Two Breakups, one reunion, and an undercover gold digger
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Bridge is reunited -- Blah, blah, blah. We expected Brooke to win, Shauna to whine, and Quinn to walk. What we didn't expect was for Zoe to grab a shovel when Zende returned home single! Get the two scoops on how Zarter became dead upon Zende's arrival and why the phone-it-in bride story wasn't worth the divorce decree it was based upon on The Bold and the Beautiful.

IIf a video call is made in the Forrester living room in the middle of a wedding, does anyone overhear it? If you had this question on your B&B riddle card, the answer is yes, times two. Until this week, the scam wedding storyline inched along at the speed of grass growth, but Katie became the lawn mower express when she rushed to tell Ridge what she'd overheard on a video call between Quinn and Shauna. Eric overheard a second video call. Now Quinn's ass is grass, and Brooke is more than happy to weed whack it.

From the start of the Shauna and Ridge story arc, we knew how it would end. Ridge and Brooke would reunite, Shauna would cry alone, and Eric would become disillusioned with Quinn. What we didn't expect was for the bride to phone out of her own wedding or for the groom to hide at the office until the truth freed him to drop his rose petal crumbs at Brooke's feet.

When Carter heard the news, he declared that Ridge and Brooke were still married. All Carter has to do is find a judge who will believe Ridge was stupid enough to sit around divorced from Brooke and married to Shauna for two months without just annulling the marriage to Shauna and remarrying Brooke -- and a judge who will nullify the divorce and Vegas marriage.

Something tells me that if it's that easy, then there wouldn't be a point to this storyline. Please tell me it won't be that easy and that there is a point to Ridge's drunken wedding storyline!

Maybe the point is the dismantling of Queric, who just celebrated their four-year anniversary. Maybe it's the start of a storyline where the BFFs take the Forrester men for all they've got. Quinn signed a prenup, but if I recall correctly, Eric ripped it up. If Carter can't get Ridge his quickie legal nullifications, Ridge might have to battle Shauna in a divorce without prenup protection, either. The Vegas bad girls versus the dressmakers! Let the battle ensue!

Carter has a lot on his plate with his job promotion, a new romance, and Ridge's legal troubles; however, the newly single Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) might just lighten the romantic load if Zoe has any say in it. Nicole is out as Zende's wife, and Zoe is interested in getting in. I'm not saying Zoe's a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no broke dudes.

Let's get two scoops deep into a week of breakups and reunions and get the tea on how Zoe went from cautious with Carter to coquettish with Zende in one gaze flat. We'll speculate on how a divorce from Nicole and a message from actress Karla Mosley (Maya Forrester) might mean goodbye to the Avant family on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Until video call do we part

There are two events that Bold does well: fashion shows and weddings. When Quinn talked Shauna into a sham wedding redo, I'd imagined the besties trying on Forrester wedding gowns. Maybe Quinn would convince Ridge or Eric to make Shauna a dress. If the designers declined, the ladies could get that ugly swamp-thing dress Thomas designed for HFTF about a year back. Quinn would give Shauna special wedding bands, and Quinn would be a blushing bridesmaid.

Who am I kidding? Quinn would never be a blushing anything, but let's be honest. Shauna put more effort into making a Halloween costume last year than into her dream wedding to her dream man. In fact, Quinn organized the entire thing, something that would have been sacrilege to poor Pam if she were anywhere to be found. Ridge even claimed that Quinn was cooking and baking for the event. Cooking his married goose maybe, but that's about it.

I'd also expected Flo and Quinn to help the bride get ready. There was something eerily strange about the bride being nowhere on the premises for the wedding day. That should have been Quinn's first clue that Shauna was going to flake. Who gets ready at a "friend's" house when you already have a mansion with a guesthouse to get ready in? It wasn't like she'd run into the groom on her wedding day. He'd rather be at work, anyway.

We haven't even seen Shauna and Ridge together since their skinny-dipping session. We're supposed to believe they were living together at the mansion, but we never learned whether they were staying in the same room together. I suppose they weren't because Ridge, who actually is Brooke's husband, had to stay unscathed by sex with Shauna.

To remain unscathed and chaste, Ridge went through the story like packaged meat on a conveyor belt for Quinn to scan and bag up for Shauna. Shauna's absence through most of the wedding arc was a huge clue that Shauna was just a prop in Quinn's plot to destroy Brooke.

Shauna, the phone-it-in bride, didn't show much enthusiasm for her dream wedding. Maybe that was because her conscience was bothering her about what she'd done to become Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Shauna claimed to hate secrets -- except when a baby-napping secret gives Flo everything she ever dreamed of, or when a secret night and kiss with Ridge fulfill her fantasies, or when she just plain doesn't know who Flo's father is, or when Thomas tells her her plan to get Hope back. You see where I'm going with this.

To no one's surprise, the groom was just as apathetic about the ceremony. Even after Katie told Ridge the truth about Shauna and Quinn, he just sat there at Forrester until Shauna video-called him to unburden herself. Strangely, when Ridge let her know that he already knew what she'd done, Shauna never asked how he'd found out. When she talked to Quinn about it, she didn't ask Quinn how Ridge had known, either.

It's not significant that Katie was how, but if I'd been trying to keep a secret as hard as Quinn and Shauna were, I'd want to know how it got out. Maybe if Shauna had learned that Katie had overheard them, Shauna could have gotten Quinn to talk in secret instead of in the middle of her living room on speaker and video for Eric to hear. I mean, Shauna did say she'd try to protect Quinn, right?

It was going to come out at some point, but at least Quinn would have been able to tell Eric instead of him being the second person that day to overhear her and Shauna gabbing about it. Quinn is in deep trouble with Eric for manipulating his loved ones, so she'd better hope to God that he doesn't overhear her talking to herself about attempting to manipulate Brooke back to alcoholism. Do y'all think that will come out, or will it stay buried like Thomas drugging Liam?

Quinn claims that she did it because Brooke bad-mouthed her to Eric. That's really no excuse because Eric told Brooke in front of Quinn that he wouldn't leave his wife. Maybe I tuned her out, but I can't even remember the last time Brooke disparaged Quinn to Eric.

On the other hand, Quinn did more than just talk bad about Brooke. Quinn took action. From trying to turn Brooke back into a drunk to orchestrating the divorce, Quinn enjoyed it. Maybe Quinn will hang onto her marriage if she learns not to be so thin-skinned about people's words. Each time Brooke opens her mouth, Quinn should just take a breath and say, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

Even though Eric is angry, he told Zende that his future is uncertain. That could mean Eric might attempt to forgive Quinn. If he does, I have a feeling that she'll blow it. You see, Quinn still thinks she did the right thing, and I suspect that she'd probably do it again. In fact, Quinn told Eric that her mistake was that she'd overstepped too far. What does that even mean?

Eric already had a lifetime of Stephanie manipulating Ridge's love life for Taylor. He's already put up with a lifetime of Stephanie battling Brooke. I don't think he married Quinn so that he could have another wife obsessed with his son and Brooke.

Another thing Eric said to Zende more than once was that Forrester was Eric's company. The phrase stuck with me. I can't help but wonder if it foreshadows what might be at risk if Eric threatened to divorce Quinn. Brooke said that Eric loves Quinn but is loyal to family, her, and Ridge. Will Eric remain loyal in the face of losing Forrester to Quinn in a divorce?

That girl is poison

Carter, if I were you, I'd take precaution. That's what Ridge said upon learning that Carter and Zoe were getting closer. Ridge sure got that one right. The moment Zoe found out that Zende was single, she started scheming. She became a flirt-aholic right before our eyes -- right before Carter's eyes, too. What the heck is up with that?

I thought Zoe was all gun-shy and burned from her relationship with Thomas. What happened to that? One look at Zende, and she's ready to hop out of her clothes and model anything he wants. "You like? Want me to model another?" Giggle, giggle. No! No, Zoe. Zende did not want you to model another. And he didn't want to reveal what had gone wrong between him and the love of his life, either, no matter how many times she asked. In fact, he called her out for flirting when she is supposed to be dating Carter. "He's my friend, so..." Zende told her.

Damn, Zoe. I thought you were the one for Carter after all these years of him being alone. Now that I think of it, though, it was kind of strange when Zoe kept going on and on about his promotion and being on the arm of the COO. I told myself she was just being supportive, but then she told Zende something. What she said made me see golden shovels in her eyes.

Zoe said she'd been two words away from being a part of the Forrester family dynasty. Hold up a minute. Looking at Zende, she wondered if she'd ever get the chance again. Is Zoe saying that she was just after Thomas' fame and money and not his sexy body? If so, my sympathy for her will shrivel up more than Ridge's balls when he learned he'd drunk-married Shauna.

R.I.P., the Avants

This week, it was a nice touch when, in conversation with Zende, Eric mentioned that Julius had finally talked Eric into golfing. Sadly, while on the outing, Julius informed Eric that yet another of their children's marriages had fallen apart. Rick and Maya divorced for mysterious reasons. Now Nicole and Zende are over, and I can't help but wonder if we'll learn the real reason why.

So far, Zende doesn't want to talk about it, but usually, when he and Nicole have a falling-out, it's his fault. Remember when Zende got all disillusioned by Nicole's pregnant body, and he slept with Sasha? Remember when he got all mad because Nicole wanted to give Lizzy a sibling? Well, I couldn't blame him for that, but still.

Maybe this time, Nicole wants to donate her uterus to Maya without giving Zende his own child first or something. Remember how much he wanted to have kids with Nicole? Who knows what happened. Hopefully, we'll find out.

Karla Mosley recently informed viewers that she won't be returning to the show. With her announcement and Nicole's separation from Zende, it's looking like the Avants, the first family to cement their place on the show since the Marone family, might disappear from the show in just the same way the Marones did.

Here's what some of the fans on our message board think about the week's episodes:

"It's 2020 and Bell still has women 'audition' for men. The scene with Zoe acting so desperately to make a guy who she met 5 seconds ago to like her is making me cringe. Will there be a day that our TV stops enforcing the belief in us women and girls that you need to audition, you need to work hard, you need to prove that you're worthy of a guy's attention?" -- SRTS

"Uh, The Divorce Papers Were Still Filed and Brooke and Ridge are Still Divorced... or is that a detail that will be overlooked by B&B?" -- B-Hold

"The Ridge/Shauna/Brooke story has been a snoozer, but the proof of the lazy writing is the climax. That was the best they could come up with? Katie and Eric separately eavesdropping? They really didn't care. It showed. I didn't either." -- Crunchy

B-Hold, the writers overlooked a lot of legal details in the storyline. Carter seems to think he can prove that Shauna texted him, not Ridge, therefore, the divorce was filed due to fraud. Without Shauna affirming that, I think a judge would suspect that Ridge was just trying to get out of giving Shauna a proper divorce and settlement. Eric and Katie can't affirm what they heard because it's hearsay, and they have motives to lie for Ridge.

I don't know why in the world Shauna wouldn't pull a Steffy and demand a proper divorce. That could be what's next for Shauna. We'll see.

In a look ahead:

Jealousy -- or "overprotectiveness" -- rears its head when Liam becomes frustrated with Finn's new role in Steffy's life. Carter makes a big decision for him and Zoe, which leads to a significant conversation. A third wheel makes a relationship complicated, but is the third wheel Zende or Carter?

So far, I haven't seen a spoiler about Quinn and Eric. Maybe when the plot airs again in a week or so, Eric will be living at Brooke's house, and Brooke will be trying to hook him up with Donna. It would serve Quinn right, wouldn't it?

Thanks for scooping with us this week. Let us know what you think about the week's events in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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