Katie sets her seduction plan in motion
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
by Pam

At Bill Spencer's house, Bill confided in Justin that he wanted to find a way to get Katie to accept his marriage proposal. Justin teased Bill about buying expensive things for her, but he grew serious and acknowledged that Bill wanted Katie in his life. Bill admitted he didn't blame Katie for being guarded, but he wanted a future with her and his son. He wanted his family.

Bill noted that the saying "the best things in life are free" was true. "The things you want most in life -- you can't pay for, like my wife and my family," Bill said. Justin agreed and promised that Bill would find a way to get Katie back. Bill hoped that Katie could get past all that had happened before, but if she couldn't, "I'll have to move on."

Justin understood. He handed Bill an envelope that had been delivered for him at the office. Bill opened it and said it was from the county, and Bill informed Justin that his construction permits were about to expire. Justin said that they had all been for Sky and recalled that they had been expensive to secure. Justin asked if Bill wanted him to renew the permits, but Bill said he didn't want "my name lighting up the L.A. skyline right now."

Justin shook his head and said that Bill had become a changed man. He patted Bill on the shoulder and prepared to leave but advised Bill not to get drunk and start calling Katie. Bill agreed.

At Brooke's house, Katie plotted with Shauna to seduce Bill, and Brooke was disgusted. Katie responded that she had promised herself that if Bill ever proposed for a third time, she would have her head examined, and Katie said that Bill's head swiveled every time he saw an attractive woman.

Brooke noted that if Katie had trust issues that ran so deep, she should reconsider marriage. Brooke added that getting Shauna to seduce Bill "seems more Bill's style than yours." Katie asked Shauna if she would seduce Bill for her, and Shauna agreed. Katie told Shauna that Bill trusted her, and Katie knew that Shauna and Bill had chemistry. She added that Shauna was family.

Brooke reiterated that she couldn't believe what Katie was doing. Katie countered that she would only be able to remarry Bill and reunite her family "if he wants me and only me." Shauna warned that men had no self-control. Katie wanted to believe that Bill would use good judgment. Brooke again advised Katie to stop because it was a bad idea to test Bill. She added that getting Shauna involved was unfair.

Katie asked Shauna point-blank to help her, and Shauna agreed. Katie wanted to make sure Bill would be home, and she had to plan around that. Katie's phone rang and interrupted Katie's planning. Bill asked Katie to join him for dinner at his house because Will was at a sleepover. He wanted to reconnect.

Katie looked uncomfortable and said she would join Bill another time. She hung up. Shauna asked if the plan was on, since they knew that Bill would be home alone. "He sounded a little sad," Katie said.

Shauna encouraged Katie to stick with the plan and get it over with. Katie agreed. "Oh, my God, Brooke said. Katie and Shauna planned that Shauna would get Bill in a compromising situation and put her phone on speaker so that Katie could listen to Bill's responses to Shauna's attempts at seduction.

Katie suggested that Shauna should change her clothes and put on something Bill would like. Brooke shook her head and said it was going to be a disaster. Katie wanted Shauna to get Bill upstairs. "Katie!" Brooke shouted. Shauna wondered what she should do if Bill got frisky. Katie hoped it wouldn't happen. "Oh, my God," Brooke said again. Brooke felt it was all going to blow up in Katie's face.

Shauna left, and Brooke tried to reason with Katie and remind her that Bill loved her and had stood by her when she'd needed him. Katie said she needed to be sure that Bill would never betray her again. Brooke felt that Katie's scheme would backfire. Bill might figure out that he was being set up, and Katie would be the one who lost his trust. Brooke begged Katie to choose a long engagement rather than trying to trick Bill. Katie felt her future was at stake, and she was willing to take the risk.

At Bill's, Shauna dropped in and teased that she hoped Bill didn't think she was awful for showing up unannounced. Bill asked how she'd found his house, and Shauna confessed she'd found it on a map of celebrity homes. Bill said he'd have to talk to his lawyer. Bill poured glasses of wine, and their conversation turned to the good time they'd had together in Las Vegas.

Bill performed a magic trick, and Shauna admired his "big hands." He called her a "breath of fresh air." He apologized for being rude to her when they'd first reconnected. He admitted that many women had approached him, saying they were mothers of his children. He laughed that it had been true twice.

Shauna said that she'd remembered him wearing "a really tight T-shirt." She also discussed his jewelry and asked if it had been a cross, but he corrected her that it had been a sword. They continued to chat, and Shauna flirted until she managed to spill wine on him so he had to change his shirt.

After Bill went upstairs, Shauna called Katie, who was on the way to the house. Katie showed up, and Shauna updated her about what had happened so far. Shauna went upstairs and turned on the speaker on her phone so that Katie could hear. Katie's phone rang, and it was Brooke, who begged her to stop her plan. Katie told Brooke it was in progress. Brooke wanted Katie to know that she would never reunite with Bill, and Katie said her plan had nothing to do with Brooke or Brooke's guilt. Katie hung up and waited to hear what was going on upstairs.

Upstairs, Shauna entered Bill's room and said she'd thought it was the bathroom. Bill, shirtless, pointed to the bathroom, but Shauna went into seduction mode and admired Bill's body. She took his new shirt and threw it on the bed. She suggested that they had both been in a dry spell with lovers, and she admitted she was lonely. She told Bill he had been the best lover she'd ever had, and she wanted to experience a night like they'd had before. She kissed him passionately, and Katie listened intently from the living room.

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