Ian Buchanan back to B&B
Posted Thursday, July 06, 2017 9:32:15 AM
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Ian Buchanan back to B&B
The Bold and the Beautiful has scooped up Ian Buchanan to resume the role of psychiatrist James Warwick.

Get ready to be psyched in more ways than one: Ian Buchanan is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful as psychiatrist James Warwick.

The CBS soap is calling in the super shrink for a story sure to send viewers' heads spinning. According to TV Insider, Eric Forrester (John McCook) recruits Warwick to evaluate newly returned (and supposed newly "reformed") head case Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Buchanan began filming his open-ended stay on July 5 and will first air on Wednesday, August 16.

"It's such a nice, out-of-the-blue surprise," says Buchanan, who starred as General Hospital's Duke Lavery after leaving B&B in 2011. "I'd heard Kimberlin was back, but it never entered my head that I'd also be getting a call. Every time I go to the Beverly Center or to the Grove, I look very fondly toward the CBS building. I loved my time at B&B. I actually spent more years there than I ever did at GH."

As for what viewers can expect once Buchanan's Warwick hits the screen, the actor jokes that it'll be a bit like an episode of All My Exes, because the doctor was once married to Sheila, who has feelings for Eric.

"To keep everything discreet, Eric wanted to go to somebody in the family," he says with a laugh. "There are lots of nut cases in the family, but only one psychiatrist. So here I am! But one of the things I like about James is that he always took the high ground, even though he went off the rails occasionally himself. He always wants to do the right thing. And, of course, Sheila is beside herself, because James and Eric are the two men she loved most and now here they are -- all three of them together!"

For Buchanan's full interview, check out TV Insider's article here.

What do you think about Buchanan returning to B&B? Would you like to see him stick around long term? How would you like to see James fit into story? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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