Shauna implores Paris to keep her secret
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, June 10, 2021
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Thursday, June 10, 2021

In the evening at Forrester, Paris leaned closer to the crack between the doors of the CEO's office. Inside the office, Shauna and Quinn were discussing Quinn's gratefulness that Shauna had lied to Flo to protect Quinn's marriage. Quinn wished she could let Shauna tell Flo the truth but couldn't risk it with Flo and Paris working closely together.

Quinn was sorry she'd dragged Shauna into it. Shauna replied that she'd been the one to jump in and save Quinn's butt, and she was glad she had. Shauna would rather put up with a few lies than see Quinn lose her marriage. It wouldn't happen as long as everyone thought it was Shauna sleeping with Carter, not Quinn.

Quinn left, but Shauna remained in the office. She left Flo a message to apologize for not confiding in her about Carter and to maybe make plans for later. Paris closed the office door as Shauna ended her call. Shauna said that Quinn had already gone, if that was who Paris was looking for. Paris definitely wanted to speak to Quinn next, but first, she needed a word with Shauna.

Shauna thought Paris had already made her point, and Shauna had no interest in interfering with Carter and Zoe. Paris believed that, but Paris recalled how shocked Flo had been that Shauna hadn't told her about it. Shauna said she hadn't thought Flo had needed to know about it. Paris figured there had to be more reason not to tell Flo than that.

Shauna didn't know what Paris was getting at but said it didn't matter because Shauna had told Flo everything. Paris questioned whether that was true, and Shauna asked what that was supposed to mean. Paris asked if Shauna had told the truth about the night Zoe had found Carter in bed with another woman or if it had been just a lie.

It wasn't adding up to Paris, the story Shauna was going around telling everyone. Shauna claimed she hadn't been telling everyone, and she was a private person. Paris said Shauna had been flaunting it. Paris had heard all about the jacket from Zoe, about how Shauna had blatantly thrown it on, making it known that she'd been in Carter's bed that night.

Shauna said she'd merely put on a jacket. She hadn't been making a statement or rubbing anything in Zoe's face. Disagreeing, Paris asked Shauna who'd been there for the confession. Paris said it had been Zoe, Carter, Shauna -- and Quinn, a woman Shauna would do anything for, including lie to her daughter.

Grabbing her purse, Shauna said she didn't know why Paris was talking about it, but Shauna didn't have time for it. As Shauna strode to the door, Paris announced that she knew the truth -- Shauna had never been with Carter and had been covering up for someone else. Quinn had been the woman in Carter's bed that night. "Oh, my God. Eric Forrester's wife. It was Quinn," she said.

Shauna chuckled and tried to say that she hated to disappoint. Paris interrupted and revealed that she'd heard every word about how grateful Quinn was to Shauna for her lies. Paris asked what the point was of trying to deny it.

Shauna admitted that it had been Quinn, not Shauna, but said it hadn't been like an affair or anything. Paris said a married woman had slept with a man who wasn't her husband. "Nothing like an affair?" Paris quipped. Shauna said that Paris needed to understand that Carter had been disillusioned by what Zoe had done.

Paris said not to blame it on Zoe. Shauna was just trying to explain where Quinn and Carter's minds had been. Quinn's marriage had been in a rough patch, and she'd been starving for companionship. Carter and Quinn had needed some warmth, "touch," and a connection.

Paris asked if that made it okay, cheating due to the need for human companionship. Paris said Quinn hadn't just betrayed Eric; Quinn had betrayed Zoe, too. Quinn had posed as Zoe's friend, telling her that she'd help Zoe reunite with Carter. Instead, Quinn had ended up in his bed.

Shauna had been shocked, too, but she knew how much Quinn and Eric loved each other. Shauna claimed things were better between Eric and Quinn. Paris assumed that, otherwise, Quinn would still be throwing herself at Carter. Shauna said Quinn wanted Zoe to be with Carter, and the couple was back together. Paris replied that it was under false pretenses.

Shauna conveyed that there was nothing false about Carter's feelings for Zoe or Quinn's feelings for Eric. Two happy couples would be torn apart if the secret got out. Shauna said Paris wouldn't let that happen because it would destroy both couples. Paris replied that the truth didn't destroy anything; it made things stronger.

Shauna asked Paris to think of her sister and asked if she really wanted to be the cause of Zoe and Carter breaking up again. Shauna told Paris to promise she wouldn't say a word.

At Carter's loft, Carter straightened up the living room. He recalled having sex with Quinn by the wall and shook his head to snap himself out of it. Later, he observed that he'd lit candles around the house and set a fire in the fireplace. Zoe arrived in a short purple dress with a plunging neckline. She was wowed by the romantic setting and thanked him for a fresh start. Carter said he wanted to move forward and forget the past.

Pouring wine into glasses, Carter liked the idea of a fresh start. Zoe felt that the past had made them stronger. She'd learned not to take him for granted or fear him or his commitment. Zoe had been hurt when Carter had turned to Shauna, but Zoe knew she'd hurt him, too. She believed that they'd gotten through it. "Almost," Carter stated.

Carter felt that there was one more thing that needed to be said before they could know they were ready to give it a second chance. Zoe asked what he needed to say, but he said it was what she needed to say. She asked what that was. Reaching into his pocket for the ring she'd left at his place, he replied, "Hopefully, yes." Zoe gasped.

Carter felt that he and Zoe had been na´ve when he'd put it on her finger before. They'd experienced a lot of pain and growth and were a better match than back then. He asked her to say that she was ready to put the ring back on her finger. He wanted a life with the woman he knew that he was supposed to be with.

Zoe gasped in wondrous disbelief. She affirmed her desire to marry him, and Carter slipped it on her finger. He was looking forward to adding a wedding band. Zoe asked if he was sure. She didn't think either of them could take more lies or betrayal, and she wanted the marriage very much. Carter did, too, and said nothing and no one would get between them.

At Eric's house later, Quinn arrived home, and Eric was ready with martinis. They toasted to themselves, forgetting the past, and moving forward together. They held hands, nestled on the sofa. Eric wondered how Wyatt was holding up due to the arrest and suggested inviting Flo and Wyatt to dinner. Quinn had spoken to her son, and he and Flo were having a quiet night alone.

Eric wanted that same thing, and Quinn hoped he wanted it with his wife. Eric replied that he wouldn't have it any other way. Eric knew how much she wanted them to be together again. Quinn said she didn't want to pressure him. He told her that she wasn't, and he was where he wanted to be. He regretted ignoring the passionate part of themselves and marriage. He wouldn't let it happen again; she hadn't let her commitment waver, and he wouldn't, either.

Quinn claimed that her commitment had never wavered, but she'd betrayed Eric's trust. Eric waved it away, saying it was behind them, but she didn't want him ever questioning her loyalty again. He acknowledged that it had been hard for her, but they'd passed the test, even though there had been mistakes along the way. Quinn gasped, saying he had no idea.

Eric asked Quinn not to beat herself up, because they'd reached forgiveness. He knew that he'd been angry in the past because she'd done things to hurt the people he cared about, but he felt that she'd been absolutely devoted to him and had given him her loyalty through it all. He wanted to give her something. Eric presented her with a necklace in a box.

Quinn stammered, looking at it, and Eric wondered if his jewelry designer was speechless. Quinn put it around her neck and asked him to never doubt how much she appreciated him or what he'd given her. She wasn't just talking about jewelry. She was talking about the life she never could have imagined. She loved Eric and never wanted to lose him. He said that she never would, and they hugged.

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