The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on B&B
Taylor and Thorne went skiing at Big Bear, and Ridge sneaked into Taylor's room. Fed up with being second to Sheila, Maggie went on a date with the plumber. Ridge pleaded with Brooke to say she believed that he hadn't shot Grant. Brooke expressed faith in Ridge, but forensic tests revealed gunshot residue had been on Ridge's hands.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, April 7, 1997

Hunter stops by Stephanie's to question her and introduces himself to Stephanie and Taylor. He informs that he is the private investigator that Ridge hired. When Stephanie asks where Ridge is, Hunter just says that he is in a safe place hiding. He asks Stephanie and Taylor what events led up to the shooting. Stephanie lets him know that she gave the gun to Michael to give to Ridge to be repaired. She also informs him that Michael was involved with Grant. Grant ended when Brooke asked him to marry her. He leaves to question other employees. Stephanie tells him to find the real shooter.

Thorne tells Michael that he doesn't think that Ridge is the shooter. Michael wonders if Ridge didn't shoot him then who did. Thorne begins to wonder if Michael is being loyal to the Forrester's. She assures him she is on Ridge's side. Thorne hopes so.

Taylor stops by to see Thorne. He gives her a present. She opens it and it is a ski suit. He asks her to go skiing with her. It is some celebrity thing. Taylor is not sure. Ridge might need her. Thorne tells her there is nothing they can do right now. Taylor needs to have some fun.

Stephanie and Clarke stop by to visit Grant to assure him that he is capable of running Forrester. Sally and Grant talk about they couldn't be sitting here having coffee if the Forrester's were still in charge. Stephanie happens to walking down the hall and overhears Sally's voice. She opens the door and Sally sees here. Sally about jumps out of her skin.

Stephanie demands to know what they are doing in this building. Stephanie tells them she doesn't want them in the building. Sally says, "Am I wrong or is that your decision to make any more?" She tells Grant to keep them away from the building and this company. She calls Sally a thief. Stephanie's name is still on the building and she doesn't want them there. Grant says this is your feud and it's none of his business. They showed Grant kindness and concern. I am not going to treat them like common criminals. Sally thinks this a perfect time to make a comment about Ridge and she does.

Hunter visits Michael. He wants to ask her a few questions. She assumes she is a suspect. She tells him Grant saw Ridge shoot him. He says he is going to get at the bottom of this. He asks her if she is willing to help him. All the while, Grant is listening outside the door.

Tuesday, April 8, 1997

Ridge reads an article in the newspaper about the shooting and realizes that he could face life in prison. Stephanie tells Trish to track her down if Ridge calls. Then Ridge calls and reluctantly gives Stephanie his address.

Michael closes the door and Hunter shows her his license to show that he is really a P.I. Hunter knows that Michael had reasons to see Grant dead. He asks her some questions about the gun.

Taylor doesn't think she can enjoy herself when she knows what Ridge is going through. Thorne points out that they don't know where he is or how to get in touch with him. Thorne coaxes Taylor into going.

When Stephanie gets to Ridge's motel, she is horrified at what a dump this is. Stephanie tells him that everyone is behind him all the way. Ridge states that Brooke doesn't believe him. Stephanie says, "That's irrelevant. The woman you need to speak with is Taylor. She is worried about you." Ridge thinks Taylor is suspicious of him. Ridge decides to call Taylor but there is no answer.

Michael tells Hunter that she saw the gun still in Ridge's office even after Ridge left his office. That was the last time she saw until after the shooting. When she heard the shot, she found Enrique going the opposite direction. Because of his home history, he wouldn't want to be involved in this. She figured he was coming out of the dye room because he was wearing latex gloves.

When Megan tries to give Thorne his messages, Thorne lets Megan know that he and Taylor will be going to Big Bear for a few days. Ridge asks Stephanie what she thinks of Hunter. Ridge lets her know as far as Hunter is concerned everybody is a suspect. Hunter stops by to question Thorne and finds out from Megan that Thorne and Taylor went to Big Bear.

Stephanie tells Ridge that Felicia is back in town. But he insists that they stay away. Stephanie asks him if he will get in touch with Taylor and get her to come over and talk. Ridge says he would like to see Taylor. Hunter calls and informs him he went to see Thorne. Ridge doesn't think Thorne would do this. Hunter upsets Ridge by telling him that Thorne and Taylor went away to Big Bear for a couple of days.

Taylor is having trouble with her jacket and goes looking for Thorne. She spots him as he is coming out of the bathroom. He comes out in a towel dripping wet. She just stands there and stares at him staring in awe. (WITH GOOD REASON!) She finally stumbles and says I needed helping with my jacket. He zips her jacket up and you can feel the heat rising. Thorne says, "Shall we?" Taylor says, "What?" Thorne tells her to hit the slopes. She snaps out of it and says yeah.

Ridge tells Stephanie about Thorne and Taylor. He is really mad now. Ridge tells Stephanie that Hunter suspects Thorne. Ridge is starting to wonder if Hunter is right.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997

Thursday, April 10, 1997

Maggie gets a call from Curtis: he and wants to spend his day off with her, but she tells him that she and James have plans. Maggie is worried Sheila will ruin her plans, but James says he'll handle it. He does have a childbirth meeting that night, but it won't hurt if he misses one. Sheila will understand. Sheila finds out that James has plans with Maggie and says that she is glad. Then she finds out that the plans also includes the nighttime also. She reminds James that this is the only time they will have a chance to participate in this particular class. She remined him of how essential the childbirth classes are, so James agrees to come home early enough to go to the classes with Sheila. Maggie tells James that this is so demeaning; why does she always have to take second place. It is not as though the baby will know he wasn't there. Maggie tells James she's tired of being in second place to Sheila. James insists that she isn't taking 2nd place, but Maggie says she doesn't want to spend the day with him if they are going to be rushed. So she cancels the plans.

Grant tells Brooke that things at the office are getting back to normal, but he complains about all the disruptons caused by Ridge's PI. he thinks it is a farce anyway, because he knows Ridge is guilty. Grant wants Brooke to stay away from Ridge.

Taylor worries that Ridge left L.A. She asks he went and confronted Grant - but all he can say is how beautiful she is. Ridge says he'll leave, unless Taylor asks him to stay - but he knows she won't. Taylor wants to know where Ridge has been staying, but Ridge refuses to tell her. It would be better if she didn't know. Taylor tells him to hang on; somehow they will get through this. Ridge tells her that he feels abandoned, but Taylor assures him that she thinks about him all the time. She tells Ridge that he has to stop doing things that make him look guilty. Then the would will believe in his innocence. He tries to justify the way he acts but Taylor tells him that actions have consequences. He just keeps impulsively making the same mistakes over and over again. Taylor tells him that they are all worried about him, but Ridge doubts that Thorne is concerned about him. Ridge believes that Thorne is taking advantage of things right now---although he admits that he might do the same thing. Ridge worries about the kids, and says that he has to see them. Taylor warns him that he can't. They live with Grant now and he has to stay away.

Grant doesn't want Ridge to see the kids. Grant points out how torn Bridget will be when she finds out about Ridge. He thinks the kids should be their first priority, not Ridge. He doesn't feel that the kids should be "hanging out" with someone who shot him point blank. Grant says he'll compromise - he'll let Ridge see the kids if he's found innocent in the trial, but in the meantime, they have to explain to the kids.

Taylor keeps telling Ridge that he can't go see the kids. She gets frustrated when he won't listen to her. This is what she has been trying to tell him, she says, you never listen! Taylor tells Ridge that he is always taking on the world leaving her like a ship lost in a storm. She wants some stability! Ridge says that he didn't choose this fight, but Taylor points out that he did choose it, in a way. She points out that he chose to alienate Grant, he chose to have the gun in his office, he chose to visit Grant at the hospital. It is these kinds of thing he chooses to do without thinking that she is so worried about. Taylor tells Ridge not to go there when he asks, "What, I don't play it safe enough for you? You'd rather have someone like Thorne who never makes a move without thinking it through?" He tells her he's not someone who does things by routine, like she is saying she wants. Ridge tells Taylor that she wouldn't want him if he changed, and asks if she would marry him if he did change. Taylor says that he shouldn't change just to get her to marry him; people should change because that is what they want to do. Ridge says he does know that - but he also wants Taylor. Ridge admits he understand that part of the reason she is drawn to Thorn is the stability she is talking about. But, even his brother isn't perfect, he tells her. Ridge apologizes for barging in; Taylor says she's glad he came and is concerned that he has the long drive ahead of him when he is so tired. She wishes there was some way he could stay at the cabin. She tells him good bye and leaves to fix herself a cup of tea. Ridge is exhausted as he tries to leave; when Taylor returns she finds Ridge passed out on the bed.

Maggie calls Curtis and takes him up on his offer.

Friday, April 11, 1997
by Gladys

Grant walks in and startles Taylor by yelling "Don't move, or I'll shoot!" He's surprised to see her visiting the scene of the crime, and she says she doesn't know how he can work there. He then mentions he knows about her little trip to Big Bear; "You and Thorne sure are flaunting it.... I wonder what the jailbird will say when he finds out?" Taylor tells him not to talk about Ridge that way, and then gets to her visit; she has some questions for him. Grant realizes she doesn't believe Ridge shot her, and accuses her of calling him a liar, but Taylor points out he might have "thought" he saw Ridge, because he hates him so much. Grant insists that he and Ridge were the only ones there, and Taylor is going to hurt their friendship if she keeps fishing this way.

Ridge comes by, since he knows Grant isn't there, and insists he needs to hear Brooke say he believes in his innocence. Brooke points out he could be arrested, and that Grant is her husband, so Ridge shouldn't go there. But Ridge reminds her that she has known him for many years; she should have a little more faith in him.

Curtis comes to pick Maggie up for their day out, but she's starting to feel nervous - she shouldn't be going out in the middle of the day with a stranger. Curtis points out that they aren't strangers; they're both from Iowa, and both in need of a friend. He asks what happened to her picnic plans. She explains about Sheila, and laments how she and James haven't had a day alone since they got married. Curtis thinks such a day is long overdue, but Maggie says it's all water under the bridge, thanks to Sheila. She agrees to go with him for a drive.

Maggie and Curtis come in and sit at a table. She says it was good to get out of the city, but she's still nervous. Curtis says it reminds him of home ---someplace he's not going back to any time soon, at least not alone. A waitress comes by and gets the "lovebirds" a drink. They order a bucket of beer.

The drinks arrive, and Maggie and Curtis start talking. He mentions James, which of course isn't Maggie's favorite subject - her husband is preoccupied, with work and the baby. Curtis hopes he's not out of line, but he insists James has to see the light; childbirth classes are a waste, he says, and James has a marriage at home. That's two people sharing a life, and if he can't be happy with that - well, he'll have to be, since that's the way a marriage works. Maggie thanks Curtis, and says she's surprised he hasn't found someone. He guesses he hasn't found the right girl yet, and changes the subject back to Maggie. He makes Maggie promise to sit James down and talk to him, or James will have to deal with Curtis. Maggie promises, and they leave.

Taylor says she's not fishing, but she would like to see Ridge off the hook. She still can't see Ridge doing it. "Of course, you can't, because of the way you feel about him," Grant points out - and personally, he'd prefer if Ridge didn't do it, either, since his wife has doubts, too. Taylor says she didn't know Brooke was still involved with Ridge, and Grant assures her that Brook is not involved with Ridge. He tells her that things are going fine in their marrage except for Brooke not believing Ridge could be guilty. Grant then gets a visitor - Teresa Emerson, from the D.A.'s office. "This should be interesting," he tells Taylor.

Brooke can't understand why it's so important that Ridge hear her say she believes him, and he tells her that it is "because you matter." He begs her to say it, and she admits that she believes he is innocent. She admits that she is confused because of how out of control he has been. But down deep she knows he never could kill anyone. However, she's in a real bind - she believes Ridge is innocent, but Grant doesn't, and she can't call her husband a liar. Ridge wants to see the kids. Brooke says Rick isn't there; Bridget is upstairs, but Grant asked her not to let Ridge see the kids. Ridge is aghast, and begs Brooke to let him see Bridget - he promises not to tell Bridget anything. Grant has no right to do this, he insists. Brooke says he does have the right - and while she knows how Ridge and the kids feel about each other, there are serious charges involved. She knows Ridge didn't do it, but she can't drive a wedge between the kids and their stepfather. Ridge realizes that Grant is, in fact, the kids' stepfather, and asks how he is treating Brooke. Grant treats me like a husband who loves his wife, she tells him. It dawns on Ridge that Grant and Brooke have slept together now, and she asks him not to go there. Just as Ridge realizes that maybe he shouldn't see the kids at this time, Bridget comes down the stairs.

Teresa tells Grant and Taylor that there has been a significant break in the case; the gunshot residue tests found barium and antimony on Ridge's hands, which are the two chemicals in gunshot residue. Taylor can't believe it, but Teresa insists the tests are state of the art. As Teresa leaves, Taylor has a worried look on her face. Grant points out, "There you have it - the guy shot me, and he's got to be put away."

Ridge stays to talk to Bridget, who tells him what's going on in her life. She's a little sad that Ridge hasn't been around, and asks him to come to her room. Brooke says Ridge has to leave, and Bridget says she'll see him on Sunday. With tears in his eyes, Ridge says he won't be there, since he has to go away for a while. "Please don't let it be long," Bridget says, and Ridge promises he won't. He hugs her, and says he can't stay away from her that long. Brooke answers the phone - it's Grant, who asks if she's OK. She says she's just tired. He tells her about the lab results, "It looks like they have Ridge dead to rights. I think this thing is over, and he's going to prison for a long time." He promises to come home soon. Crying, she goes back to Bridget and Ridge. As Ridge prepares to leave, Brooke hugs him and says, "We love you - never forget that, no matter what happens." Bridget joins in, as all three have tears in their eyes.

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