The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on B&B

After testifying at Ridge's trial, Grant contemplated telling the court he actually didn't know who'd shot him, but a confrontation with Eric changed Grant's mind. Maggie confronted Sheila about her manipulations, and Sheila wound up leaving the house in an ambulance.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, May 12, 1997

by Michael Keith

Sally asks Clark what the prosecution hopes to get by having Thorne testify. Clark suggests because of Ridge's relationship with Taylor, Thorne might be inclined to offer damaging testimony about Ridge. Clark says all he has to do is suggest to the jury that Ridge is a hothead. Grant stops by Sally's office to give a report on the trail which he says is going well. Sally isn't surprised Grant thinks the trial is going well. In fact the trial is going so well, it is like he planned it himself. Sally does not think Ridge had anything to do with Grant's shooting, he isn't capable of such a thing. Grant doesn't want to hear this and leaves. Sally then thinks that Grant is the last person she wants to make an enemy of.

Stephanie tells Claudia she is hoping Thorne will pick up on how close Ridge and Taylor are. Claudia tells Stephanie she knows Thorne is still hung up on Taylor, in fact she knows this for a fact since Thorne showed her the engagement ring he bought for Taylor. Stephanie asks Claudia if she knows if Thorne is going to propose to Taylor. Once the trial is over, Claudia warns. Queen Stephanie thinks Thorne's emotion will overtake his principle and Thorne will offer damaging testimony.

At the courthouse Taylor asks Ridge how he is holding up. Ridge says he just hopes the jury hasn't already made up their mind. Thorne's testimony should help, he says. Before Thorne takes the stand, he thinks back to when he caught Taylor kissing Ridge. Now on the stand, Zimmerman questions Thorne regarding Ridge's behavior the few weeks prior to the shooting. Thorne says Ridge was stressed out because of Taylor's accident and was furious with Grant for taking over the company from Brooke.

Zimmerman gets Thorne to admit what happen the night of Ridge and Taylor's engagement party. Ridge went to the marina to stop Brooke's wedding to Grant. "Why would he do this?" Zimmerman asks. Thorne admits Ridge was trying to stop Brooke's wedding because Ridge was and still is in love with Brooke.

Jonathan counters by getting Thorne to admit since Brooke's wedding to Grant, Ridge has backed off pursuing Brooke and hasn't even mentioned going after Brooke. Also, Ridge was upset when Taylor called off their wedding because she found out he went to the marina. Jonathan asks Thorne if he thinks Ridge is capable of murder. After some hesitation, Thorne says Ridge was anxious to get the company back and was furious with Grant, but there is no way he is capable of murder.

After Thorne's testimony, Ridge thanks Thorne for telling the truth. Jonathan says tomorrow will be the real test when Grant takes the stand. Jonathan is sure Grant will lie under oath, but the trick is can he catch him lying.

Grant readies himself for the trial and asks himself can he say that Ridge shot me? Grant thinks the Ridge made his choice and now must pay for the consequences.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Sheila informs her buddy Mike that Maggie went out with Curtis and she thinks Maggie is beginning to think she and James don't belong together. Sheila also states that even though James knew Maggie was out with Curtis, James didn't over react. Mike questions Sheila's way of thinking but Sheila believes Maggie will ultimately wind up with a guy who is simple, like Curtis. Sheila informs Mike she isn't the problem, it's Maggie. The two just don't fir together or have anything in common. Sheila is betting that when the baby is born James will see her and the baby as his family.

Maggie brings James his briefcase to his office that he conveniently forgot. Maggie asks James if he is bothered by her friendship with Curtis. James denies being bothers and states he knows she had a good time the other night with Curtis because he saw them while he was out with Sheila. Maggie tells James the reason Sheila brought him to the Cafe Ruse' is to make James think Maggie and Curtis are having an affair.

Maggie comes home and warns Sheila to stay out of her and James' life. "That will be kinda hard since he is the father of my baby," Sheila says. Sheila accuses Maggie of acting guilty, but Maggie denies having anything to be guilty about. Maggie again warns Sheila to stay out of her life and orders her to move out of the house!

Felicia warns Ridge to stay calm, but he is wondering where Hunter is. Meanwhile, Grant tells Rick and Bridget once the trial is over, he will take them and Brooke on a vacation so they have a chance to become a real family, and that he will always be there for them. Rick seems unimpressed. Brooke asks Grant if there is anything he isn't telling her, now is the time to confess before it's too late. Grant knows having Ridge on trial is upsetting to her but this is the way it has to be.

Zimmerman preps Grant for his upcoming testimony. "Stay calm and tell the truth," she warns. Grant takes the stand and swear to tell the truth.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

Thursday, May 15, 1997

Brooke finds Grant upset and depressed. He says he only did what he had to do. Grant tells Brooke that Jonathan asked about their personal lives trying to prove that Grant shot himself because he and Brooke didn't have a "sex life" until after the shooting. It is only going to get worse, he warns. Brooke wants to know if he feels better now that he has had his say; Grant says it is not a matter of "feeling better," it was something he had to do. No no is going to win here, he says. All their lives--his, Brooke's, the kids and even Ridge'---have been ripped apart and he feels sorry about that. Brooke suggests he amend his story---tell the court that, upon thinking about it, he wasn't really sure it was Ridge in the doorway. Brooke asks if Grant is sure---because if he isn't, he has an obligation to help Ridge. Brooke goes upstairs and leaves Grant seriously thinking about what she said.

Sheila lays on the floor, moaning and holding her abdomen. She tells Maggie that she needs her doctor. She is afraid for the baby. Maggie is all aflutter; she finally hurries to the phone and calls for an ambulance. Hurry, she tells them, a lady has fallen and she is pregnant.

Grant is gazing intently at a picture of the kids; he is deep in thought, as if he is coming to a difficult decision. He is interrupted by a knock at the door. He opens the door to an angry Eric. Close the door, Eric tells him, I have something to say and you will listen.

The paramedics arrive and immediately begin to minister to Sheila. There is a lot of pain and tenderness in the abdominal area. They need to get her to the hospital at once as there is bleeding.

Eric wants a piece of Grant for the "travesty" in court. You perjured yourself, but now I want the truth, he demands. Grant insists that he told the truth---in fact he is getting very tired of trying to justify himself against everyone wanting "the truth"---there is no winner here, he says. You must think I am a moron if you believe that I would shoot myself, he says to Eric. Eric wants to know what happened then if he did not do it to himself. Eric wants Grant to realize that he is a man with his life about to fall apart, and he has two choices: come clean, or face the wrath of the Forresters. No matter how long it takes, Eric promises, we will make you pay!

Maggie is all set to leave the house when she remembers James. While she is leaving a note for him, he comes home. He is cheerful, but soon realizes that something is amiss. What is wrong, he demands. Maggie reluctantly tells him that Sheila isn't there and she finally admits that Sheila just left for the hospital in an amublance.

The paramedics rush Sheila into the emergency room. The doctor examines Sheila and remarks that she has a lot of bruising. What happened, did you fall down the stairs? she asks. Sheila just wants her to check on the baby, never mind what happened to her. A radiologist arrives and does an ultra sound; Sheila senses something is wrong because the doctors are so quiet."What? What?!?" she cries.

James is ready to rush out the door to the hospital but Maggie says she has to explain first. James questions her and she finally admits that she and Sheila were fighting when Sheila fell. What about the baby, he demands. He starts out the door with Maggie right behind him. But James tells her to stay here and HIS BABY HAD BETTER BE ALRIGHT!

Eric is about to walk out the door, but Grant stopes him. Now you close the door, he tells Eric, because I have something to say to you. Grant tells Eric that they will do it the hard way and let the chips fall where they may. He tells Eric that he too has a long memory and he is tired of taking abuse from the Foresters. He says that Jonathan humilated him nd Brooke today and he is tired of being called a liar. Grant says Eric and his family have ruined him, his wife and the kids; maybe someday he'll forgive them, he says, but not while his family is suffering, even if he has to nail Ridge to the wall. If they continue to abuse his family, he will exact a price no matter how long it takes---practically the same words Eric has used against him. Eric heads for the door and tells Grant to consider himself warned. Hunter will find the truth, and Grant will be the one in prison!

James arrives at the hospital. The doctor tells him that both Sheila and the baby are doing fair but they are both in trouble. She explains about the bleeding and how that can't be a good sign. James ask to see Sheila. The doctor allows him to see her, but first, she tells him that Sheila is going to need all the support she can get for some time to come. James walks into the room to find Sheila in tears. Sheila tells Jamesa that she will not lose their child--even if she has to pay the price herself!

Friday, May 16, 1997

by Gladys

Taylor visits Ridge once again. She tries to reassure him; she asks how he is doing and says that Hunter will find something to prove him innocent. They still can't figure out how the gunshot residue got on his hands.

Jonathan finds Hunter in the evidence room again. Hunter is still convinced that there is something there that he isn't seeing--at least, something he hasn't recognized yet. Jonathan is upset that he is spending so much time on this when he should be looking for evidence he can use. Hunter aks for another week but Jonathan wonders if that is a good idea. After all he has a client to defend and he needs help right now. Jonathan says that he is going to put Hunter on the stand to testify about his theory. Hunter doesn't like this; he says it is a bad idea and might be a mistake which would possibly hurt Ridge instead of helping him. He doesn't intend to perjure himself by testifying that Grant shot himself. Only if he can prove it will he testify to that.

Shiela is dozing while the baby monitor registers the heartbeat of her child. She awakens to find James in the room. She asks him if everything is okay; she is worried about the baby.

Lauren comes to Maggie's house. Maggie is still upset. She tells Lauren about what happened. Sheila fell, she tells Lauren. She pulled away from me and fell; I didn't push her, it was an accident. But she is worried that James won't believe her. She is also afraid that Sheila will ruin her marriage. Laurentells maggie that she had better go to the hospital and explain to James before Sheila twists the truth to make it Maggie's fault. I can't, Maggie says, James doesn't want me there.

James wants ato know what happened. Sheila tells him that it was as much her fault as it was Maggie's fault. James is surprised that Sheila is taking her share of the responsibility for the accident. The "old Sheila" would not have taken any responsibility, Sheila explains; the "old Sheila" would have lied and used it to her advantage. Sheila vows to James that she won't lose this child, even if it means that she has to pay the ultimate price--her life. James appears impressed.

Ridge thanks Taylor for being there for him; then he tries to kiss her, but she pulls away. Taylor reminds him that he left her for Brooke, but Ridge says that it didn't have anything to do with either her or Brooke. Taylor is confused. Ridge explains that he did it for the kids; it was all for the kids who needed a family. I think you always knew this deep down, Ridge says when Taylor looks surprised. Once again, Ridge kisses Taylor and this time she responds with passion.

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