The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on B&B
Instead of helping his mother reunite Ridge and Taylor, Thorne made a play for Taylor himself. Ridge warned Thorne to stay away from his fiancée, and Thorne decided to give his marriage to Macy another chance. Macy, however, demanded a divorce when she discovered that Claudia and Thorne were living in the mansion at the same time. Sheila decided it was time to get rid of Maggie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, January 27, 1997

Maggie talked to James about Molly being very picky about her house. She said she wouldn't be surprised if Sheila were behind it. Then Molly walked out of her room, and she and Maggie left. As James sat down to breakfast, Sheila walked out in a short, silky nightgown. James was in awe of what he saw.

James told Sheila that Maggie had said for her to take her vitamin. Of course they were on the top shelf, making her reach up high. She asked James for some help. He asked her if she was cold. She told him she was hot-blooded. He told her to go to her room and change. She asked, "Don't you like it, or do you like it too much?"

James told Sheila to go change, or he would leave. She told him that they were all stuck with each other. He told her the reason he'd slept with her was simply that he'd thought he had lost Maggie, and Sheila had been the closest thing. He insisted that he had no desire for her. She told him that, deep down, their desire did exist. She picked up her robe and left.

Stephanie looked at pictures of Taylor and Ridge on their honeymoon. Claudia entered with breakfast. She told Stephanie that she wanted to show her thanks by cooking and cleaning. Stephanie said no. However, Claudia wouldn't take no for an answer. Claudia wanted to make herself useful.

As Stephanie decided on what to have for breakfast, Ridge entered, and Thorne left. Ridge and Stephanie discussed Thorne and Macy and how Claudia fit in. Ridge asked why she had invited Claudia to stay in her home. Ridge told Stephanie that he wouldn't even consider forgiving Thorne until he was married to Taylor -- and not before. She told him to work on getting back with Taylor and to forget Thorne. He said he felt betrayed and that no one would stab him in the back and get away with it.

Meanwhile, Thorne visited Taylor with a bouquet of flowers. Thorne and Taylor discussed what it felt like saving a life. She told him of the first life she'd saved. She thanked him for making her feel good about herself again. He asked what was wrong. She told him that the whole mess with Ridge made her feel kind of unwanted.

Thorne told Taylor how special she was. He said that she was an incredible woman, and any man would be thankful just to be with her. She smiled, saying, "Present company excluded." He kissed her. Then, he was speechless.

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

Clarke visited Grant. Clarke told Grant that he was lucky to be married to a woman like Brooke. He asked how the honeymoon had been. Grant just looked at him, not wanting to tell his friend that he'd never made love with his wife. Clarke continued to pry, asking what it was like with Brooke. Grant didn't want to talk about it. He advised Clarke to put his libido on a leash.

When Brooke arrived at home, Grant went to kiss his wife, and she turned so he would kiss her cheek. Clarke noticed how distant Brooke was with Grant. After Clarke left, Grant asked Brooke what was wrong. Brooke decided to go lie down. Grant started to go with her, but she stopped him, telling him "alone."

Taylor pushed Thorne away when he kissed her. He was suddenly speechless. She wanted to know why he'd done that. He stumbled, saying, "Thought it was the thing to do at the time." She told him to forget about it. Thorne said, "We are friends having a nice conversation, I just got caught up in the moment." Taylor wondered if there was more to it than that. She told him that the kiss had been a mistake and should never happen again. They laughed, and he left.

Ridge and Brooke discussed business. Ridge tried to get Brooke to give Thorne an assignment that Thorne knew nothing about. Brooke told him he had to forgive Thorne. Ridge didn't want to hear it. He tried to change the subject, but Brooke continued. Brooke told him she thought Thorne had just been trying to protect him. As they were talking, it became very clear to her that Ridge really loved Taylor and wanted to marry her. She began to stumble and dropped her briefcase, obviously very hurt. She then went home.

Michael went to visit Thorne. They talked about him and Macy. She was shocked that he was not upset about his breakup. She told him that he was not a man who was committed to saving his marriage. He looked like a man weighing his options, one being another woman. She asked him if he was falling for someone else.

Later, Taylor looked admiringly at the flowers from Thorne. There was a knock at the door. She opened it and found a white piece of cloth waving in front of her with Ridge behind it. She invited him in. He apologized for how they'd left things the last time they'd talked and noticed that she was in a better mood. She told him she'd had a visitor. Ridge assumed it had been her father. Taylor decided not to correct him.

Ridge told Taylor he'd stopped over to talk about honeymoon plans. He asked who the flowers were from. She told him Thorne. Ridge was outraged. Ridge told Taylor that Thorne had just gone there to turn her against him. She told him they'd talked about Claudia.

Ridge thought that Thorne and Claudia were having an affair. He thought Thorne was trying to deliberately keep Taylor and him apart. He said, "I'm going to teach my brother a lesson." As he left, Taylor screamed, "No! Wait!" She became very frustrated, saying, "Oh, great!"

Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Michael visited Claudia to catch up. Michael said that Claudia was living a very lush life at the Forrester mansion. They talked about how lucky Claudia was. Michael said that she was sure Thorne liked Claudia. Claudia didn't believe her. Claudia assumed Michael knew what had happened before the trial. Claudia told her that Enrique Alvarez had proposed. She said she had turned him down because she would rather be deported than spend her life with him. Michael was shocked.

Claudia told Michael that Enrique had a dark side. Michael said, "What is it with the men I date proposing to other women?" Claudia just looked at her. When Stephanie walked in, Michael left. Stephanie told Claudia that Jonathan had the papers in order, but it would take time. Stephanie asked Claudia if there was an involvement with her and Thorne. She said no; it was just gratitude she felt for him.

Macy went to see Thorne. Macy wondered how they'd ended up like that. She told him she didn't want the separation and to forget about the whole thing. She said they just needed to work on trust. Macy said, "Please. Come home." Thorne told her he couldn't do that. She was shocked. She told him she knew that there were issues that needed to be worked out, and it wouldn't be easy. He responded, "It never is."

Thorne told Macy she was wrong for leaving, yet she wanted to return and act like nothing had ever happened. He told her it wouldn't work that way. He said that they had some thinking to do to figure out whether or not they could be together. She slammed the door.

Taylor was worried about Ridge. When there was a knock at the door, she was disappointed to find Grant. Grant wondered why she wasn't angry at Thorne. She defended him, saying he'd just been trying to protect her. Grant blamed Thorne for the postponement. Taylor finally decided to call Thorne to warn him that Ridge was on his way. Before he even got off the phone, Ridge appeared.

Ridge told Thorne he wanted to start fresh. Thorne said, "Good, and Cheryl can help you." Ridge said he was still going to marry Taylor. Thorne said Ridge didn't deserve her. Ridge said that Taylor was off-limits. Ridge said, "You will stay away from her, or you'll regret it!"

Thursday, January 30, 1997

Stephanie called Trish to locate Eric, but Trish didn't know where he was. Claudia walked in, asking if Lauren would be joining them for dinner. She was not at home. Stephanie said she wanted to speak to Claudia about her duties. She wanted Claudia to stop acting like a maid and start acting like a guest. She said she wanted Claudia to be at the dinner table that evening.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Eric were out to dinner. They talked about how long it had taken them to find one another. They agreed on how right and perfect it felt. Eric kissed her. Lauren wanted to show Eric her designs that she'd done. He insisted on seeing them in the morning. They kissed some more.

Sally and Clarke were dining at the same restaurant. Sally saw Eric and Lauren together and wondered if Stephanie knew. She told Clarke that if Stephanie did know, she would not be very happy. Sally went over to speak with Eric about Thorne and Macy. Lauren joked around about her and Eric's relationship, saying they were going to take a trip to Vegas then Milan, and then Eric was going to sell the business. Sally didn't think it was funny and asked Eric to speak to her alone.

Lauren left and sat with Clarke. Clarke told Lauren that she was in the wrong place. She should be elsewhere. He badmouthed Eric, and Lauren told him to back off because she was falling in love with Eric. Sally talked to Eric about Thorne. She wanted Eric to speak with Thorne to make some kind of gesture to let Macy know he still loved her.

As Sheila poured coffee, wearing nothing but her undergarments, James walked in. He told her to get dressed before Maggie saw. However, Maggie walked in, demanding to know what was going on. Maggie ordered Sheila to go get dressed and get her butt back out there. She told James to leave her and Sheila alone. She said, "I want to talk to that woman alone. Trust me."

James wasn't sure that he should leave. He told Maggie not to let things get out of hand. After James went to the office, Sheila returned in an opened see-through robe. Sheila realized James had left, so she tried to go back to her room. Maggie told her not until Maggie was through with her. She was going to teach Sheila how to get a man -- her own man.

Maggie and Sheila continued to argue. Maggie told Sheila that James didn't find a half-naked pregnant woman appealing. Sheila shot back that he did if he'd fathered the baby. Maggie let Sheila know that she was not threatened. Sheila had to live by Maggie's rules in Maggie's house. Maggie warned Sheila to keep away from Maggie's husband.

After Maggie left the room, Sheila said, "I only have a few months left to be alone with James. I have got to get rid of Maggie for a few months."

Friday, January 31, 1997

Claudia served Thorne some coffee as he got out of the swimming pool. He told her that if she wanted, there were some bathing suits in Felicia's room. She told him maybe another time because she was going to visit her mother. Thorne told her he was going to get back together with Macy. He said he was committed to his marriage. Looking a little crushed, she wished him the best. After he left, she began to cry.

Macy gave reminders about duties in the office to Sally and Clarke. Sally told her to relax. Macy wasn't very hopeful about her marriage. She was still very confused and continued to blame Claudia for her troubles. Sally told her to just concentrate on getting her marriage back on track.

Thorne was surprised to see Macy at the Forresters' because they were supposed to meet at their apartment. She begged him to just hold her. Thorne told Macy it had been a mistake not telling her that he'd hired Claudia. He said he hadn't told her because he'd known she would just overact. But the bigger mistake had been her not trusting him. Macy told him that Claudia was throwing herself at him. Thorne didn't think so.

Thorne told Macy that the real reason he'd wanted to meet with her was to tell her that he wanted her back. Thorne said that they had a lot of healing to do -- together. They hugged. Macy, thinking Claudia had been deported, told Thorne, "We could have never worked things out with her living here." Thorne was surprised that she still didn't know that Claudia lived with Stephanie until her political asylum went through.

Macy turned and saw Claudia standing there in a bikini. Furious, Macy wanted to know what was going on. She told Thorne, "If you cared for me, for our marriage, you would have moved out. I just can't take it anymore. I want a divorce!" As Macy left, Thorne looked devastated.

Ridge told Stephanie that he was taking Taylor to lunch at the private dining room. He also told her that Taylor didn't know about it yet. He said that by the end of the week, they would be married. Stephanie warned him to be sensitive.

Ridge told Taylor that sooner or later, they would be married. They could take the slow route and end up together eventually, or they could go to Las Vegas that weekend. He asked which she preferred. As tempted as Taylor was, she shied away from the question, asking about Thorne.

Ridge told Taylor that he and Thorne had reached an understanding. Thorne would stay out of his life and vice versa. He added that Thorne was to stay away from Taylor. Taylor protested that Thorne was her friend. Ridge tried to change the subject. However, with neither of them in the mood to talk or eat, they left.

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