The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on B&B
Taylor refused to be the woman caught in a love triangle between two brothers, and she told Thorne that she was going ahead with her wedding to Ridge. Eric was shocked to learn that Lauren was seeing Clarke. Grant tried to convince Brooke to let him run Forrester for her, and Ridge became late for a beachside dinner with Taylor when he interrupted Grant's meeting with Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, February 17, 1997

Eric and Ridge were having a business meeting, but Eric wasn't paying attention. His mind was on Lauren. He told Ridge that he didn't understand what had happened with the woman. He didn't think it was something he'd done or said. He thought it was something else.

Lauren looked heartbroken as Stephanie told her how she felt for Eric. Lauren asked if Eric knew that Stephanie was in love with him. Stephanie guessed so. Lauren said she didn't think so because he hadn't said anything about it. Lauren told Stephanie that she'd better make her move before somebody else did. Stephanie thanked Lauren for being such a good friend.

Michael asked Claudia if Thorne had been hitting on her. Michael told her everyone knew that he had a thing for her. Claudia looked doubtful. Michael asked, "Well, doesn't he?"

Thorne asked Taylor to go to Tahiti to investigate their relationship. She told him that time alone was not in the picture and that there was no relationship for them. Thorne let her know he had feelings for her that he couldn't deny. Thorne told her that Ridge didn't have to know. Thorne thought Taylor was confused. Thorne said, "You need to figure out who will make you happier. You need to spend time alone with me."

Claudia told Michael she was wrong. She revealed to Michael what was going on with Thorne and Taylor. Michael promised to tell no one. Michael didn't think Thorne had a chance with Taylor. After talking with Taylor, Claudia thought that Taylor was in love with both brothers but would do the right thing. Claudia told Michael that Taylor had told her that she was committed to staying away from Thorne.

Ridge told Eric that he thought Thorne would stay away because he knew what would happen if he didn't. Eric said that Thorne was just sensitive to the relationship. Eric told Ridge to be patient and not to let things get out of hand. Ridge left to find Thorne to give him some invoices.

Taylor told Thorne it was too dangerous. She would not be a part of a catastrophe in the family.

When Ridge went to Stephanie, looking for Thorne, Stephanie told him that Thorne would not go to Taylor's.

Eric demanded to know what had happened to cause him and Lauren to stop seeing each other. She just said she needed space. He didn't believe her. He told her he wanted an explanation and wasn't giving up until he got one. She blurted out, "I'm just not interested in you! I'm just not!" He said he didn't believe her. She walked out.

Ridge wondered if Thorne was at Taylor's. Ridge said, "If I find my brother at her beach house..." Then he left, and Stephanie was very worried he might do something crazy.

Thorne didn't seem to see how dangerous his idea was. Thorne told Taylor that she had feelings for him and was scared because of Ridge. She told Thorne that there was no romantic future for them. He replied that Ridge wasn't the man for her. He asked why, if she was so sure, they hadn't married yet. She told him Ridge wasn't ready, so she wasn't ready. He told her she wasn't ready because there was someone else. As he stoked her face, Thorne said, "Take time out to see what else is there. Don't be afraid! It might surprise you."

Tuesday, February 18, 1997

From London, Maggie called James at his office. She was glad she'd gotten the chance to be with Jessica. James told Maggie that Sheila was following her instructions to the letter. Maggie looked a little skeptical.

Sheila felt the baby moving. She hoped that the baby would draw her and James together. She fantasized about her and James being together after the baby was born. In her fantasy, James told her that he'd gotten his marriage to Maggie annulled and wanted to marry her and be a family. Mike interrupted her fantasy with a pizza.

Stephanie went to see Eric and talk with him about Ridge, Thorne, and Taylor. Stephanie asked Eric if he knew where Thorne was. She told him that there was a big problem, and it was about to explode.

Thorne asked Taylor if she could honestly say that going away together would be a mistake. When she didn't say anything, Thorne took that as uncertainty on her part.

Stephanie was afraid Ridge would harm Thorne if he caught him at Taylor's house.

Taylor told Thorne that as a doctor, she knew that a mental vacation had some merit. However, she didn't want to do that to Ridge. He asked her for an answer. Then they heard the screeching of brakes.

Sheila wasn't really interested in pizza. She had her mind on James. When Mike gave Sheila a reality check, she told him to leave. Mike reminded her that she didn't even have a plan. Sheila told him she was going to convince James they were meant to be together by being herself. Mike left with the pizza carrier over his face as James walked in. James asked who that had been. Sheila said the pizza man.

Ridge burst through the door, demanding to know where Thorne was. Taylor played it cool and told him she didn't know. Taylor left, saying she was going to "powder my nose."

Eric wondered if Taylor and Ridge were even going to get married. Stephanie was still worried. They embraced.

Taylor went into the kitchen, where Thorne was. Taylor told him that Ridge was livid. Thorne wanted to go talk with him. Taylor told him to just leave out the back way. Thorne said he wouldn't leave unless she went to Tahiti with him. As she was trying to tell him no, he kissed her, and she didn't try to stop it. Thorne gave her the tickets and told her he would be waiting. When Taylor finally returned to Ridge, he apologized for barging into her house. He kissed Taylor.

Sheila told James she'd had a craving. She asked, with puppy dog eyes, "Oh, you are not mad at me, are you?" She offered him some of the pizza. When James told her that Maggie would be returning soon, she told him that it was a shame they hadn't gotten to spend much time alone. She put his hand on her stomach, and he felt the baby move.

Ridge wanted to marry Taylor that night. He told her to pick a date. They kissed passionately as Thorne watched them from the window.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997

A worried Stephanie lectured Claudia again about Thorne and urged Claudia not to give up on a relationship with her son. Claudia thought Thorne saw her as a damsel in distress. Stephanie mentioned the problems that Maggie had been having in her relationship with James because of Sheila and commented that love just didn't seem to be enough to keep two people together. Claudia wondered if Stephanie was talking about her relationship with Eric, and Stephanie admitted that she was. Claudia guessed that Stephanie would be back with Eric. <

Sheila joked to James about how her pregnancy had given her a huge appetite and laughed at what she'd face in labor. When James demanded that she stop, Sheila laughed, asking if he had ever known a woman to die in labor. James revealed that his mother had died while giving birth to him. Sheila apologized and assured him that with modern technology, there would be no problems with the birth of their baby.

After a visit with her banker, a worried Sally confided to Clarke her fear that Lauren would not sign with them and ordered Clarke to go to Lauren and convince her to join Spectra. Lauren thought to herself about her feelings for Eric but kept realizing that she couldn't hurt her friend Stephanie. Eric interrupted her thoughts and pleaded with her for the reason why she'd decided to end their budding relationship. Lauren finally lied and claimed that there was another man involved. Just then, Clarke arrived with a bouquet of flowers for her. She led Eric to believe that Clarke was the other man. Eric left in disgust while Lauren was in tears.

Thursday, February 20, 1997

As Grant contemplated calling the hotel where the captain was staying, Brooke entered with revisions of sketches from Eric. Grant whined about how badly the Forresters treated him. He told her that she had to get Eric off his back. She snapped, "No! Not now." He blamed the Forresters for them not having sex. He told her that their marriage was top priority. She didn't want to talk about it in the office. He told her she needed to take the rest of the day off. They kissed, and she left. Frustrated, Grant just shook his head.

The phone rang while Taylor was waiting for Stephanie in Eric's office. Thorne wanted to head up and talk to Taylor. She told him no. Stephanie walked in as Taylor was still talking to Thorne, but Stephanie had no idea who she was talking to. Stephanie was curious to know if Taylor had made a decision about setting her wedding date.

Grant found out that the captain had checked out of the hotel. Grant hoped his marriage was real.

Brooke stopped by Thorne's office to give him a report. When Thorne asked how she was doing, she told him there was nothing he could do about her mood. He said, "Maybe there is. There is something you should know about Ridge and Taylor." She didn't want to hear it. He told her that there might be a new man in Taylor's life. Brooke couldn't believe that. Thorne told Brooke that Taylor was starting to realize that she might not ever have Ridge completely because he was still in love with Brooke. Brooke couldn't believe that Taylor would just leave Ridge for a man she'd just met. Thorne disclosed that he was the other man.

Taylor didn't know if Ridge was ready to set a date. Stephanie blamed Thorne for the whole mess. Stephanie said, "There is no reason not to move forward with this marriage. Or is there?"

Clarke told Grant about what had happened with Lauren. Then he noticed the sketches on Grant's desk with all the corrections and revisions on them. He realized that Eric was taking his frustration out on Grant.

Brooke wondered if Ridge knew. Thorne told her he did. Brooke thought Taylor was considering going with Thorne. Brooke was scared to have hope again. Thorne thought Ridge would be free soon and would go back to Brooke.

Stephanie told Taylor to put aside all of her feelings for Thorne. Stephanie said, "You belong with Ridge. If you don't seize the moment, you will never forgive yourself."

Grant ranted and raved about how badly the Forresters treated him. He told Clarke that things were going to be different around there.

When Taylor went to see Thorne, he hugged her. He reminded her that she needed to go away to get away from all the pressure. She tried to make it very clear to Thorne that she was not going away with him. He just wanted to spend time with her. He told her that Ridge was only using her. He'd given her another woman's wedding dress and another woman's wedding ring. She told Thorne that on that night, she and Ridge were going to set a wedding date. Taylor gave him back the tickets. Thorne said that if she wanted to be hurt and betrayed, she should go back to Ridge. He walked out, frustrated. Stephanie rounded the corner outside the office.

Friday, February 21, 1997

Clarke boasted to Sally about what had happened with Lauren the other night. Sally informed Clarke that Lauren was just using him, but Clarke didn't care. He told her that there would be trouble at Forrester.

Connor was back. He delivered a contract to Grant. They talked about Brooke. Connor didn't think the relationship was a good one. They hoped Brooke would go for the contract.

Ridge and Taylor made plans for their evening. Ridge told Taylor to prepare to be overwhelmed. That night, they would set the date for their wedding.

Thorne threw the tickets in the trash. He said, "Taylor, you're killing me!" Enrique walked in and realized Thorne was having woman troubles. Thorne told Enrique he should ask Claudia out. Enrique told him that Claudia had eyes for someone else. Thorne said that nothing was going to happen there. He told Enrique that there was not going to be a woman in his life for a very long while.

Clarke told Sally that Brooke and Grant were miserable. He told her of the changes Grant was planning. Sally didn't think Brooke would go for it. Meanwhile, Grant hoped Brooke would go for it. Brooke was shocked to see Connor. Grant told her that Connor had made up a contract to put Grant in charge.

Michael helped Taylor set up a romantic evening on the beach. Michael let Taylor know about what had been going on with Thorne. Taylor told Michael that she hoped Thorne got the picture that it was just not in the cards for them. Taylor thanked Michael and left before Ridge got there.

Megan, Ridge's secretary, tried to give Ridge a paper to sign before he left, but he told her to get Brooke to sign it. He got a little enraged when he found out she was in with Grant and Connor.

Brooke looked over the contract and asked if they had been planning it for a while. Grant gave her a speech about how he saw she was hurting seeing Ridge every day. She needed time off. He was there to run the company for her because that was what a husband was all about. He told her to go ahead and sign it. Ridge burst through the door and demanded to know what was going on.

Taylor was a little worried that Ridge was late, but she didn't think he would disappoint her. Meanwhile, Thorne was feeling sorry for himself, realizing he had lost Taylor to Ridge. He looked out the window and realized Ridge was still there, and Thorne knew Ridge was supposed to be with Taylor to set a date. Megan told Thorne that Ridge was in Brooke's office.

Upset that Ridge was with Brooke instead of Taylor, Thorne called Taylor. She told him she didn't want to hear anything he had to say. She was sorry. She hung up before he could tell her about Brooke.

Back in Brooke's office, Brooke told Ridge that they were discussing business. She tried to hide the contract, but he got it away from her. He read it and emphatically told Grant, "No way!"

Taylor said, "Please don't do this!" She tried to relax and told herself that Ridge had probably stopped to get a minister. She drew a heart with their initials in the sand.

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