Death takes Joe LoCicero's Vinny off the canvas at The Bold and the Beautiful... or does it?
Posted Monday, April 05, 2021 2:11:13 PM
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There you have it folks: The Bold and the Beautiful kills Vinny in a murder storyline that has ended Joe LoCicero's two-year run on the CBS soap opera.

Whoa, baby! Today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful ended with Liam (Scott Clifton) mowing down Vincent Walker (Joe LoCicero) in a tragic car accident. The (not so?) shocking turn of events spells the end of LoCicero's on-again, off-again two-year run on the CBS soap while at the same time spelling trouble for Liam that is only just beginning...

As Soap Central previously reported, B&B decided to rejuvenate the canvas with what was hailed as a "murder mystery storyline." Though it doesn't seem to be much of a mystery -- Liam was clearly seen slamming into Vinny -- the show's executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell, said he was super excited about the story because it wasn't planned to be cut and dried.

"I love murder mysteries, but it will turn into a very complex mystery," Bell previewed. "There will be twists and there will be surprises."

Those surprises could start kicking in as early as Tuesday, April 6, which is said to be just as entertaining as today's episode, as it picks up from the "OMG" murder moment with even more can't-miss material. So, it goes without saying, keep tuning in to B&B to find out where all of this is going!

Joe LoCicero joined the cast of B&B in the recurring role of Vincent "Vinny" Walker in 2019. His other television credits include Jane the Virgin and Kingdom, while his film credits include Someone Great, Miss Bala, and the upcoming Will You Be My Quarantine?

How do you feel about B&B's decision to kill Vinny? Do you think this storyline will turn into a murder "mystery," or do you think the character's death was marketed in the wrong way? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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