Vinny's knowledge of paternity lingo surprises Thomas
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, February 22, 2021
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Monday, February 22, 2021

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy talked about releasing a marketing teaser about HFTF. Ridge thought Steffy needed to discuss it with Hope, but Steffy assumed that she was the last person Hope wanted to talk to. Steffy still couldn't believe the state of things. She'd been certain that Finn would be the father of her baby. Ridge asked how Finn was dealing with it.

Steffy believed that she and Finn would be fine. It was Hope and Liam that Steffy was worried about. She didn't think she and Liam could have hurt Hope more if they'd tried, and she wasn't sure that Hope would forgive Liam. Ridge asked again about Steffy and Finn, and Steffy replied that Finn kept saying that they'd be okay.

"That's because it's true," Finn said, entering with flowers. He told Steffy that he couldn't wait to walk into the future with her. Finn was amazed by how much the baby was growing. He asked how she was doing and about her energy levels. Ridge noted that Finn was good for Steffy and for Ridge's grandchild. Finn said the baby had to be first.

Ridge added that one couldn't stress over what one couldn't change. Agreeing, Finn told Steffy that Liam was the father, but the baby was a gift. Finn wanted to treat it that way. From then on, he planned to be the sleep police, the hunger police, and the well-being police. He'd make sure the baby and mother were doing as well as could be at all times.

It meant a lot to Steffy that Finn cared so much about her and her baby. Ridge stated that a lot of guys would have walked away, and as Steffy's father, Ridge was thankful that Finn hadn't. Finn was honored to be in Steffy's life. He loved her and would be by her side, no matter what happened.

Later, Steffy and Finn were alone, and he wondered if she really had to be at work. He thought she should be relaxing. Steffy said she hadn't slowed down with Kelly, and she wouldn't with the new baby, either. She didn't seem stressed to him, but he wanted her to reevaluate things if it changed. She promised to do that.

Steffy wished the child was hers and Finn's. Finn didn't want Steffy to be sad. He wished that the child had been his, too, but he figured that they could still have what they wanted. The only difference was biology. Finn said that he and Steffy were together, and that put him in the middle of the baby's life. He planned to be a presence, an influence, and a source of love.

Steffy didn't know what she'd done to deserve Finn and said she and the child were blessed to have him. Finn stated that they'd be a family, and Liam had always been an element of it as Kelly's father. It was all fine with Finn, who'd take Steffy however she was. She said he was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time, and she wished she'd remembered that instead of slipping back into old patterns and habits.

Finn didn't want Steffy to think about it and become stressed. Steffy blinked and got upset. She didn't know how she could have been so wrong. Finn hugged her.

In the backstage area, Thomas tried to get Hope's advice on a design, but her mind was elsewhere. He figured he shouldn't be asking her about work, but she said that was why she was there. He asked if she was okay and then figured he'd asked a dumb question.

Vinny strode up behind a rack as Thomas was telling Hope that he'd be there if she needed him as a friend, co-parent, or coworker. Hope replied that she appreciated it. She concluded that she hadn't been as prepared for the test result as she'd thought. She'd convinced herself that Finn would be the father, and Steffy had been very sure.

Thomas saw Vinny. Vinny greeted Hope and Thomas. Vinny said he'd heard about the paternity test. Thomas scowled. Vinny told Hope that she didn't deserve it, but he was happy that Hope wasn't alone and had "the big guy" looking out for her. Hope acknowledged that Thomas had been a good friend. Rendering Thomas an uncomfortable expression, Hope decided to take off.

Hope left, and Thomas asked Vinny "what the hell" was wrong with him. Vinny took lunch items out of a bag and set them on the table, and Thomas asked if Vinny had seen how fast Hope had gotten out of there after what Vinny had said to her.

Vinny figured that Hope had already been uncomfortable, and it had been because of Liam's cheating, not Vinny. Vinny asserted that Liam had blown up everyone's lives because he hadn't kept his hands off Steffy. Thomas claimed that it was more complicated than that.

Vinny urged Thomas to be there for Hope and not let the chance slip by. Vinny said that Steffy was pregnant with Liam's child. It was a scientific fact, and the paternity test had locked it in. Thomas asked why Vinny seemed happy about it. Vinny wasn't happy that Hope was suffering, but he stated that one couldn't deny paternity. Vinny said that it all lined up; all the markers were there, and the fetal DNA didn't match Finn's. That made it Liam's kid.

Thomas asked what Vinny had just said about fetal DNA. Guessing he'd missed something, he asked when Vinny had become an expert on paternity tests. "Dude, I told you -- I've been working at the lab for a while now," Vinny responded. Vinny knew that Thomas thought Vinny was dumb, but Vinny asserted that he wasn't that dumb. He knew how blood tests worked.

Vinny decided that the main point was that Liam would go running back to Steffy because that was what Liam always did. Vinny figured that when it happened, the tide would turn for Thomas, who'd finally have a chance with Hope. When it happened, Vinny was sure Thomas would think back to that conversation and thank his friend Vinny.

At Spencer, Liam talked to Wyatt and Flo about the upheaval the paternity test had caused. Wyatt acknowledged that Hope and Liam were going through big issues, but Wyatt didn't think Hope would bail on Liam. Liam stated that he'd broken Hope's heart and trust, and Steffy was carrying his baby.

Wyatt believed that Hope loved Liam and was extraordinarily compassionate. Though he thought it might take time, Wyatt believed Hope would open her heart to Liam, the baby, and the whole situation. Liam wasn't so sure. He wondered how many lives would be changed forever due to the stupid decisions he'd made on one night.

Liam berated himself for jumping to the wrong conclusions and not confronting Thomas. Flo told Liam to stop beating himself up. Wyatt granted it to Liam that he'd made a huge mistake, but Wyatt wanted to know how Liam would salvage it. Liam said he intended to be there for Steffy and the baby, but he'd spend the rest of his days making up for the hurt he'd caused Hope.

Later, Wyatt and Flo were alone, and Flo was admiring a sparkly bracelet on her arm. She said Wyatt shouldn't have. He replied that his valentine deserved only the best. They intended to celebrate more that night, and she teased that she had some surprises, too.

Wyatt mentioned that he'd been about to give the gift to Flo when Liam had arrived earlier. The topic turned back to Liam's problems. Wyatt wished Liam had confronted Thomas about the mannequin. Flo said Liam could have done that or gone anywhere but Steffy's house.

Wyatt figured that Liam wouldn't have slept with Steffy unless he'd thought his marriage had been over. Because of the baby, Flo didn't think Liam's marriage would be the same. Wyatt asked if Flo thought Hope would forgive Liam. Flo was sure Hope would try but said it was kind of hard to get beyond one's husband having a baby with his ex.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was gazing at pictures above the fireplace when Hope arrived. She hadn't known he'd be there and asked where the kids were. He'd asked Donna to take the kids because he knew it was hard for Hope to pretend that there wasn't a problem for the kids' sakes. He hoped she hadn't closed her heart to the possibility of them.

Liam stated that Hope was the one person in the world that he was supposed to protect from pain, but he'd caused her the most pain. He wished she knew how much he regretted it. Hope knew that, but it didn't make the pain go away. He figured that it was asking a lot, but he had to believe there was a way through it if she'd just stick with him.

Kneeling before Hope, Liam said all he'd had to do had been to ask Thomas what had been going on. Instead, Liam had blown up their life and their family. Liam said Hope deserved better from Liam, the guy who was supposed to know her better than anyone. He guessed he needed to work on knowing himself better. He loved the life they'd made. He didn't think he was ready to give it up just yet.

Liam stated that his and Hope's love had been tested many times. They'd always overcome it, and he had to believe they would again. Hope wanted to believe it. She loved their life. She loved their family. She loved Liam. She'd loved him from the moment they'd met. She said that they'd finally had it all, but he'd chosen to throw it away. He'd broken her heart, and Steffy was pregnant with his child. Liam touched Hope's hand, and she fought back tears.

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