TODAY: How U.S. fans can help boost Don Diamont's Dancing With the Stars Italy score
Posted Saturday, March 17, 2018 9:28:51 AM
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Wanna see The Bold and the Beautiful's Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) do well on Italy's Dancing with the Stars? Giving Instagram likes today can help!

The Bold and the Beautiful's Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) is going the extra mile for Italy's Dancing with the Stars, even going so far as to get a series of serious shots to relieve an injury he sustained during rehearsal. So, it's only fair that fans meet him halfway and support him every chance they can get.

Luckily, though the popular actor is competing on the Italian version of the dance series, his fans in the United States can help boost his overall score for this week. And helping Diamont and his partner Kanna Karttunen rise to the top is actually quite easy. All it takes is liking a post on Instagram.

Fans from anywhere in the world can support this week by going to the Instagram account @ballandoconlestelle on Saturday, March 17, and liking (heart button) the post for Team Diamont/Karttunen. The number of likes on his team's Instagram post can help add to his overall score.

With Diamont competing in Italy, his B&B alter ego is out of action and recovering from a gunshot wound. Meanwhile, the majority of other B&B cast members are embroiled in a "Who Shot Bill?" mystery storyline. The show shared a special video on its official Facebook page that delves into the various suspects' motives. It also teases a shocking arrest will happen next week. Check out the video below,\ and stay tuned!

What do you think of Diamont's Dancing with the Stars experience so far? Do you think he has a chance of winning? Who do you think shot Bill? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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