The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on B&B
Grant tightened security at his house for the masquerade ball, but dressed as Zorro, Ridge swung from the chandelier and escaped. The private detective gathered the Forrester family together to hear his theories about who had shot grant. Taylor, however, feared that the detective was on the wrong track.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on B&B
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Ridge is watching television when there is a knock at the door. It is Claudia; Stephanie was worried about Ridge and sent her to check in on him. She has made enchiladas. She teases Ridge about being Zoro; Ridge plays dumb and says it must have been some "nut," but Claudia says he definitely wasn't a nut and that Taylor was impressed. Claudia tells Ridge that she thinks she knows who shot Clark: Enrique!

Hunter is questioning Grant. He challenges Grant to give it up; to tell the truth. Grant gives in to Hunter's request for the truth, by telling a long involved story about the shooting. He just couldn't "hurt his wife and children" by revealing who the real culprit was: Santa Claus! He then asks Hunter if he really thinks Grant would change his story. He admits that he wishes that Ridge would fall off the face of the earth, but he still insists that it was Ridge who shot him. He asks Hunter to leave--to stop bothering him and his employees. Hunter says he'll give Grant his wish, if Grant will only come with him to the police station to look at the evidence.

James asks Maggie to toast "to us", and she does - but being in the private dining room, Maggie can't help but notice how different they are now. They aren't anything alike, Maggie says. Here they are in the Private Dining Room---where James is most comfortable---while she is more comfortable in a more casual setting. She tells James that he wouldn't be comfortable in Iowa, but he says he would--he would be comfortable anywhere, including the moon, as long as Maggie was there with him. RIDGE'S HOTEL:
Claudia tells Ridge that Enrique is capable of shooting Grant. She says that he did it out of ambition - that's the way the Alvarez family works. They want you to owe them so they can come back later and collect from you. Ridge asks for proof, and Claudia says she will have it; she intends to get the proof and from Enrique himself. Ridge is uneasy; he doesn't want Claudia at risk. Ridge promises to tell Hunter everything Claudia has told her. As she leaves, he wonders if Enrique really could be the one.

The evidence is laid out before them. Hunter goes over the evidence with Grant and Lt. Baker--Grant explains everything away but hesitates as he is viewing one piece of evidence. However, when Hunter asks if he sees something unusual, he says no.

James tells Maggie that their differences are gifts to be cherished. However, Maggie points out there is one other obstacle for them; what about Sheila? James tries to empathize with Maggie and how she feels. Maggie says that even she doesn't know how she feels. She knew it would be tough and she thought it would be worth it, but now she isn't sure she can go on with it.

Taylor comes to see Ridge in his room; he says it was dangerous to come, but she reminds him of the risks he took last night. Ridge says his actions were "daring and romantic," but Taylor says it stupid. What if Bridget had seen him arrested? They could have found easier ways to see each other, she points out.

Hunter asks Grant what he has seen. Grant says Hunter is wrong; all the evidence, like the award and the piping is irrelevant, and he wants Hunter to stay away. Grant leaves but Hunter remains. He is looking at the evidence table and has a very thoughtful expression on his face.

James asks Maggie if he was worth it, and she says yes; but, she tells him, she feels irrelevant when he and Sheila share stuff about the baby. James tells Maggie she is the most wonderful woman he's ever met. Everything he does, including the baby, he does for her. They embrace.

Ridge says the real reason Taylor is there is because she misses him. She denies it, but when he leans over to kiss her, she doesn't resist. He tells her that his memories of her make him crazy, like when they were married. They are interrupted by the telephone. It is Hunter; he thinks he knows who is the shooter; He tells Ridge to meet him at his family's home in 30 minutes and he will tell him the name of the shooter.

Friday, April 25, 1997
by Gladys

Michael visits Lauren--she's worried because Hunter wants to meet her at the Forrester Estate. Lauren thinks Michael has nothing to worry about---unless she is the guilty party, she laughs. THE FORRESTER'S:
Claudia tells Thorne that he should be relieved that Ridge is being cleared, but Thorne worries that Hunter might have the wrong guy: him. Claudia tells Thorne she knows who it is, and she has shared that information with Hunter.

Ridge arrives home; Stephanie and Jonathan greet him as Thorne comes in. Thorne hopes this will all be over now. He tells Ridge that he is glad that he will be cleared, but Ridge doesn't seem convinced of Thorn's sincerety.

Enrique appears nervous, but Claudia tells him to relax. After all, she says, he is innocent until proven guilty.

When everyone is present, hunter begins his soliloquy. He informs them he thinks he knows who shot Grant.

Grant visits Taylor; he is happy to see a friendly face. He tells her about his meeting with Hunter. He calls the P. I. a fraud. Taylor tells him Ridge is with Hunter at the moment, and he thinks he knows who the shooter is. Grant laughs at this; he knows who the shooter is. He then asks Taylor if cases of traumatic amnesia are really exist. She thinks he is talking about himself--that he has blocked out the real person who shot him. However, Grant believes the person who shot him--Ridge--has blocked out the crime. But Taylor does not think that is the case, based on what she knows about Ridge.

Hunter begins by explaining that at first he thought the person who shot Grant must have been blinded to logic by rage and hatred --like Michael, he says. Hunter presents a possible scenario where Michael took the gun to keep it out of everyones way. Then when she saw Grant alone, she remembered her hurt and humilation. She shot Grant out of hatred. She was then confronted by Grant and and agreed to keep the secret. That way they both got what they wanted: she would stay out of prison and Ridge would be out of Grant's way. Michael denies that she did it. When Claudia jumps to Michael's defense, Hunter admits that the scenario he presented was his first impression of the shooting--but now he believes the shooting wasn't a crime of passion at all but a deliberate act set up so Ridge would take the blame. Hunter brings up the gunshot residue, which must have been placed on Ridge's hands--that implies a setup. Claudia says that it was Enrique who did it. Enrique is shocked by Claudia's announcement. Hunter then presents a scenario where Enrique shot Grant out of revenge and hatred. Enrique declares himself an expert marksman. If it had been him, he wouldn't have missed. But Hunter points to the broken handle of the gun as a reason Enrique missed. Hunter then agrees with Enrique that there is a flaw in Claudia's theory - why would Enrique set up his greatest supporter--Ridge? Jonathan asks him to get to the point; they came to find out who did the shooting, not who didn't do it. Hunter then explains that he had to change tactics once again. What if the shooter wanted to get Ridge out of the way; like Thorne, for instance?

Lauren comes to Taylor and asks what's going on. Taylor says that if she's right about Hunter's suspicions, the P.I. has to be wrong. Why, Lauren, wants to know. Taylor tells Lauren about Hunter's suspicions of Thorne, and hopes Ridge realizes how ridiculous that is.

Hunter describes how Thorne could have ducked out the day of the shooting; he could have gone up the back stairs, gotten the gun and shot Grant. He then could have rushed back down to his office without being seen or missed--all to get Taylor away from Ridge. Ridge insists his brother wouldn't do this. Hunter then agrees, pointing out Thorne didn't know about the gun. And this leaves only one person, and that is...........

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