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Ridge Forrester marries Brooke Logan on a beach at Point Dume, unaware that Taylor Hayes is alive.
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Ridge marries Brooke on a beach at Point Dume, unaware that Taylor Hayes.
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Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan are married Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan are married
Friday, September 30, 1994
by Mike

On the beach at Point Dume, surrounded by intricate sand castles and with the ocean crashing behind them, a minister blessed Ridge and Brooke and spoke of how they were becoming husband and wife. The lessons they taught their children were the lessons they learned from their own parents. It wasn't just Brooke and Ridge who were about to be joined; it was the whole family.

The guests listened intently: Stephanie, Eric, and Sheila; Stephen and Beth; Katie, little Eric Jr., and Bridget; Connor, Jessica, and Dylan; and James. Stephanie was deep in thought as the minister asked if anyone objected to the union. James, who had been recently engaged to Brooke himself, also looked as if he might speak up. As the minister again asked for objections, Thorne gently took Stephanie's hand, and she seemed to resign herself. James also held his peace.

Meanwhile, Taylor was in a palace, dressed like a Moroccan princess. She paced her room with a manila folder and told a picture of Ridge he didn't deserve another tragedy...she was alive!

Brooke and Ridge exchanged rings and took their vows. Brooke reflected that their love was like the ocean beside them -- sometimes stormy, sometimes serene. They'd survived the changing tides of the past seven years and returned to each other. Like the sea, Brooke vowed to embrace Ridge and sustain him. Ridge observed that their love was like the mountainside above them -- both drenched in sunlight and shrouded in fog. At times it had been hidden, but it was always there. Ridge swore his love for Brooke was as solid and enduring as the mountain.

The minister pronounced Ridge and Brooke husband and wife. As they shared their first kiss as a married couple, waves broke in the sun, doves were released, and "The Wedding March" echoed above from trumpeters playing atop the mountain.

Surveying the scene was Mustafa, who received a call from Prince Omar. Mustafa reported that Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan were officially married. Hearing silence from Omar, Mustafa asked his prince if that was good news. Omar ordered Mustafa to return home and told his questioning aide, Ahmed, that it was too late -- Ridge was married.

To the strains of "A Love to Last," montages of wedding photos scrolled by: Ridge and Brooke solo, then with Eric Jr. and Bridget, and best man Storm with matron of honor Kristen. Storm posed with parents, Stephen and Beth, and sister Katie. Thorne got the reluctant Stephanie to stand with Eric and the senior Logans, later posing with girlfriend Ivana. The Forrester men and Logan ladies hammed it up in other pictures. The bride, the groom, and all the guests, including Sheila in a pink dress that contrasted with everyone else's couture, stood for a group shot. Stephanie refused to smile in any of her photos.

Brooke sought out James and empathized that "this" couldn't be easy for him. James gently shushed her and said that as long as Brooke was happy, that was all that mattered. Ridge called Brooke away.

Back at the palace, Taylor raged to servant Yasmin that Omar knew she had a husband in America but was going to marry her, anyway. Referring to Taylor as "Laila," Yasmin passionately said the prince was a man of great integrity. Taylor scoffed that there wouldn't be guards outside her door if that were true. She asked why Omar was doing that to her.

On the beach, Brooke hugged Connor, who had also been romantically interested in Brooke. He marveled that Brooke had finally gotten what she'd wanted and asked how it felt. Brooke gushed that she couldn't find the words to describe her happiness. She invited Connor to join everyone for coffee at her condo, but Ridge swooped in, saying he had something else in mind and tasking Storm with escorting everyone "where they need to go." Ridge told an intrigued Brooke that he had a surprise for her and led her away.

While Taylor stared at the guards blocking her door, Yasmin insisted Omar loved Taylor and didn't want her to run away. When Taylor barked that she wasn't Omar's possession, Yasmin reminded her that she might be dead if it weren't for the prince. Omar was suffering, too, because of Taylor's public refusal to marry him. Yasmin wanted "Laila" to wait until Omar returned so he could explain why he'd kept Ridge a secret. "When will that be?" Taylor spat, "Tomorrow? The next day?" Yasmin noted that Taylor had already been away for months, so a little longer wouldn't matter. Taylor wouldn't hear her. She needed to go home right away -- and she was going to.

Brooke rode along the beach on horseback next to Ridge, asking him where they were going. Ridge remained mum, and Brooke said she needed to stop and catch her breath. The newlyweds dismounted; Brooke couldn't believe they were finally married after seven years. Ridge said Brooke had outdone herself planning the wedding, but he was taking control of their evening plans. Brooke beamed that she was Mrs. Ridge Forrester; Ridge told her to get used to it because they had another 50 years ahead of them.

Ridge said he had felt an intense rush while saying his vows to Brooke and knew they were doing the right thing. The newlyweds marveled some more and declared their love against the sunset. Then, Ridge reminded Brooke they had a lot of celebrating to do. They got back on their horses and galloped toward the festivities.

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