B&B alum Ashleigh Brewer joins new soap
Posted Monday, April 02, 2018 7:32:05 AM
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The Bold and the Beautiful's Ashleigh Brewer (ex-Ivy Forrester) is going back to her Australian soap roots with a new role on Home and Away.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful's Ashleigh Brewer (ex-Ivy Forrester) will be happy to know that even though she has left the CBS Daytime series, she's keeping her career soap opera-based. But rather than joining a show in the United States, the Australian native reveals she has landed a new role on the Aussie series Home and Away.

Brewer, who just wrapped up her four-year role on B&B, has taken on the role of Chelsea, a police officer who comes to Summer Bay to give one of the major characters on the Australian soap a huge shock.

"I'm so excited about it. The character in particular is great and the storyline is fantastic. I'm very excited to dive into a show that is so long-standing and one that I know very well," she tells Digital Spy. "I was in LA when the role came up, so the audition side came to me by email and I recorded a tape that I sent through. I was later asked to do another tape, so I did that and then we signed off. It all happened really fast."

Funny enough, fans might not recognize Brewer when she makes her Home and Away debut, because she's sporting a whole new look: a blonde bob that's a far cry from her usual brunette locks.

"I just decided after Bold to go blonde and give it a shot, because it's something I've always wanted to do," she shares. "I've always been under contract, so as soon as I wasn't, I just made the change and I'm happy with it."

Another change Brewer made is a move back to Australia. She has been living in Palm Beach, where Home and Away films, and is happy to report it's been on her bucket list for a long time. But after her six-month stint on the soap ends, she will definitely be returning to Los Angeles.

"In terms of the future, it's definitely to get back to LA. My house is there, my boyfriend is there, my dog is there, my whole life is there," she says, adding that she's excited to see what 2018 and beyond will bring "Living in the US gives you that chance to connect with people and understand that relationships are so important. I have a secure, solid and trustworthy web over there, so I'm really excited to get back over there to see what happens."

As for her time on B&B, Brewer says it taught her a lot about how to make it as an actress in a fast-paced city like Los Angeles. "I learned a lot about the US market by working on that show," she says. "I was able to find my feet in LA with an incredible supportive job, which is so rare. So I'm very thankful for that show."

Prior to joining B&B in 2014, Brewer starred on the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours from 2008 to 2011. Her additional credits include The Sleepover Club and H2o.

What do you think about Brewer's first post-B&B gig? Would you like to see her join another US soap opera in the future? If so, which one? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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