The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on B&B
Detective Jones revealed his theory that Grant had shot himself, but the court didn't buy it. Anxious to get on with his life and marry Taylor, Ridge pressed to have the trial date moved up. Grant had an ominous encounter with Rick. James was upset upon seeing Maggie at the Café Russe with a date.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, April 28, 1997
by Gladys

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While Brooke rattles on about Rick's poor grades and the fact that she wasn't informed until now, Grant is preoccupied. He tells Brooke that the Forrester's are gathered at this moment to find a way to get Ridge "off" and somehow blame him.

This is what Stephanie demands of Hunter. There is a knock at the door and Clarke is admitted. Why is he there, everyone is asking. Hunter explains that he summoned Clarke; he has some questions to put to Grant's friend. Hunter relates another scenario: Clarke and Grant cooked up this scheme with Clarke shooting his good friend. But Clarke has proof he was elsewhere when the shooting occurred.

Sally is telling Macy and Darla the "Zorro" story and about Eric's proposal to Stephanie, when Lauren enters. Macy apologizes but Lauren doesn't appear to be bothered. She is looking for Clarke. When she learns he is at the Forrester's, Lauren is stunned. That is where all the suspects have been gathered together by Hunter Jones!

Brooke encourages Grant to trust her and to tell her what he is so worried about. However, Grant asks Brooke to trust HIM unconditionally. There is something he needs to tell her but not now. At the right time she will see that he did it for the right reasons. But for the time being, he cannot tell her and he asks her not to ask. AT SPECTRA, Sally is worried about Clarke being at the Forresters and being questioned by Jones. Jones is out to prove Ridge innocent no matter what.

Clarke shows Jones his alibi: an ATM reciept from his depositing his paycheck in the bank. He ws out of the building at the time of the shooting! As he is walking out the door, Hunter says he is glad he has an alibi---it just proves his theory. He states that Grant is more sinister than he had thought.

Brooke tells Grant that she isn't sure that she knows him sometimes. They make love. Brooke says she wants to believe Grant, but sometimes he makes it hard.

Hunter finally shows the gathering how Grant shot himself. He took the gun and using the piece of cloth binding found at the scene, he put a slip knot around the trigger. After positioning the gun in the design award, he retires to his desk and readies himself. He then pulls the cloth binding and the gun goes off shooting him in the chest. The gun, binding and award are scattered around the office. Stephanie is ready to call the police, but Hunter has a better idea: they will GO to the police station instead.

Tuesday, April 29, 1997


Stephanie, Jonathan and Hunter Jones have hightailed it to the police station. They are there to get the charges dropped against Ridge. Hunter tells Lt. Baker that he is there to tell him what really happened. Lt. Baker is skepticl.

At Spectra, Sally is worried about Clarke. He couldn't possibly have had anything to do with the shooting, could he? Then Clarke walks in and tells them he has news and they aren't going to believe this!

Ridge shows up at Brooke's place and demands that she get the kids and leave with him. My parents are at the police station telling them what really happened, he tells Ms. Garrison. They will be here any minute now. But Brooke doesn't budge. She wants to know what Ridge is talking about. He tells her that he will tell her everything, but only after they get out of the house. Brooke tells Ridge that she believes he is innocent of shooting Grant; however, she tells him that he has to stop interfereing with her family and her life. She tells him that he has to move on with his life and so does she. She wants to make a success of her marriage; she wants to move ahead with her marriage and family and she cannot do it with Ridge always in the way. Ridge does not listen. He insists that Grant is a dangerous man and she and the kids are in danger.

Clarke tells the Spectra gang about Hunter's theory about what happened. He thinks it is "way out" and there is nothing to it. But Sally gets a thoughtful look on her face and asks why couldn't this be what happened. Clarke can't believe she is serious.

Lt. Baker isn't buying the Forrester's theory about the shooting. He wants "proof." All you have is theory, he tells them. Stephanie reminds him that theory is all the police have against Ridge, but Lt. BAker corrects her: we have an eye witness, we have gunpowder residue . . . Jonathan insists that they call the district attorney.

Grant is wondering what is going on at the Forrester's. He asks Megan if she has heard anything, but she tells him that she hasn't. She tells him that the family has gone to the police station. Grant is intrigued.

Teresa Emmerson arrives and once again Jones goes through all the theory: the award, the piping, the gun. Teresa is interested in what Jones has to say and allows him to go into detail with his theory. Lt. Baker tries to downplay the theory and reminds Ms. Emmerson that they already have more in the way of evidence against Ridge.

Ridge finally tells Brooke what Jones has found out. She tells him that this is really a "far-fetched" idea. Grant didn't shoot himself. She doesn't believe she is married to someone as devious as that. Ridge tells her that she doesn't have a marriage; but Brooke dissagrees. She hopes that Ridge can clear himself but she isn't going to allow him to smear her husband in this way. Go and find the real person who shot you, she tells him.

Megan mentions to Grant that Eric was happy when he came into the office. Grant wonders what he has to be happy about unless they have found out something. He calls the police station and asks for Lt. Baker.

Teresa Emerson agrees with Lt. Baker; all Hunter Jones has is an interesting theory, while they have evidence. The trial is still on. If they come up with any proof, she will be glad to listen. Lt. Baker goes to the phone. Grant wonders what is going on but Lt. Baker can't go into it with him. He does mention that Ridge isn't with the others at the station. When he returns, everyone observes that Grant was probably worried. Lt. Baker says that no, he didn't sound worried to him.

Grant puts down the phone and wonders why Ridge wasn't with them at the station. Where could he be? Then he realizes exactly where he is; he hurridly leaves the office. the end

Wednesday, April 30, 1997

AT THE CHAMBERS RESIDENCE Brooke is skeptical of Jones new theory and says that Ridge should be looking for the person who did this to him instead of trying to come between her and Grant with this ridiculous scenaro. She asks him to leave. Just then, Grant returns home and wants to know "what the hell is going on here."

AT THE WARWICK HOME, Maggie wants to know when she and James can spend time together. James and Maggie to go to childbirth classes with them, but Maggie refuses. James tells her to invite Curtis over for Pizza while they are at class. Maggie accuses him of looking down on Curtis.

SHIELA IS WITH CURTIS and she tells him that Maggie and James weren't meant to be together. Curtis says that Maggie is going to make a wonderful mother. He has changed his mind about trying to interfere with that relationship However, if Maggie should want him, then that would be different. The phone rings and it is Maggie. Maggie asks him over, but Curtis has a better idea. Why don't they go to the Café Russe instead? Maggie agrees.

AT THE GARRISON HOME, Grant is about to call the police but instead of frightening Ridge, Ridge challenges him to go ahead and call them---they are probably on their way over here anyway. Grant puts down the phone and tells Ridge to "shut up." He asks Brooke what is going on; Brooke explains Hunter Jone's theory. Ridge swears that Grant won't get away with this.

CURTIS, DRESSED TO THE NINES, arrives at Maggie's in limo. It won't turn into a pumpkin at midnight, he tells her. Maggie is impressed.

RETURNING HOME FROM CHILDBIRTH classes, James wonders where Maggie can be; the house is empty. Shiela says the baby is hungry AND it is hungry for soft-shelled crabs like those they serve in Café Russe. Once at the Cafe Russe, Sheila makes sure they get a table where they can see Maggie and Curtis. At the other table, tries to make it simple for Curtis to order, but he surprises her by ordering in perfect French! Even the waiter is impressed.

AS THE FIGHT continues, Brooke steps between the two men and tries to stop them from killing each other. Grant orders Ridge out of the house, but Ridge, wanting to get the last word in, dares Grant to throw him out.

AT Café Russe, Curtis continues being a gentleman by flattering Maggie. He tells her she is beautiful and toast her. She tells him that she is glad they came tonight.

AS SHEILA looks for the waiter, she spots him near Maggie's table and draws James attention to him. James sees Maggie and Curtis, and wonders why they are here.

Rick hears the fight and comes down the stairs. Grant orders him to go back upstairs but Rick hesitates. Then Grant tells Brooke to take him upstairs while he and Ridge settle this situation. Once again, Grant accuses Ridge of shooting him. He calls Jones theory a fairy tale. Ridge claims that Grant had to get rid of him in order to get Brooke. That is why you set me up, he accuses. Grant agrees with Ridge about one thing: he and Brooke are closer than ever since the shooting. But you are wrong about everything else, Grant tells him. Save your theories for the court, he jeers. Ridge finally agrees to leave--for now--, but he tells Grant that he WILL be back and when he does return, he will prove Grant a liar. The truth is coming at you like a freight train, he tells Ridge.

Thursday, May 1, 1997

Café Russe:
Sheila says that the dinner between Maggie and Curtis is probably completely innocent, so what is bothering James? Don't you trust her? she asks.

Maggie tells Curtis that he is an interesting man. She wonders what he thinks of LA. Curtis says that when he first came to LA, he found it a cut-throat town. Now he just tries his best to do his business without hurting other people.

Michael, Claudia and Megan discuss Hunter's theory. Megan says she cannot believe Grant would do this to himself. When Michael compliments Claudia on her outfit and she and Megan debate as to which fashion house it came from, Claudia tells them that she made it herself. The girls talk about fashion. They make a bet among themselves--a contest to see who can get the best outfit for $100. Enrique enters and Michael tells the other ladies that she needs to speak to Enrique alone.

Maggie wonders why Curtis works such long hard hours. The best reason in the world, he tells her. And her name is Julianne. He shows Maggie a picture of his daughter who is attending college in New York City and working on Wall Street. Maggie tells him about her daughter, Jessica, who is in London.

James denies that he is jealous; jealousy can be leathal, he says. Besides, Maggie needs a friend from her world. Sheila agrees. She tells James that she envies Maggie's ability to make friends so easily. James is surprised to hear Sheila say this.

Claudia apologizes to Enrique for accusing him of shooting Grant and letting Ridge take the blame. He accepts her apology and she smiles at him. He tells her that he has missed that beautiful smile. He tells her that he wants a chance to prove that he is not a bad guy. He suggests that they make a new start. He doesn't want to push himself upon her, but he doesn't want to give up on her either. Enrique compliments Claudia's on her outfit, especially her blouse. She admits that she designed it herself. Enrique shows her one of his sketches which shows a blouse almost exactly like the one Claudia is wearing. Claudia gives some constructive criticism and Enrique tells her to go ahead and show her on the sketch. She needs a pencil. While looking in the desk drawer for a pencil, Enrique sees some latex gloves. He takesa them out and hides them behind his back as he hands the pencil to Claudia.

Café Russe:
Curtis and maggie dance while James watches. Sheila tells James not to worry. Maggie being with Curtis doesn't mean anything. After all, she is here with James and that is innocent enough.

Maggie tells Curtis that she enjoyed herself. She signs the check against Curtis' protests. She tells him that she asked him out, but next time, he can pay. Curtis is encouraged that there will be a NEXT time.

As Maggie and Curtis leave, James wonders where they are going. Home, assures Sheila. James thanks Sheila for not taking advantage of his insecurity. He says that it would have been easy for her to "bad mouth" Maggie. But that was the "old" Sheila, she insists. Now all she wants is for him to be happy. You changed my life, Sheila tells him. Now she has the opportunity to repay him for changing her life. She wants James and herself to have a positive influence on their baby's life. She has been praying that the three of them can be a family. She points out that Maggie will be all right, but her chance for happiness is slipping away. She only hopes that James will be there for her always.

Friday, May 2, 1997
by Gladys

Taylor questions Connor about Ridge's chances of being found innocent of shooting Grant, especially since Hunter has come up with an alternate theory. Conner is skeptical of Hunter's theory. He reminds Taylor of the evidence the police have against Ridge. Ridge is in trouble, he tells her; the jury is going to base their decision on the facts and evidence, not conjecture.

Jonathan stops by Ridge's hotel. He tells Ridge that the police still believe that he is the shooter and the case is still going to trial. Ridge is frustrated. He is losing his life and love. He just can't wait around forever. He asks Jonathan if they can move the trial up; Jonathan tells him it would be unwise to go to trial immediately. It would be best to use that time to find proof against Grant. But when Ridge insists, Jonathan agrees to approach the judge with the request.

Jonathan and the ADA, Teresa, appear in Judges chambers. Jonathan informs the judge that they wish to go to trial as early as the court calender will permit. The Judge questions the advisability of this decision, especially since the client is not on hand, and Jonathan assures her that it is Ridge's wish. Teresa says that she has no objections; the state is prepared. Jonathan predicts about 2 weeks for the trial. The Judge checks her calender and gives a date for the trial to start: next week. She hopes that Jonathan will not regret this decision.

Taylor pays Ridge a visit at his hotel hideout. She is worried about him and how he is doing. Ridge tells her how frustrated he is. But he also tells her he has learned a valuable lesson. He tells her that she is the most important thing in his life and all the other things that he once chased after means nothing. From now on, he wants to put her first. He doesn't want to waste any more time; he wants their relationship back on track. As soon as this trial is over, he wants to marry her. He suggests at least a six month honeymoon traveling all over the world. Jonathan calls and tells him that the trial will start next week.

At Forrester Creations, Grant enters Ridge's office. He is looking at a family picture when Rick speaks up from the shadows: Put that down, he demands. He tells Grant that he has no right to be here; he doesn't even have a right to be at the company. Grant tries to be understanding but Rick will not have it. He tells Grant that he hates him. The argument escalates and Stephanie enters. she immediately wants to know what he is doing to this child. Rick leaves, but Stephanie remains and, once again, gives Grant a piece of her mind. Grant tells her she doesn't even want to know what happened---and he tells her that she should be thanking him. He then tells her that even though she believes he, Grant, is the one hurting the boy, it is really she and her family that have done the most damage to Brooke's children.

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