Gray, Buxton To Return to B&B
Posted Thursday, January 13, 2005 4:02:10 PM
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Gray, Buxton To Return to B&B

What is your reaction to the news that Sarah Buxton will be back on B&B?
Great news. Buxton's return will add spice to B&B. 54%
I'm not a fan of Morgan so this is a really bad move. 25%
I like Buxton's work, but don't think a B&B return is right. 9%
I'm not familiar with the actress/character, so I can't say. 5%
I have no opinion on the return at this point in time. 4%
I think B&B should have recast the role of Morgan. 2%
Other 1%

Poll Posted: January 14, 2004
A pair of familiar faces will be returning to The Bold and the Beautiful in the upcoming weeks - and both of them are sure to shake things up.

Dallas alum Linda Gray will reprise her role as Priscilla Kelly, Samantha's mother. Last seen during the summer of 2004, Gray will make a two-day return engagement in February.

During Gray's last stint, she was supposed to share airtime with her former Dallas co-star, Larry Hagman (ex-JR Ewing). Though unconfirmed, Gray and Hagman were to have been seen sitting next to each other on a plane bound for - you guessed it - Dallas.

Meanwhile, Sarah Buxton (Morgan DeWitt) is slated for what should be a longer stint with the show. Last seen in May 2001, Buxton's character has been in jail for the past four years. Morgan will meet up with Ridge at the Café Russe after being released from prison.

Gray's return is scheduled for February 25th and 28th. Buxton's first airdate will be March 4th.

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