Paris overhears the truth about who Carter really slept with
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, June 9, 2021
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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

At Forrester Creations, Flo asked her mother if she had had an affair with Carter. From the other side of the room, Paris chimed in, "Of course, she did. Why else would she say she was with Carter the night Zoe caught them in bed?" Flo briefly turned her attention to Paris, explaining that she and Shauna kept no secrets. Flo was stunned when Shauna "admitted" that she and Carter had been intimate. Paris firmly stated that whatever Shauna and Carter had had was over. Shauna agreed, adding that she posed no threat whatsoever to Zoe and Carter's relationship.

Zoe told Carter how happy she was that they were finally back on track, but she confessed that it hurt to know that while she had been trying to win Carter back, Carter had been sleeping with another woman. Carter became agitated as he insisted that he had no feelings for Shauna and wanted to leave the past in the past. "I want to be the best version of myself, and that's with you by my side," Carter said. Zoe had to excuse herself to meet up with Paris to discuss a Forrester Foundation/Hope for the Future collaboration. The pair kissed goodbye and vowed to meet up later.

After Zoe left, Carter spotted a photo of Eric and Quinn across the room. He froze in place as he flashed back to his encounters with Quinn.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Quinn looked over Paris' ideas and praised what she'd put together. Paris beamed broadly, but not about the review of her work. Rather, Paris said that she was happy seeing her sister happy. Still, Paris shared that she couldn't help but be a bit annoyed on her sister's behalf that it had been only a short time since Carter had been hooking up with Shauna. Paris then told Zoe how Flo had interrogated Shauna about her affair earlier in the day. Something about it, Paris said, had seemed off because the mother-daughter pair made repeated mentions about telling each other everything. "Why would Shauna lie about being with Carter?" Zoe asked.

On the phone in his office at Forrester, Eric insisted that he needed "mulberry silk." Quinn looked on with a smile and later told Eric that she loved watching him work. Eric was surprised that Quinn was enchanted by something so mundane. She explained that Eric was an inspiration to many people, and it made her realize how lucky she was to be Eric's wife. Eric smiled and replied that he was the lucky one.

Quinn admitted she had just about given up on the idea that Eric would ever say he was happy to be married to Quinn. Eric assured Quinn that he had never stopped loving her. "I was hurt. I was angry. But you... you were always my wife," he said. Quinn said that she treasured her relationship with Eric and would never take it for granted again.

Eric and Quinn looked at one of Zoe's modeling photographs. Eric remarked that he could see pain and hurt in Zoe's eyes. He then mentioned that he was surprised that while Quinn had been trying to reunite Carter and Zoe, Quinn's best friend had been sleeping with Carter. Quinn claimed that Shauna had kept her in the dark about her fling with Carter. Eric sang Carter's praises, quipping that Carter "could spent a little more time in the gym." A nervous Quinn tried to change the subject. Eric eventually had to head off to do work. Breathing heavily, a worried Quinn collapsed into a chair.

Moments later, Shauna stormed into the office to confront Quinn. Shauna was furious that she'd had to lie to Flo about sleeping with Carter. Quinn panicked as she feared that Shauna hadn't stuck to their script. "I chose my best friend over my own daughter," Shauna lamented. Quinn asserted that best friends always had each other's backs. Shauna was less than thrilled when she learned that she would have to continue claiming that she'd slept with Carter -- perhaps indefinitely. Quinn admitted that what she and Carter had done was wrong, but she said that it didn't feel wrong. Quinn, however, vowed that it would never happen again.

"It better not," Shauna warned. Shauna said that she, like Quinn, wanted to be a better person -- and being a better person meant not lying to her daughter. Paris approached the office but stopped short of entering when she heard Quinn and Shauna talking. Neither woman was aware that Paris was standing just outside the office. "Eric can never know that the woman in Carter's bed wasn't you but his own wife," Quinn said softly, adding, "I broke my vows to the only man who ever truly loved me. I can't lose him." Shauna acknowledged that it had hurt to lie to Flo, but she vowed to do whatever it took to keep Quinn from losing everything. Outside the office, Paris was clearly blown away but what she'd heard.

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