Hope vows to always be there for Douglas
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn had drinks with Shauna and Flo to celebrate the Fultons' first night in the home. Eric told the women to wait until they woke up to the views from their new rooms. Shauna asked if Eric was sure he was okay with living in a house full of women. Quinn claimed that he was used to it, and the place had once been filled to the brim with female energy. "It's the way I like it," Eric stated.

Shauna said that she and Flo were grateful. It was a new adventure for them, and they were "so ready" to put the past behind them. Shauna inquired about the house rules. Eric had only one rule: treat the house as if it were one's own, which in his view, it was. Quinn said the house was meant for casual living, and she invited them to put their feet up.

Flo didn't know if she'd ever feel that comfortable. Not wanting the ladies to feel intimidated, Quinn urged them to relax and live there as if they would anywhere else. Shauna cooed that the "Quinn and Shauna Show" was finally back, and Quinn stated that there were many years to catch up on.

Flo expressed how grateful she and her mother were. Quinn wanted Flo and Shauna to stop doing that because Quinn was getting something out of the deal, too. Eric supplied all of Quinn's needs but one -- female companionship. Quinn missed having a woman around who had her back, and Shauna was the only woman Quinn had felt that way about. Flo had always been like a daughter to Quinn, and no one was more grateful that they were there than Quinn.

Flo believed that Quinn was going above and beyond. Quinn stated that the hardworking women deserved it for their goodness and honesty, and she welcomed them home.

Later, Quinn showed Shauna and Flo the room Flo would stay in. Shauna said Flo had missed out on a lot because Shauna hadn't had the means. Hugging Shauna, Flo replied that Shauna was her mom, and she'd been okay with it being them against the world.

Shauna felt that she was in a fantasy world. Quinn told Shauna to stop it. Shauna said that Quinn was her very best friend ever. Quinn believed that they were more than that; they were like family, and if things progressed between Flo and Wyatt, they could actually be family.

Shauna got the feeling that Quinn wasn't a big fan of Sally's. Quinn reasoned that Sally hadn't been an honest person, and Quinn wanted Wyatt to be with someone principled, truthful, and trustworthy. "A woman exactly like Flo," Quinn concluded.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Liam were still having drinks and discussing the way Thomas was targeting Hope at her most vulnerable. Liam had once sympathized with Thomas about losing the mother of his son; however, Liam's sympathy had run out, and it was time for Thomas to stay away from Liam's wife.

Liam said that Hope was doing everything she could to make it through each day, but Thomas was taking advantage of her. Wyatt asked what kind of guy would do that. Liam questioned what type of guy would let another man ruin his marriage. Liam didn't know if it was better to have a guy doing it behind the scenes or in front of his face.

Wyatt believed that it was better to see it coming when it was about their marriages, and he said that he and his brother had each learned their lesson about that over the years. "Touché," Liam replied. Growling, Liam expressed anger about Thomas' brazenness.

Although Wyatt understood Liam's feelings, he asked if Thomas could be driven by concern for Steffy. Wyatt said Thomas believed that Liam belonged with Steffy and her girls, and Wyatt wondered if any part of Liam felt that his place was with them instead of with Hope.

Wyatt felt that Liam's devotion to Hope was unquestionable, but after Catalina, Liam and Hope were no longer the same people. Liam said he didn't know how they could be after their daughter had been born dead. Wyatt believed that the couple deserved to have their child; however, Liam had a second chance with Phoebe, and the girls needed Liam.

Liam wished that he could clone himself. Wyatt replied that Liam could only be in one place, and Hope wanted Liam to be with Steffy and the kids. Wyatt felt that there would always be love between Liam and Steffy. Liam asked if Wyatt thought Thomas was right -- if Liam should be with Steffy and the girls while Hope was with Thomas.

Wyatt claimed that he was just being a good brother and a sounding board while Liam was trying to figure out what to do with his life. Liam admitted that he missed the girls and Steffy. He missed Steffy's spirit and the way she made him laugh. Being away from them was weird and unsettling.

Wyatt believed Steffy would want Liam with the girls daily, and it was what Hope and Thomas wanted, too. In Wyatt's view, they all just wanted what was best for the children, including Douglas.

In Thomas' bedroom at Brooke's house, Hope held the letter Caroline had supposedly written. Thomas asked Hope to read it. Hope read it aloud and said it gave her chills. "'A woman who will bring him love as he will bring her love. That is my "hope" for my son's future.' I feel like Caroline wrote this about me. That I'm the woman she had in mind," Hope said.

Hope felt like she was the woman who Caroline was describing. The words aligned with what Hope wanted and needed. She asked when Caroline had written it. Judging from the other things in the box, Thomas guessed it had been when Douglas had been a couple of years old.

Hope deduced that Caroline had written it in case the worst happened. "And then I lost my baby, and Caroline was taken away from us, leaving Douglas without a mother. And now you're both here. It's like Caroline knew...all of it -- the future," Hope said in amazement.

In Hope's view, the letter was prophetic. Thomas replied that it was certainly uncanny, and he wondered if Caroline was somehow connecting Hope and Douglas. Thomas didn't know if he believed in that sort of thing, but he asked, "Like what's yours is meant to find you?" Hope asked, "Well, it does, doesn't it?"

Douglas yelled for his mommy, and Hope and Thomas rushed into Douglas' room. Douglas was sitting up in bed, saying that he wanted his mommy. Thomas reminded the boy that his mother was in heaven. Pulling the covers over his face, Douglas said he wanted to see her.

Hope sat on the bed and asked Douglas to look at her and tell her about the dream. Douglas feared that talking about it would make it return, but Hope said sharing it took away its power. He revealed that, in his dream, he'd been alone and hadn't been able to find his way home.

Hope said she'd had the same dream. She'd been scared and alone, but when she'd awakened, the feelings had gone away. Taking Douglas' hand, Hope told him to look in her eyes. She decided that she'd send him love until he wasn't scared anymore, and once he felt better, he could look away from her.

Douglas and Hope gazed at each other for several moments. He smiled and rolled his eyes and head away from her. He said Hope had taken away the scare the way his mommy had.

Hope asked to lay beside Douglas. Granting Hope permission, Douglas said it was what his mommy would do. Hope believed Caroline had known exactly what to do, and Hope promised that the nightmares would go away in time. Hope said that more and more, he'd have fun and play with his daddy. "And you?" Douglas asked.

Hope told Douglas that his mother had known that if she'd had to go away, he'd never be alone like he'd been in his nightmare, and he'd have his dad and someone else. Douglas asked who. Hope replied that it was a woman who loved him and wanted to take care of him. "You?" Douglas asked.

Agreeing, Hope said she'd always be there for Douglas, and he could count on her. Douglas hugged Hope. She decided that it was time for him to go to sleep and have good, fun dreams. He asked her to lay with him until he fell asleep. Hope agreed and watched Douglas close his eyes.

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