Liam and Bill have a smashing encounter on a roadside
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, April 5, 2021
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Monday, April 12, 2021

In the CEO's office, Katie and Brooke met with Flo, who had the newest results for a HFTF focus group. Brooke and Katie were impressed by Flo's thorough work. Flo was glad to hear it and said she wanted to make them proud. Welcoming Flo into the family had been good for Brooke, and it had shown her that forgiveness was necessary.

Brooke explained that she'd been trying to work on Hope forgiving Liam. Katie was sure it would take time because Liam's infidelity with Steffy had been Hope's worst nightmare. Brooke thanked God that the baby was Finn's because Hope probably couldn't have gotten beyond Liam having another child with Steffy.

Flo added that Hope definitely wouldn't have been able to get beyond the night Liam and Steffy had had together. Brooke replied that Liam should have known better instead of jumping to the wrong conclusions. Katie added that he'd fallen back on old habits; however, she believed he'd learned his lesson and wouldn't do it again, and she said Steffy and Finn were happy together.

Brooke was thankful for that. She wanted the same thing for Hope and believed that Liam and Hope could have it again. Katie suspected that, in addition to Brooke supporting the marriage in general, Brooke was especially promoting it because she didn't want Hope near Thomas.

Brooke admitted that her feelings for Thomas were complicated. She said he was Ridge's son, and Ridge believed everything Thomas said. It wasn't so easy for Brooke to do that. Katie figured that Brooke hadn't forgiven Thomas for keeping Beth from Hope.

Brooke replied that she hadn't. She said Thomas had manipulated Douglas and Hope, and Brooke didn't think it was that easy for someone to get over a fixation like Thomas had. Katie asked if Brooke had seen anything that set off alarm bells for her. Brooke hadn't. Katie wondered if Flo had seen anything at work. In Flo's view, Hope and Thomas seemed like good friends, and Flo didn't see Thomas "angling" for Hope in any way.

Katie concluded that Hope had to feel comfortable with Thomas to let him design for her. Brooke said Hope always wanted to see the best in people. Flo figured Hope would have her guard up after what had happened. Brooke replied that Hope had claimed to, but Brooke got a strange feeling every time Thomas was around Hope.

Katie called Brooke a protective mother, and Flo recalled that Thomas had been the one to tell Hope the truth about the paternity test results. Brooke replied that she'd thanked Thomas for it. Brooke had always thought Vinny was shady, but she'd never thought he'd switch paternity test results so that Hope and Thomas could be together.

In the morgue, Thomas was devastated by the sight of the dead Vinny on the table. Dr. Ricks asked if Thomas could provide Vinny's full name for the record. Thomas stated that the man on the table was Vincent Walker. Thomas asked how it had happened and who'd done it.

Later, Vinny's body was gone. Dr. Ricks closed the door to a refrigerated cabinet drawer and left the room. The red-eyed Thomas still couldn't believe that Vinny was gone. Hope said she was sorry. Finn guessed that Vinny had been Thomas' oldest friend. The tearful Thomas acknowledged it. He recalled that he'd been furious at Vinny and had blocked Vinny's number.

Hope said Thomas had been understandably upset with Vinny. Sobbing, Thomas reasoned that Vinny might have been sorry, like Thomas had been in the past. Thomas said he could have shown Vinny compassion. Thomas needed to know what had happened and how Vinny had died. In Thomas' view, Vinny had been young and healthy. Thomas couldn't believe he was talking about his friend in the past tense. "I could have been nicer to him," Thomas murmured.

Hope tried to tell Thomas not to do that, but Thomas yelled that Vinny had been his best friend. Thomas apologized for yelling and asked what Finn knew about what had happened to Vinny. Finn didn't know much, but he was sure a police investigation would be imminent. He explained that a car had hit Vinny in Bel Air. "In Bel Air? In the middle of the night?" Thomas asked.

Thomas wondered what the driver had said. Finn explained that the driver had left the scene. "Vinny was killed in the hit-and-run," Finn concluded. Thomas couldn't believe some "son-of-a-bitch" had just run his friend over and left. Thomas said that, despite other things, Vinny had been a good guy. When Thomas had gone off the rails, Vinny had offered Thomas a place to stay. Thomas asked why he hadn't been there for Vinny.

Hope asked Thomas not to beat himself up, but Thomas persisted in the belief that he could have talked to Vinny, yelled at him, or had one last conversation. Thomas knew that Vinny hadn't been perfect, and his bad decision could have robbed Finn of his child and destroyed Hope's marriage; however, Vinny had thought he'd been doing Thomas a favor.

Thomas wasn't defending Vinny but noted that Vinny had thought he'd been doing it for a good reason. Thomas said that what Vinny had done for money hadn't been good. It had made Vinny rough around the edges, but Thomas had thought Vinny had had potential. Angry, Thomas raged that it wasn't even a possibility anymore because some animal had run Vinny over on the side of the road. The person hadn't even stopped to help Vinny.

Thomas asserted that Vinny hadn't mattered to the driver, but he'd mattered to Thomas. Thomas said that the cops had better find who'd done it, or Thomas would himself.

At Bill's house, Bill persisted in trying to convince Liam to refrain from going to the police about the incident with Vinny. Exclaiming that it had been an accident, Bill said he'd been there and had seen Vinny step in front of the car. Bill doubted a jury would believe it because of how much Liam hated Vinny, and Bill wouldn't let Liam throw his life away over it.

Liam claimed that he never would have let them leave the scene if he hadn't been passed out, and he raged that Bill always made things worse. Bill reasoned that confessing would make it worse, and Liam didn't need to do that because there was nothing connecting him to Vinny's death. Bill added that Vinny hadn't even been identified.

Bill reminded Liam that Bill had gotten rid of the car and Vinny's wallet and cell phone. Bill had also jogged to the scene and had spotted no cameras in the area of the crash site. Bill insisted that it was going to work and ordered Liam to just put it out of his mind.

Closing the front door, Wyatt demanded to know what was going on and what Liam had to put out of his mind. Liam wandered to the terrace and gazed out the window. Bill began bickering with Wyatt about just waltzing into the house without calling or knocking, but Wyatt said he'd thought Bill had said his home was their home. Bill wanted privacy in case he was doing "who knows what" in there. Undaunted, Wyatt insisted upon knowing what had happened.

Bill claimed everything was fine, but Wyatt noted that Liam hadn't said anything. Liam stammered that nothing was going on. Bill distracted Wyatt again, pulling him into a bickering match about how Wyatt was overreacting. Wyatt wouldn't be deterred and asked if Liam was okay or needed to talk about something.

Bill said Liam wasn't feeling well, and Wyatt was making it worse. Wyatt asked Liam if he wasn't feeling well. "Nauseous," Liam uttered. Wyatt said that was a start, but it still didn't explain the tension Wyatt had felt when he'd arrived. Bill argued that Wyatt had brought the tension in and claimed that it was what Wyatt did.

Wyatt asked Liam if he'd tell Wyatt if something was wrong. In Liam's silence, Bill decided he'd tell Wyatt what was going on. Bill couldn't believe Wyatt couldn't figure it out for himself and asked Wyatt why Liam was living there in the first place. Bill reminded Wyatt that Liam was separated from his wife and children. Bill asked Wyatt how he thought that made Liam feel.

Bill explained that the bottom had fallen out of Liam's world. "I mean, look at him. He's in pain. He's suffering. He's tormented by what he did," Bill stated. Bill added that what had been done was done, and Liam had to let it go. Skeptical, Wyatt replied that if it was true, he was sorry and should have realized what had been going on.

Liam stated that he probably shouldn't have left. Bill asserted that there was no going back. Wyatt agreed and told Liam to stop beating himself up. The tearful Liam said it was easier said than done. Wyatt believed that Liam was a good person. Liam replied that he really wasn't.

Wyatt didn't know anyone more caring than Liam and said Liam wouldn't deliberately hurt anyone. Agreeing, Bill repeated what Wyatt had said about Liam. Bill added that there was no point in Liam tormenting himself because it could cost him everything he cared about and loved. "You just have to let it go, son. Let it go," Bill said. Bill told Liam to forget what had happened and move on.

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