To redeem or not to redeem, that is the question
by Mike
For the Week of October 21, 2019
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Flo scored some points in her rush for redemption while Thomas acted like he wanted public, anyway. And somehow this all brought out a new list of anti-Logan litanies! Party like it's 2010 with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you buy polish for your new halo in bulk? Did you plot out your revenge scheme on a whiteboard? Did you suddenly throw shade on a family you'd long made peace with? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Buckingham-Fulton clan this week!

Wanna go retro, Scoopers? Break out your MP3 of the Bed Intruder Song and those episodes of Glee, because, without warning, Thomas and Steffy decided to pretend it was 2010 and dust off their anti-Logan campaigns. Could Pose be far behind? Meanwhile, Flo's kidney earned her points with Katie and Wyatt, and Shauna came closer to being Thomas' secret weapon against Brooke. Let's Scoop about it!


Will mentioned to Katie this week that she had once said there were certainly angels in heaven, but also angels here on earth. So, the donor who gave Katie a kidney was most definitely an angel! And that pretty much gives you where we went with Flo this week. I guess Flo is really Storm's daughter, after all, because the operation would have revealed otherwise. I also guess that means we're stuck with her.

As you'd imagine, Katie's filled-to-capacity hospital room was full of gasps as everybody tried to absorb the news that Katie was alive because of Flo. The doctor couldn't stop gushing about how wonderful Flo was, but the transplant coordinator, actually able to take the temperature of the crowd, hustled the doctor and the nurse the hell out of there. Hilarious!

Shauna explained that Flo had chosen to donate her kidney anonymously because she'd been afraid Katie and the Logans would have refused it had they known who the donor was. "Well, she's really good at keeping secrets," Hope scoffed. Ouch! Hope being sarcastic; who knew? Donna looked at the recovering Katie and felt that they should all at least thank Flo. Shouldn't they?

"Thank you," Brooke offered. "But it doesn't erase what you doesn't change the way we're not a Logan and you never will be!" Woo-hoo! Shades of Stephanie! How many times did La Forrester rage that Brooke would never be one of them? How the tables have turned! Personally, I'm loving Stephanie-infused Brooke these days. Brooke's usually so giggly/teary that her strength really stands out.

Then Katie, who had remained quiet since the moment of the revelation, spoke up. She was grateful for Flo! "Your father gave his life for me," Katie recalled. "Because of you, that gift wasn't wasted." Storm would be proud of Flo! Well, that's two Logan sisters down for the count. I told you last week the show was fitting Flo for a halo, and this week began the process of adding the final touches.

Shauna escorted the wheelchaired Flo out of the room. Brooke, under the pretense she was going to retrieve Will, followed Shauna into the hallway. Brooke conceded that Flo had been sincere in wanting to save Katie, but Shauna's daughter was no saint. "No matter how many organs she donates, she is not back in the family!" Brooke fumed. Gotta admit, we've had some really good lines lately!

The deed was done, Brooke acknowledged. But Shauna and Flo were to stay away from the Logans, and Shauna, especially, was to stay away from Ridge! And wouldn't you know, Ridge saw this exchange! Can he really take issue, though? How many times over the years did Ridge tell various men to stay away from his wives? I mean, where do you think Brooke learned it? (Insert "LOL" here.)


Over at the Logan cabin, Beth had been fobbed off on Wyatt and Sally...ahem, I mean, Wally babysat for Beth while Liam and Hope were at the hospital with Katie. Amid much comedy over the recently re-engaged duo not being able to do baby duties Douglas could in a flash, said duo discussed what a miracle Katie's donor had been "for everyone who's ever loved Katie."

This made me chuckle, since Wyatt was romantically involved with Katie for over a year! But this detail never came up. But it wasn't Katie whom Sally felt threatened by -- it was Flo. Sally made sure to dis Flo out of nowhere then asked Wyatt why they were still talking about her. Girl, let's go to the tape -- you brought her up! Then, while Wyatt was cementing his commitment to Sally, she mentioned Flo again!

I hate that they keep writing Sally as some insecure goofball. Hello, this is Sally Freaking Spectra! Even this 2.0 version was way stronger than this when she first showed up. Though, to be fair to her, she's gotten screwed over by Wyatt before. All the more reason she should never have accepted his proposal. Because, speaking of 2.0's, Wyatt is becoming the new Liam!

After we skipped at least a few days to give Flo time to be released from the hospital, Liam told his bro he'd been "elected" by the family to drop the following truth bomb: Flo had saved Katie's life by donating her kidney to her! Wyatt thought it was sad Flo was still being rejected by the Logans. "Well, she did help kidnap my daughter and let us think she was dead," Liam had to remind him. Ya know, details!

Liam admitted that the lack of forgivers in their blended clan included him. Wyatt, on the other hand, couldn't get to Flo's pad fast enough, to the point Shauna was all wink-wink-nod-nod. "My dad and I are now united in Katie forever," Flo gushed. Well, that was enough for Wyatt. He was proud of Flo and in total awe of her sacrifice! Danger! Danger, Sally Spectra! I told you this toad was frontin'!

Yep, Wyatt actually had the nerve to say he'd work on Liam on Flo's behalf...despite dis bitch keeping his niece a secret from his brother for months! They say you never forget your first love (I beg to differ), but teen Flo's milkshake must have kept Wyatt chained to the yard. How else would Wyatt be willing to throw his own family under the bus like this?

As if to illustrate, Wyatt was annoyed that he didn't get to tell Flo about his engagement to Sally first because Sally had thrown it in Flo's face first. Flo wished Wyatt well but cooed, "I wish your happiness could be with me." Wyatt got that look, and Sally, honey, you better run, not walk, to the nearest exit. Wyatt hasn't deserved you ever since Flo came to town. You a Spectra, girl! Respect yourself!


On a new day, Brooke had one nerve and Ridge got on all of them. The former Speedo King started ingratiating himself to his estranged wife by commenting that Flo had really stepped up where Katie was concerned! Couldn't they start looking beyond what Flo had done? "I can't believe you asked me that!" Brooke barked. I'm with Logan on this one, Ridge. You better start adding a garage to that doghouse you're in.

To make Brooke's day worse, Thomas strolled in with some designs, and Brooke was all, "Oh no, muthasucka, not today!" Thomas insisted that he worked there. "No, you don't," Brooke seethed. "We don't want your designs!" Ridge put the brakes on that confrontation, and the only reason I agreed was because I don't think it's Brooke's place to decide who works at Forrester and who doesn't.

Brooke had that power when she was CEO for most of the '90s and into the 2000s, but Ridge and Steffy share that position today. So, it's their call -- which would be interesting to see, since father and daughter sit on opposite sides of the Thomas fence. If nothing else, Eric might be able to arbitrate, but I guess he was too busy taking great-grandson Douglas to the library.

Remember that Egyptian river water of denial I said Ridge was swimming in last month? Well, like Madge with Palmolive, "You're soaking in it!" Ridge felt Thomas was getting better and argued Thomas was working on himself. Seriously, Ridge? Have you actually seen any evidence of that? You were married to a psychiatrist for how long?

Ridge turned his attention to his current wife, asking, "What happened to that beautiful, compassionate woman I fell in love with?" Ridge pointed out that Brooke had made mistakes and people forgave her! Ya burnt! You look up the word "mistake" in the dictionary, and you see Brooke's face! But when Brooke asked when Ridge was going to stand up for her re: Thomas, she was absolutely right.

As she was when she said Thomas needed to go to a mental facility. Sing it, Logan! Boo-boo face Thomas hated it when Bridge fought, especially over him, but we know Thomas was full of crap. Brooke knew, too. What about all the horrible things Thomas had done to Douglas! Ah, if you guys only knew. Having Douglas fake letters and drawings was one thing, but traumatizing the kid with a bad ghost projection?

Ridge couldn't understand Brooke's animosity. After all, Thomas hadn't committed a crime. YES, HE DID! Ridge, of all people, knows Thomas chased Emma off the road and left her to die, because Ridge read Thomas the riot act when he found out. Thomas is responsible for Emma's death, yet Ridge let him off with a slap on the hand. Ain't nobody got time for that!


Brooke threw up her hands and left before she said something she'd regret; I have to assume she didn't go to a bar and get rip-roaring drunk like Ridge did when he walked out on Brooke the same way. Barely able to contain his glee, Thomas no sooner "sympathized" with his father for being forced to choose between his son and his wife when Shauna sauntered in!

Then, the strangest thing happened. Shauna got all friendly with Thomas because he lauded Flo for giving Katie her kidney. The hell? Would you get all chummy with the man who threatened your daughter's life, no matter how complimentary that man was? Some people on this show have wispier loyalties than some we hear about on the news these days. I can't believe Shauna did Flo like that!

Once alone, Shauna couldn't wait to tell Ridge how she laid a big sloppy one on him while he was passed out. But, hey! Ridge knows about these things! He pulled the first nonconsensual seduction on B&B back in '88 while making a move on the original Caroline, who was drunk and thought Ridge was Thorne. Hell, Ridge probably thought Shauna was Taylor, who kissed him while hopped up on antianxiety meds.

And Shauna was right -- Ridge did kiss her back! I hadn't remembered that, but the well-placed flashback proved it. Was Ridge annoyed that Shauna locked lips with him, a married man? No! He looked downright amused! Ah, Ridge's mammoth ego is still in place after all these years. He didn't even flinch when Shauna said she had felt the earth, move, under her feet. She felt the sky tumbling down!

Little did Shidge (Rauna?) know, Thomas overheard everything while lingering outside the office door! Pam caught him and announced she was onto him...for pilfering a lemon bar! Oh, come on, can't this woman ever be on-screen without mentioning those damn things? No wonder we never see her anymore with Charlie, who only delayed their wedding a year ago. Unsurprisingly, we haven't heard about that in ages.

As soon as Pam followed Ridge out of the foyer, Thomas ran into the CEO's office and locked the door on Shauna! He'd heard all about the kiss! Shauna deflected, but Thomas didn't care if she'd played tonsil hockey with his father. In fact, Thomas was all for it and busted Shauna on her burgeoning feelings for Ridge. Thomas wanted Shauna to do him a favor, though!

No quid pro quo necessary here -- Thomas was ready to sic Shauna on Ridge so he could get rid of Brooke! She was in his way! Shauna actually showed she has half a scruple, surmising that if she hit on Ridge, Flo would never be able to repair things with the Logans. Thomas sneered. Out with the Logans, he cried! What is this, 2010? Only then, it was Steffy ramping up the anti-Logan rhetoric.

Two Scoops reader Rhaegar says: "Thomas is trying to break up that marriage out of revenge for all the times Brooke meddled in his parents' marriage. Brooke's Bedroom was created for the sole purpose of seducing Ridge away from Taylor. Thomas, as the eldest, grew up seeing it all and what, you think that didn't cause any damage to him? Wouldn't [that] cause him to hate the Slut From the Valley?"

And all that has merit...except we've never seen Thomas act out from that place toward Brooke. If anything, Thomas championed Brooke long before Steffy finally mellowed out about her. Then, he had the hots for his former/current stepmother. No, Thomas has never been anti-Brooke before, so this doesn't make sense. He's suddenly moved his laser-focused obsession from Hope to Brooke.

At the Logan manse, Ridge came knocking, having received Brooke's conciliatory text. She wanted to find a way to work things out with her Destiny, and realized she had taken a super hard line about Thomas. It's just that Brooke knew Hope didn't want him anywhere near her, hence, booting him out of the house and the office. That explains a lot about Brooke's recent rationale.

But Brooke had to admit she still didn't trust Thomas. And that was smart, because, back at the office, Thomas roared to Shauna that, with relations choppy between Ridge and Brooke, it was time to strike! It was time for payback! This would have worked better if Thomas had stayed away and plotted from behind the scenes, without interacting with his family. He really needs to go. I keep saying it.


Brooke caught up with Hope, and during that scene, some mind-reading was going on. See, because I abruptly thought to myself that it was odd Liam and Hope hadn't remarried by now. You know, because having a wedding every few months is what they do. Turns out, at that moment, Brooke wondered the same thing! Miss Perfect Wedding pooh-poohed it, saying she didn't need a ring to be committed to Liam.

Over in Malibu, Liam brought Beth over to visit Steffy and Kelly...without having told Hope first. Oops. (Why is Kelly blonde when neither of her parents is?) Steffy was super jazzed to see Phoebeth and remarked that Hope hadn't even brought the baby by or called Steffy since Hope reclaimed the child. I do find that rather cold, myself. "I wished we could have eased into it," Steffy sighed. Hope could have moved in!

Well, that would have completed the Three's Company aspect to this blended family, wouldn't it! Liam understood that Steffy had been suffering since the loss of Phoebe, which is good, because that's about all we've heard about it. Not showing Steffy's struggle these past two months may be the biggest missed beat on the show this year. Steffy had hope Hope would be more sympathetic. So did I.

Next, Steffy did something I really didn't want to see her do again. She reopened the Leffy/Lope portal. "If you choose to stay with Hope," Steffy said. "Everyone assumed you and Hope would pick up where you left off like our time didn't exist!" Where is Steffy getting that? She and Liam were only living together as co-parents. Things only got romantic once because of Thomas spiking Liam's drink.

Liam got that infamous constipated look all over again as Steffy asked, "Is it possible? Can we do this again?" Instead of answering, Liam left Beth with Steffy, again not having run it by Hope first. Hope was right to be torqued about that. But then, trying to hand Liam his beeping phone, Hope saw Steffy's text filled with heart emojis. Hope wasn't about that. She ran right to Steffy's to put her on notice!

Why are we suddenly rocking the boat with these three? This is out of nowhere and not a retread I really ever need to see again. Liam and his baby mamas have been pretty chill the last year or so; this out-of-nowhere tension feels really forced. Steffy even went so far as to snort about "all you Logans"! Like I said, that was how Steffy rolled in 2010! She's evolved way past that. Gah, I can't even.

Liam broke up the girls' argument, but not before Steffy asked Hope if she was sure Liam's future was with her. Hope was aghast that Steffy seemed to still view Liam as fair game. That fair game walked in and was totally pro-Steffy. He was right that he and Hope should have brought Beth over a lot more, but he felt Hope lacked compassion for Steffy's plight.

Hope insisted she had plenty of compassion over Steffy having lost a child. But Hope wanted Liam to give them a clear answer. "Who does your heart belong to?" Big speech, circling back around, asking the question in another form. And Constipated Liam just stood there. Did we really make this a Friday cliffhanger like the show has so many other Friday cliffhangers over the past nine years? Make it stop!


Thomas, just having competed in Olympic Shirt Shucking, ran into Zoe in the hallway of Vinny's apartment complex. "What are you doing in my building?" Zoe wanted to know. What I want to know is, is this the same building Zoe has lived in from day one, when we saw her plotting with her evil cat Harry? Zoe said this was all she could afford since getting axed. I think she lived here the whole time she was a model!

For Thomas' part, he was stuck in Vinny's crappy pad. "Your family doesn't have an extra mansion you can use?" Zoe snarked. The girl may still be squashing her British accent for no reason, but she's spot-on there. What happened to Thomas' loft? Did he sell it when he left for New York? Don't even get me started on Zoe and Thomas living in the same building in a city of seven million people.

Thomas invited Zoe in...and in she went! Like Shauna, would you step across the threshold of the home of the man who threatened you within an inch of your life? No wonder Zoe sat there like she was starring in a hostage video as Thomas ranted and raved about "the Logans" and even had done up a whiteboard decreeing who was "in" and who was "out." Yeah, Ridge, Thomas is working on himself, all right.

Zoe showed little enthusiasm for Thomas' tirade, probably because she had just come from Reese's sentencing. He had pled guilty and was going up the river! Naturally, the show didn't tell us for how long. But, even worse, this all happened off-screen when this was something we really needed to see. Okay, Reese is in jail; yay. That development had absolutely no impact because we didn't witness it.

Zoe and Thomas could talk for two episodes, but we couldn't get one showing Reese being led away in handcuffs. That's jacked. As is Thomas wanting Brooke to pay! Sure, I'll give him some slack for hating Brooke because she pushed him off that cliff. But "Brooke flirted her way in and snatched my dad away"? How many times are we going to go through this revisionist history?

It's B&B legend that Brooke tried her damnedest to come between Tridge, but she only "snatched" Ridge away the two times Taylor was presumed dead! And spent a few years raising Thomas and the twins the second go-round. Let's flame Brooke for all the ish she did and not what she didn't. This is what Thomas gets for receiving any unethical therapy from Taylor! Sounds like she's got his ear, doesn't it?

What do you think, Scoopers? Are you digging this refreshed bad blood toward the Logans, or is it just so much ancient history? Should Liam be waffling between Hope and Steffy again? Does Flo deserve any of the forgiveness Katie and Wyatt seem to be showing her? And did Reese getting sentenced off-screen feel complete or like a cheat? Give the show your heaven and hell in the Comments section below or on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

"The Logans and Spencers should thank Flo for the kidney, Bill should write her a nice fat check and buy them tickets back to Vegas. The selling of an innocent baby and letting Hope believe her child died can not be "undone" by a kidney donation to Katie...this kidney was not donated out of love but to get back into good graces with the family, so for selfish reasons." -- "Suzannah14_54"

"I was hoping Flo would have complications and die after the kidney removal too. I'm sick of her and I don't want her with Wyatt, I know Wyatt is gonna screw over Sally all over again and go back to Flo for such a "selfless/selfish" act...I'm glad Steffy told her dad Thomas couldn't stay at the house and put her foot down and read both of them. She deserves way better than Ridge and Thomas helping her heal. What father puts a psycho son over a daughter who that said son truly damaged?" -- "Dorinda's Pajamas"

"Flo and Shauna are so selfish. And Shauna is a sneaky witch. I want justice for Emma!!" -- "Lynxcat"

"Why was there no PSA on human trafficking regarding the stolen baby?" -- "VP Cole"

"I like Flo and Shauna, and I prefer a Flyatt to Wally, who I find extremely boring." -- "ABB"

That's all for me -- thanks, as always, for reading my rants! I'll be back in two weeks -- in the meantime, keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And remember: no matter color, creed, religion, gender identity, orientation, or nationality, we're all beautiful!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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