Steffy attempts to hide her intense pain
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, July 31, 2020
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Friday, July 31, 2020

At Sally's apartment, Flo and Wyatt panicked when Sally collapsed to the floor. Penny flipped Sally over and called to her, to no avail. Penny yelled that they needed to call for emergency services.

At the hospital later, Dr. Griffith exited a room and asked if anyone was family. Flo and Penny listened as Wyatt piped up that he was Sally's former fiancÚ and as close to a relative as they could get at the time. Griffith conveyed that Sally, who was conscious and disoriented, had suffered a severe panic attack. Sally's body was suffering from extreme signs of stress, and from what Griffith could tell, it had been going on for a while.

Sally needed rest, but Griffith offered to let Flo, Penny, and Wyatt in for a short visit if they promised not to upset Sally. Griffith ducked her head into Sally's room and asked if Sally was up for visitors. Sally nodded, and Wyatt, Penny, and Flo silently filed into the room.

Sally felt embarrassed, but Wyatt said there was nothing embarrassing about a panic attack. She clarified that waking up in a hospital after pretending to be dying was the embarrassment. Sally repeated how sorry she was, and Flo stated that they knew it.

Speaking to Wyatt, Sally said she just needed him to understand. For Wyatt, watching Sally pass out had been as "scary as hell," and he asked that they not go through it again. Sally chuckled, stating that she had ended up in the hospital with a panic attack after constantly telling Penny not to panic. Sally noted that she'd lost Wyatt. She guessed that people got what they deserved.

Sally was surprised that Wyatt and Flo were there or cared about what happened to her. Wyatt didn't know how Sally could say that. Sally replied that he was right, and it wasn't surprising. It was just who they were.

Flo wasn't sure Sally should have them all there, and Penny stated that Sally should rest. Sally asked to speak to Wyatt alone, and Flo and Penny exited the room.

Alone with Wyatt, Sally noted that he was at her hospital bedside, just as she'd kept leading him to believe he would be. She swore she'd apologize to everyone for what she'd done. She didn't expect forgiveness, but she wanted everyone to know how sorry she was, especially Wyatt.

Sally said she loved Wyatt "so much," and she'd gotten desperate. Many times, she'd questioned how she'd gotten herself into such an enormous lie, but then she'd remember the life they'd been building. She hoped that when he thought of her, he'd remember that and not the lie.

Sally believed that she and Wyatt had had something special, and she was sorry she hadn't let him end it the way he'd wanted. She hoped the good memories would outweigh the bad and that he'd remember what they'd been to each other and understand why she'd been desperate not to give that up. "And maybe, just maybe, you can forgive me," Sally said.

In the emergency room waiting area, Brooke was still with Bill as Liam hurried in. He'd heard that Steffy had been in an accident. Brooke informed him that Steffy, who'd been unconscious for a while, was hurting, and everyone was waiting to learn the extent of her injuries.

Liam asked if some "bastard" had just plowed into Steffy. "The 'bastard' was me," Bill responded. Liam asked if Bill had been texting or drinking. "No and no," Bill said. He didn't know how the accident had happened. All he knew was that Steffy had appeared. He'd swerved, but it had been too late.

Liam concluded that it hadn't been Bill's fault. Liam wanted to see Steffy, and Bill nodded in the direction of Steffy's room.

In Steffy's room, Steffy grunted, bracing herself against her pain. Ridge told Dr. Finnegan that she needed more pain meds, and Finnegan agreed to up the dosage. Based upon her x-rays, the doctor understood why Steffy might need it.

Steffy claimed not to need more medication. Finnegan advised her not to suffer needlessly, but she still refused. Her x-rays showed that she had a back sprain and fractured ribs.

Liam entered and asked what he'd heard about fractured ribs. Steffy stated that it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. As he turned to leave, Finnegan again pointed out that the helmet had saved her life earlier that day.

Relieved, Liam was glad that Steffy was okay. "I don't know what I would have done if -- " he said. Cutting himself off, he repeated, "I don't know what I would have done. That's all."

Ridge quietly left the room. Steffy wanted her phone to call Amelia. Reminding Steffy that he was Kelly's father, Liam said he'd asked Amelia to take the child to the cabin.

Steffy asked if Hope was okay with it, and Liam said it had been Hope's idea. Steffy thanked him, and he said he'd always be there for their daughter. Tears sprang to Steffy's eyes as she realized that she almost hadn't been. "I could have died," she cried.

Sobbing, Steffy figured Liam thought she was horrible because of what had happened the other time she'd gone riding. Liam assured her that he didn't, and he urged her to rest and heal.

Steffy seemed to be hiding her pain. Liam asked if she was okay. She bit out that she was okay, but he wanted to get the doctor. More smoothly, she repeated that she was fine. She insisted that a little pain after an accident was routine. She had to show that she could handle it, so they'd discharge her sooner.

Steffy couldn't believe a freak accident was keeping her from spending time with her daughter. Liam asked if she remembered anything, but it was all a blur to Steffy. One moment, she'd been riding, and the next moment, the car had been there. Steffy said that she hadn't even had time to be afraid. She'd just awoken in the hospital.

In the corridor, Ridge updated Brooke and Bill about Steffy's x-rays. Bill wanted to see Steffy, but Ridge was against it. Bill reasoned that he needed a chance to apologize. "Please, Ridge," Bill said. He wanted Steffy to hear directly from him how sorry he was.

Ridge led Brooke and Bill into Steffy's room. Greeting them, Steffy said she'd just been telling Liam how strange it had been to awaken in pain, wondering how she'd gotten there.

Bill revealed that it had been because of him. He'd been on his way to see Kelly, hoping she'd cheer him up. He had almost been to Steffy's place when a motorcycle had appeared in front of him. He'd hit the brakes, but it had been too late.

Steffy was surprised to hear that Bill had hit her, but right away, she told him that it was okay. Struggling with pain, she claimed that she was fine, and it was just an accident. Ridge rushed to her side as she grimaced, voicing her pain.

Liam said it had happened earlier, and Steffy needed pain medication. He left to get the doctor.

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