Brooke and Ridge argue about Thomas
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Ridge returned home and said that Thomas would be released that same day from the hospital. Brooke was glad that Thomas would recover, but she shared that she wouldn't hide her feelings about him.

Brooke wondered about legal action against Thomas. Ridge explained that Detective Sanchez had made it possible for both Thomas and Flo to be free. Brooke was shocked. Ridge explained that Flo had received immunity because she had agreed to testify in a bigger case about forged birth certificates and Reese Buckingham. Ridge admitted that Sanchez had asked him about the deal. Brooke was in disbelief. "How is that possible? You had a choice?" Brooke asked.

Ridge explained that there really wasn't a choice. He wanted to protect Thomas. "That's what this all about?" Brooke asked. She was furious. Ridge explained that he didn't want the family to go through a trial. Brooke disagreed. She wanted Thomas to pay for what he'd done. Ridge looked helpless.

Ridge reminded Brooke that Thomas had not committed a crime. He'd "made a mistake." Brooke was furious that Thomas had known the truth and never told anyone. "Everybody involved in this mess is going to have to pay," Brooke shouted. Ridge said that his main priority was his son. Ridge wanted to reunite Thomas with his family and Douglas.

Brooke found it "appalling" that Flo was out of jail and that there were no consequences for Thomas. She felt that Hope and Steffy would agree. Brooke warned that Thomas would not "waltz back in this house like nothing happened." She refused to let Thomas off the hook and insisted there had to be consequences. Ridge countered that Thomas had no family and no friends. He had "to restart this whole life."

Ridge said it was a family crisis, and they would work through it as they had done before. He wanted it to remain a family matter. Brooke reminded Ridge that she was going to stand up for her daughter, granddaughter, and Douglas. She didn't think Thomas should be anywhere near Douglas. "Try to remember who his father is," Ridge said. Brooke said that she and Hope cared about Douglas. Ridge wondered if Brooke wanted to separate Thomas and Douglas. "Yes, Ridge. Thomas needs to be away from Douglas," Brooke said.

Brooke announced that she didn't want Thomas near her or the family. Ridge said that Thomas was a young man who had made a mistake, and Brooke had known Thomas since he'd been a child. "He's my rational about this," Ridge said. Ridge promised they would figure it all out as a family and focus on healing.

"Absolutely not," Brooke said. She refused to allow Thomas near Douglas or anyone until he had proven he could be a decent father -- if that day ever happened. She promised to do everything she could to protect Douglas and Hope. Ridge insisted that Douglas needed his father. Brooke refused and promised to have Thomas' bags packed for him.

Ridge was in disbelief that Brooke had no sympathy for Thomas after she had pushed him off a cliff. Brooke scoffed and said it had been an accident. Brooke said she couldn't forgive Thomas for his "manipulation and aggression and obsessions." She added that she could never forgive him for what he had done to Beth, Hope, Liam, and Steffy. She reminded Ridge that Thomas had used his own son to get what he'd wanted.

Ridge told Brooke that she couldn't keep Thomas away from Douglas. Brooke disagreed. "I can, and I will," Brooke said. Ridge shook his head.

At Flo's old apartment, Shauna and Flo entered, and Shauna was glad to have her daughter home and out of jail. Flo thanked her mother for all she'd done. Shauna said she would have done anything. Flo said the apartment, which had been Reese's apartment, had bad memories for her.

Shauna answered that Flo had been given a fresh start, and she needed to use it. Shauna promised to make Flo her favorite meal -- chicken and dumplings. Shauna was grateful to Ridge, but Flo reminded her mom that Ridge had agreed to the deal for Thomas' sake.

Shauna said that she had begged Ridge to agree to the deal. Flo said everyone felt that Thomas had had something to do with Emma's death, but Sanchez had no proof. "Ridge came through for us," Shauna said. She added that she knew Brooke would not be happy about it, and neither would Hope.

Flo said she deserved it if they never spoke to her again. Shauna said that Reese had pressured Flo into participating in the adoption. Shauna maintained that Flo was a good person, and they would work to get the Forresters and the Logans to eventually forgive her. Shauna wanted Flo to be positive. She also encouraged Flo to rekindle her relationship with Wyatt. "Don't give up on him. He loves you, and you love him. You need to see him," Shauna said.

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt discussed meetings, mergers, and investors with his assistant. Suddenly, Wyatt looked up and saw Sally at his door and asked his assistant to return later. His assistant left, and Sally said the corporate Wyatt was very sexy. "Look at you," she said. Wyatt teased that she didn't have an appointment.

Wyatt and Sally kissed, and Sally teased that his corporate lingo was really turning her on. "I could watch you all day," she said. Wyatt said he could make it happen and suggested they lock the door and make up for lost time. Sally said she wasn't ready. "Trust me. I missed you, too. I'm not ready to jump in," she said. Sally didn't want to get hurt again, and she added that she hadn't recovered "from the last time you dumped me."

Sally suggested that they needed to earn one another's trust again. She was still hurt that he'd left her and run "right back to your high school sweetheart." Wyatt was understanding. He and Sally agreed that they'd both made mistakes. Wyatt understood and said he could wait "because you're worth it."

Wyatt changed the conversation and said he wanted her to move back in. Sally smiled and said she wanted to take it slowly, and he had to be patient. Wyatt agreed. She kissed him and left.

Later, Wyatt was on the phone, negotiating a deal. The door opened, and Flo walked in. "What are you doing here?" Wyatt asked. Flo explained that she had been granted an immunity deal, and she was free. Flo apologized for everything and everyone she'd hurt. "I know it doesn't mean much," she said. She added that she felt the worst for not being truthful with him. She worried that she had hurt him, and she cared most about him.

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