Shauna blows Flo's cover
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, April 15, 2019
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Monday, April 15, 2019

At Forrester, Hope was ecstatic that Flo was her cousin. She guessed that it was the news Flo had wanted to tell her. "Unless there was something else?" Hope asked.

In Flo's silence, Wyatt assumed Flo had read the ancestry email and had been about to tell Hope about it. He apologized for taking away Flo's opportunity to announce the news herself. Flo replied that she hadn't known what to say.

Hope couldn't imagine how it felt to learn that one's father was dead before getting a chance to meet him. Shauna took the blame for that and said that if she'd known Storm was Flo's father, she would have told Flo sooner. Shauna felt that it was her fault Flo would never know Storm.

Quinn stated that Flo would know "of" him. Hope was certain that her mother and aunts would tell Flo plenty about Storm. Hope decided that Flo needed to meet them. There was no doubt in Hope's mind that the Logans would welcome Flo into the family.

At Spencer with Justin, Bill was relieved that he didn't have to put another kid on the payroll. He remarked that having a daughter might not be so bad. "Daddy's little girl," he imagined. Justin quipped that Bill wouldn't know what to do with a daughter.

A "temp" named Georgina announced that Mrs. Forrester was there. Thinking it was Brooke, Bill said he always had time for her. Quinn entered, and Justin decided to take his leave. As Justin left, Bill advised him to tell Georgina to be more specific when she mentioned "Mrs. Forrester."

Figuring that Quinn had a paternity update regarding their mutual friend, Bill immediately said he wasn't interested. Quinn gleaned that he didn't even remember Shauna's name, and Quinn still couldn't believe that Bill had hooked up with Shauna. "What are you talking about? She was hot. She's still hot!" Bill replied. Quinn grimaced. Chuckling, Bill assured Quinn that it had been a one-time thing, and there was no reason for Quinn to be jealous.

Quinn mirthlessly told Bill that he was very funny, but she wasn't jealous. Quinn was glad that Bill wasn't Flo's father because that meant the door was wide open for Wyatt and Flo. Bill reminded Quinn that Wyatt was in love with Spectra.

Quinn frowned, and Bill admitted that Wyatt did seem fond of Flo. Quinn explained that Wyatt and Flo had been close. Wyatt had had Flo's back when they'd been younger, and he still did. Quinn revealed that Wyatt had even gone with Flo to meet the Logans.

Bill wondered how that was going. Quinn imagined that the Logans would be full of tears. She said they'd cry, hug Flo, and cry some more before welcoming her into the family. "At least they better," Quinn concluded.

Later, Bill was saying that he was sure that Flo was terrific, but he didn't need to be related to her. Quinn responded that he kind of was related to Flo. Bill froze, listening. Quinn mentioned the baby that Steffy had adopted. Bill asked what about his granddaughter's sister. "How's this for a small world? Flo is Phoebe's birth mother," Quinn divulged.

At Brooke's house, Katie, Brooke, and Donna were still together when Hope arrived with Flo, Shauna, and Wyatt. Brooke was surprised to see so many people with Hope, who'd messaged her earlier. Hope said she'd decided to bring everyone over because Brooke had said that she was with her sisters. Katie asked what was going on, and Wyatt said that they had news.

Hope introduced her mother and aunts to Shauna and her daughter, Flo, and said the women were about to change the Logans' lives. Brooke and her sisters realized that Flo was the Flo they'd heard of before and that Donna had met. Katie asked what was going on. Hope stated that Flo and Shauna had quite the connection to them.

Katie asked how it involved Wyatt, and Wyatt explained that he and Flo had dated in high school. Flo and Wyatt divulged that they'd each wanted to find their fathers, and after Wyatt had found his, he'd encouraged Flo to do the same thing. Donna asked if Flo had found anything.

Hope said it was where "we come in." Brooke asked if the Logans knew the father. Shauna remarked about how it had felt to hear Bill Spencer's name again when she'd learned he was Wyatt's father. Brooke's mouth dropped open in shock. "Oh, my God. Again?" Katie asked.

Shauna said she hadn't known for sure, but she'd thought it could be Bill because of the timing. Katie seemed relieved when Wyatt said the DNA test had revealed that he and Flo were not related. Hope started going on about the big secret Flo had been trying to tell her. Wyatt promised to make it up to Flo for upstaging her moment with Hope.

Hope asked Wyatt to show Brooke, Donna, and Katie. Wyatt handed them his phone. Katie and Brooke didn't understand what they were looking at. Donna recognized it as the DNA project that she and Stephen had worked on. "Our brother is your father?" Brooke asked. Hope affirmed that Flo was their niece. "Flo's a Logan!" Hope exclaimed.

Brooke asked if Wyatt was certain about it. Wyatt replied that the proof was right there. Donna was confused about Shauna's connection to Storm and said Storm had never lived in Las Vegas. Shauna stated that he'd visited, and he'd been around during a crazy time in her life.

"But you didn't tell him?" Brooke asked. Shauna conveyed that she hadn't known that Storm was Flo's father, but had Shauna known, she would have told him. She was sure he would have wanted to know Flo and make her a part of his family.

Donna became emotional. It hurt her to learn that her brother had a daughter. She was sad upon thinking about the life Storm could have had, the different direction his life could have gone in, and the different choices he could have made. Donna believed that Storm would have given Flo everything he'd missed in a father. She figured that she and her sisters would have to do it for their brother, who was no longer there.

Katie agreed that they would and said that Flo was one of them. Brooke added that Flo was a Logan. Wiping away tears, Katie chuckled and said they had a lot to catch Flo up on. Shauna wanted Flo to know as much as she could about her father.

Brooke replied that there would be plenty of time for that, but for the moment, Flo just needed to know that Storm had been a kind man who'd stepped up to care for his sisters. Brooke believed he would have loved Flo very much.

Giggling, Donna noted the resemblance between Hope and Flo. Brooke saw it, too, and noted that she could see Storm in Flo's face. Flo was humbled upon hearing it. Brooke asked if she could welcome Flo into the family, and Brooke hugged Flo. Donna and Katie gave Flo hugs.

Shauna had been shocked to hear that Storm had died. Noting that she and Storm had been about the same age, Shauna asked if there were medical issues that Flo should know about. Brooke assured Shauna that there was nothing at all. Flo asked what had happened to Storm.

Donna asked Katie if she wanted to tell Shauna and Flo. Katie explained that she'd been shot in the heart, and she wouldn't have made it without a new heart. Unfortunately, none had been available. Donna and Brooke explained that they'd gathered around Katie to say their goodbyes. Flo asked how Katie had survived.

Katie said that Storm had felt guilty about what had happened. It had been his gun, and there had been a struggle. Katie said it had been an accident and that it wasn't really important to get into at the moment. Brooke didn't think Storm could have carried on if Katie had died. Donna added that Storm had known that he'd been a match. Katie said Storm had known that she couldn't live without a heart, and he'd wanted her to have his.

Touching her chest, Katie stated that Storm was a part of her. She asked if Flo wanted to feel Storm's heart. Flo did, and Katie let Flo put her hand over Katie's chest. After feeling Katie's heartbeat, Flo thanked Katie. Flo was grateful to all the Logans for welcoming her. She was looking forward to getting to know them and hearing stories about her father.

Hope exclaimed that Flo was one of them. "Maybe in time," Flo replied. Hope insisted that it was already so because of the connection they'd felt and the goodness within Flo. Hope said that Flo had already done much for their family and had given them an amazing gift. She couldn't thank Flo enough for what she'd done for Steffy. In Hope's view, it had been quite a sacrifice.

Flo didn't think that Hope needed to talk about it at that moment. Hope, however, affirmed that she did because it was a testament to Flo's character. Hope told Shauna that she'd raised an extraordinary woman, and Hope couldn't be happier that Flo was family.

Hope was stoked because Flo got to be a part of her daughter's life. Flo began to tell Hope again to stop talking about it, but Hope interrupted, saying that even though their circumstances were different, neither of them was raising the daughters that they'd given birth to. "What?" Shauna asked.

Hope told Shauna that Hope admired Flo for making the choice to give her daughter a chance at a better life. "Daughter? Daughter? What -- What -- What daughter?" Shauna asked. Shauna decided that Hope was confusing Flo with someone else because Flo had never even been pregnant. Everyone else in the room exchanged puzzled glances.

Hope asked Flo what Shauna was talking about. Hope stated that Flo had given her baby up, and Steffy had adopted the child. Hope was confused by Shauna saying that Flo had never even had a baby. "Is Steffy's daughter...Is Phoebe...? Oh, my gosh, Flo...Oh, my gosh...!" Hope exclaimed.

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