The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on B&B
Ridge found Grant shot in the chest, and Grant blamed Ridge for the crime. Brooke rushed to be by Grant's side, and she promised things would be different for them. The arrested Ridge made bail. The court ordered Ridge to stay away from Grant, but Ridge sneaked into Grant's hospital room and demanded to know who the real shooter was.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, March 24, 1997

At Spectra, Sally tries to convince Macy to go to the gathering for Grant Chambers. Sally thinks that Grant can make Macy forget all about Thorne. When Macy reminds Sally that Grant is married, Sally tells her "in name only." Macy takes up for the Forresters. Sally can figure out why after everything they have done to her.

At Forrester, Thorne is surprised when Taylor visits him in his office. She tells him she came to see Grant, too. Taylor lets Thorne know about the phone call she got from Brooke. Thorne tells her that Grant Chambers has more enemies than Ridge. Thorne talks about how upset this is making Eric. Thorne says, "Every time I look into his eyes, I just want to . . . " When Taylor asks what, Thorne tells her to just wait right there.

In Paris, Brooke tells Beth that she is expecting a call from Taylor. Brooke tells Beth that Grant sounded like is frightened that Ridge might take things too far. Beth says, "I don't think Ridge would hurt Grant. Do you?"

Grant gets shot and falls onto the floor. When the camera goes to the doorway, you see Ridge.

(Of course everybody in the building hears this gunshot.) As Thorne gets out of the elevator, the security guards asks what the sound was. Thorne says he didn't hear anything. Taylor tells Thorne they better go see what the sound was. Stephanie and Eric go see what the sound was. Michael hears the "explosion" and tells Enrique they should go check on it. Enrique wants to leave though. But Michael insists on going to see what it is.

Ridge calls Grant's name. Then he stands over Grant looking at him. Grant opens his eyes and sees Ridge looking over him. Ridge takes off. But he doesn't get far when the security guards stop him. He tells them to call 911. Ridge tells his parents and the security guards that Grant has been shot. As the security guard tends to Grant, Eric calls the paramedics. Stephanie turns around and calls for Ridge. Ridge is gone.

Brooke doesn't think Ridge would hurt Grant. Afterall, they used to be best friends. Beth thinks that Brooke should give control back to the Forresters. Brooke say she can't do that to her husband. Beth is taken aback that Brooke called Grant her husband. Brooke tells her mother that she is starting to feel different about Grant. She feels she can tell him anything. She is feeling more like his wife. They have something special. But Brooke hasn't told Grant this yet. Brooke wonders why she waited so long to tell him this. Beth says, "Maybe you should have told him earlier, but it's not too late."

Eric says that the ambulance is on its way. Michael is shocked to see Grant lying on the floor. She asks what happened. Enrique says, "He's been shot." Stephanie is relieved when Ridge comes back with the First Aid Kit. Then Taylor comes in and helps. Taylor tells Grant he will be fine. Grant moans. The camera focuses on Ridge, then Eric, then Thorne, then Enrique.

Sally tries to get Clarke to convince Macy to go to the "soiree" for Grant. Clarke tells Sally that Grant is not up to a party. He tells her that there is a real mess at Forrester. The last thing he needs is a party. Clarke tells Sally that Grant is afraid for his life. They have a gun that they are waving around in that building. Clarke says to hisself, "I used to envy you, Grant. Now you couldn't pay me to be in your shoes."

Brooke says that as soon as she and Grant are together she will let him know how she feels. The phone rings. It is Michael. Michael tells Brooke that Grant has been shot. Brooke is shocked.

Back at Forrester, Lt. Baker asks who found Grant. Ridge tells him he did. Lt. Baker asks if he saw who did it. Ridge says no. Ridge tells him he heard a shot, came in and found the body. He didn't see anybody leaving. Grant starts to come to. Lt. Baker asks, "Do you know who shot you, Mr. Chambers?" Grant looks around at Eric, Stephanie, Michael, Enrique, Thorne and Ridge. Grant says, "It was Ridge. Ridge shot me." Ridge looks very angry.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Grant tells the lieutenant that Ridge shot him. Ridge says, "Me?" Eric doesn't believe what Grant is saying. Grant tells the lieutenant he saw Ridge standing there. Ridge moves closer to Grant and asks "You don't really believe I shot you, do you?" Grant asks why he did it. They wheel Grant out and take him to the hospital. Lt. Baker tells Ridge he is under arrest.

In Paris, Brooke can't believe this is happening. As Brooke goes to call Forrester to see what she can find out, as Bridget comes in. Brooke tells Bridget to get ready to leave because they are going home. Beth tells Steve that Grant's been shot.

Stephanie insists that insists that he didn't shoot Grant. Lt. Baker tells everyone to go into the hall because his technicians have work to do. When Taylor stands up for Ridge, everyone else does, too. They tell the lieutenant that they know Ridge and he wouldn't do this. Ridge says, "I'm innocent." The lieutenant says that he has a statement from Grant. He will take another one at the hospital. Thorne asks what if he dies. Lt. Baker says, "You better hope he doesn't." One of the officers finds the gun. It is Stephanie's. When the lieutenant asks if they know who's gone this is, Stephanie tells him it is hers. Stephanie tells him she doesn't know how it got in there. Lt. Baker asks when was the last time she saw it. She tells him this morning she gave it to Michael Lai. Michael tells him that she gave it to Ridge to get it repaired. Eric tells Ridge that he will send an attorney to the precinct. Ridge says he doesn't need one because he is innocent. Lt. Baker tells Eric to send one.

Brooke finds out that Grant is at Cedar's. They are about to operate. Brooke feels bad about the way she has been treating Grant, not even let him touch her. Brooke asks, "What if he doesn't make it?" Brooke's father, Steve, makes travel arrangements. She will take the next flight out. She leaves her suitcases there. Brooke feels bad that she never once told Grant that she loved him.

In the operating room, the doctor says this man is bad shape. They start losing pressure. The doctor says again, "This guy is in trouble."

Michael feels bad about telling the cops she gave Ridge the gun. She feels like she made Ridge look incriminating. Enrique tells her she had to. Enrique says, "We both know Ridge didn't do this." Michael asks, "Who else could've done this?"

Eric calls Jonathan, their lawyer. He's going to talk to the D.A. Everyone is upset that Ridge will probably be jailed overnight. Stephanie can't figure out why Grant would say Ridge did it when he didn't. Thorne says, "Unless . . . I hate to say this, but, do you think there is a chance that Ridge might have done this?"

Lt. Baker tells Ridge that his lawyer is wasting his time, because he is spending the night. Grant is finally stable back in his own room. But he is not awake. The doctor tells the nurse that if he isn't awake in 20 minutes to call her. As she turns to go, Grant stirs.

At the precinct, Ridge gets fingerprinted. Ridge tells him it is a shame that the lieutenant is wasting his time with him, when the real guy is out there. The lieutenant tells him he has heard that line before. Ridge tells him that this time it is true. The lieutenant tells Ridge that all he needs now is a motive. He asks Ridge if he disliked Mr. Chambers. Ridge says, "I didn't like him at all, but I also didn't shoot him." Then they took Ridge's mug shot.

Stephanie doesn't want to hear what Thorne is suggested. Taylor can't believe that Ridge could ever do something like this. Eric and Stephanie find out that Ridge will be spending the night in jail. The bail hearing will be in the morning.

The doctor tells Grant that he is in the hospital and has just come out of surgery. The phone rings and when the nurse says, "Yes Mrs. Chambers," Grant smiles. The doctor lets Grant speak with Brooke. Brooke says, "I'm coming home. I am on the plane and I will home tomorrow. Don't you . . . don't you die on me." Grant tells her to hurry. Brooke says, "Grant, one more thing. Who shot you?" Grant tells her Ridge shot him. Brooke is shocked.

They take Ridge to his cell. He looks around and finally sits on his bed.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

At the beach house, the doctor tells Taylor that she is healing but still needs some rest and no stress. After the doctor leaves, Taylor tells Thorne that she has to get out of there. He asks where she is going. She tells him she has to go see Ridge at the police station.

At the police station, Eric, Stephanie and Jonathan visit Ridge. Ridge asks how Grant is. They tell him he is stable. Ridge asks when they are going to interview Grant to get the truth. Jonathan tells Ridge that the police think they have the truth. Stephanie tells Ridge to relax. Ridge asks if they have checked the gun for prints. He thinks once that is done that will free him. Jonathan says, "Unless they used gloves." Jonathan wants to know who knew about the gun. Stephanie says it wasn't a state secret. A lot of people hated Grant. Jonathan says, "Let's hope one of those people left fingerprints on the gun."

Grant opens his eyes and sees Brooke. She holds his hand and looks at him lovingly. She asks how he is. Grant says, "A few minutes ago, I wasn't sure. Now I feel like I've died and gone to heaven." She tells him that there is no place that she would rather be right now. She tells him that the doctor said he would be okay. Brooke tells him that the kids are very anxious to see him. He is touched. She tells him they are all worried about him. Brooke apologizes for the way she has treated Grant. They agree it is history. Brooke says, "Things will be different from now on. Time to return all the love and loyalty. I want to return that."

Thorne says, "You can't be serious." He tells her she is supposed to stay home and rest. Thorne tries to convince to stay at home. Taylor says, "We know he didn't do this!" Thorne looks doubtful. Taylor says, "You don't think he did this, do you?"

Lt. Baker asks Art, the technician, if he got anything on the gun. Art says, "Plenty." He says he got some fingerprints that will be coming soon through the scanner. They believe they have Ridge.

Ridge tells Jonathan about Brooke not loving Grant and her giving control of the company to Grant. Jonathan tells Ridge that there is the motive. Ridge tells Jonathan what he was doing when Grant was shot. Jonathan tells Ridge not to tell the police that he was drinking. Jonathan asks Ridge if he heard the shot while he was drinking. Ridge tells Jonathan it sounds like he (Jonathan) thinks he did it. Ridge asks to speak with his parents in private. Jonathan stands at the door and stares at Ridge.

At the hospital, Grant says, "Suddenly, I am feeling better. Almost worth it." Brooke tells him how she didn't realize how much she depended on him and took him for granted. Brooke says, "I shouldn't have ignored you. We will start over." Brooke thinks he was mistaken when he said Ridge shot him.

Taylor says she has to talk to Ridge. Thorne tells her to let the attorneys handle it. Thorne says, "You have your health to think about."

Ridge wonders if Taylor or Thorne has asked about him. Ridge thinks that Grant will change his story. The guard takes Ridge to get ready for the hearing.

Lt. Baker says he will have a match soon. He orders someone to get prints from everyone at Forrester. Baker says, "My bet is that Ridge Forrester is our man." Lisa

Thursday, March 27, 1997

Ridge paces the small cell. He cannot believe this is happening to him. Attempted murder! His life is falling apart; he could go to prison for years. He has to get out of here, but how? Everything points to him---. And the kids! Do they know yet? How embarassing it must be for them. They must be so confused---first their mother marries Grant and now he (Ridge) is accused of shooting him.

The guard comes to the cell door and tells him that they are ready to take him to court.

Enrique and Michael enter Megan's office. Grant brought this on himself, Enrique declares. Megan takes offense. This is America and we try to solve our problems peacefully without killing each other. Two police officers enter the office and request a list of all the people who were in the building at the time of the shooting. Michael wants to know why; she is stunned that they are going to fingerprint the entire staff that were present during the time in question. Enrique quietly heads for the door. He is stopped. Might as well get his fingerprints first, the officer says. But Enrique has other ideas! He refuses to be fingerprinted. He has work to do.

Ridge is seated with other prisoners. His family is there---they can't believe that anyone would suspect Ridge of doing this. Jonathan, Ridge's lawyer, warns them that bail may be denied. The Forresters connot believe this.

The judge enters and court is in session. Ridge is the first case up. Jonathan wants a reasonable bail, but the District Attorney does not want any bail to be set. She fears he might try to leave the country. Besides, she charges that this was a deliberate assasination attempt and she can establish that fact.

Outside, a detective rushes in to find which courtroom is hearing the bail request for Ridge Forester.

Brooke is with Grant. She reminds him that yesterday he accused Ridge of shooting him. He was just coming from under anesthesia so he must not have known what he was saying. Ridge really didn't do this, did he? No, it couldn't have been him. Grant ways that he wishes that he were wrong, if for no other reason than to spare Brooke. We were face to face, he tells her. He actually pulled the triger, Brooke asks. Grant states that he is lucky to be alive. He doesn't want to think that Ridge could do this either; he was just doing his job the best he could. Brooke tells him not to feel badly; he is the victim here and whoever shot him deserves to go to prison.

The police officer threatens to hold Enrique down and get his finger prints if that becomes necessary. Enrique continues to refuse to cooperate. Michael is stunned. You are only making yourself look bad, she tells him. Why wouldn't you want your prints taken; unless, you have something to hide!

The DA tells the judge that she has a statement from the victim that Ridge was the person who shot him. Jonathan counters with the statement that the victim had lots of reasons to accuse Ridge. The DA points out that the gun belonged to Ridges mother; anyone could have taken the gun, Jonathan answers. The gun was in Ridges possession, the DA states. But it was in an unlocked desk drawer, Jonathan says. The judge is considering the matter when the detective rushes in---he has new evidence; he knows without a doubt who fired that gun!

The judge has him sworn in. He testifies that Ridges fingerprints are all over the gun and they are the freshest prints on the gun. It was a well-known fact that there was much anamosity between the accused and the victim.

The officers assure Enrique that they will get his prints even if they have to take him to the police station. Michael offers to have hers taken first while Enrique thinks about it. He is only making himself look guilty, she tells him. While fingerprinting Michael, the officers learn that Michael also hated Grant. She admits that she was once involved with him and it ended badly. Enrique insists that everybody at Forrester's hated Grant. But Megan states that this is not so. She does not hate Grant and there are many other employees who like him.

I know you are disillusioned, Grant tells Brooke. She admits that yes, she is disillusioned, but that isn't what she is thinking right now. She is thinking that she is the luckiest person alive because she has her husband alive and next to her. She can't believe that it has taken something like this to wake her up. She was wrong to treat Grant the way she did. He is her husband and she thanks God that he was not taken from her. She kisses him gently and lays her head on the pillow beside him.

The DA establishes the fact that the crime scene did not show any sign of a struggle or disturbance. There was no provocation of any kind prior to the shooting--it was a deliberate act. The judge is ready to rule. She sets bail at $1,000,000. He must surrender his passport and he must not have ANY contact with Grant. She is issueing a restraining order to that effect. Ridge is embraced by his family.

Later, bond is paid and Ridge is told that he is free to go. The handcuffs are removed. We are going to beat this thing, Eric assures him. Not unless I can prove my innocence, Ridge says. Everything points to me, even my attorney has his doubts. How can this be happening? How in hell am I gonna get out of this? Stephanie embraces him and tries to give him comfort.

Friday, March 28, 1997

Taylor is reading the paper. She learns that his prints were found on the gun. A reporter comes to the door and tries to get Taylor to comment on the shooting of Grant Chambers. She refuses and slams the door in his face.

The Doctor is examining Grant. She notes that he is improving. There is a knock at the door and someone hiding behind a huge floral arrangement announces "flowers for Mr. Grant Chambers." Grant appears terrified until he sees that it is his friend, Clark. Besides the flowers, Clark has brought him a get-well card from some of the employees at Forrester. It seems that there are some people over there who don't hate him and wish him well.

Two detectives are discussing the Chambers shooting; one of them is sure they have their man, but the other can't see Ridge Forrester shooting anyone. Maybe he had plenty of reasons, but he just can't see him doing it.

There is another knock at the door. Taylor is ranting at the "reporters" as she opens the door to someone in a helmet. It is Ridge; he rode his motorcycle over to see Taylor. He had to see her; he doesn't know how much more he can take. He feels like he is in the twilight zone. It is important to him being with her and having her believe in him. "You do believe me, don't you?" he asks. "You don't think I shot Grant Chambers, do you?"

Grant tells Clark that Brooke returned from Paris and they talked. They are closer now than they have ever been. Clark suggests that maybe something good came out of this near tragedy. Ridge is in for a fall, Grant says, and it is about time. He is about to get knocked down a peg or two and realize he can't play God anymore. This should teach him a lesson. You just can't go around treating people like dirt. The lab tech enters to draw some blood and Clark leaves.

Forrester better not go anywhere near Chambers, the detective states. The uniformed officer still can't believe that Ridge is the type to kill anyone. He won't be that stupid, he assures the detective. He'd better not be, or he'll find himself back in jail and this time for a long, long time. Chambers had a lot of enemies, the uniformed officer says. Any one of them could have gunned him down.

You haven't answered my question, Ridge tells Taylor. She assures him that she believes in him. There is just so much evidence and the paper paints a pretty grim picture. And to have Clark identify him as the one who shot him---it is just so unbelievable. Ridge decides he has to see Grant; he has to make his see that he is wrong. Taylor reminds him that there is a restraining order against him; he can't go anywhere near Grant. But Ridge doesn't care; he has to make him see that he is wrong. Taylor tries to hold him back but he pulls away and rushes out the door.

More lab results are in. The detective adds it all up: the gun was in Forrester's desk, his prints are all over it, he was identified as the shooter by the victim and he had motive. The DA would feel he had a good case. The uniformed officer wants to work on another theory: suppose that Ridge Forrester is telling the truth. Then the shooter is still out there. But Grant says he saw the person who shot him, so if it wasn't Ridge, then why did he say it was? Maybe it was because he knew the person and was trying to protect him or her---crime of passion, maybe. Or, he may know who shot him but is just trying to pin it on Forrester.

The nurse finishes her care of Grant and moves to another area of the room. Grant remembers the fight he and Ridge had recently. He accused Ridge then of stringing Brooke along then slamming the door in her face. He is left with little peices of this shattered soul. He intends to save her if it is the last thing he does. He accused Ridge of leaving Taylor on the beach. Ridge attacks Grant and the security guards had to pull him away. Ridge leaves the office screaming that he will stop him. As Grant returns to the present the door opens. Grant is terrified as Ridge walks in. He tells Ridge to get out but Ridge refuses to leave. Grant is afraid and tries to move away from Ridge. The nurse tries to get Ridge to leave but he refuses. She leaves and calls the police. She reports that Ridge is there bothering Mr. Chambers and refuses to leave. The detective is on his way. Back in the room, Ridge insists that he is not the one who shot him. Think, he tells him. Whoever did this is still out there; he could come back and finish the job. Is that what you are doing here? Grant asks. Ridge continues to insist that it was not him. Grant doesn't know what to think as Ridge shouts: Who did it, Grant, who shot you?

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