Donna is stunned when she witnesses Brooke betraying Katie
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, March 23, 2020
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Monday, March 30, 2020

At Flo's place, Flo was surprised to hear about Brooke and Bill kissing. Wyatt had told Flo about the pair's affair, but she thought it had happened years back. "Maybe not," Shauna responded. Flo asked what it meant for Ridge and Katie. Shauna didn't know how a woman in love with her man could kiss his worst enemy. Flo asked how Shauna had heard about it, and Shauna said she'd seen it.

Shauna didn't know what Brooke had been thinking to kiss her sister's husband -- or whatever Bill was to Katie. Flo became worried about Katie and said the stress would not be good for her aunt. Shauna could see why Quinn couldn't stand Brooke. Shauna didn't like her, either, but Shauna didn't want to hurt Ridge. That was why Shauna had made it clear to Quinn that Shauna wouldn't tell Ridge what she'd seen.

Flo stated that Shauna was protecting a marriage she didn't believe in because the man she loved was in love with his wife. Flo was proud of her mother for not being "that woman" and figured Brooke would just deny it, anyway. Shauna said that wouldn't fly because Shauna had recorded it on her phone.

Shauna hadn't even known why she'd recorded it. It had just been an unconscious reaction. Flo asked if Bill and Brooke had seen Shauna. Shauna quipped that they'd been a little busy. Shauna explained that Quinn had wanted Shauna to go to Ridge with the footage, but Shauna didn't want to be the cause of upending his marriage. She said that if Bill and Brooke were sleeping together, the truth would eventually get out, but it wouldn't be due to Shauna.

Flo thought the video could make a difference. Shauna believed in timing. She wasn't sure if she and Ridge had lost their moment or if it was yet to come, but it wasn't then. Flo reasoned that it could be then, and Ridge's natural next step would be to go to Shauna. Shauna said Flo sounded like Quinn, but Shauna was going to Vegas. She'd already deleted the video, and no one would know about the kiss between Brooke and Bill.

Shauna said it was a shame on Brooke. Flo added that it was a shame on Bill, too. Shauna stated that Flo was always fair. Flo replied that she was raised right. Flo reasoned that Shauna could have used the video and gotten Ridge. Shauna insisted that she couldn't hurt Ridge that way, and he'd never hear from her that Brooke had been unfaithful and didn't deserve him.

Flo respected that and said she'd miss her mother. Shauna cherished the time she'd spent with Flo, but Shauna had to leave because she couldn't watch Ridge with Brooke while knowing what she knew about Brooke. Shauna just wanted to put it behind her and forget about the most incredible man she'd ever met.

At Brooke's house, the family looked on as Brooke expressed sorrow for the kiss. She hadn't meant for it to happen. Ridge asked if she'd tripped and fallen onto Bill's lips. Bill tried to speak, but Ridge told him to shut up. Brooke told Bill not to try to defend her because there was no excuse for what she'd done. "What we did," Bill corrected.

Katie uttered that Bill and Brooke made her sick. Brooke was sorry and implored Ridge and Katie to find a way to forgive her. Ridge didn't know what to say to Brooke. He asked Katie if she was okay. "No, but thanks for caring," Katie replied through her tears. Bill attempted to speak to her, but she didn't want to hear what he had to say. Brooke asked Katie not to punish Bill over a kiss that meant nothing.

Katie asked if she was supposed to feel better upon hearing Brooke say that. She asked if she meant nothing to Brooke, and what kind of person risked everything for something meaningless. Brooke didn't know and didn't understand herself at times, either. Bill wanted to go home with Katie and talk. Sobbing, Katie asked how Bill could do it again after all they'd been through. She asked how he could betray her again with her sister.

Katie felt like a fool for loving Bill and Brooke. Bill was incapable of being faithful to her, and Brooke didn't care how much she hurt Katie. Brooke said it wasn't true. Katie cried that the two were all over each other on video for everyone to see, and it was humiliating for Katie.

Ridge asked why Brooke would do it to her sister. He'd seen Brooke's love for her sister and demanded to know why she'd do it to Katie. Bill stated that Brooke hadn't been alone. Ridge flared up at Bill, but intervening, Eric said Ridge had already taken his shot at Bill. Eric didn't want the situation to devolve into a brawl.

Brooke promised that it would never happen again, but Katie said the words lost impact after the third or fourth time Brooke said it. Unable to take it anymore, Quinn claimed that the only reason Brooke was having an attack of conscience was because she'd known the truth would get out.

Eric asked what Quinn had had to do with it. Ridge told her to stay out of it because it had nothing to do with her. Insisting that it did, Quinn revealed that she'd uploaded the disgusting video to the frame, and she wasn't the least bit sorry that Brooke was exposed for the cheater she was.

Eric asked why his wife would put herself in the middle of it. Quinn felt that someone had to hold Brooke accountable. Donna asked if Quinn couldn't have done it in private. Quinn apologized to Katie for Quinn's methods but said it would make everyone stop finding excuses for Brooke.

Bridge asked if Quinn hated Brooke that much and wondered what Brooke had done to Quinn. Quinn replied that Bridget would know if she was around more. Bridget guessed that Quinn had taken the video to hurt Brooke. Quinn said she hadn't taken the video. Brooke revealed that it had been Shauna, who'd been after Ridge all along.

Quinn quipped that if Shauna had been after Ridge, she'd have him already. In Quinn's mind, Brooke should be thankful for Shauna's restraint, which had given Brooke a second chance with Ridge. Quinn stated that Brooke had blown that by making out with Bill, and Brooke was disgusting for her inability to keep her lips off her sister's man.

Brooke told Quinn not to judge her, but Quinn claimed that she had the moral high ground. Bill interjected that Quinn wouldn't know a moral high ground even if she were drowning in one. Bill told Katie that he was sorry. Stating that he was right about that, Quinn called him and Brooke sorry human beings.

Eric ordered Quinn to stop and said it was enough. Quinn yelled that it wasn't. She asked if he intended to defend Brooke for betraying her sister and his son. Quinn said it was "business as usual" for Brooke, who'd been poisoning the family for years. Quinn was sorry for blindsiding Ridge, but she hoped it opened his eyes. She told him to take his pride back, kick Brooke to the curb, and move on with a woman who deserved him.

Brooke asked Ridge not to listen to Quinn, who didn't know Brooke or her heart. Brooke had never claimed to be perfect. She admitted that she was impulsive and didn't think things through at times. She also made mistakes that hurt the people she loved. She was sorry and hadn't meant for it to happen. She wished she could take it back and that she had been the one to reveal it.

Bill said he should have revealed it, too. Turning to Katie, he told her that he hadn't intended to tell her because he hadn't wanted to put that hurt look on her face over something that wouldn't happen again and hadn't affected Katie and him. Katie asked how he could say that. She asked if she looked unaffected to him. He replied that he was sorry.

Brooke was sorry, too, and she asked Ridge for another chance to make it right. Ridge was disappointed. He'd looked forward to reuniting and celebrating, but what he'd gotten instead was Brooke and Spencer. Brooke replied that they could get through it. Ridge stated that it was their life. "Aren't you tired of just getting through it?" he asked.

Ridge loved Brooke very much. He said she was his blessing and his curse. He decided that he couldn't be there. He asked Brooke not to go after him, not to call him, and not to try to find him. He asked her to just let him be. Quinn grinned as Ridge strode out the door.

At Eric's house later, Ridge turned down a photo of himself and Brooke by the fireplace. Quinn knew that Ridge was upset with her, along with Brooke and Bill, but Quinn refused to apologize. Ridge asked how Quinn had gotten the video.

Quinn explained that she'd gotten it off Shauna's phone and uploaded it, but Shauna hadn't known anything about it. She said Shauna had deleted the video, and that was the kind of woman Shauna was. Quinn told him to let Brooke be with Bill or whomever the next man was, but they were running out of time.

Ridge asked what that meant. Quinn said that Shauna was packing to return to Vegas as they spoke. Quinn told him that he couldn't let Shauna leave.

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