The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on B&B
Tensions flared when the Forresters learned that Grant was Forrester's new CEO. Stephanie took a gun to the office. Michael warned Brooke that Grant only wanted Brooke because of Forrester. Ridge fought with Grant, and security tossed Ridge out of the building. Eric and Stephanie reunited.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, March 10, 1997
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SPECTRA FASHIONS: Sally and Clark are watching Lauren stare off into space. Why isn't she working? She needs to get her mind on business or there will be no business. Clark approaches Lauren and starts up a conversation. He compliments her on the work she has done so far. Sally adds to the encouragement as she is leaving. Clark guesses that Lauren isn't concentrating because of Eric.

Eric is checking out the house for Stephanie. She is staying alone and thinks she heard a strange noise. When Eric pronounces everything normal, they begin conversing about her fears. He reminds her that they still have the gun. Stephanie isn't even sure it still works; Eric says they should have that taken care of. He begins giving Stephanie a shoulder massage and they begin remembering their earlier years when they were young and struggling.

Curtis is just finishing up the plumbing job. What's this? A salad fork in the disposal? No wonder it wouldn't work. As Maggie writes him a check, Curtis mentions that he is living in a trailer park. He has his own little camping trailer. Maggie tells him about her Winnebago--she drove it to L.A. from Iowa. Curtis is impressed with her knowledge of RVs and accompanies her outside to check out her Winnebago. But before leaving, he gives Maggie his card: Curtis Love. What a wonderful name, Maggie comments. Sheila is taking this all in. Is that wheels I hear turning in Sheila's head?

Eric continues with the back massage. Even though they had rough times, they were happy as a family. They were determined that Forrester Creations would become a reality. We did it, Stephanie declares, but our good fortune in business didn't extend over into their personal lives.

Sheila and Maggie are busy with household chores. Sheila mentions their good fortune in finding Curtis. Sheila thinks Maggie has more in common with Curtis than she does with her husband. Curtis appreciates the small things in life, Maggie says, but James and I are kindred spirits now. As she leaves the room, Sheila picks up the business card and wonders if Curtis will help her.

Clark asks Lauren about her relationship with Eric. Why did she pretend that she had a date with him (Clark) in front of Eric the other day? Lauren confines in him that staying with Eric would hurt someone she cared for very much: Stephanie.

Sheila arrives and asks to speak to Curtis. Curtis recognizes Sheila and comments that she wasn't in such a good mood earlier--"suffering a wild hair day." he says diplomatically. Sheila askes if he can help her out with a little problem she has. Curtis is insulted; he is a plumber and nothing else. Before Sheila can explain what she wants, the phone rings and Curtis is busy talking with a customer. He asks Sheila to leave; he is not interested in anything she has to sell. When his back is turned, Sheila leaves a manilla envelope on the counter and leaves. After Curtis hangs up the phone he returns to the counter and finds the envelope--it is full of money!

Stephanie and Eric discuss the reason for their marriage breaking up. She feels she needs a reason so she can get on with life. She questions his relationships since the marriage ended. He explains that he was just going through a phase--the grass is always greener. . . Now he feels that what he needs is someone who is as sure of herself and her desires as he is of his. It is not youth that he is after. It is amazing how much love and respect they still have for each other. Stephanie wonders how it would be with them now but turns away. I am being silly, she comments. But Eric stops her and says he can be the judge of whether she is silly or not.

Clark is amazed that Lauren will let this man she feels so strongly about get away because of Stephanie. Eric doesn't love Stephanie regardless of whether or not Stephanie loves him. They are just friends. Their time for romance has come and gone. He advises Lauren to tell Stephanie how she feels. If you wait and she finds out, she will really be hurt that she wasn't told. Lauren feels that Clark is right; she must tell Stephanie how she feels. She dials the Forrester home and the telephone begins to ring.

Somewhere in the background the phone is ringing but Eric and Stephanie do not hear it. They are in bed and wrapped up in each other's arms.

Tuesday, March 11, 1997

Grant is "taking care of business." He is giving instructions to a worker who hesitates because he "needs Thorne's authorization." You don't need his; you have mine, he says. Megan tells Grant that Taylor's condition has been upgraded to good and she has sent the flowers as he requested. Grant wants to know when Ridge comes into the office.

Michael has paid a visit to Brooke. She is surprised that it is true that Brooke signed over the company to Grant. Michael expresses her disapproval. This is not the way to get back at Ridge.

Lauren is looking forward to seeing Eric. He will understand when she tells him her change in attitude was because of Stephanie. This time tomorrow, they may be waking up together. She almost made the worse mistake of her life but she is going to correct that---today.

Claudia is making breakfast. Ridge is giving her the update on Taylor's condition. Stephanie enters and begins preparing a tray to take upstairs. Ridge teases her about having a man hidden upstairs. She tells him it is "non of his beeswax" and he is further intrigued. Ridges mouth drops when Eric enters the kitchen dressed in a bathrobe.

Brooke informs Michael that not only can she turn over the company to Grant, it is a done deal. She does not want to hurt or seek revenge on Ridge or any of the Forresters. But she has to do what is right for her family. Her family comes first, not the Forrester family. Michael reminds her that her kids are Forresters. But first of all, they are her children, Brooke answers. Michael still does not believe she isn't acting out of resentment; she has been rejected and that does something to a woman. Brooke tells her that she is thinking of her family and her children. They deserve her entire attention. Michael accuses her of taking the business away from the people who founded this business and put their blood and sweat into it. It is my company too, Brooke answers, I've earned my share of it, maybe more. Michael says that Grant is manipulating Brooke. He only married her because he wanted the company. Brooke is insulted and demands that Michael leave. Michael argues with her; Grant is a user. When he gets what he wants out of Brook he will dump her. Brooke, angry, throws Michael out.

Ridge cannot believe Eric spent the night. Where did he sleep? Did he miss something? Are they getting back together? Everyone is in a celebratory mood as Lauren stands at the door. Ridge goes to call his sister and spread the news. He sees Lauren and announces that Dad spent the night here. Lauren looks stunned.

Michael comes into the office. She definitely has an attitude. She wants to be there when Ridge comes in; she wants a front row seat when he wrings Grant's neck. She throws some papers on the desk and turns to leave. Hold it, Grant commands. What is your problem. Michael can't believe she ever thought she loved him. She waited all her life for the perfect person then she had sex with a snake. She accuses him of stabbing the Forresters in the back. He was Ridges friend and made the moves on Brooke. He thought she would be better off with him and he still believes it. Oh, is that why she won't have sex with you. This is all about you not "getting any," she thinks. Michael storms out of the office as Megan calls to let Grant know that Ridge has come into the office.

In the hallway, Michael runs into Enrique and demands that he take her away somewhere before she kills someone. They go into Ridges office. A few minutes later Ridge enters. He is upbeat; he starts talking business. Ridge is headed to Brooke's office for a sales report. Michael stops him; Brooke is not in the office. Enrique tells Ridge that she resigned last night. Michael informs him that Grant is now in charge. Ridge explodes and heads out of the office to confront Grant.

They are just finishing breakfast. Stephanie leaves and Eric and Lauren are alone. Did you really stay the night? she wants to know. Of course, he responds. Lauren wants to know if he is happy but Eric doesn't believe she should be concerned about that. He wants to know if she has seen Clark recently. He then tells her there is no reason for this conversation. Near tears, Lauren leaves.

Ridge storms in. He calls Grant a "blood-sucking leach." He accuses Ridge of using Taylor's unfortunate accident to steal the company from Eric. He is on his way to Brooke and get her to undo what has been done. She isn't there, Grant says and it is none of your business where she is. This is why she resigned from the company. Grant insists that Ridge respect Brooke's wish to keep a distance between herself and the Forresters. Grant shows the legal paper that Brooke has signed to Ridge and begins quoting the wording. Ridge grabs the paper and tears it into four pieces and throws them into Grants face. You shouldn't have done that, Grant says. This piece of paper doesn't mean a thing, not a damn thing, Ridge declares as he storms out of the office.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997

Claudia is in Thorne's office. She is excited. She has some wonderful news for Thorne. A man stayed over the night before. Thorne is shocked; he shouldn't be hearing this. But it was your father, Claudia announces. Thorne is so happy he embraces Claudia.

Clark can't wait to hear how Ridge reacts to the news that Grant is now in charge. Sally thinks he should take it easy with Clark; he may not be the kind of man they want to know. Clark wants to throw a party for Grant---to celebrate his promotion. He could get it set up for tonight. Tonight might be too late, Sally says, by tonight Clark may not even be alive.

Stephanie enters her office and takes a gun out of her purse. Michael arrives at the door and is taken aback at the sight of the gun. Stephanie has to take it to get repaired. She wants Ridge to take it to a gun shop he does business with. Michael tells Stephanie that it is a good thing he didn't have it earlier. She proceeds to tell Steph about Brooke signing the paper handing the company over to Grant.

Ridge is angry. He takes the legal paper and tears it into small peices and throws the peices in Grant's face. These papers don't mean a thing. That was only a copy, Grant informs him. Ridge is adament; Grant will never be in charge of Forrester---not as long as he (Ridge) is alive to stop it. Then you should have been dead several hours ago, Grant tells him. I am the new CEO. Ridge thinks Grant doesn't give a damn about this company, not like his family. Grant expects the family to work with him to make the company better. They accepted Brooke because she was a family member, but they will not accept Grant. Then why didn't you treat Brooke like family? Grant wants to know. You walked all over her; you strung her along letting her think there was a chance, then walking away from her. Grant tells him he has to live with what Ridge has done to Brooke. Every day he has to see the damage he has done to her. You made her life a living hell! If Brooke's life is a living hell, it isn't because of me, Ridge tells Grant. Yes, Grant tells him, it is all because of you, and I am not going to take it any more.

Claudia and Thorne are still talking about Eric and Stephanie. Enrique walks in. He informs Thorne that Brooke signed the paper putting Grant in charge.

Sally thinks Ridge will go after Grant's head. Well he has always been a hot-head, Clark says. Sally hopes that Clark chased Lauren's blues away, but Clark tells her that she may not like the way he did it. He then tells her that he encouraged Lauren to come clean with Eric--to try to put their romance back together. Sally is appalled. They could lose Lauren back to Forrester! As Sally is berating Grant, Lauren knocks at the door. Sally wonders if they will be hearing wedding bells soon. But Lauren is not happy. Eric and Stephanie are reuniting! She should be happy, she says, after all that is why she gave up Eric in the first place. Perhaps you are better off, Sally tells her, things are going to get ugly over at Forrester's.

Brooke is such a bitch, Stephanie declares. But Michael disagrees. It is Grant who is the dangerous person here. Brooke is his victom too, Michael says. He has taken advantage of Brooke and everyone else. All he wants is the company.

Grant is doing all he can to protect his wife. No, you have a bad marriage and you are taking it out on this company. Ridge accuses Grant of trying to solve his personal problems at the office just because your own wife won't go to bed with you.

Stephanie is upset that Ridge is with Grant at the moment.

I am going to fight for my marriage, Grant tells Ridge. What marriage, Ridge asks, you don't even have a marriage. That's right, Grant says, and the reason is you. You rejected her, offered her hope, then slammed the door on her again. She is haunted by those memories. I am going to erase you from her mind. And now you are doing the same to Taylor. You left her on the beach alone. Because I had to deal with you, Ridge shouts. Oh yes, it is always because of someone else, Grant accuses. Ridge lunges at Grant and begins choking him. The door flys open and two guards enter and grabs Ridge and pulls him away from Grant. I will stop you, Ridge screams. Over my dead body, loser, Grant challenges. "Don't tempt me," Ridge threatens, "I'll get you. I swear to God I will." He is still shouting threats as the guards pull him down the hall. Thorne, Enrique, Claudia and Michael are standing in the doorway. They simply stare at Grant. He looks at them and orders them out of his office.

Thursday, March 13, 1997

Due to coverage of the NCAA College Basketball tournament, The Bold & The Beautiful was not shown today.

Friday, March 14, 1997

Due to coverage of the NCAA College Basketball tournament, The Bold & The Beautiful was not shown today.

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