The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on B&B
Shocked to see a gun spill from Stephanie's purse, Grant sensed impending doom. Stephanie asked Michael to give the gun to Ridge to take in for repairs. Shots rang out, and Grant fell to the floor. Sheila bribed the plumber to fix everything that ailed Maggie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, March 17, 1997

She's back! Today marks the return of our resident recapper, Lisa Laflam to B&B Online.

Ridge burst into Stephanie's office and thinks about what happened with Grant. He starts to leave as Stephanie comes in. Ridge tells Stephanie that he is going to see Brooke to talk to her about letting Grant have control of the company. Stephanie warns him not to. She tells him to go see Taylor. He complains about Grant throwing him out. He vows to stop him!

Brooke wonders why is being sent to Paris. She tells Grant about Michael visiting and how she's upset that Grant's in charge. Grant tells her that is exactly why he is sending her away. He tells her that Stephanie, Eric and everyone else will be lined up to a lay a guilt trip on her. He's afraid they will push him over the edge. She wonders if giving him control of the company was a mistake. Grant tells her that by the time she gets back from Paris everything will be okay. Grant lets Brooke that he will not let the Forresters tear her apart because he loves her so much.

Taylor comes home to a clean house. She is shocked. Thorne put her house back in tack. She is touched. He didn't want her living out of a suitcase. She says, "Come here you!" as she hugs him. She tells Thorne she is speechless. She thanks him. She says she is back home but so much has changed.

Stephanie doesn't want to let Eric know about Grant having control. She wants to try to handle it herself. Ridge tells Stephanie that Thorne picked Taylor up from the hospital. Ridge noticed that Taylor has feelings for Thorne. Stephanie thinks that it is just gratitude for saving her life. Stephanie lets Ridge know that Taylor loves him, not Thorne. Ridge blames himself for the accident. Stephanie thinks Taylor understands. Ridge informs her that he never explained why he was late because she wouldn't let him. Stephanie asks Ridge if he loves her and then urges him to go see her.

Brooke feels like she is running away. Grant tells her that she is taken enough abuse from the Forresters and he is stopping it. Brooke is touched. She tells him she has a hard time trusting. Grant will not let her have another nervous breakdown. She tells him what a wonderful he is to do all this for her even though he sleeps in the same bed with a woman who won't let him touch her. He tells her that maybe after she gets back from Paris she'll feel different about things. She thanks him.

Taylor is touched when Thorne tells her that he has arranged for a nurse to come in and check on her. Taylor asks what's happening with Macy. He informs her that she has filed for divorce. He misses what he had, though. Thorne asks Taylor if she thinks he should contest the divorce.

Stephanie stops by to see Brooke. When Grant tells her that she isn't there, Stephanie says she will wait. Grant surprises Stephanie when he tells her that Brooke has gone to Paris.

Taylor says she can't tell Thorne what to do but divorce sounds a little drastic. Thorne says he has to move on. He tells her that she is going through the same thing. Thorne says, "You will get over it. In your case, there is someone on the other side waiting. When the time is right, I'll be here for you. Everything you want in a man - love, commitment, and a family. We will be happy together. One day we will. Anything you need just call me." He kisses her head. Taylor thanks him for fixing the place up and for saving her life. He kisses her passionately. She does not resist. She smiles as he leaves.

Stephanie is very upset that Grant is using Brooke to steal her family's company. Stephanie is furious that he pressured Brooke into leaving the country. Grant blames Stephanie for Brooke not being able to function as a CEO. Stephanie says that Brooke had unreasonable expectations for Ridge. Grant and Stephanie argue some more. Grant demands that Stephanie support him. Stephanie is outraged that this man has the gall to demand support when they gave him a job and this the thanks they get. She tells him that he has gone too far. He demands that she get out. He slings her purse and her gun falls out. He looks shocked.

Taylor thinks about the night Ridge was late and her house burned. Then Ridge is at the door. She doesn't want to let him in. He tells her she has a pile of anger that needs to be let out. She agrees. He tells her to let it out. She looks at him very angrily as she lets him in.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Sheila tells Mike to break the dishwasher. Sheila explains that Maggie took a shine to Curtis. Sheila lets Mike know that left Curtis a little incentive.

Maggie goes to Lauren for advice about Sheila. Maggie wonders why even let Sheila move into her house. Lauren tells her to kick Sheila out. Maggie explains that she can't until the baby is born. Maggie says, "I just hope I can stay around that long."

Taylor tells Ridge not to sit down because what she has to say won't take long. He says, "How rude!" She tells him to say whatever he has to say and get out. He tells the place looks good and they intended to fix things himself. She tells him Thorne brought her home. She warns him not to go after Thorne. Ridge says, "We have a whole new understanding about the situation."

Stephanie doesn't understand Grant's reaction to her gun falling out, she says, "What's the matter with you? You look like you've been hit by a truck." He demands to know what she is doing with the gun. She wonders why he is so frightened and tells him she is getting it repaired. Stephanie says, "You are terrified because you know what you are doing is wrong." Grant tells her to "learn to live with it." He insists that she has poisoned Brooke. Grant says, "Brooke and I own 51 percent of the company and not a day will go by that I won't remind you of that."

Taylor asks what kind of understanding. He tells her it is more of a competition. Taylor is floored! She tells him that she in not a trophy to be won. He tells her to marry him then. Taylor says, "Marry you?! I can't stand to be in the same room with you without becoming furious." She doesn't want to know why he was late. But he tells her anyway. He tells her he shouldn't have been late, that he had big plans and he is sorry. Taylor says, "What do you want, understanding, absolution?" Ridge simply wants a chance to compete.

Mike asks what happens if he doesn't go for it. Sheila tells him "You know what happens when people don't go for it." Mike says, "Oh he'll go for it!" Sheila gives her evil Sheila look.

Maggie doesn't want to seem like a nag. Maggie says she needs some fun in her life. She insists to Lauren that Sheila will never get James. Lauren tells her that Sheila is probably scheming something right now. Nothing is too low for Sheila Carter.

Sheila goes to see Curtis at his place of business. Curtis tells Miss Sheila that she left her money here the other day. Curtis tries to give back the thousand dollars that she gave him. He tells her again that he is not interested! Sheila says, "I brought that money for you. I have no intention of taking it back."

Stephanie tells Grant that he is on a powertrip. He tells her that power has nothing to do with it. Grant says, "Brooke was scarred by your son and Stephanie I am not going to let him get away with that." Stephanie thinks he wants revenge. Grant says, "I'm trying to save my marriage. There are going to be major changes in the company. I have a future to think about and it doesn't include you or your hotshot family. It sure don't include Ridge. I'm going to cut him out like a cancer." Stephanie says, "We'll stop you! Whatever it takes, I'll stop you!"

Curtis wants to discuss the deal. Sheila tells him to simply show Maggie how he feels and he gets the money. He asks her why and she tells him to ask her no questions. Sheila says, "You seduce her and the money is yours!"

Taylor lets Ridge know that he isn't sensitive to her needs like Thorne is. He tells her to let him be. Ridge asks her if she is committed to Thorne. When she says no, he tells her to play the field for a while. She asks how and he tells her for a start not to hang up on him when he calls. Taylor tells Ridge to leave because she is tired. She watches him leave through the window, then the phone rings. It is Ridge. This time she doesn't hang up. Once she hears who it is, she says, "Goodbye, Ridge." He tells her it's good to have her back. She smiles as she hangs up.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997

Grant sees Brooke in his office. Grant asks Brooke what she is doing here. She tells him that he is where she belongs. Brooke says that she needs to be here to be his wife. They kiss. He starts to take her dress off. Then Grant wakes up.

Clarke visits Grant at Forrester and tells Grant how much he likes coming in and not having to worry about the Forresters. Grant tells Clarke that even though he is in charge, nothing is happening with Brooke. Clarke asks him if he afraid he is going to lose Brooke, Grant explains that he can't lose someone who he doesn't have in the first place. Grant tells him about his fantasy. Grant complains that everything is Ridge's fault. He tells Clarke that as long as Ridge walks the earth, he and Brooke will have problems.

Maggie complains about the dishwasher being broken and that to make things worse Sheila will dirty every dish in the cupboard. When James wonders why she is complaining so much, she tells him that she haven't had any special time together. James decides to take the morning off and spend it with Maggie. Maggie goes to the bedroom to wait while James gets the door. It is Molly wanting to show James all the baby clothes she bought. Maggie comes out to see what is taking so long and spots Molly. She rather rudely tells Molly to leave. Maggie is frustrated when James leaves for work.

Curtis tells Sheila that he's interested on her deal but he demands more money. She tells him no. Curtis tells her he'll go over there right now. Sheila tells him he can't because she has a husband and he is probably home. He remembers that she does have a husband and decides he is not an adulterer. Sheila informs him that James is the father of her baby. Curtis tells her he will think it over. Then Maggie calls wanting him to come and fix her dishwasher. Sheila tells Curtis that she will give another thousand if he can get her to fall in love with him.

When Sheila gets home Maggie tells her Molly was there. Maggie tells Sheila to tell Molly the next she comes over to call first. Sheila notices that Maggie is in a fowl mood. Sheila asks "What happened to you?" Maggie says, "Nothing happened! Nothing because of your mother!" Sheila just grins in satisfaction.

When Curtis arrives, Maggie is pleased to see her new friend. He starts to work on her dishwasher. He tells her he will have to order the part and it will take a week. Maggie is not happy. He tells her he can drive down to "Sandy Acres" to get it. Maggie realizes he meant San Diego. She tells him she can't ask him to drive all the way down there. He asks why not. Maggie says, "Unless you are going there for some other reason." Curtis says, "Well I am going down there to do a favor for a pretty little lady." She tells him she would appreciate it then. Maggie almost looking jealous asks, "So, there a pretty lady in your life?" He tells her not yet. She confused that he would drive all the way to San Diego for someone who isn't in his life yet. He tells her he would drive all the way to Kokomo and back. Curtis tells her that this lady is pretty special. He tells her that she is from Iowa. Maggie asks, "What's her name?" Curtis looks up smiling and says, "Her name is Maggie."

Thursday, March 20, 1997

Sally makes a comment to Clarke that Grant is on top of the world these days. But the new, sensitive Clarke responds, "No, he is hurting. I was there. Grant is in real pain. You have no idea what is going on there." He explains to Sally what's going on, and comments, "Well, it is sad; he should have it all Grant. He is alone at the top with no one to share it with. He doesn't have a real marriage; Brooke wont even kiss him goodnight."

Grant is reading a huge book entitled, "Gun Scene" and is able to pick out Stephanie's gun from the book. There's fear in his eyes, as he wonders why Stephanie would have a gun like that.

Sally guesses that Ridges has something to do with Grant's problems, and Clarke confirms, "Brooke always has been in love with Ridge; always will be." Then this takeover attempt is Grant's means of getting revenge, Sally surmises - but he may be finding that revenge isn't as sweet as he thought. Clarke states, "I thought Grant just wanted to even the score at first. Believe it or not- Grant really loves Brooke. He has a dream of a love that may never happen and it is tearing him apart. Emotionally Grant is a beaten man."

Sally doesn't believe it for a second. Then the phone rings - it's Grant, asking Clarke to come over ASAP. Clarke is out the door to see his new found best friend.

Clarke arrives and says his buddy is jumpy. Grant announces that he is jumpy because he saw the unexpected during a visit from Stephanie. He tells Clarke about the gun and says that he wonders about it. "That thing has been embedded in my head ever since I saw it," he explains.

Grant asks Clarke is he knows about guns, and Clarke says he's been down to the range a few times. Grant shows him the gun in the book, and Clarke tells him that the little gun Stephanie packs is small, but it's able to get the job done. Why so curious, Clarke asks? Grant explains, " I am thinking about dodging a bullet. I have an eerie feeling that by the end of the day this gun is going to be pointed at me."

Michael comes in, and can't believe that Stephanie still has possession of that gun. Stephanie reminds Michael why she has it, and even asks Michael to take it downstairs to Ridge. Michael then gets to the reason she came, and gives Stephanie another memo from the acting CEO, Grant - a memo which immediately gets crumpled and placed in the garbage. "I am sorry. I can't believe Grant has gone through with this," Michael laments. Stephanie wonders why that is - Michael should know what a user Grant is better than anyone, she guesses. Michael explains, "We WERE close. But those days are gone, long gone," as she leaves for Ridge's office with the gun to be fixed.

Of course she missed him - because Ridge walks into his mom's office. He is all pissed off because of the memo from Grant. "What a load of garbage. Talk and appearances that is all there is to it." Stephanie tells him about Grant's plans to fire him, which suits Ridge just fine - in fact, he says they should all quit. "He wants us to believe that he is Brooke's knight in shining armor," Ridge exclaims, and he is appalled at the way Grant uses that to justify everything he does. Stephanie says she isn't so sure if it's all smoke and mirrors, and tries to convince her son that they have to stay calm to deal with this. Ridge isn't buying it though, and yells, "He is a deceptive little vermin who will do anything to get what he wants. He has a major grudge against me and is going to make us all pay for it."

Stephanie tells him about Grant's extraordinary reaction to seeing the gun fall out of her purse, and that made Ridge's day.

Maggie tells Curtis that she is flattered, but friendship is as far as it can go between them. Curtis offers to take her out for something homecooked to eat, but she refuses. Maggie leaves and asks Sheila to wait for Curtis to finish - which Sheila is more than happy to do, because she is annoyed. She tells Curtis the plumber, "You best better be a whole lot better than this, country boy, or this deal is off. I expect you to charm the bloomers off of her. Curtis hesitates again, and Sheila reminds him, "She likes you Curtis; I am a woman, I know these things. Maggie is in for a big fall and you can be there for the landing."

Michael is annoyed at Grant's proposal, and so is Enrique, who states that Grant is a fool and they need to stop him. He sees the gun and picks it up. Michael asks what he is doing, and he states, "I was going to ask you the same thing." Michael tells him that it isn't hers; it is Stephanie's and she needs Ridge to have it fixed. Enrique thinks there could be uses for the gun, and Michael tells him not to joke about that. "Who's joking?" he asks. Michael has had enough of this - she tells Enrique to put the gun back in its case and leaves to bring it to Ridge.

Ridge is also annoyed as he re-reads the memo from Grant. He puts it up on the wall and stabs a tack through it. Then Michael brings him Stephanie's gun that has to be fixed. Ridge picks it up and says, "Tempting,,,,,, very tempting...."

Friday, March 21, 1997

CLARK sees how terrified Grant is and he tries to ease Grant's mind. But no matter what, he can't get Grant's mind off the gun.

MEGAN brings Grant some new info on some designs. Grant wants them delivered right into Ridge's hands.

STEPHANIE is glad to see Taylor up and about. She tells her that Ridge needs her, what with all the tensions with Grant and the takeover. Taylor says Brooke doesn't believe Brook would ever give up control of Forrester, but Stephanie tells her Brooke did just that.

MICHAEL asks Ridge not to make her sorry she brought the gun to him. Michael and Ridge laughingly admit they'd both like to aim it at someone. Michael thinks Ridge should aim lower than she would. Megan enters the office. Ridge is stunned to learn that Grant is throwing Eric's designs out. While Ridge tries to call "the coward", Megan admits to Michael that she is nervous about the gun.

RIDGE finds a depressed Eric in his office. Ridge insists they have to fight Grant. Eric says Forrester is like his child - one that has been kidnapped, and all they can do is watch as the life is choked out of it.

ENRIQUE chides Michael for being late, and she assures him the gun is safe; but they still worry about what Grant will do. Enrique says men like Grant pay the price sooner or later - and in his homeland, Grant would be dead by now.

GRANT calls Brooke in Paris and tells her Ridge is desperate. Brooke wants to come home, but Grant insists she stay in Paris. Brooke tells Grant she appreciates all that he has done. He assures her that he would do anything to protect her. He says that, if anything happens to him, it's all been worth it, and tells Brooke he loves her.

MEGAN leaves suddenly, telling the guards things are weird upstairs. Michael enters Ridge's office to drops some stuff on Ridge's desk; while there, she opens the drawer with the gun.

STEPHANIE asks Taylor to help Ridge; he shouldn't be alone, and Taylor knows him better than anyone. Taylor doesn't want to see Ridge hurt, but she's afraid of getting "sucked into his orbit" again. Stephanie tells Taylor to think with her heart, not her head.

ERIC says he can't stand it, but there is no way to stop Grant. he can't live like that. Ridge vows he will not let it happen - Grant will not last a week running Forrester, no matter what he has to do.

ENRIQUE also drops some designs off in Ridge's empty office, and stares at the desk where the gun is located.

BROOKE calls Taylor. She explains she's worried about Grant, and asks Taylor to intercede between Ridge and Grant. Taylor agrees to do so.

STEPHANIE finds Eric in Ridge's office; he says he was looking for Ridge. He hopes has gone home to cool down. Eric is worried about what he heard in Eric's voice. He admits it's his responsibility to stop Grant, not Ridge's.

MICHAEL asks Enrique where he has been; Grant is waiting for some projections. but Enrique says he can wait since Grant is going to fire him anyway. As Enrique leaves, he tells Michael there is something he has to take care of.

Grant sits in his office, assessing how Ridge has cost him everything. He sees Ridge walk by. Grant calls out to Megan, but she isn't there. He then calls Eric, who isn't in his office.

RIDGE returns to his office, exclaiming "Damn you, Chambers,"as he knocks the designs to the floor. He takes a drink and says, "You've got the company; you've got the kids, when does it all stop?"

GRANT stares at someone approaching. A shot rings out and he falls to the floor!!!

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