The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on B&B
Thorne and Enrique hatched a plan for Claudia to remain in the country, but Claudia exclaimed that she'd rather marry a dog than Enrique. Stephanie stepped in at the last minute and convinced a judge to give her custody of Claudia, pending Claudia's political asylum. Sheila's morning sickness forced Maggie to take Sheila's mother house hunting.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, January 20, 1997

This episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was preempted due to CBS coverage of the presidential inauguration. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 21, 1997

Macy was looking at a petition for legal separation. Clarke told her he was sorry about her situation as she buried her head in her hands. Sally didn't understand how it had all happened. She said if she had the chance, she would teach Claudia a lesson. Sally blamed Claudia for everything. Sally thought Stephanie could help.

Eric and Stephanie discussed Ridge and Thorne's relationships with Taylor and Macy.

Ridge told Brooke he hadn't married Taylor. She asked, "What are you trying to tell me? What are you saying?" He told her he had gone to the marina. He went on to tell her about how he'd gotten the motorcycle because the car had broken down. She was shocked. She asked him what would've happened if he had made it. She asked how he would have stopped it and if he would have asked her to marry him.

Taylor and Grant speculated on what was happening with Brooke and Ridge. Finally, they decided to go see what was going on.

Sally said she had to go see Stephanie about Thorne. Macy asked her not to go. Sally said she needed to.

Eric assured Stephanie that everything would turn out fine. She asked him if there was someone special in his life. He answered by telling her she asked too many questions.

Ridge told Brooke it didn't matter because she was married. He asked how the kids were getting along with Chambers. She replied it was going as well as could be expected and that they were adjusting but missed Ridge. Ridge wished it didn't have to be that way. Brooke asked if he wanted to marry her. He just looked at her and hugged her. All the while, Taylor and Grant listened in.

Wednesday, January 22, 1997

Clarke told a distraught Macy that she should take a vacation. Macy began to blame herself for her separation. Clark told her that it was not her fault.

Claudia thought it was her fault. Claudia and Thorne discussed her hearing and deportation. Stephanie walked in and was shocked when Thorne introduced them. She said in a stern voice, "I want to speak with both of you in the living room." Stephanie looked at Claudia very suspiciously. Claudia apologized to Stephanie about the trouble she had caused, and she left. Stephanie told Thorne that Claudia was nothing but trouble.

Enrique and Michael discussed Claudia. He said that he knew about her trouble in her country because his family was the cause. Enrique said that Claudia couldn't be sent back.

Thorne and Stephanie argued about Claudia. Thorne said, "She's in serious trouble. What are we going to do to help her?" Thorne told Stephanie that he knew Claudia was illegal and didn't have a green card. Stephanie said it was worse than she'd thought. She asked if there was anything going on. He said no; he was just helping her. Stephanie said that he couldn't go above the law. He said that Stephanie had the resources and connections to help Claudia. She stated that Claudia was the reason for his breakup and that Claudia's immigration problems were not Stephanie's.

Enrique told Michael that he had to stop Claudia from being sent back. Claudia's brother, Lucien, asked if Claudia was out of trouble. When she told him no because the hearing was still on, Lucien told her she had to leave L.A. at once. She told them she wouldn't. She declared that she'd rather be dead than a fugitive. They argued more about Thorne. She told them that Thorne would not abandon her. Her brother insisted she was in love with Thorne, but she denied it. She told them she was not leaving.

Enrique went to Thorne to try to help Claudia. He told Thorne that his was the family that was Claudia's enemies. Thorne was outraged.

Clarke told Macy that there was nothing to feel guilty about. If anyone should feel guilty, it was Thorne and Claudia -- and they would have to pay the price.

Macy told Clarke that Claudia's life might be in danger. Clarke thought Claudia was lying. Macy didn't want to hurt her. Clarke told her that legal separation was a little rash. She told him how Thorne had suddenly lost interest when Claudia had entered the picture. Clarke asked, "When she is out of the picture, then what?" Macy said, "I just want my husband back."

Enrique and Thorne discussed a "plan." Thorne wasn't sure about it. He thought it was a tough decision. Lucien wanted to go to the hearing with Claudia, but she told him no, or he would get departed too. She told him to take care of their mother. As they all hugged, the phone rang, and it was Thorne. Thorne said he had a solution and told her to meet him at the courthouse. She was confused. He told her it involved a marriage. She looked at her family with a big smile on her face and said, "Thorne is going to marry me!"

Thursday, January 22, 1997

Claudia's family asked her if that was what she wanted -- to marry Thorne Forrester. Claudia told them yes, because she loved him. Lucien, a bit skeptical, asked if it was the only way. Then he saw how excited his sister was and told her that if it would keep her out of the Alvarez family, it was a good thing. She told them to pack because after she became Claudia Cortez Forrester, they would not be living there. She left.

The judge began to ask questions when Claudia was late. Thorne, his lawyer, and the judge began to discuss the case. The judge told them it was very unlikely that she would not be deported.

Jonathan, the Forresters' lawyer, arrived to see Stephanie and discuss Claudia. He told her that at first, he'd sided with Stephanie. But that had been until Thorne had gone to see him. He had done some checking and had verified that Claudia would be killed if she had to go back to her country, San Carlos.

Claudia finally arrived with a big grin on her face. Thorne asked if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. She looked at him admiringly and said, "It will be an honor to be your wife." Thorne looked shocked. She told him how surprised she was. He interrupted her, telling her to go into the hall. He told her they couldn't get married because he was still married to Macy.

Claudia was very confused at that point. Then she spotted Enrique Alvarez and realized that it was him she was to be marrying. Claudia said she would not marry him. She said, "Marry you? I 'd rather die. I would rather go back. I will not marry the enemy of my family!" She then left to make a phone call.

Jonathan thought Stephanie could help. She didn't know how she could help. He explained that her family was a strong influence. He told her that Thorne might have feelings for the girl, and if she didn't help, he might never forgive her.

Claudia cried as she picked up the phone to call her family. Lucien asked if she was married. She told him it hadn't worked out, and she would probably be deported. She made her brother promise to take care of her mother.

Thorne told his lawyer to buy some time. The lawyer requested a continuance, but it was denied. The judge asked, "How do you plead?" Claudia then stood and said, "Guilty, your honor. I have entered this country illegally."

Back at the Forresters', Jonathan told Stephanie that if she was going to help, she'd better get to the courthouse right away. He turned to leave then Stephanie said, "Wait!"

Lucien told his mother what Claudia had said. Alicia, Claudia's mother, broke down. Lucien told her that they needed to go on, but she wondered how.

The lawyer told the court why Claudia had fled San Carlos and explained that she was a political refugee. He told them that she had applied for political asylum. Thorne stood up and said, "Don't you care that her life is at stake?" The judge ruled Thorne in contempt of court. She told them she could not ignore that Claudia had disobeyed the law.

The judge said, "I have come to a decision. Claudia will be taken into custody immediately." She was interrupted when Stephanie entered the courtroom. Stephanie said, "I have important information. May I address the court?"

Friday, January 24, 1997

The judge told Stephanie she was out of order. She instructed the bailiff to remove Stephanie from the court. Stephanie begged the judge to listen to her because she might have information on why Claudia shouldn't be deported back San Carlos.

Maggie visited James at his office. She told him that with Sheila living in the house, they needed more privacy. She said that she wanted to have a baby of her own. She said she wanted to make a baby and "do it now" as she removed her coat to reveal sexy lingerie.

Sheila was very frustrated at the food Maggie was making her eat. She opened the door and was shocked to see her mother, Molly. Sheila was very short with Molly until she realized her mother had some sweets. Molly said how happy she was that Sheila was married and was having James's baby.

Stephanie told the judge that Claudia would be killed if she were sent back. She told the court that her attorneys were looking over her petition for political asylum as they spoke. The judge told her, "Well, that's your prerogative, but in the meantime, she will be sent back to her homeland."

Maggie started taking off James's clothes, telling him his secretary had taken the rest of the day off. He asked her if she was feeling insecure about Sheila having his baby. She told him no because she had him. They kissed passionately.

Molly told Sheila she was moving there. Sheila told her nonchalantly that she was not married to James; she was just pregnant. He was married to Maggie, and they all lived together. Molly couldn't believe her daughter was standing for that. Sheila said she wasn't. She was going to be direct. Sheila said that Maggie was all wrong for him. She wanted Molly to help her with James before her body started to change.

Claudia's lawyer asked if they could wait to send her back until the application for asylum went through.

Maggie and James made love. Afterward, Maggie told James that it hadn't worked. They hadn't made a baby. He asked how she knew. She said she just knew. He told her they needed to do it again. He said if the situation with Sheila ever bothered her to tell him. She said, "No, it is what I want."

Molly told Sheila she didn't know if she could help Sheila. Then, after Sheila persuaded her, Molly gave in asked what she could do. Sheila was supposed to go along with her and go looking for some real estate all day, and not alone either.

The judge was worried that Claudia would run. She said she could not permit letting Claudia just go. Claudia begged the judge, saying she was a woman of her word, but that wasn't good enough for the judge. As she ruled that Claudia had to be deported, Stephanie said, "I can guarantee that Ms. Cortez will not take flight." The judge made sure Stephanie knew what could happen if Claudia fled. She granted custody of Ms. Cortez to Stephanie Forrester but reminded them that if her application was denied, she would return the day of the ruling.

Sheila introduced Molly to James and Maggie. She got Maggie to take her mother real estate shopping, leaving Sheila and James alone. When Maggie asked James to speak with her in another room, Sheila told Molly to take her time.

Claudia thanked Stephanie for saving her life. Stephanie said, "Don't make me regret this." When Thorne asked why she'd done it, she simply said it was the right thing to do. She told him that in turn, he had to go see Taylor. He had to persuade her to put her differences aside and marry Ridge. Thorne took Claudia home. After they left, Stephanie said, "Who knows? I may need you as much as you need me, Claudia."

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