Finn tells Steffy he can no longer be her doctor
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Zoe and Carter returned from lunch at Il Giardino. Zoe thanked Carter for being so sweet. "I want the world to see me out with a woman as smart and beautiful as you are," Carter said with a beaming smile. Zoe thanked Carter for having shared his ravioli with her. Zoe talked about her sham engagement to Thomas.

"For what it's worth, you looked stunning in that wedding gown," Carter shared. Zoe said that a part of her felt she deserved the twisted relationship with Thomas as some sort of karmic retribution. "The universe was putting me in my place," she said softly. Carter assured Zoe that the past was the past and that it was important for her to make the most of her second chance.

Zoe expressed her gratitude that someone like Carter could have faith in her. "We have a lot more in common than you realize," Carter replied.

At Forrester, Thomas finished up a phone call with Vinny, thanking him for the gift he'd given to Steffy. Liam barged into the office and was visibly annoyed to have found Thomas instead of Ridge. As Liam turned to leave, Thomas called out to him. Thomas noted that Liam seemed stressed. Liam started to explain what was bothering him but changed his mind. Thomas encouraged Liam to open up to him. Liam explained that even though he knew that Steffy could take care of herself, he was still worried about her. If Liam were truly worried, Thomas argued, then Liam would be living with Steffy and taking care of her.

Before an argument ensued, Thomas assured Liam that Steffy was on the road to recovery. Liam said he had a strange feeling about Steffy's doctor and asked Thomas what he knew about the physician. Thomas vouched for Dr. Finnegan's reputation. Liam felt it was unusual for Finn -- or any doctor -- to be making house calls in 2020. Thomas assured Liam that Finn was fully vetted and that the Forrester family would "never, ever put Steffy in the hands of someone we did not think was world class." Liam remained unsure, stating that he believed Finn was interested in Steffy and that that attraction was coloring the doctor's judgment.

Thomas was floored by Liam's accusation, and grew even more perturbed when Liam said that he'd gone to visit Finn. Liam stated that he didn't like that Finn knew personal details of his life and that Finn was giving him advice. Thomas proposed that Finn might be treating Steffy like a patient instead of a number. He also suggested that Liam might be jealous.

Liam denied being jealous. He then stated that when he'd gone to see the doctor, Finn had chattered on about "how exceptional and how beautiful" Steffy was. Thomas so no problem with what the doctor had said. Thomas then pointed out Liam's hypocrisy: Liam claimed that Thomas was controlling, but yet Liam saw no issue in his own meddling in Steffy's life.

"I don't get to worry about the health of the mother of my child?" Liam snapped. Thomas said that Steffy was a grown woman who could make her own decisions about her health care. He then urged Liam to "drop it" and to stop trying to come between a doctor and his patient.

At the cliff house, Steffy slowly walked around the living room, looking at a bottle of pills. She recalled how Thomas had brought her a gift from Vinny, a box that contained a large teddy bear and a clear bottle containing several pills. On her mobile phone, Steffy sent a text message to Vinny, declaring that the pills were "illegal." Vinny sent a reply urging Steffy to "chill" because the pills were the same as the ones Steffy's doctor had prescribed. He concluded by stating that Steffy should not be in pain and promised that the pills would be their secret.

As Steffy was deep in thought, Finn let himself into the house. Finn commented that the house was quiet, but he noted that it was probably good for Steffy to have a little time to herself. Finn walked over to a window and said that he could see Catalina from the window. With his back turned to her, Steffy quickly hid the bottle of jelly bean-sized pills that Vinny had gifted her. Steffy said she was very grateful for the view. Finn said that Steffy seemed to have been in the middle of something and questioned if she'd forgotten that she'd asked him over.

Steffy told Finn that she was fine but admitted to being in some pain. Finn reiterated that he could not prescribe Steffy any more painkillers because they were highly addictive. Steffy claimed to understand Finn's position and thanked him for taking such good care of her. She was lucky, she said, to have him as her doctor. "About that," Finn replied nervously, continuing, "I really don't know how to say this, but... you can no longer be my patient."

Steffy was hurt by Finn's proclamation. She asked, "Did I do something? I know I've been high maintenance." Finn assured Steffy that she'd done nothing wrong. Finn agreed with Steffy's assessment that they'd developed a great rapport. "This doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing," Finn responded. He told Steffy that he'd devoted most of his life to medicine and never had any sort of distractions. Steffy still did not understand what Finn was talking about.

"I think about you all the time, Steffy," he explained, adding, "I can't continue to have these feelings and be your doctor." Steffy looked down at the floor, and Finn sensed Steffy's uneasiness. Finn apologized for his forwardness and promised to find Steffy a suitable doctor. Finn made his way to the front door, but before he got there, Steffy called out to him. Steffy walked briskly to Finn and give him a passionate, though very unexpected, kiss.

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