B&B unveils new opening credits
Posted Friday, February 18, 2011 11:10:57 PM
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B&B unveils new opening credits
The Bold and the Beautiful is about to unveil new opening credits, complete with hi-tech bells and whistles and a new theme song. This is only the third different opening sequence in the show's history.

While some fans bemoan their favorite soap's opening credits for not being updated often enough, The Bold and the Beautiful has taken a decidedly different approach to how its introduces fans to each episode.

For 17 years -- from the show's debut in 1987 until 2004 -- the show had a single opening sequence. The opening featured still snapshots of the show's contract players. The images were swapped out as actors would come and go, but the essence of the opening remained the same.

In 2004, the show changed to an live action opening. The update was designed to give viewers the feeling that there were behind the scenes at a fashion shoot. The opening also showed the name of the character each actor portrayed.

Now, B&B has crafted a hi-tech opening that executive producer/head writer Bradley Bell calls "pretty monumental." In an interview with TVGuide Magazine's Michael Logan, Bell said that he wanted the show's opening credits to appeal to fan's desire to see something new.

"We've always taken the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it approach to our opening credits," Bell explained "[...] but [w]e want to be known as a show that's thinking outside the box."

The credits definitely do appear to be outside of any box that daytime has produced before. The credits feature computer-generated images, a new theme song, and the promise for regular (and unannounced) changes.

For now, TVGuide has a sneak peek of the new credits, how they were created, as well as a retrospective of the show's other openings. The credits will first air on-screen on February 21.


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