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The Bold and the Beautiful debuted. The Forresters prepared for a fashion show, but Eric and son Ridge disagreed over what would be presented. Bill Spencer ordered Ridge to break things off with Caroline Spencer. Brooke returned home with torn clothes and covered with bruises.
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The Bold and the Beautiful debuted
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B&B sets the stage in its first episode B&B sets the stage in its first episode
Monday, March 23, 1987
by Mike

A man in an elegant office shuffled through haute couture fashion designs as a television monitor displayed models strutting down a runway. Sighing, the man exited through a door in his office and entered a backstage area, where dozens of models scurried between racks and racks of clothes, getting into wardrobe and jewelry. Another man, who seemed to be in charge and was fitting a model, instructed a techie to turn another television monitor around so he could see it. The second man sent the model to the entrance of the runway while the first man stood at the back of the great room, straight-faced.

As the hustle and bustle continued, a third man walked through and said to the first man that it sounded as if "they like us." The first man replied to the third man, Thorne, that the applause was from the press -- what mattered was whether or not the public would buy it. Thorne declared to the first man, Ridge, that their father was the best there was. Ridge told Thorne the line felt flat to him and that it needed more sex and sensuality.

Thorne pointed out that, as vice president, Ridge was picking "a hell of a time" to protest the line. Ridge didn't think their father would listen; when Thorne asked if their dad had ever been wrong, Ridge said he had been, and Ridge hoped he wasn't that time. Thorne scoffed that Ridge was "just waiting." Ridge deflected by eyeing their father with a beautiful woman, Margo, and openly wondering if they had ever "made it together." Thorne looked disgusted, and left.

An assistant interrupted Ridge working with a model to tell him he had a phone call. Ridge took the phone in the back and was greeted by a woman named Caroline, who asked if they were still on for that evening. Ridge leered that it depended on what Caroline had in mind. Caroline admitted to Ridge that she missed him; they agreed to meet at her place, since her father had plans. Caroline told Ridge, "Love you," but he didn't say it back.

Thorne, his father, and Margo prepped another model, who obediently said, "Yes, Mr. Forrester" when the father wanted her gloves to be pulled up. Mr. Forrester anxiously traded out earrings on another model then asked Thorne what he thought. Thorne beamed that it was his best collection ever. When Mr. Forrester asked for big brother Ridge's thoughts, Thorne lied, saying Ridge shared his opinion of the collection being another winner.

Back in his office, Ridge took a phone call from a Bill Spencer, who wanted to see Ridge immediately to talk about his daughter Caroline. When Ridge said he couldn't possibly get away at that moment, Bill announced that he would be heading over to see Ridge instead, and he hung up.

Elsewhere, in a very middle-class house, a young girl descended the stairs and appraised herself -- and her acne -- in a mirror. The girl sadly walked to a teen magazine, staring longingly at the hunk on the cover. She then fantasized she was dressed in a beautiful gown, standing with the boy, who told her she was lovely. "But my face," she protested. The boy said he only saw how beautiful she was, and they fell into a loving kiss. The girl's bubble was popped by an older girl who rushed into the house and locked the door behind her. The younger girl was horrified to see the older girl, Brooke, in torn clothes and covered with bruises, and she asked what had happened.

The terrified Brooke dashed to the window to check for something, not giving the young girl any answers, despite her asking who had done that to Brooke. Brooke insisted she was okay and asked if "Mom" was home, or Storm, or Donna. The younger girl, Katie, reported that they were all out, but she went to the phone to try to call one of them. Brooke stopped Katie, who said she only wanted to help. Brooke wanted to be alone, but Katie felt they should call someone.

The doorbell rang, and Brooke whispered in fear, "Don't...answer it!" Katie ran to the window and told Brooke a police car was outside. Brooke tentatively asked who was at the door -- it was Dave, who asked Brooke to let him in. Brooke did so and allowed herself to be hugged by Dave, who had just heard what had happened. Brooke told a resistant Katie that she needed to talk to Dave alone. Once Katie reluctantly went upstairs, Brooke asked Dave how he had found out.

Backstage at the fashion house, the racks had been cleared, and the press busied themselves interviewing Mr. Forrester and taking photos. Ridge stood in the back of the room, disapprovingly. Once they were alone, Ridge compared the event to opening night. Mr. Forrester replied they were at the mercy of their critics. Ridge opined that 20 years, with two showings a year, was a lot of rags. Mr. Forrester relayed that he had heard from Thorne how much Ridge liked the line. Ridge retorted, "That's what he said?" Ridge proclaimed he liked to be turned on by women, and he reiterated his thought that the collection needed more sex appeal.

Mr. Forrester felt Ridge still hadn't learned the psychology of women, which Ridge sarcastically invited Mr. Forrester to tell him about -- again. Mr. Forrester told Ridge that, for women, it wasn't about how much skin they showed, but it was about a woman's state of mind and her confidence in herself. When Ridge argued that his focus was on men and what they lusted for, Mr. Forrester reminded him that women bought the vast majority of their product. Mr. Forrester walked out.

The same assistant returned to tell Ridge that Mr. Spencer had arrived. Ridge found the pacing Bill Spencer in his office and informed the man he didn't have much time. Bill responded that he would get right to the point, then -- Bill didn't want Ridge seeing Caroline anymore.

Ridge wasn't sure he'd heard Bill right, asking where the demand was coming from. Bill stated that it was in the best interest of his daughter. Ridge felt Bill was acting as if Ridge and Caroline had some hot romance going, prompting Bill to say he knew Caroline wasn't the only woman Ridge was seeing. "So does Caroline," Ridge added nonchalantly, wondering if Caroline had said something.

Bill worried Caroline could be "taken in" by Ridge, telling Ridge he was aware of Ridge's charm -- and his "love 'em and leave 'em" reputation. Bill didn't want Caroline to end up as one of Ridge's discarded conquests. Caroline was Bill's only child, Bill explained, and Bill would do everything in his power to keep Caroline from getting hurt. Bill admitted that Caroline would be upset if she knew Bill had gone to see Ridge, and he ordered Ridge not to tell her. Bill knew Ridge was going to see Caroline that evening and demanded Ridge end the relationship before the night was over.

At Brooke's, Dave gently said a classmate of Brooke's, who had seen what had happened, had reported in -- and, in turn, Dispatch had informed Dave. Dave revealed he had to ask Brooke about everything that had happened.

Dave understood how Brooke could feel she hated all men in that moment, but he coaxed Brooke not to worry about him. Brooke slowly described how she had been on a high, walking to work from college because she had gotten an "A" on a tough physics exam. She had crossed Ventura at Burton and had seen a man standing outside a blue van, and the man had asked her to pinpoint their location on a map. Before Brooke had had a chance to, the van's back doors had burst open, and a second man had tried to drag her in. The first man had grabbed her legs and had helped to shove Brooke into the van; Brooke said she'd been afraid she was going to die. Brooke had managed to kick the first man "you know where" -- when he screamed, it attracted people's attention, and she'd gotten free after the men had panicked and driven away. Brooke had thanked God over and over.

Brooke confirmed to Dave that there had only been two assailants and that they had attacked her in a rusty blue van with no windows. Dave said they sounded like perps they had been looking for who had committed other rapes. Brooke lamented that she had a kid sister who walked the same streets; Brooke didn't want her to hear about Brooke's assault. She also had another sister, Donna. Initially, when Dave asked Brooke to go to the station to identify her attackers, Brooke said she wanted to forget it all, but then she changed her mind -- she wanted to "get those bastards." Brooke told Dave that she needed to change clothes but that she would meet him at the station in half an hour.

Ridge stood pensively on a high-rise balcony; Caroline invited him inside and handed him a drink. Caroline could tell something was bothering Ridge, and she encouraged him to tell her what it was. Ridge hedged but finally divulged that "a pompous old ass" had barged into his office -- it had been annoying and intimidating. When Caroline asked how it had been resolved, Ridge replied that it hadn't been. Ridge dodged Caroline's questions about what the man had said and done by remarking that he had forgotten how beautiful Caroline was. "You mean when you're dating other women?" Caroline asked knowingly.

Ridge kissed Caroline's hand, then kissed Caroline intensely, stating that he wanted her right then. Caroline tenderly stopped him, but Ridge became insistent. Caroline reminded him that, for her, it would be the man that she married. "All right," Ridge said, shocking Caroline. He wanted to marry Caroline as soon as possible. Caroline was overjoyed and fell into another passionate kiss with Ridge.

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