B&B faces unexpected cancellation in South Africa
Posted Thursday, February 07, 2019 10:03:39 AM
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The Bold and the Beautiful is reportedly being canceled in South Africa, which would will drastically cut international viewership of the world-famous soap.

The thought of The Bold and the Beautiful being canceled is gut-wrenching, and it looks like fans of the international soap opera in South Africa are experiencing that exact horror.

According to tvplus magazine, B&B has been axed from the SA network that has aired the series for the last three decades and will be airing for the final time on Friday, March 1.

"BREAKING NEWS! SABC3 has pulled the plug on long time soapie The Bold And The Beautiful," reads the publication's Facebook page. "The last air date for the soapie is Friday 1 March. According to a schedule update, the reason given says, 'The management of the channel decided to cancel or discontinue Bold due to the investment performance in the slot which does not make business to continue with such a property on the schedule, hence the cancellation.'"

However, South Africa's Channel 24/DRUM reports that SABC 3's decision to cancel B&B isn't set in stone. The network's publicity coordinator, Doulha Domingo, says they are still in talks and that "the ultimate decision will not come from the channel but from SABC corporate." She adds that the network will "keep our viewers updated on the process as it continues."

Since tvplus broke news of the possible cancellation, B&B fans in South Africa have started a petition to keep the American soap opera on the air. They're hoping that the the Forresters, the Spencers, the love triangles and all of the other fashion-related drama the soap opera brings continues to air now and in the decades ahead.

In 2017, Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) and Karla Mosley (Maya Avant) traveled to South Africa for special appearances to thank fans for their love of B&B.

"I'm so thankful that after thirty years, our South African viewers and our broadcaster, SABC3, remain an integral part of our extended television family," said B&B Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell in a statement at the time. "To celebrate this occasion, we're sending Karla, Heather and Jacob in person to convey our warm greetings and gratitude to our fans."

According to B&B's official website, the CBS soap opera airs in over 100 countries around the globe.

UPDATE (March 4, 2019): According to South Africa's Eyewitness News, SABC 3 has followed through on its decision to cancel The Bold and the Beautiful. In an official comment, the network explains that budget cuts are to blame for axing the soap opera.

"In response to the current financial challenges facing the SABC, the channel is implementing a programming strategy which seeks to ensure that it provides compelling and entertaining programming that resonates with audiences. From 4 March, SABC 3 will broadcast a news and current affairs program, Democracy Gauge at 5:30PM. This will be followed by the local sitcom, Taryn and Sharon at 6PM and local drama Keeping Score at 6:30PM."

The SABC 3 also thanked viewers who have shown unwavering support to B&B since it debuted in the country back in 1997.

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