The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on B&B
The plumber comforted a livid Maggie after she refused to go to birthing classes with James and Sheila. Eric discovered that Lauren had dumped him to give Stephanie a chance with him. Ridge's defense team hired a private detective, and Rick was unhappy when Grant arrived home from the hospital. Brooke and Grant finally made love.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, March 31, 1997

n Grant's room, Ridge demands answers. Ridge says, "Your wrong. I didn't do it. It wsn't me. You can't possibly think I would shot you. Who shot you? Try and remember." Grant says, "I do remember. You shot me Ridge."

At Spectra, Clarke tells everyone that Grant will make it. Macy can't believe Ridge would do this. Clarke says, "No. The Ridge you saw at parties wouldn't do this. But you haven't seen him lately. He has been storming around making threats. Macy still can't see it. Darla aks what the police said when they questioned Clarke. He asks her why they would question him. Clarke was the last one to see him. Sally realizes that Clarke was there right before the shooting. It is possible that he was still in the building when it happened.

Brooke goes to visit James. She tells him she couldn't have imagined in a million years that Ridge would do this. Brooke says, "The Ridge I know couldn't be capable of that."

After the nurse called the police, she calls security. Grant tells Ridge that the police are coming so get out. Ridge pushes some equipment in front of the door and locks the wheels. Grant asks Ridge what he's doing. Ridge says, "I'm not going anywhere until I get what I came for."

Brooke asks James if he thinks Ridge is capable. James tells her everyone is capable of violence. Brooke can't imagine he would kill just because of the company. James doesn't think the company was the only reason. James says, "You must understand where all the anger is coming from. First you married Grant. Then Taylor canceled the wedding, then her accident. He partially blames Grant." Brooke says, "And losing the company was the last straw." They decide it could've been temporary insanity. Brooke wonders if Grant could've dreamed it. James doesn' think so. James asks if she believes Grant or not.

Grant tells Ridge to open the door. Ridge tells her that he only came here to talk to him. Ridge says, "You couldn't have seen me." The guards demand that Ridge open the door. Ridge grabs Grant screaming "Just think!" The guards finally bust through the door and grab Ridge. Ridge yells for Grant to tell them the truth.

Clarke tells Sally that he wasn't in the building or he would've heard the shot. He tells her that he made a few stops. He tells them the police are too busy with Ridge to worry about him. Clarke tells them that if the Forrester's found out he was in the building, they would want to pin this on him. Sally tells everyone to never mention that Clarke was near the murder scene of the crime.

Sheila stops by James' office to tell him she signed up for child birthing class. She tells him she signed him up too. He doesn't think that he is the right choice. She thinks he is the perfect choice. He doesn't want to encourage her feelings for him. She lets him know that she is aware that this may be the last time they will see one another. So please be her labor coach.

The guard tells the cop what happened. Baker ask Grant if he is alright. Grant tells him to just get Ridge out of there. Ridge says, "I just came to ask some questions. Tell him Grant." Brook arrives and wonders what's going on. As the cops take Ridge away, he starts yelling for Brooke to tell Grant he didn't do it.

James tells her he will do it. She hugs him in gratitude. He tells her Maggie will want to be there, too. Sheila looks disappointed. She tells him the first class is tonight.

Baker tells Ridge that he made a very stupid move today. Ridge says that he was just trying to find out what's going on.

Grant tells Brooke that he thought Ridge was going to kill him. She asks what happened. Brooke is shocked at what she hears. She tells him what James said. Grant feels that the fact she went to James makes him feel she doesn't believe him. Brooke says, "I am having a hard time believing Ridge could do this." Grant says, "There is no doubt in my mind." Brooke tells him she believes him.

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Maggie asks if James woudl go talk with Stephanie because she is worried about her. James tells her he would, but they have plans. Maggie is upset that James agreed for them to be Sheila's partners without asking. Sheila gets up and goes to her room to listen to them argue. Maggie says, "I can't believe you did this to me." James looks shocked.

Stephanie wonders why Ridge would go over to Grant's hospital room. Jonathan says, "He went over there to talk to Grant, find out who really shot him. The witness says that he appeared as a threat." Stephanie tries to think of a way to deal with all the press outside her door. Jonathan tells her that there is nothing she can do but stay inside as much as possible. He tells them not to talk about the case in front of anyone or to anyone. There is a knock at the door. It is Felicia Forrester.

James apologizes for not asking Maggie first. He assumed she would want to be involved with their baby. Maggie doesn't want to be involved with Sheila though. Maggie stresses how she feels. Maggie doesn't like it that Sheila and James are bonding. She tells him she can only take so much. Maggie says, "The two of you have grown so much closer. And now you want to help deliver her baby. That's the most intimate experience two people can share. Forget it! I want no part of it. She is using this baby to get to you. And you are letting her." He tells her that is not the case. Maggie wants him to let Sheila go by herself. But James can't do that. He pleads she just doesn't understand. Maggie says, "I understand perfectly!" Curtis knocks on Sheila's window. Sheila tells him that Maggie will need his company tonight. She and James will be going out to a birthing class. Sheila tells Curtis that James is falling in love with the baby and a family. Maggie can't compete with a father's love. Curtis feels bad for Maggie. He goes back out the window.

Felicia greets everyone and asks how Ridge is. Felicia can't believeRidge could shoot someone. Felicia wants to know what she can do.

Maggie paces. James says, "This is my first child and I want to be there when he first sees the world." Maggie tells him to admit it he wants to be her partner. She tells him the baby won't know the difference if he isn't right there when he is born. James will. James says, "This is more important than . . . ." Maggie says, "Than me!" Then the water starts spraying out of the sink. Maggie calls Curtis. Of course, he is in the back yard with a wrench on a pipe. He tells her he's on his way.

Eric goes to see Lauren. She invites him in. They make small talk about Felicia being back and family being the most important thing. Then Eric figures out the reason Lauren broke things off. She tries to deny it. But Eric stays after her. Finally she admits it. She tells him Stephanie loves him. He asks what about her. She tells him it doesn't matter what she feels. He grabs her face. Eric says, "What about me? What about how I feel?"

Curtis arrives. Maggie asks how he got there so quickly. He tells her he was in the neighborhood. Sheila walks in the room with James. They act like they barely know each other. Curtis says, "Well, aren't you going to introduce me to your boyfriend?" Sheila explains that James is Maggie's husband. He apologizes. Maggie says, "It's an easy mistake to make." James pulls Maggie to the side and asks her to go tonight. Maggie says, "No. She may have you wrapped around her little finger, but she doesn't have me." Sheila says "This is the beginning of the end." Maggie says, "Forget it! Just go!" Maggie storms off to her room. Sheila smiles like the cat who swallowed the canary.

Wednesday, April 2, 1997

As Felicia unpacks, Thorne greets her with a hug. Felicia tells Thorne she is staying until all this is over with Ridge. Thorne lets her know that he thinks that it is possible that he is guilty. Felicia doesn't see it. Felicia says that she doesn't care if they found him holding a smoking gun, her brother is not a killer. Thorne fills her in on their parents.

Lauren tells him that his life doesn't include her. She tells him that they won't have what he and Stephanie have. Eric asks what about the love she fells for him.

Curtis fixes the sink. When she gets out her checkbook out, he tells her to put it away. Maggie says, "You don't want anything." Curtis says, "I didn't say that. I just want any money." Maggie asks what she can do. He wants her to sit and have a cup of coffee with him. They talk about James and how things were in Iowa. Obviously upset, Maggie tells Curtis that Sheila is pregnant with James' baby. He pretends he is shocked.

Felicia doesn't seem too thrilled to learn about her parents. She remembers how they were with each other at the divorce and doesn't want to see her mother that way again. She asks how things are with Ridge and Taylor. Thorne informs her that he and Taylor are seeing one another. Actually she is seeing both brothers. Felicia is shocked and angry that no one informed of the happening going on at Forrester Mansion.

Lauren says, "I don't love you." Eric insists that she does. He felt it. He insists that she admit it. She begs him not to do this. She tells him to respect what she needs to do. He tells her to be true to her own needs. Lauren says, "Stephanie is my best friend. I do love you. But that doesn't change anything. I just cause turmoil and anguish. I don't want to do that." Eric can't let go. Eric says, "What I have with Stephanie will never be the same as what I can have with you. No matter how much you want that to be so." Lauren says she is getting on with her life. She suggests he do the same. He holds her face and kisses her head. While still holding her face, he says, "All right. If you want me out of your life, you tell me to go. And you tell me you never want to see me again, Lauren. If you don't, I swear, I will pursue you until you give in. I'm not going to stop until you stop me."

Curtis asks why Sheila is living there. Maggie explains everything. Maggie just wants to make sure the baby is healthy. Curtis tells her she doesn't belong here. He hopes her husband realizes what a jewel she is.

Felicia is confused. How can Ridge's fiancee be dating Thorne? Thorne corrects her "Ex- fiancee." He explains how it happened. He tells her Brooke is married to Grant and everybody is miserable. Felicia tells Thorne it is a good thing she came back because they need her.

Lauren pulls away. She tells him not to make her be cruel. Eric can't walk away from her. She tells him to think of it as walking toward a future. He tells her to stop thinking about Stephanie and start thinking about them. She tells him it is over and to go. After he leaves, she breaks down and cries.

Curtis wonders if James knows he is hurting Maggie. Maggie insists that he is not hurting her. They agree he is not innocent. She tells Curtis that we all make mistakes. Curtis says, "I don't believe you belong here. I don't believe you will ever be happy here." Maggie says, "I will be happy, Curtis. I will have a home, a husband and a family and it will be the same as it was in Iowa. I think you should leave now."

Eric meets Felicia outside Lauren's door. She can tell something is the matter with her father. But he insists he is fine. She sees Lauren crying through the window. She looks back at Eric.

Thursday, April 3, 1997

Steph is on the phone with Jonathan. Taylor rushes in; she has just heard that Ridge is back in jail. She is upset that no one told her. Stephanie wonders what she would have done; she didn't visit him the last time he was in jail. Taylor admits that Ridge visited her just before he went to the hospital to see Grant. Stephanie is surprised that Taylor didn't stop him. Taylor says he tried but he wouldn't listen; she never thought he would really do it. Stephanie wonders if Taylor believes he did it.

Ridge is pacing. Jonathan enters. He begins "dressing down" Ridge for his foolish actions of the day before. He reminds Ridge that he was under a court order. Ridge had to find out if Grant was lying or totally messed up. But all he gained was more jail time. Jonathan presses Ridge for his word he will not go off half cocked again. Ridge finally and reluctantly agrees. Lt. Baker enters with the release papers. Ridge is lucky to have a persuasive lawyer. Ridge wants to know where things stand; Lt. Baker reminds him he is still under restraining order. But that is not what Ridge is asking; he wants to know about the investigation. What investigation? Lt. Baker tells him he is satisfied with the case they have. Ridge is indignant that they aren't looking for the real guilty person. Ridge is ready to go to his parents home, but Jonathan has other plans. He is taking him to a hotel where he can lay low for a while.

Brook is escorting her husband home from the hospital. As they enter, there is a cry of "SURPRISE" as he is welcomed home by Katie and the children. Bridget wants to know what happened to Grant and he explains without really telling her anything. Rick is not too happy to see Grant; he leaves for his room as soon as he can. Bridget explains that "Rick is a little crabby in the morning." Brooke explains that Rick is upset about the shooting. They are so close to Ridge; they have to keep a close eye on them for a while.

No! Taylor doesn't believe that Ridge is guilty. Stephanie is sorry for asking. Taylor says that everyone has been hurt. Stephanie can't muster up any sympathy for Grant and wonders how Taylor can. Taylor explains that they have been friends for a long time and no one deserves what happened to him.

Brooke is still having a hard time accepting any of this but she isn't going to let it affect them. She isn't going to take Grant for granted again. He is her husband and she won't forget that again. She thanks Grant for his patience. They embrace and kiss. They are interrupted Bridget.

Why won't you reach out to Ridge? Stephanie wants to know. Taylor tells her that she is deliberately holding back. She feels that she has been neglecting herself for too long and she has to change that. She had a marriage once with a man she loved more than she thought was humanly possible. Then one day it just slipped away. Her dream was to have a child one day. She had to put that dream on hold and now she wonders if it will ever happen. She looks at the two men in her life now and they are both very appealing. What one can't give, the other can. She knows she has this life-changing decision to make but first she must look inside herself to see what she can give. She has to look at her dreams and goals and maybe even make a few revisions. Stephanie can understand. But she believes in her heart that she belongs with Ridge. However, she isn't going to play favorites. Taylor says she would give them both up before she lets them destroy each other.

Ridge is escorted into this hotel room by Jonathan and a clerk. Jonathan tells him they have a lot of work to do. Ridge feels he shouldn't even be going to trial. Jonathan tells him to forget what should or shouldn't be and face facts. He has a plan. He pulls out a business card and hands it to Ridge. "Hunter Jones, Investigation." the card reads. Jonathan says he is one of the best. They will be meeting in about an hour here at the hotel. For right now, Jonathan has to get back to the office. Ridge picks up the phone. He calls Brooke and asks to talk to the children. Bridget is there and is happy to talk to Ridge. She reminds him that there are plans for the beach this weekend. Grant takes the phone and when Brooke and Bridget are out of the room, he tells Ridge to stay away. They are trying to put their lives back together and if he really cares for the kids, he will stay away.

Friday, April 4, 1997

LET'S PARTY! Enrique is waking down the hallway when he notices activity in Grant's office. What is this? The room is full of balloons and other festive arrangements. Megan is in charge. As she turns and sees Enrique, she says that Grant is on his way in; ready to celebrate? she asks. Enrique has a disgusted look on his face as he shakes his head and leaves.

Grant is ready to head out for the office. Brooke is trying to talk him out of going. Grant says he has to at least make an appearance; he needs to let them know he is in charge. Then I am going with you, Brooke announces. She is worried that someone will try to hurt him again. But Grant reassures her that he will be okay. He wants the people at work to know he is serious about his work; he wants to make the company grow and prosper. The sooner he gets started, the sooner they will start trusting him. Brooke gives in and takes his briefcase. I'm going too, she repeats and they head out the door.

Enrique enters Michael's office still disgusted. He mentions the "goings on" in Grant's office. Michael says it was Megan's idea. Michael tells him that Megan is not alone. Not everyone thinks about Grant the way they do. Enrique thought he would be out for at least a month but Michael thinks that someone thought he would be out for good---the person who shot him. Do you think it was Ridge? It could have been anyone, Michael says. Sure, even you or me, Enrique agrees.

Thorne is on the phone and informing someone in a loud voice that "the Forresters are still in charge and always will be." He slams down the phone and picks up a memo that was just delivered. Lauren enters looking for Stephanie. Thorne is outraged; they are actually throwing a party for Grant upstairs!

An unshaven Ridge is staring out the window of his hotel room. A knock at the door and the private investigator enters. It is straight to business as Mr. Jones presents a contract for Ridge to sign. Ridge is not ready for such mundane things; his attorney will handle this. Sign or I don't work, Mr. Jones announces. Now, Mr. Forrester, tell me about Grant Chambers. Ridge begins the rundown. Jones wants to know how certain people feel about Chambers and begins to name names. Eventually Ridge tells him there probably isn't a single person at Forrester who likes this guy. The two men seem to be fencing, especially Ridge. He informs Jones that he has a serious problem and he isn't sure Jones is the right way to handle this. Fine, Jones answers and walks out. Ridge thinks about it a few seconds then hurries to the door. Jones is waiting outside. Okay, Ridge admits, Jonathan thinks you are the best. Then lets get to work, Jones states as he walks back into the room.

I guess you're right, Enrique, I guess either of us could have shot Grant, Michael admits. Neither of us were crazy about the guy, Enrique says. Michael thinks that is an understatement; dislike would have been a better word. You hated him, Enrique reminds her. Michael denies hating Grant; Enrique sarcastically agrees: you were in love with the guy but he broke it off. I've heard you say some pretty strong words against him, Michael counters. He was never my friend, Enrique declares, but Michael reminds him that Grant was going to fire him. Ridge would never have allowed him to do that, Enrique insists. But Ridge is gone now, Michael says. Are you suggesting that I just finish the job, Enrique asks. He begins to put on his latex gloves. Back to work, he announces. I've got colors to mix. He leaves. Michael remembers Enrique donning gloves once before. She stops Enrique.

This is an outrage! insists Thorne. It the sympathy thing, Lauren says. Is that what you feel for Grant? Thorne wants to know. I don't think he should have been shot, Lauren answers. No, he should hve been fired months ago, Thorne declares. I take it you aren't going to the party, Lauren says. But Thorne WILL attend; someone has to represent reality. He asks Lauren to go and when she finds out Eric will not be there, she agrees to go with him.

Brooke and Grant are not exactly welcomed with open arms as they sign into the building. The guard greets Brooke as Mrs. Forrester but Grant corrects him. Aren't you going to welcome me back, he asks the guard? Sure, the guard responds, then excuses himself. This is a disappointment to Grant and Brookes says they should go back home. No, he insists, this has to be done.

Gloved up, Enrique wonders what Michael wants. She wonders if he was working in the dye room the day Ridge was shot. He can't remember but wonders why she asks. Because you were wearing gloves when I saw you in the hallway, Michael says. She wonders if there were fingerprints on the gun that shot Grant. Enrique reminds her that it had Ridge's prints on it, but Michael states that they both know that Ridge did not shoot Grant. Do you know that? Enrique questions, because I don't know that. Maybe you know who really did shoot him. As he starts to leave, he remembers something. He goes to Michaels desk and opens a drawer. He pulls out a pair of latex gloves. How did you know those were in there? she asks. I've seen you wearing them when you are examining fabrics, he states. He puts the gloves back into the drawer and walks out of the office. I'll see you at the party, Michael.

Jones continues to ask about Forrester employees. Ridge tells him bout Michael and Grant. Ridge says Michael hasn't it in her to shoot anyone. We all have it in us, Jones states. You have a very highly paid staff, Jones says. Loyalty has a high price. People protect their own and you were one of their own. Grant Chambers was an outsider and he done you wrong. So you are saying that anyone of my employees could have done this, Ridge questions. And felt totally justified in doing it, Jones agrees.

Grant and Brooke enter the office and see all the decorations and food. The gang walks in singing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow." They tell him that they have been worried about him and they welcome him back. Grant makes a touching speech just as Thorne, Lauren, Michael and Enrique arrive at the door. He hopes they come to trust and respect him as they did Brook, Eric and Ridge in the past. He realizes he is filling very large shoes. As Brooke told him this morning, they are family. And although family often have their differences, they find a way to work them out. And he hopes that is what they do here at Forrester--work things out. So he thanks all of them and tells them that this is a moment he will always remember. Everyone applauds. Brooke smiles proudly. The group at the door appear uncomfortable but not happy.

Ridge continues to tell Jones about the employees. Enrique Alvarez: started out in marketing and ended up in design. Ambitious and talented. Grant comes up and Jones wants to know about Grant and Brooke. Ridge can't say a good thing about Grant but he doesn't add anything meaningful either. Jones wonders why the man would take a bullet then name someone else. He is either telling the truth, thinks he is telling the truth or is lying. Ridge says he is either number one or number two because he definately didn't shoot him. He saw the person so he must be lying. Why, what does he have to gain, wonders Jones.

The party is over. Brooke wonders why Clark can't see what everyone else can see: that he is a wonderful person. He decides that today isn't a day for disappointments. He locks the door and they begin kissing. Are you sure you can do this with your injury? asks Brooke. What injury? Grant wants to know. They kiss again then Brookes dress falls to the floor. They retire to the sofa.

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