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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy discussed how things were with them. Steffy was good. She missed Liam, but he was where he was supposed to be -- with Hope, Beth, and Douglas. Steffy figured that things were good with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge grinned.

"Okay, that good," Steffy responded. She assumed that Ridge had spent the night at Brooke's house. Ridge was glad that he hadn't filed the divorce papers. He said Brooke had been right about Thomas, and from that moment on, Ridge wouldn't question anything Brooke said to him.

Ridge asked if Steffy would be at the dinner. Steffy intended to attend. She said Kelly would be with Liam, Hope, and the kids because Hope had wanted the children together. Ridge thought that was sweet. Steffy asked who'd be at the party. Ridge replied that it would be the family -- and Bill. Steffy flashed her father a look. Ridge claimed that he'd let bygones be bygones for the night because no one would derail his reunion with Brooke.

As Ridge and Steffy prepared to leave, Steffy inquired about the gift he'd gotten Brooke. Ridge excitedly talked about the digital frame and its upload capabilities. He'd turned the frame into a show of his and Brooke's commitment. Steffy called him a romantic. Ridge believed that Brooke was the romantic one. Brooke had said that love could conquer all, and he thought he might be right because he and Brooke were back together.

At Brooke's house, Donna was deep in thought about her talk with Brooke earlier about the video that had been on the frame. Katie arrived, wondering where Brooke was. Seeing the digital frame in Donna's hand, Katie asked if it was the gift Ridge had given Brooke. Donna seemed out of sorts, and Katie wondered what was wrong with her sister.

Donna decided she was parched and needed a drink. Katie picked up the frame and commented on how romantic it had been of Ridge to make Brooke a frame of memories. Katie wanted to see what was on it and asked how to turn it on. Taking the frame and fiddling with it, Donna concluded that it was out of power.

Bill arrived, and Donna returned the frame to the desk drawer. Katie greeted him, and he wondered if they were the first to arrive. Donna was sure Brooke would be there soon, and Ridge wouldn't be far behind her. Bill frowned. Katie playfully chided him, and Donna stared at Katie and Bill as they kissed. Bill noticed that Donna was looking at him strangely, and he asked what was wrong.

Donna pretended to be merely distracted by all the things she had to do for the party. Katie told Bill that she and Donna had been talking about how happy they were for Brooke and Ridge. Donna asked if Bill was happy for them, too. Katie affirmed it, saying it was why they were there, and Katie believed Ridge would always be Brooke's true one and only. "Just like Katie will always be your true one and only, right, Bill?" Donna asked.

Later, Donna carried in an ice bucket with a chilled bottle in it. Steffy and Ridge arrived. Steffy thought it was strange that Brooke wasn't there yet and wondered if Brooke had a surprise in store. Acknowledging Katie and Bill's presence, Ridge said he was glad they were there.

Bill unenthusiastically pumped his hands up, saying he was all about a party and to "raise the roof." Bill noted that there would have been no need for a reconciliation if Ridge had been a little supportive of his wife. Katie quickly said they weren't going to do "that" at that time, and she took Bill to another part of the room.

Steffy walked over to where the frame had once been displayed and asked where it was.

At Eric's house, Brooke put Quinn on notice. Brooke was onto Quinn and said the attack on Brooke's marriage wouldn't work. Chuckling, Quinn accused Brooke of being a drama queen. Brooke revealed that she knew what Quinn had done with the digital frame.

Quinn acted surprised, and Brooke told her to stop pretending she didn't know what Brooke was talking about. Quinn didn't think Brooke knew what she was talking about and warned that Eric would be angry that Brooke had been there, slinging around accusations. Brooke countered that he'd be upset at Quinn upon learning what she was doing.

Quinn stated that Brooke made Quinn sound deliciously devious. Insisting that Quinn was, Brooke was convinced that Quinn knew Eric had been uploading pictures and videos of Brooke and Ridge to the digital frame. Quinn asked if the videos would be of Brooke with the man she loved or of Brooke with the man Katie loved.

Brooke concluded that Quinn had indeed uploaded the video. Quinn reminded Brooke that Quinn had said Brooke would regret crossing Quinn. What Brooke regretted was letting the shameless Quinn get a foothold in the family.

Quinn thought that was rich coming from Brooke, who'd been kissing her "sexy stallion." Brooke demanded to know how Quinn had gotten the video and if Quinn had been spying on Brooke. Quinn said she'd been home with her husband, something that committed wives did. Brooke accused Quinn of being committed to stirring up trouble.

Quinn replied that Brooke had started it, and "as they say, payback is a 'you'!" Quinn exclaimed. Brooke insisted upon knowing how Quinn had gotten the video and deduced that it had been from Quinn's only friend, Shauna, the creature from the desert. Brooke concluded that Shauna was Quinn's partner in crime.

Quinn smirked, and Brooke said that Quinn "Fuller" was showing her true colors. Correcting Brooke, Quinn touted being a Forrester, just like Brooke. Brooke said that Quinn wasn't good enough to carry the name; Quinn was just a crazy interloper who'd convince Eric that she was something she wasn't. Brooke stated that Quinn had the moral high ground, but Brooke intended to fight back. She repeated that no one would get between her and Ridge.

Quinn claimed that Shauna had gone to the cabin to defend Brooke's marriage and Ridge and to get Brooke to calm down about Thomas. Brooke asked where Shauna was. Brooke wanted Shauna to delete the video, and Brooke divulged that she'd already taken it off the frame. Quinn said Shauna had deleted it herself.

Brooke figured that it had been after Shauna had uploaded it. Denying it, Quinn said Shauna didn't even know why she'd taken the video at all. Quinn admitted that she'd been doing cartwheels over the video. Quinn said Shauna hadn't wanted to hurt Ridge, so she'd erased it. Quinn invited Brooke to ask Shauna herself and insisted that Shauna didn't have the video and hadn't uploaded it to the frame.

"Because you did," Brooke deduced. She stated that Quinn had obtained the video before Shauna had deleted it, and Quinn had uploaded it to the frame.

Quinn figured that Brooke had a party to get to and noted that all the guests were there. "You wouldn't," Brooke uttered. Quinn wondered what better place there was to expose Brooke's latest scandal than a party about Brooke and Ridge's "commitment" to each other. Brooke refused to be intimidated by Quinn. Quinn replied that Brooke already was, and Quinn was deeply enjoying it.

Quinn felt sorry for Ridge and Katie. Brooke didn't feel like she needed to explain, but she decided that she would. She said she and Bill had a history, and they'd just gotten caught up in something. It had meant nothing because their commitments were to Katie and Ridge. Quinn asked if Brooke had even thought about Katie and wondered how much more Katie had to endure. Quinn was sure that Katie and Ridge would be devastated.

Brooke asked what Quinn wanted. Quinn wanted respect. "And while I'm making out my list for Santa," Quinn added that she wanted Brooke to leave Ridge, leave town, and leave the family. Brooke refused to let Quinn blackmail her. Brooke said she'd tell Ridge the truth. That way, Quinn couldn't hold anything over her. Brooke raged that it had been one kiss.

Quinn corrected Brooke, saying it had been a full-on make-out session. Brooke called it a bad mistake. She figured that Ridge would understand, and Eric and Ridge would see how vile and despicable Quinn really was. Brooke stated that when the dust settled, the woman who'd be walking away would be Quinn, not Brooke.

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