Bill senses hope for him and Katie
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, September 14, 2020
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Monday, September 14, 2020

At Spencer, Justin arrived with papers that closed deals on two radio station purchases. Wyatt and Bill lauded Justin, and Bill thanked Justin for taking up the slack while Bill had been unfocused. Justin replied that Bill had a lot going on in his personal life. Wyatt added that Bill was stuck between Katie and Brooke, and he wondered what Bill would do.

Justin said he'd thought Bill had professed his love for Brooke. Wyatt quipped that Justin had some catching up to do. Bill explained that he had believed he could have a life with Brooke; however, there was also "my Katie," a woman who'd taught him that he could commit and settle down. He had a family with Katie and wasn't ready to give it up.

Bill explained that Katie had shut down on him after that kiss and would hardly acknowledge his presence when he'd pick up Will. Katie had said they'd been done, and that had refueled his attraction to Brooke. Brooke, however, was determined to reclaim her marriage to "that poser." Bill didn't get why she was so hung up on Ridge.

Justin wondered if Bill was saying that he was willing to give up the dream of Brooke for the reality of Katie. "Or is it just that Brooke is not available?" Justin asked.

Bill denied either prospect and said Katie was right for him, more than any woman he'd ever been with -- including Brooke. He stated that he had to earn Katie's trust and be worthy of their family. He admitted that kissing Brooke had been wrong, "and if Katie -- when Katie takes me back, that is one particular mistake I won't make again."

Bill had a meeting to get to, but Justin didn't recall seeing anything on his calendar. Bill gave Justin the day off and said he'd send up a flare if he needed Justin.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Katie, Donna, and Brooke were still together. Katie recalled that Brooke had said that Bill had shown up in the middle of Brooke's last plea to Ridge. Brooke stated that Bill had barreled in there like he'd belonged. She wondered why he'd do that.

Katie thought they all knew the answer to that and said Bill had been looking for Brooke. Brooke recalled that he'd been concerned about her, and Quinn had had a smug look on her face. Katie asked if Quinn could have called him. Brooke responded that if Quinn had, she'd accomplished her mission of halting Brooke's inroads with Ridge. Katie was sure Ridge and Brooke would find their way back together as they'd always done.

Donna asked what would happen to Katie and Bill. Katie said she'd told Bill that it was over. Donna wondered if Katie had meant it and if Katie and Bill could be just as inevitable as Brooke and Ridge. Katie didn't think anything was that inevitable. Katie advised Brooke to do what she was good at -- keeping the faith until Ridge found his own faith. Katie believed that with patience and persistence from Brooke, Ridge would be back.

Donna agreed. Brooke reasoned that Ridge was still vulnerable to Shauna. Brooke blamed herself, citing her thoughtless and careless moment that had alienated him from her and made him susceptible to Quinn and Shauna.

Later, Katie was in the design office when she heard Bill behind her, telling her that she took his breath away. She murmured that she'd heard that before. He said the statement had held true all that time. Katie suspected Donna had called him there.

Bill didn't know what Katie was talking about. He told her that he missed her and their relationship. He knew that he'd ruined everything, and he'd never stop being sorry for it. He looked forward to seeing Will the next day and noted that the boy seemed to handle the separation well. Agreeing, Katie said he was a tough kid. Bill hoped that eventually, Katie would know how much he regretted screwing things up.

Katie was sorry, too. She was sorry Bill and Brooke couldn't stay away from each other, that the trust had been broken, and that she couldn't accept his apology and move forward. Part of Katie was telling her not to be prideful and to think of their family, but she wasn't ready yet.

Smiling, Bill decided that he'd take it as a positive that Katie had said she wasn't ready "yet." It was a sign of encouragement for him. Katie told Bill that he couldn't "stubborn" his way back into her trust. Bill offered to work on being stubborn and also proving that he was worthy of her trust. He missed his Katie, their family, and the life they'd created. He wanted to be the man he was when he was with her. He mostly liked that guy. She replied that she mostly liked him, too. Bill welcomed the challenge of winning her back and vowed to do whatever it took.

At the mansion, Quinn noted that Ridge seemed surprised by the wedding proposal. She wasn't surprised that Shauna wanted another ceremony, this time with friends, family, and a sober groom. It would be a celebration of Ridge and Shauna's love for everyone to see.

Quinn was ready to book Carter, but Ridge told her to hold on. He wondered why she was pushing for a second wedding. Quinn quipped that she should be ashamed for wanting to help her friend achieve a happily ever after. She asked if Shauna deserved a husband who remembered their wedding. Ridge said they were already married, and he didn't think another event would change anything. He suspected that something else was going on.

Quinn reasoned that Ridge had lucked out in having Shauna, who was just asking for one little thing. Quinn didn't know why he'd think twice about it. A woman's first marriage was supposed to be memorable for both parties, and having a wedding would solidify their union in front of the entire family. Quinn asked if he wanted all of the Forresters to accept Shauna as his wife.

Ridge asked if Quinn realized that the family included Brooke. Agreeing, Quinn expressed her desire to have Brooke there and said it would help her accept the fact that she and Ridge were no longer married and that Shauna was his wife. Ridge wanted to hear from Shauna.

Quinn said Shauna would tell him what Quinn had been saying. Shauna wanted a wedding in front of the family, kids, and Brooke, especially Brooke. Quinn insisted that Brooke needed to see it. It would be the only way that Brooke would accept the marriage.

Ridge flashed back to Brooke saying she couldn't stand the thought of him with Shauna and that she loved him. He agreed with Quinn that first weddings were important, but he also didn't want to rub Brooke's face in it. He said he'd think about it and talk to Shauna. Quinn appreciated him letting her spoil the surprise before Shauna. She just wanted Shauna to be happy. Ridge said he was going to the office, and he left.

Sometime later, Quinn was on the phone with Shauna, asking what Ridge had said when he'd called her. After listening a bit, Quinn said the big picture was that Ridge was considering a second ceremony, and if it happened, all of Shauna's guilt about filing the divorce papers and marrying a drunk Ridge would go away. Shauna would have a wedding that no one would forget -- especially Brooke.

Later, Ridge was in the CEO's office, sketching. He flashed back on moments with Brooke, and to his surprise, she entered the office. She was sorry to interrupt and said he'd seemed far away. He replied that he'd been closer than she thought.

Brooke was frustrated that she and Ridge always went two steps forward only to get pushed two steps back. Ridge guessed the universe was telling them something. Brooke believed it was Quinn and said it hadn't been a coincidence that Bill had wound up at the mansion earlier.

Upset, Ridge didn't want to talk about Quinn, Shauna, or Bill. Ridge claimed he'd left the house when Bill had arrived because he hadn't wanted to lose his temper.

Ridge wanted Brooke to hear it from him that Shauna desired to have another ceremony at the house. Brooke asked why Ridge would want to do that and legitimize it in front of the family. Ridge replied that it was already legitimate. Brooke was in disbelief. She blamed herself for kissing Bill and sending Ridge into Shauna's arms. Brooke said she and Ridge needed to fix it. She wanted her husband back. She loved him and would always love him.

"Oh, Logan, I love you so much," Ridge replied. He called her the love of his life. Ridge was still seeing Bill's hands all over her and hearing that she loved Bill. It was the same thing she'd just said to Ridge. Brooke stated that it wasn't the same. He insisted that it was. He couldn't "unhear it" and didn't know where to put it.

Brooke said Shauna wanted the wedding to keep her claws in Ridge. Brooke stated that he didn't even love Shauna. Brooke asked why he'd go through with it. Brooke declared that she and Ridge loved each other, and they were the ones with the history. She wanted them back and stated that no one -- not even Shauna -- would get between them. Brooke believed that they'd be reunited. She intended to hang onto that belief. She asked him not to get Shauna's hopes up or go through with that wedding.

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