committed unspeakable deeds to win him Hope and Steffy.

Sally accepted Wyatt's proposal, slept with Wyatt, and gladly relayed the news of her engagement to Flo. Sally claimed that the proposal gave her the security she needed, but during her conversation with Flo, it became apparent that Sally wasn't sure that Wyatt was completely over Flo.

I wish this was the end of the triangle, but Shauna sicced Quinn on Sally, so it could be just the beginning of a whole lot of waffling. The writers seem to be trying to turn Flo into the third coming of Caroline Spencer. I'm here to tell them that they failed with Karen, and they failed with Caroline Jr. They are face-planting with baby-napping Flo.

Flo is no Caroline. Wyatt is no Ridge. It's best to just send Flo back to Vegas with her raggedy-wigged mother before Wyatt and Quinn get even further ruined for this pair.

Sally doesn't deserve another man to rake her through the emotional mud just because he's hung up on an ex. It amazes me that Wyatt and Quinn have matured so much during their time in Los Angeles, yet they still have things in common with the grifter Fultons. The idea that Quinn thinks she knows Flo, who she hasn't even had one conversation with in over a decade, boggles the mind. Flo sold a baby, Quinn. Enough said.

I already do not care about this storyline because I see that Sally will be a loser yet again. Shauna effortlessly wormed her way back into a friendship with Quinn. Shauna is on the mend with Ridge just because she scooped him up like poop on a bar floor. Donating a kidney to Rick turned Amber into a hero. Once Flo coughs up a kidney for Katie, Flo might as well put on Sally's wedding dress.

To make matters more insulting for Sally, Flo has the nerve to be shocked and say it's unlike Wyatt to do something like this. Uh, no, it's not, Flo. You don't know him. He married Steffy and Hope fast, quick, and in a hurry. It's actually kind of slow for him.

Flo is a trip that Sally cut short by reminding her that Sally was the woman in Wyatt's life before Flo came floating back in. I just don't understand Flo thinking that she's the woman Wyatt is supposed to marry. Why is that, Flo? Cause you kiddies went to prom?

Flo and Wyatt formed no real relationship as adults. They dated for about two months before she went to jail. I'm just not convinced yet of a solid relationship between them because the pressure kids face in relationships is nothing at all compared to adulthood. Flo thinks his proposal to Sally has to be some kind of message to Flo. Yeah, it is, Flo. The message is that he's just not that into you.

Honestly, I do not know which way Wyatt's heart leans, but he's a complete jerk with a bow on top to propose to Sally if he isn't prepared to marry her. He knows the pain she's been through in her life, and if he was any kind of man, he wouldn't add to it. I just don't get good vibes about it. As intrigued as I may be about what type of wedding Sally Spectra would have, I've got to advise her to run like hell away from Wyatt.

In a look ahead: A thing for married men

Shauna's obsession with Ridge comes to the forefront when Brooke confronts Ridge about the night he spent with Shauna Fulton. Brooke will likely hear about the inconsequential night from Danny, Vinny, or Thomas. Unlike her sister -- the GPSing, hidden-video-making Katie -- Brooke directly confronts her husband about his alleged cheating ways.

What will Brooke be more upset about? The lie or the innocent night in the room above the bar? Ridge has no recollection of kissing Shauna. He'll have a real problem if he satisfies Brooke's questions, but Shauna winds up kissing and telling. Maybe Brooke will already know about the kiss, courtesy of Shauna, before confronting Ridge.

Shauna assures Ridge that it is just the beginning of her being in his life. Is that a threat or a promise? Hopefully, Quinn can convince Shauna that her Prince Charming is really a toad before Shauna starts colluding to break up Bridge with Thomas, the very man who threatened her daughter.

Liam and Hope will play a role in keeping Douglas away from Thomas. While Thomas is busily sabotaging Bridge, will he have time to sign those annulment papers, or will he have the audacity to try to pursue Hope again?

Katie's health continues to decline, and the search for a donor continues. We'll no doubt be swamped with more tears, sadness, and dictated despair before Flo probably discovers that she is a donor match. Heather Tom and Don Diamont will deliver gripping scenes, but this scooper isn't looking forward to yet another round of Katie sitting around, fearing death, only to be spared in the final hours. I guess Dr. Armstrong needs scenes, though, right?

Thank you for getting two scoops deep with us. We look forward to hearing what you think in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, may you kiss your toad prince when he is awake and sober. The sparks will be mutually bold and beautiful, baby!

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