The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on B&B
Ridge's trial got underway with witnesses reluctantly testifying against Ridge. An intimate moment between Ridge and Taylor startled Thorne. Brooke became worried about Rick, whose grades were slipping. Rick and Grant clashed again, that time about Grant adopting Rick and Bridget.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, May 5, 1997
by Michael Keith

Thorne comforts Taylor following here visit from Conner Davis. Taylor tells Thorne that Conner doesn't think Ridge has much of a chance to win his case because the evidence is so overwhleming agianst him. Thorne himself questions ridge's innocence to Taylor. Taylor reaffirms her belief that Ridge is innocent. "Ridge would never lie to me," Taylor claims, "he didn't shoot Grant." Thorne says not to give up hope and that he isn't going to the trial since he has to testify for the prosecution. Taylor wonders how she can count on the court system with all the evidence agaisnt Ridge. Thorne lets Taylor know Ridge isn't the only one who needs her to be strong.

Ridge is ready for the trail to begin but wonders what kind of case he has without any evidence. "Stay cool," Stephanie advises. "Hunter will find evidence if there is any." Hunter than comes into the motel room and informs Ridge , Stephanie, and Jonathan that he has to find out why there was gun residue found on Ridge's hands. "Grant will slip up," Hunter tells Stephanie, "he got nervous before when I suspected him of staging his own shooting." Jonathan and Steph tell Ridge to keep the faith and they head for the trial.

Brooke informs Grant that Rick is so upset that he passed up a chance to spend time with Eric. Grant says once the trail is over he will take her and the kids on a trip and have time to become a real family. The district attorney Teresa Zimmerman comes over to Grant and Brookes and informs them the jury has been selected and she is confident Ridge will be convicted. Zimmerman tells Brooke she will need to testify as will Grant, who will be the final witness. Brooke seems uneasy with Zimmerman's confidence against Ridge. Grant then tries to convince Brooke that Ridge is a threat to their marriage and the kids. "Ridge has to pay for what he did!" Grant says.

Michael tells Enrique she is relieved she is away from the craziness of the trial. Michael and Enrique then both get a summons delivered to them. They will both be a witness for the prosecution. Michael can't believe she might have to wind up hurting Ridge by testifying against him. Enrique never has been impressed with Hunter's theory that Grant shot himself, he confesses. Enrique than says there might be a way to help Ridge after all.

At the courthouse Stephanie is glad to see Taylor. "I wouldn't be anywhere else, " Taylor says. Ridge enters the court room and he and Taylor embrace(much to Stephanie's delight). Stephanie wants to see them on their honeymoon once the trial is over. Enrique takes a seat in the courtroom to the surprise of Ridge and Taylor. Ridge just wants to convince the jury he's innocent. Taylor says she doesn't need convincing, she will always believe in him.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

Excited about their bet, Claudia pays Michael a visit to show off the clothes she just bought for under $100. Michael seems disinterested. She's still upset she has to testify against Ridge in the trial. Michael is unsure how she can help the prosecution. "What if they twist my words around?" Michael asks. Claudia assures Michael she will be fine as long as she tells the truth.

After Michael leaves for the trial, Throne stops by her office to drop off some reports. He is surprised to find Claudia in Michael's office changing clothes. Claudia explains to Thorne her and Michael's bet and that she is trying on the clothes she just bought. Thorne is impressed with her outfit. Claudia asks how things are between him and Taylor. Thorne tells her things are fine except Taylor is so concerned and preoccupied with Ridge's trial right now. Claudia informs Thorne he shouldn't have to beg for another woman's attention because there are women who would give it to him.

The trial begins with the prosecution claiming they will prove Ridge attempted premeditated murder. Zimmerman claims she can prove Ridge acted willfully, deliberately, and with pre-meditation. Jonathan counters saying the prosecution can not prove beyond the shadow of a doubt Ridge attempted murder and that his client will be found not guilty.

The prosecution call their first witness to the stand, Officer Ambros. He's a lab technician who analyzed the gun involved in Grant's shooting. Zimmerman enters the gun as the first evidence. The lab tech says that 80% of the fingerprints found on the gun belong to Ridge. Also there were two types of gsr, gun shot residue, found on the gun, barium and antimony. Officer Ambros says when he took swipes of Ridge's hand, the same two gsr's found on the gun were also found on Ridge's hand. Jonathan questions the lab tech saying he didn't even find the correct and same amount of barium and antimony on Ridge's hands as were on the gun so the tests must be inconclusive. Zimmerman gets the last shot in by having the lab tach say the two gsr's found on Ridge's hand and the gun don't have to be the same amount and that it doesn't matter how much barium and antimony were found on the gun as opposed to Ridge's hands.

Michael is called to the stand to describe her relationship with Ridge. Michael asks if it is necessary if she answers any questions posed by the prosecution. Seeing that Michael is an unwilling participant, Zimmerman gets permission to treat her as a hostile witness!

Wednesday, May 7, 1997

Eric stops by Lauren's to give her a status report on Ridge's trial. Stephanie is already visiting with Lauren and Lauren is uncomfortable when Eric and Stephanie embrace. Stephanie notes the prosecution has a strong case against Ridge, but Eric offers encouragement. "We have to be strong for Ridge," Eric says, " this is only the beginning of the trial." Eric also notes that Jonathan doesn't have to prove his theory that Grant shot himself. Lauren offers her support to a concerned Stehpanie by saying they will never let Ridge spend his life in jail. Someway, that truth will come out. Stephanie is so moved by Lauren's words of encouragement she says she wants Lauren to stand up for her at her wedding to Eric.

After Stephanie leaves, Eric tells Lauren he thinks her standing up for Stephanie at their wedding is wonderful. Lauren reminds him the Forresters need to pull together now and be strong for Ridge. Eric notes Lauren might be having a hard time dealing with the fact he and Stephanie are getting married, but she shouldn't be surprised, Lauren pushed him away. Lauren congratulates Eric on his upcoming wedding.

Grant informs Conner Davis he is worried that Hunter might prove his theory that he shot himself. Conner wonders why Grant is worried about that theory if it isn't true. Conner asks Grant if there is any truth to the theory and that whatever Grant tells him will not be repeated. "Did you shoot yourself in order to get Ridge put away?" Conner asks. Grant informs Conner he would love to see Ridge out of the way so he can build a better life with Brooke and the kids.

Continuing her questioning of an evasive Michael, prosecutor Teresa Zimmerman wants Michael to explain what happen the day of Grant's shooting. Michael says she did see Ridge the day of the shooting and yes they talked about more than business. Under heated questioning, Michael admits she was aware there was a gun in Ridge's office. "How were you aware of this?" Zimmerman asks. Michael is forced to admit she brought the gun to Ridge herself and personally handed it to him.

Jonathan counters by getting Michael to tell the jury she only brought the gun to Ridge because Stephanie asked her to. Michael explains how the gun's handle was broken and Stephanie wanted Ridge to have it repaired. "There was no other reason I brought the gun to Ridge," Michael explains. Also, Michael says she never saw the gun leave Ridge's office or that Ridge said he was going to use the gun.

Zimmerman asks Michael about Ridge's and Grant's relationship. Michael admits there is no love loss between the two and that Ridge does feel hostile toward Grant. Zim questions Michael about what she said to Ridge that day as she handed him the gun. Michael thinks back to when she handed the gun to Ridge. Michael says Ridge took the gun, looked at it, looked at the wall separating his and Grant's office and... "And what Michael?" Zim asks, "tell us what Ridge said when he was pointing the gun at Grant's office?" Michael is forced to admit Ridge said "tempting, very tempting." Zimmerman smiles as she knows she's just blasted Michael. Michael declares to Ridge she is sorry, but she had to tell the truth.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

Hunter Jones comes in before the trial resumes and wants to know how it is going. He finds out that Michael Lai's testimony was brutal. " I am dying here and we have only heard two witnesses so far," grunts Ridge. Jonathan tells him they just have to hang it out until it is their turn.

Michael is sitting outside on a bench disgusted with herself after hurting Ridge with her testimony. Felicia comes along and finds out that it went horrible. She tries to give her some moral support and says, " It is not like you said that you saw him and saw that he shot Grant. What is Enrique doing here?" she questions. Michael says that Enrique has been in court since the trial began; she guesses it is for support for the Forresters.

So now off the elevator comes Lt. Baker and he says that the next witness is here. The prosecutor says that if things keep going like they have been going, the case will be over before the defense gets to have their say.

Grant is pissed off that Connor Davis has outright asked him if he shot Ridge Forrester, " I cant believe you are actually asking me this question! (just then Brooke enters) My attorney/my friend thinks I am guilty. We will never discuss this again." He tells Brooke that he asked Connor about the procedural form to adopt the children. You must admit we have a serioius problem with Rick, he reminds her. It is more than a difficult period.

Well of course Rick just happens to be standing at the top of the staircase and is listening to all of this. He runs down the stairs and starts to yell: "Are you joking man?!?!?! Did you just say the word ADOPT? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Adoption......never. Mom you would never let him adopt me? Would you? I already have a father. Least of all I dont need one who is a jerk like this guy!!!!"

Grant tries to talk to him about being disrespectful and asks him to apologize to his mother. Rick says that he would drop dead before he apologizes. Grant tells him to cool off in his room. Rick yells that he ruined his life and now he is ruining Ridge's life also. COURTHOUSE
Jake, the security guard, takes the stand for the prosecution. He says he saw Ridge Forrester running in the opposite direction of Grant's office 15-20 seconds after hearing the gunshot. In Grant's office he found Mr. Chambers lying on the floor in a pool of blood. In cross examination he says that he doesn't know if Ridge saw him in the corridor; also, he doesnt know where the emergency medical kit is located on the floor of the office building. It turns out that he has been working at Forrester Creations for only a month and was hired by Grant Chambers---and yes it could be said that he is his guy.

Next on the stand is Lt. Brad Baker. Through flashbacks we see him ask Grant who did this to him and Grant identified Ridge Forrester as the shooter. In cross examination we find out that there were four other people who had fingerprints on the gun that was used to shoot Grant. Lt. Baker says that it is possible Grant was in shock, but that is not his own Assessment. Jonathan proves the point that Lt. Baker is not a doctor.

Brad Baker continues to tell the jury that there is a motive held by the defendent Ridge Forrester because there is a long and established hatred for Chambers. He isnt aware of any strong feelings one way or another from Grant towards Ridge. "They werent friends we know that." He continues to say that there was a lot of cirumstancial evidence taken from Grant;s desk such as the cord and the award that have no relevance to the case. Jonathan asks the question if maybe the police department didnt quite investigate this crime to the fullest. But Brad Baker says that in his mind nothing has changed his mind that Ridge shot Grant....

Friday, May 9, 1997
by Gladys

Claudia stops by Thorne's room. They talk for a while and she admits that her feelings for him have not changed. But, she assures Thorne that she isn't expecting anything. He shows her something that he picked up at an auction; it is an engagement ring. Eventually he will give it to Taylor! he tells her. Claudia can't hide her disappointment. You really love her, she says, and Thorne says that yes he does. Jonathan calls and wants him at the courthouse pronto, and he quickly leaves.

Meanwhile, Jonathan urges Ridge to look forward to tomorrow's day in court. Jonathan then finds Hunter staring at the evidence again. Jonathan wonders what he finds so fascinating about the evidence. Hunter admits that he might be wrong about Grant shooting himself. Jonathan is visibly upset and asks what he means---you've got to find out, he demands. He tells Hunter that he is using that theory to get Ridge off. Hunter insists that the proof must be here; he just has to find it.

Taylor finds Ridge in a room outside the courtroom and greets him with a tender and comforting embrace. Have faith in the system and your attorney, she tells him. Ridge assures her that he's not throwing the towel in yet, but he tells her that it is difficult sitting there listening to what they are saying about him. He tells her that he "goes away" during the testimony. When Taylor asks where he goes, Ridge says that she may not really want to know. But Taylor encourages him to tell her. He says that he dreams about being in her arms. They are together and safe. It will happen, he tells her, just as soon as this is all over. He then kisses her and she responds. As she tries to step back and stop, Ridge won't let her. He then kisses her more passionately.

As they kiss, Thorne enters the room and is devastated to see them together. They do not know that he is there.

Teresa and Lieutenant Baker are discussing the next step. She tells him that she is planning on calling Thorne to the stand next. Lt. Baker cannot see how that will help their case at all, but Teresa explains that with a growing rivalry between the two brothers, she might be able to force Thorne to betray Ridge with his testimony. I am going to play on the fact that Thorne and Ridge are in love with the same woman, she says. She believes that she can get him to say that Ridge is quick to anger and can become violent. When I prove that, she says, I will have this case locked up.

Meantime, Ridge tells Taylor how he lays in bed and thinks about being with Taylor and when the trial is over they will be together. Taylor said please Ridge lets not talk about this now, but Ridge says Doc, yes lets. No one can see, he tells her. They share another kiss, but Thorne is watching from the doorway with pain in his eyes.

Thorne steps back into the corridor---he is devastated. Taylor walks out of the room. She stops and repairs her lipstick and straightens her clothes; She does not see Thorne, but he watches her walk off.

Jonathan shows up and wants to know why it has taken Thorne so long. Why? Thorn wants to know. Jonathan tells him that he is next to testify and what he says is crucial to the case. You have to watch yourself carefully. Whatever you do, do not fall for Theresa's trap. As Jonathan leaves. Thorne is saying to himself: I won't lose you Taylor.

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