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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, May 17, 2019
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Friday, May 17, 2019

In Bill's bedroom, Bill and Katie couldn't believe that it was happening between them again. Bill asked if Katie was afraid. She wasn't, and he noted that he could hear the confidence in her voice. He was grateful for whatever had happened to change her mind about them. "About that..." Katie responded. She said he needed to know about something she'd done.

Katie explained that she hadn't been in an emotional position to accept Bill's marriage proposal when he'd first made it. After he'd asked her, she'd recalled how things had been when they'd been at their best together. She'd been confused because, while they'd had more good moments than bad, she hadn't known how to trust that Bill had meant what he'd been saying.

Bill reasoned that Katie had obviously found a way. Katie revealed that it had been Shauna. Bill gazed quizzically at Katie. Katie elaborated that she'd gotten Shauna to come onto him and had listened in on his and Shauna's encounter to hear the result. Though she knew it seemed underhanded, she felt she'd had to hear Bill say the words to someone else so that she could know that his commitment was true. She asked Bill to say she hadn't ruined everything.

Bill asked if Katie had really thought she'd needed to test him. Katie revealed that she'd seen Shauna and Bill at the bar at Il Giardino. Recalling that day, Bill said there had been nothing to it, and Katie could have joined him and Shauna. Katie replied that she hadn't realized that at the time because Bill and Shauna had seemed intimately engaged.

Katie noted the way he'd touched Shauna and the way Shauna had allowed it. Because Bill and Shauna had shared time together in the past, Katie had felt compelled to investigate before going forward with Bill. She hoped he could understand it.

Bill did understand and wasn't upset. Katie expressed surprise. Bill asked if she'd ever known him to close a big business deal without some reconnaissance. He asked what bigger deal there was than marriage. In fact, he got turned on whenever she outsmarted him. Katie said she'd have to remember that.

Bill and Katie kissed, and Bill's phone chimed. Bill received a message that Will's friend, Brady, wasn't feeling well, and the boy's father wanted to drop Will back off at home. "There goes our sleepover," Bill quipped. Katie replied that Will would be home, and it would make the night more special. Katie and Bill couldn't wait to tell their son the good news.

Later, Will arrived home and was bummed that his sleepover had been cut short. He suggested that he and his parents have a sleepover and asked Bill if Katie could stay the night at the house. Bill said that they could have a sleepover that night and every night. "Huh?" Will replied.

Bill and Katie conveyed that it was time, and they knew that Will wanted them to get together. Bill quipped that Will had spent enough of Bill's money. "You mean it worked?" Will asked. Katie said she and Bill had been headed that way, but Will had nudged them in the right direction. Will asked if his parents were saying what he thought they were.

Bill announced that he and Katie were getting married again. Will exclaimed that they'd made him the happiest kid in the world. Bill said that he and Katie had finally realized that they all were happiest when they were together. Katie added that they were blessed to be together.

Later, Katie and Bill tucked Will in for bed. Will asked what Bill would read to him and remarked that they'd finished the finance book. Bill decided to tell Will a story about King Bill, who'd had all the money, land, horses, and peasants in the world. King Bill was lonely on his "cold, gold throne" until the wizard asked who'd sit beside the king and share his throne.

Will exclaimed that it would be Mommy. Agreeing, Bill said that Fair Maiden Mommy became Queen Mommy. They had a financially savvy son, whose name happened to be Will. The king learned that even though he'd had all the money and riches in the world, he needed his Queen and son to share it with. Will assumed that they lived happily ever after, "the end." Bill, however, said it was just the beginning, and the family hugged.

At Brooke's house, Hope arrived as Donna, Brooke, and Justin were discussing Katie's experiment with Bill and Shauna. Hope groaned as they filled her in on what Katie had done to set Bill up. Brooke believed that even if Bill passed the test, he might not forgive Katie for deciding that he needed to take it.

Shauna arrived, and Brooke invited her in. Brooke wanted to know how things had gone at Bill's. Shauna glanced around at all the people in the room. Brooke informed Shauna that everyone knew what was going on.

Shauna announced that Bill had passed the test and was completely committed to Katie. Certain that Katie would tell Bill that she hadn't decided to trust him out of the blue, Brooke wondered how he'd react to learning that he'd been set up.

Hope prepared to leave again, saying that Quinn had invited her to the mansion to see HFTF jewelry concepts. Brooke received a message from Katie, who conveyed that she'd told Bill everything. To Brooke's surprise, it had turned out fine, and Bill had understood Katie's motives. Brooke was sure that Will would be happy. "His family reuniting," Hope uttered, smiling.

At the Forrester mansion, Flo arrived with her luggage. Moments later, Zoe entered, figuring that what she'd heard was true. "You're moving in with the Forresters?" Zoe asked. Flo quipped that word traveled fast. Zoe insisted that Flo couldn't move in there and said they both knew why.

Flo was tired of Zoe dictating to her. Zoe thought it was bad enough that Flo was working at Forrester. "But to weasel your way into -- " Zoe began to say. Interrupting, Flo asserted that she and her mother were invited guests, and Quinn wanted them there.

Finding it all absurd, Zoe was adamant that Flo should be keeping her distance from those people, not moving in. Zoe was trying to protect everyone and warned that if Flo let something slip around the Forresters, they'd all go to prison. Disagreeing, Flo said that Zoe might lose her job and boyfriend, but only Reese could go to jail -- and possibly Flo.

Zoe didn't even know why Flo was risking it when Flo could live a happy life in her hometown. Flo preferred to live her happy life where she was, and she wanted Zoe to accept it. Zoe didn't know why Flo couldn't get to know her family from a safe distance and thought Flo should be keeping her distance from everyone, especially Wyatt.

"About that..." Flo replied. Zoe hoped that Flo had enough common sense to keep Wyatt at arms' length. "Actually no," Flo replied. She explained that she and Wyatt would see more of each other because Sally had moved out of Wyatt's house.

Zoe asked if Flo honestly thought she could get close to Wyatt while keeping such a secret about his niece. Zoe didn't want to go to prison and was furious that Flo was messing with Zoe's life.

At the front door, which was ajar, Hope slipped in and paused when she saw Zoe and Flo arguing in the living room. Zoe told Flo that they all felt awful for Hope, but Hope could never know about Beth. "Beth? What about Beth?" Hope asked. Zoe stammered in response. Instantly upset, Hope yelled at them to tell her what it was about Beth.

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