The picture frame exposes Brooke and Bill
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Thursday, March 26, 2020

At Eric's house, Quinn doubted Brooke would tell Ridge about the kiss, but she invited Brooke to go ahead and expose herself as the lying, conniving witch that she was. Brooke concluded that Quinn didn't really want Brooke's respect. Instead, Quinn wanted to destroy Brooke's relationships with Ridge and Katie. Quinn said Brooke had done that by making out with Bill.

Brooke stated that Shauna shouldn't have been snooping around, taking video. Quinn explained that Shauna had deleted the video to give Brooke a second shot. Quinn might have done the same thing if Brooke hadn't attacked Quinn's marriage.

Brooke was confident that Ridge wouldn't see the video or break up their marriage over a silly little kiss. She intended to celebrate their reunion and tell Ridge about the kiss later. They would put the ugliness behind them, and everyone would see that Quinn was the woman Brooke had been warning them about. Brooke left, and Quinn gazed at her portrait.

Eric arrived home. He intended to change clothes quickly for the party. Quinn needed to do that, too. Eric expected her to get beyond her differences with Brooke, starting that night. Quinn said she very much looked forward to the party. Eric was counting on the family to pull together.

Eric went upstairs to change, and Quinn called Shauna to implore her to stay in town. Shauna was packing at the time and said she and Quinn had already talked about that. Quinn insisted that Brooke and Ridge's marriage was in jeopardy. Wary, Shauna asked if Quinn had told Ridge about the kiss. Quinn said she didn't have to because the video said it all.

Shauna said that Ridge was committed to Brooke, and Shauna refused to interfere with that. Quinn continued to believe that Ridge deserved better and deserved to have Shauna. Shauna, who'd promised to be Ridge's friend, was adamantly against derailing his marriage. She did love Ridge, but he wasn't meant for her. She felt that Brooke was his future.

Shauna said she'd really miss her bestie. She asked Quinn to tell Ridge farewell for her. Quinn ordered Shauna not to hang up, but Shauna had already done it.

In Flo's apartment, Shauna sorted clothes and flashed back to her talk with Quinn about the video and Shauna's vow not to get between Brooke and Ridge.

Later, Shauna flashed back to her interactions with Ridge. Flo arrived, wondering if Shauna could get groceries. Shauna said she'd love to, "but..." Flo asked Shauna what was going on. Shauna revealed that she was going back to Las Vegas. Shocked, Flo said that Shauna loved living in Los Angeles.

Shauna affirmed that she did, but she felt that it was time to go. Her life was in Vegas. Flo thought the move was about Shauna's heartbreak over Ridge. Flo said it was okay to feel that way because Shauna and Ridge had shared something special. Flo figured Shauna would rather leave town than cause heartache for him. Shauna replied that, as hard as it was, she felt that it was the right thing to do.

At the party at Brooke's house, Katie urged Bill to be on his best behavior. As he promised to try, he noticed Donna staring at him. Bridget arrived, and Donna and Katie greeted her. Bridget was in town for a medical conference, and when she'd called to invite Ridge and Brooke to dinner, she'd wound up invited to the party.

Glad Bridget had made it, Ridge suspected Brooke would arrive soon. He asked Donna if Brooke had said where she'd been headed. Donna gazed around with a helpless expression.

Later, Katie, Bill, Ridge, and Donna were discussing the party guests. Bill was surprised they were just waiting for Eric and Quinn. Donna mentioned that Liam and Hope wanted to spend time with the kids but might stop in later. Brooke arrived. Greeting her with a hug, Ridge said she'd had the guests anxiously waiting. "One guest in particular," he added, pointing at Bridget.

Brooke cried out in surprise and hugged her daughter. Brooke hadn't known Bridget would be there. Bridget said she'd had to be there to celebrate, and there wasn't an obstacle Brooke and Ridge couldn't overcome. Brooke hugged Ridge and thanked him.

Brooke and Donna exchanged tense glances. Donna flashed her eyes at Bill, and he cynically glared back.

As the party continued, Donna pulled Brooke aside to talk. Donna asked if Brooke had been right about Quinn. In a hushed tone, Brooke conveyed that Quinn had done it, all right, but Shauna had been the one who'd filmed it. Donna fretted about how bad it was. Brooke wasn't sure. She said Shauna had deleted it from her phone because she hadn't wanted to be "that woman."

As a puzzled Bill gazed at Brooke and Donna, Brooke told her sister that it still hadn't stopped Quinn. Donna said Ridge had been asking about the frame. Brooke responded that it was empty, but Donna asked about the possibility that Quinn would show her video file to Ridge.

Brooke concluded that it was why she had to tell Ridge herself. Brooke reasoned that Ridge had kissed Shauna many times, but Brooke had only kissed Bill once. Brooke insisted that she and Ridge were back together, and they'd stay that way.

Brooke returned to Ridge's side, and they talked to Bridget and Steffy, who were glad that each's moping parent was happy again. Brooke was happy that her and Ridge's daughters supported the couple.

Brooke headed toward the front door, and Bill asked if she was sneaking out of her own party. Brooke had been on her way to check to see if Eric and Quinn had arrived. Bill asked Brooke to check on her nuttier-than-usual sister Donna, who'd been staring at him a lot.

Brooke sighed. Panicked, Bill asked if Donna knew. Nodding, Brooke said that Donna had seen them. Before Bill could find out how that had happened, Eric arrived with Quinn, who was clad in black leather. Seeing Brooke and Bill together, Quinn asked if she and Eric had caught them in the middle of something.

As Eric greeted people, Katie, Steffy, and Ridge located the picture frame in the drawer. Quinn walked over and said the gift was a great way to display what Brooke and Ridge meant to each other. Pressing buttons on it, Ridge said it didn't seem to be working. Quinn thought it was too bad and said she was sure there were things on it that they'd all love to see.

Later, Brooke and Ridge quietly talked. Brooke wanted to get a moment alone with him later that night. Ridge was all for that. She said it would be about "that," too, but she also needed to talk to him about something once the guests were gone.

Remembering the guests, Ridge wanted to show off the picture frame and asked why Brooke had put it away. Brooke claimed that something was wrong with it and said they'd fix it later.

Brooke walked away, and Ridge strode back over to the frame. He used his phone to input something into the frame's app. "And reset," he said. Images began to play on the frame. Satisfied, he placed the frame where it had once been on the table in the back of the room.

Katie called for a toast. As she gave a glowing speech about Ridge and Brooke, Donna noticed the frame scrolling through pictures behind Katie and Bill. Donna glanced around nervously and cleared her throat to get Brooke's attention. Brooke saw the frame playing. Everyone clinked their glasses, and Brooke stepped forward to head toward the frame.

Ridge pulled Brooke back to his side and began making his own speech. Donna and Brooke exchanged anxious expressions. Quinn looked at the frame just as the video of Brooke and Bill began. Brooke went pale as she watched it.

"What is that?" Steffy asked. The guests' attention turned to the frame. "Bill, is that you and Brooke?" Katie asked. Ridge turned his attention to the frame. A tear fell down Brooke's cheek as he said, "Logan? Logan!"

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