WATCH: B&B shares a behind-the-scenes video of its latest cast photoshoot
Posted Tuesday, July 24, 2018 7:43:18 AM
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The Bold and the Beautiful has released a gorgeous new cast photo along with a fun behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the exciting photoshoot.

The entire cast of The Bold and the Beautiful has once again been captured on film, and the CBS drama series' latest photoshoot may be one of its most impressive yet.

Stars from the world's number one daytime drama gathered for what Ingo Rademacher (Thorne Forrester) called "kind of a cruisey day" where they could all let loose, pose for the cameras, and not have to worry about remembering lines.

"It's always fun when we gather together," says Don Diamont (Bill Spencer). "Everybody's taking shots at each other, having a good time."

Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) concurs, admitting that the potential for hijinks during events like these is high.

"These are the days where we kinda feel like we're gonna be here all day," he explains. "We're in the trenches together, and that's when we really bond and kinda get to joke around and then get yelled at. But we still get to joke around! And that's part of the fun for me, is getting to see the whole cast. Almost all of us are here, so it's nice. It's like a little reunion party."

Even Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan), who has already done thirty B&B cast photoshoots, is able to keep things fresh and fun.

"I have so many poses, I can't even tell you. I think I just went through 30 when I was just doing my singles," she jokes, adding that there's one clear photoshoot pose winner: "The hand on the hip kind of looking at the camera is a good one."

Check out behind-the-scenes video of B&B's cast photoshoot below and let us know what you think about this year's cast photo results.

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